Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kevin does Radio and TV interviews Monday and Tuesday...

Tina Jordan ‏@EWTinaJordan tweeted: Tonight at 6 on SiriusXM105 to talk about their novel THE EXPLORERS GUILD: @modernwest (Kevin Costner) & Jon Baird (Posted October 26th)

EW Radio ‏@EWlive tweeted: Now actor and Academy Award winning director Kevin Costner (@modernwest) and Jon Baird is on (Posted October 26th)

Tim Ferriss ‏@tferriss tweeted: What should I ask or explore with the iconic Kevin Costner (@modernwest)? (Posted October 26th)

Excerpt from The Explorer’s Guild by Kevin Costner (Posted October 26th)

The Explorers Guild We sit down for a chat with Kevin Costner, the co-author of a new graphic novel with roots in age-old exploration October 27, 2015 Words by Jon Glatfelter

Kevin Costner speaking about his book The Explorers Guild Producer Gedalia Published on Oct 27, 2015

Good Day LA ‏@GDLA tweeted: Kevin Costner & Jon Baird co-author book 'The Explorers Guild' (Posted October 27th)

Kevin Costner co authors book 'The Explorers Guild' FOX 11 Los Angeles Published on Oct 27, 2015 Kevin Costner is here...and he's done it all. He's an actor, director, producer, musician, entrepreneur. He's won Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes. Just this year he had two movies come out...with a third one, ‘Criminal’, opening next year. Now he's got a new project out, and it’s something a little different for him. It's a new book called ‘The Explorers Guild: A Passage To Shambhala’. It’s a fantasy adventure about a group of adventurers trying to find the golden city of Buddhist myth.

trulyjuliechang - Julie Chang: When was the last time you did something for the first time? Be inspired by #KevinCostner who has reinvented himself many times over. As of late, he's coauthored a novel!

Lisa Breckenridge ‏@lisabreck tweet0ed: Thanks @modernwest #kevincostner for sharing @explorersguild on @GDLA congrats!!! Can't wait to finish it! (Posted October 27th)

ashleybrown9: @kerstanderson1 and I performed this morning on #gooddayla and look who we met!!! The one and only Kevin Costner!!! I love him! He was so nice and gracious;). #onlyinLA #kevincostner #soundofmusictour #ctgla

Academy Award-winning actor and director #KevinCostner goes ‘On the Record’ with @greta to discuss his new book with author Jon Baird and why he believes the spirit of adventure is still alive. Don’t miss it tonight at 7p ET.

Fox News ‏@FoxNews tweeted: Kevin Costner on his new book: “There is no doubt that this sets up as a movie.” #Greta (Posted October 27th)

Fox News ‏@FoxNews tweeted: Kevin Costner on his new book "The Explorers Guild": “The idea was to go back in time.” #Greta (Posted October 27th)

FoxNewsInsider ‏@FoxNewsInsider tweeted: Kevin Costner Reveals What Inspired His New Adventure Novel @greta (Posted October 27th)

hherst: Hanging with Kevin Costner and my pal @chadhosier (Posted October 27th)

RLS ‏@robin45208 tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner On the Record with Greta. Enjoying the interview! (Posted October 27th)

Kevin Costner Reveals What Inspired His New Adventure Novel by FoxNewsInsider Published on Oct 27, 2015 Kevin Costner and Jon Baird joined Greta Van Susteren tonight to discuss their new book, "The Explorers Guild."

GRETA TALK: “Join the Guild” with Adventurers Kevin Costner & Jon Baird October 27, 2015 In this episode of Greta Talk, the co-authors sat down with me to discuss their writing process, the book’s beautiful illustrations (done by Rick Ross), and even the importance of taking risks. Costner and I also talk about the problems with making movies in Hollywood and the possibility of turning The Explorers Guild into a (15 hour?!) film.

Kevin Costner Promotes Adventure ‘Animation’ Novel By Anna Skibinsky, Epoch Times | October 27, 2015

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