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ARQUEONAUTAS video, interview and pictures...

ARQUEONAUTAS Herbst / Winter Kollektion 2015 by Arqueonautas Fashion Published on Nov 3, 2015

MAYK AZZATO ‏@MAYK_AZZATO tweeted: MAYK AZZATO Photography for ARQUEONAUTAS mit Kevin Michael Costner!! Find the new Collection @

Interview: Kevin Costner (with pictures) September 14, 2015:


Below: Arqueonautas, a maritime-inspired lifestyle brand with the actor Kevin Costner as the face and business partner. Since working with Arqueonautas, sales have increased by 47%

Arqueonautas Slovensko:

Arqueonautas Nordic Region:

Arqueonautas Nordic Region commented: Kevin and Christine Costner presenting the new Spring/Summer collection 2015.

Pages 140 - 141, 142 - 143, 144 - 145

Picture by Alexander Babic for Breitling:

01.04.2012 • Agencies NEWS TAKE Agency : Reno Air Races and BREITLING, ARQUEONAUTAS with Kevin Costner, DZ PRIVATBANK, VW, editorials for ZEIT, BUSINESS PUNK and Miroslav Klose for 11FREUNDE Excerpt: Fabrice DALL`ANESE photographed Kevin Costner in the role of a modern lonesome cowboy for ARQEONAUTAS on the actor's private ranch in the unspoiled region of Aspen, Colorado. The atmospheric snapshots were taken alongside a mountain stream and reflect all facets that make both the actor and ARQEONAUTAS so unique.

More pictures:,434372.html#.VlvdHF6hfow

Collection Spring / Summer '16:

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Kevin does another 'Explorers Guild' interview...

AUDIO, article and picture: Kevin Costner: The Near-Death Audition, Work Ethic, and The Explorers Guild Written by Tim Ferriss November 16, 2015:

Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross collaborate on 'The Explorer’s Guild' by Simon & Schuster Books Published on Nov 11, 2015 The golden age of adventure stories returns with 'The Explorer’s Guild' and a trio of writers (Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross) that found each other in an unconventional way.

Celia Cernadas ‏@celiacernadas tweeted: Avui hem parlat del llibre de Kevin Costner "The explorers guild" a @tribucatradio. Aquí la presentació a Washington (Posted November 13th)

Why Martin O'Malley Could Be the Future of the Democratic Party By Stephen Rodrick November 6, 2015 Excerpt: "Hey, I met Kevin Costner backstage — he told me to keep doing what I'm doing," O'Malley says, before finally bringing up the song. "What do you think? Was that a good idea?" (at The View)

KevinCostner Video Full by Stephen Smith Published on Nov 6, 2015 (July 5, 2014 concert in Monte Carlo, Monaco)

THE DOWNTOWN BAND Corporate & Wedding Entertainment 2015 by Stephen Smith Published on Nov 6, 2015

Kimberly Katz ‏@KimberlyKatz tweeted: I put photos of my mom meeting Kevin Costner & me w him in her nursing room so the nurses respect her more, it works (Posted November 14th)

joshohh: KEVIN COSTNER #kevincostner #thepatriot #waterworld #mcfarlandusa #dancingwithwolves #fieldofdreams #robinhood #thebodyguard #celeb #celebrity #star #famous #moviestar #actor #meetandgreet #photoop #picwith (Posted November 11th)

60 Minutes With Peter Kostix By Rick Young November 10, 2015 - See part about Kevin:

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More from book tour and other items...

Erica Klaus commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West was lucky enough to meet the dynamic, beautiful, and brilliant, Debi Sugden last night. He was overwhelmed but we calmed him down by letting him take a picture. An added bonus - I got an 800 page adventure book I can read to my boys! The Explorers Guild ‪#‎explorersguild‬ ‪#‎kevincostner‬ ‪#‎bestnightever‬ (Posted October 29th)

Jenn Yuhas pictures Smithsonian book Q&A:

Barbara Concannon MacDonald commented: Such a nice man! Bucket list checked! (Posted November 1st) (at The Grove Barnes & Noble)

Carolyn Cerbin ‏@carolyncerbin tweeted: Read my story about #KevinCostner's new project! Photo:BruceGuthrie (Posted November 2nd)

Kevin Costner embarks on publishing voyage with 'Explorers Guild' Carolyn McAtee Cerbin, USA TODAY November 2, 2015

the_explorers_guild: Early attempts to wed Rick’s style to Jon’s odd character proportions gave us interesting but ultimately unworkable results. Rick says: “In the end, we opted for more realistic proportions, which I think gave the characters a greater feeling of maturity.

