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'The Explorers Guild' book tour begins in NYC...

Salon Above by Liza ‏@lkaleelcat tweeted: In NYC for bumble and bumble class... Just rode up in elevator at our hotel with Kevin Costner #luvnyc (Posted 6:48pm October 18th)

atriabooks - Atria Books: We are so excited about @the_explorers_guild ! Authors Jon Baird, Kevin Costner & Rick Ross signing books for the lucky employees! Book is out tomorrow! Get a copy for anyone who is an adventurer! #booksignings #explorersguild #kevincostner #jonbaird #rickross #graphicnovel #journey (Posted 1:17pm October 19th)

atriabooks - Atria Books: And @the_explorers_guild authors signing copies of their book #TheExplorersGuild! #graphicnovel #journey #kevincostner #jonbaird #rickross #adventure #books #booksignings #booksigning # (Posted 1:29pm October 19th)

ceeleebee89 - Courtney Brach: Mondays are always better when Kevin Costner @kevincostnermodernwest stops by! #kevincostner (Posted 1:34pm October 19th)

Navah WereWolfe ‏@navahw tweeted: In which Kevin Costner signs some books for us at the office, because my job. (Posted 1:42pm October 19th)

Chelsea Hanna Cohen ‏@chelseahannac tweeted: Got to meet Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross: this gorgeous graphic novel The Explorers Guild is out tomorrow (Posted 1:46pm October 19th)

Chelsea Hanna Cohen ‏@chelseahannac tweeted: And I got mine signed! (Posted 1:46pm October 19th)

jessicakchin - Jessica Chin: Kevin Costner in the house today! Signing his book: The Explorers Guild! #theexplorersguild #kevincostner #fangirling (Posted 1:50pm October 19th)

Sara Bowne ‏@sarabowne tweeted: Kevin Costner doing an in-office signing for The Explorers Guild! On sale tomorrow. #priceless (Manhattan, NY) (Posted 1:58pm October 19th)

jessicakchin - Jessica Chin: So honored to be acknowledged by Kevin Costner and his team! His team was such a lovely and great group to work with! This was one of the most beautiful and complex books I've ever worked on! On sale tomorrow! #theexplorersguild #kevincostner (Posted 2:30pm October 19th)

Judith Curr ‏@JudithCurr tweeted: So proud to publish @modernwest’s book @explorersguild #kevincostner (Posted 2:30pm October 19th)

Jessica Sorentino ‏@jssorentino tweeted: "books are meant to last forever...just like movies when they're both done right." -kevin costner, actor and now author (Posted 2:41pm October 19th)

Paul Olsewski ‏@paulieolsewski tweeted: @bnbuzz #ExplorersGuild @AtriaBooks Kevin Costner Jon Baird and Ric Ross signed books are ready for tomorrow (Posted 3:50pm October 19th)

ceeleebee89 - Courtney Brach: He spoke so eloquently about the film and publishing industries creating lasting movies and books but I managed to NOT get that on camera #kevincostner (Posted 3:50pm October 19th)

the_explorers_guild: Kevin, Jon and Rick today at Simon & Schuster's where they signed copies of their book The Explorers Guild for the lucky employees. Book is out tomorrow, October 20th ! #ExplorersGuild #Simon&schuster #epicadventure #kevincostner #jonbaird #RickRoss #authors #atriabooks @atriabooks #Agitainment @simonandschuster (Posted 4pm October 19th)

vb718 - Vic: I meet a legend outside my job!!! #kevincostner #nyc #celebrityselfie #legend (Posted 4:06pm October 19th)

ajcalloway - That Guy On Tv: This is exhaustion working on one hour of sleep from an amazing night but still enjoying and loving every moment with #KevinCostner talking about his new book The Explorers Guild. (Posted 4:20pm October 19th)

the_explorers_guild: Come out and meet us tomorrow on our Explorers Guild Book Tour.

Talking with Kevin Costner About His New Adventure Book by Darla McDavid, October 17, 2015

the_explorers_guild: The “Novitiate”—our mysterious order of black-robed men, dedicated to preserving the City’s secrets—have developed certain crude technologies for probing and extracting suppressed memories. Jon found this doodle in an old notebook and passed it on to Rick, as Rick was doing concept-work on one of the strange machines used by these men.

the_explorers_guild: Sloane and Bertram, as conceived by Jon around 2007-8

the_explorers_guild: More early renderings of Evelyn and Ogden, in the original, exaggerated character style.

Finding Our Illustrator pt1of 2 from The Explorers Guild Kevin And Jon talk about bringing Rick into the process.

Finding Our Illustrator pt1of 2 from The Explorers Guild on Vimeo.

Finding Our Illustrator pt 2 of 2 from The Explorers Guild Kevin And Jon talk about bringing Rick into the process.

Finding Our Illustrator pt 2 of 2 from The Explorers Guild on Vimeo.

the_explorers_guild: Repost @ursula_uriarte . thank you for the shout out. We can't wait to hear what you think. #ExplorersGuild #epicadventure #read #OctoberReads #

the_explorers_guild: A hybridized graphic/traditional novel was more difficult to explain than we’d thought. Jon mocked up some of the opening layouts to help put the concept across.

the_explorers_guild: Come meet us on our #ExplorersGuild tour @barnesandnoble Union Square NY 10/20!

the_explorers_guild: Reaching back even farther, this is part of a proposal that Jon, his brother Chris Baird and Keith Quinn brought to Kevin in 2007. At the time, the project was still called The Explorers Club, and opening scenes centered on the “hermits, the insane and the inebriates” who’d had glimpses of the City, and were now being visited by the mysterious Mr. Sloane.

the_explorers_guild: More early visual development work. This is a study of one of the outer rooms in the Explorers Guild’s Manhattan lodge. A living member of the New York Explorers Club, on seeing this image in 2008, asked when we’d gotten the chance to see the club’s interior; but any similarities—we swear—were purely coincidental.

the_explorers_guild: Another capture from an early animation test. We had old engravings dipping in and out of antique maps, not to illustrate any specific story points, but to give a broader sense of our subject and tone.

the_explorers_guild: Bertram was originally collected at a castle-like orphanage in Norway, in the story’s opening scenes. The early focus on Bertram tended to give readers and viewers the impression that this was a story for and about young children. Later versions of the story corrected for this, setting our tone in the Near East before we went looking for Bertram.

Lucy Wills ‏@EslLucy tweeted: Photoset: Kevin Costner wrote a book? *squeal* I love Kevin Costner. That man, specifically as Robin Hood and the Bodyguard, is almost entirely responsible for my sexual awakening....

Kevin was shown on Entertainment Tonight this evening, October 19th: Nancy O'Dell said, "and also tomorrow we are at home with Kevin Costner." They show Kevin saying, "I'm not afraid to invite people into my life." Nancy O'Dell says, "Opening up about his wife and three young kids." The interviewer asks, "How do you run after a five year old." Kevin answered, "You just say, I got a candy bar. Come over here," laughing.

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