Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kevin on 'Great Day Washington DC' on Friday...

Meaghan Mooney ‏@MeaghanMooney1 tweeted: Academy Award winner, Kevin Costner, Superheroes, & a GameTruck!! All LIVE today on @greatdaywash @wusa9 9am!!! (Posted October 23rd)

WDG ‏@wdgarch tweeted: Patiently awaiting our #poshpumpkindc spotlight on @wusa9 BTS audience view of the #KevinCostner book tour! (Posted October 23rd)

Thomas James ‏@thomasjamestj tweeted: Kevin Costner in the house! @greatdaywash @wusa9 (Posted October 23rd)

alyse.lent.cohen - Alyse Cohen: Kevin Costner and Pie Five! @piefivepizza (Posted October 23rd)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: Tune in NOW as we sit w Kevin Costner and Jon Baird as they talk about their book The Explorers Guild! @wusa9 #GDW (Posted October 23rd)

Darlene Wilson Dyer ‏@Darlene_wusa9 tweeted: Kevin Costner on Great Day Washington! (Posted October 23rd)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: We're w/ Kevin Costner on #GDW talking about his book, The Explorers Guild @wusa9 @modernwest (Posted October 23rd)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: Ohhhh heyyyyyy @modernwest 😁! Great interview with @super_markette & @chrislearynow of @greatdaywash!! (Posted October 23rd)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: Look who we had the pleasure of meeting today!! #ExplorersGuild by authors Kevin Costner & Jon Baird @wusa9 (Posted October 23rd)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: Hey guys be sure to pick up your copy of @modernwest's and Jon Baird's The Explorers Guild! @WUSA9 #GDW (Posted October 23rd)

Jenna A. Converse ‏@jcon2313 tweeted: Just passed Kevin Costner in the hallway. (Posted October 23rd)

Dan Conrad ‏@mographcandy tweeted: Awesome morning meeting Kevin Costner! (Posted October 23rd)

Surae Chinn commented: Omg, omg @kevincostner_ @kevincostnermodernwest so nice to meet you!! @greatdaywash @wusa9 (Posted October 23rd)

Laura Morgan ‏@MauraLorgan tweeted: Hanging with actor/director/author Kevin Costner on the set of @greatdaywash wusa9! (Posted October 23rd)

Meaghan Mooney ‏@MeaghanMooney1 tweeted: Photo: We made sure today’s bodyguard got fresh water πŸ˜‰πŸ™ˆπŸ˜œWhat an awesome treat to have Kevin Costner & his.. (Posted October 23rd)

chris leary ‏@chrislearynow tweeted: #KevinCostner #jonBaird sat with super_markette and I @greatdaywash talking about his book: @the_explorers_guild (Posted October 23rd)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Jon Baird Preview New Book: Academy Award winning filmmaker and actor Kevin Costner talks about his new book, “The Explorer’s Guild” with Chris Leary and Markette Sheppard along with his co-author Jon Baird

Adela Garcia Duncan ‏@agdunk tweeted: Hanging out with my buddy from Visalia, Kevin Costner! #macfarlandusa #greatdaywash (Posted October 23rd)

nahigianstrategies - NahigianStrategies: Friday morning strategy meetings are the best when Kevin Costner stops by. #hollywoodindc #tgif #dc #kevincostner #celebritysighting (Posted October 23rd)

Atria Books ‏@AtriaBooks tweeted: On @GMA @ExplorersGuild authors talk about their new adventure,new novel The #ExplorersGuild (Posted October 23rd)

LifeStyle News ‏@LifeStyleNewz tweeted: Reliable Source: Kevin Costner, author, loves the Press Club (Posted October 23rd)

Hayley ‏@HayleyTurner1 tweeted: I would like to thank @JennBFoxNewsDC for alerting me as 2 when bagels are in the bldg, but not when Kevin Costner is. #sigh #seriously (Posted October 23rd)

Markette Sheppard ‏@super_markette tweeted: Highlight of my day: interviewing Kevin Costner on his latest work: a novel! Who knew 'The Bodyguard' was a writer! (Posted October 23rd)

sharihb24 - shari berger: @foxnews #kevincostner what happens in the #makeuproom (Posted October 23rd)

rosanchez - Ro Sanchez Seijas: Kevin Costner @ @greatdaywash promoting his new book! #kevincostner #wusa9 #newsroom #news #TV #greatdaywashington (Posted October 23rd)

allysonraewx - Allyson Rae: Best selfie ever. #gardnerbarnes #kevincostner (Posted October 23rd)

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