Kevin Costner anecdote about late "Dances with Wolves" screenwriter by The District Decoder Published on Nov 4, 2015

Kendra Turley commented: Love this guy. Amazing lunch and yes I asked him a ton of stupid questions. Ha — at Jeannines Bakery. (along with Judd White) (Posted October 14th)

Kevin Costner's "Billy the Kid" for NatGeo (Trailer) 2015 K. Harrison Sweeney Published on Oct 9, 2015 KHS plays ruthless blacksmith Frank "Windy" Cahill, the first man to provoke Billy the Kid into killing him; narrated by Kevin Costner, the NatGeo docudrama premieres on Sunday, October 18th

Joanna Smith ‏@Jo_LoveLifeLive tweeted: Oh hello Kevin Costner 󾌧 Have we got yet another celeb fan!? (Posted October 20th)

Sunday Profile: She can gut (and stuff) a deer as well as any man By Ryan Hoffman Novemeber 1, 2015 Excerpt: The talk has traveled far and introduced Alameno-Stanek to some big names, including the movie star Kevin Costner, she said. In 2004, she stuffed and mounted a mountain lion for Costner, who invited her to his home near Aspen. She has a picture of the mountain lion in Costner’s bedroom. “His voice was just like in the movies,” she said while remembering the encounter.

raeannaaa ‏@keeperr01 tweeted: ❣kevin costner is one of my fav actors❣ (Posted November 1st)

Video: The Time Kevin Costner Turned Up At An All-Ireland Semi-Final... In attendance at Croke Park that day was none other than Kevin Costner, just a year removed from winning a Best Director Oscar for 'Dances With Wolves'. Michael Lyster mentions that Costner was in Ireland working on a project, though we are not sure for which of his films.

Lesli D. Harris Communications Law, Intellectual Property Law Member, Stone Pigman Walther Wittman LLC November 2, 2015

indieactivity: It doesn't matter what I've done, it's who I am. I'm an actor -Kevin Costner.

Jemini Brooks commented: My father in laws work. Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. Pure talent both actor and sculptor alike. with Bill Brooks (Posted October 27th)

Friday, November 6, 2015

KC & MW play Florida Hospital Foundation gala...

Travel The World with Florida Hospital at the 2015 Starlight Gala at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel, 700 S Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida, with special performance by Kevin Costner & Modern West:

Florida Hospital Foundation "Travel the World with us" by Florida Hospital West Florida Region Published on Sep 11, 2015 The theme for the 2015 Florida Hospital Foundation Starlight Gala is “Travel the World with us”. Actor, Film Director, Producer Kevin Costner, and his band Modern West, will led their musical talents to the Florida Hospital Foundation during a very special one night only concert on November 1st.

Sheri Bauer commented: Ran into a couple of my favorite guys today have a great show in Florida (Posted October 30th)

Luke Bulla ‏@lukebulla tweeted: Going to have a nice evening w #KevinCostner and @modernwest in #Florida for a private event for #ChildrensHospitals

ABC 30 Action News Lissette Campos pictures:

Lissette Campos video: "Love is Everywhere" - Kevin Costner and Modern West Band:

jonerick_21 - gon john: Kevin Costner VIP tomorrow night... To be honest I didn't even know he sings (Posted October 31st)

jonerick_21 - gon john: Kevin Costner, Helen and I hanging out!!#kevincostner (Posted October 31st)

Kimesha ‏@LaParisNPink tweeted: When you run into a famous person @ work !!! 🙌🙋 #kevinCostner… (Tampa International Airport) (Posted November 1st)

Kristin ‏@buttermilkdrop tweeted: @nolanolegal I usually don't engage bc I figure they want to be left alone. Kevin Costner reached out for my hand & talked to me. Super nice (Posted November 1st)

wdwnikia - Niki Alexander: Hard to see but at a Gala where Kevin Costner is performing with his band! (Posted November 1st)

Niki Alexander ‏@tncalexander tweeted: Not the best picture but here is Kevin Costner. What a great performer. (Posted November 1st)

Kimberly Bird ‏@kimberlywbird tweeted: Supporting @FloridaHospital at their Starlight Gala! Love the music from Kevin Costner. #datenight (Posted November 1st)

Mark Sharpe ‏@MarkSharpeFL tweeted: Watching @pateltimes watching Kevin Costner live @FloridaHospital amazing 2015 Starlight Gala (Posted November 1st)

Victor Young ‏@thevictoryoung tweeted: Kevin Costner's band is playing in Tampa tonight at a BMW of Sarasota sponsored event. #kevincostner #bmwofsarasota (Posted November 1st)

DrKBSneed ‏@futuristpharmd tweeted: Listening to #KevinCostner & his band at the #FloridaHospital Starlight Gala. They sound great! Who knew? #Singer (Posted November 1st)

Paula O'Neil ‏@ClerkPaula tweeted: Great Starlight Gala for @FloridaHospital with @BladonConnie @WiltonSimpson @mikemoore2014 and #KevinCostner (Posted November 1st)

Amy Scherzer ‏@Amy_Scherzer tweeted: #starlightgala starring @kevincostner & @modernwest thrilled #floridahospitalfoundation crowd of 1,000 fans tonight (Posted November 1st)

linaswearableart - Lina Teixeira: At the starlight gala in Tampa with Kevin Costner! Had the honor of dressing the ladies of ABC action news! Great way to spend my birthday! #kevincostner#gala#gowns#couture#fasion#hottie#blacksress (Posted November 2nd)

jonerick_21 - gon john: #kevincostner (Posted November 2nd)

Pam Sanders‎ commented: A great night! Really awesome band and got to snap a photo with a great actor/director/musician (at Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina) (Posted November 2nd)

See article and picture #2: Amy Scherzer's Diary: Weekly wrap-up of the Tampa social scene November 5, 2015

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Kevin does last Q&A in Santa Monica, California...

Carolyn Kellogg ‏@paperhaus tweeted: Wednesday I'll be asking Kevin Costner & co-authors about their book of 100-years-ago adventure (Posted October 26th)

AmandaUche21 ‏@amandaulevy tweeted: @jack @oprah I am at a book event in Santa Monica. Actor, Author & Producer Kevin Costner will attend it. (Posted October 28th)

Keith Adler ‏@keithadler tweeted: Oscar winner Kevin Costner talks about a new book he cowrote called "The Explorers Guild" #kevincostner #livetalks (Posted October 28th)

keithadler90210 - Keith Adler: I got to shake Oscar winner Kevin Costner's hand tonight after talked about a new book he cowrote called "The Explorers Guild" #kevincostner #livetalks (Posted October 28th)

samodeb - Deb & Riley the Yorkie: @livetalksla event with @kevincostner_, Jon Baird and Rick Ross. Congrats on the Explorers Guild hitting the #newyorktimesbestseller list! Got my signed copy - can't wait to read it! (Posted October 28th)

Dr Amna Qazi ‏@QaziAmna tweeted: Kevin costner moment !@modernwest (Posted October 28th)

Judith ‏@NerdyBookFairy tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, & Rick Ross discussing their new book , "The Explorers Guild:. (Posted October 28th)

tribaltv: Just another nite in #losangeles hanging w#kevincostner #la #socal #santamonica #samo #explorersguild #book

Chad Frye ‏@ModestlyChad tweeted: Thanks to authors #JonBaird, #KevinCostner, #RickRoss @LiveTalksLA for beautiful book @ExplorersGuild! @modernwest (Posted October 29th)

starsapphires: #KevinCostner (Posted October 28th)

sockpuppetcat - Caitlin Leong: Event from last night! Hanging out with Kevin Costner! #waterworld #danceswithwolves #kevincostner (Posted October 29th)

Videos by Renate Panian Burington:

Pictures by Renate Panian Burington - October 28, 2015 at the Q & A for 'The Explorers Guild' at the Ann & Jerry Moss Theater, Santa Monica, California

1craftypunk - Shannon Starks: The Explorers Guild, ice cream, and Kevin Costner. Just your typical Wednesday night #explorersguild #kevincostner #bookdate #withacherryontop (Posted October 28th)

worldstephenf - Stephen F: Our Creative Director, Stephen Ferber, and Mr. Kevin Costner in LA. Stephen is wearing our swim trunks, sport jacket and driving shoes. #StephenF #StephenFerber #KevinCostner #LA #Hollywood #actor #mensfashion #menssportswear (Posted October 28th)

Jenelle Van deMortel ‏@JenelleDesigns tweeted: THANK YOU Kevin Costner for being such an inspiration!! @modernwest @ExplorersGuild (Posted October 29th)

agitainment: Backstage at LA Live Talks w/ #JonBaird @paperhaus #RickRoss #KevinCostner. (Posted October 31st)

YAY Images ‏@yayimages tweeted: Kevin Costner signs "The Explorers Guild: Volume One: A Passage To Shambhala" (Posted October 28th)

Pictures by Justin Hoch of the Q & A at Hudson Union Society, October 21, 2015:

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Rick Ross was found, miraculously, in the course of a classified search. Jon asked prospective artists if they could win the period-comics style of Winsor McCay, and Rick proved more than equal to the challenge. This is Rick’s “audition” page, which made it clear we’d found our artist. (Posted October 26th)

the_explorers_guild: Early concept art, produced at Crest Animation, shows the workhouse in the Argentine where Mr. Sloane comes to collect Bertram. (Posted October 22nd)

Rick Ross ‏@agitainment tweeted: Thanks to everyone who joined #KevinCostner #JonBaird & myself (#RickRoss) on the #ExplorersGuild book tour! (Posted October 30th)

the_explorers_guild: More of Rick Ross’s early work. Rick says: “This is the very first color study I did before getting the job. I was attempting to work out how I thought color might be used to give an early 20th century feel to the test page, along with the best process for achieving it.” (Posted October 30th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Loved meeting everyone during the book tour. Hope you are all enjoying The Explorers Guild

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kevin does Q&A at Barnes & Noble at The Grove...

The Explorers Guild ‏@ExplorersGuild tweeted: Signing for tomorrow's event @BNEvents_Grove on 10/27! If your in LA stop by. #ExplorersGuild #BarnesandNoble (Posted October 26th)

glantern73 - Ortiz Daniel: Kevin Costner! He was everything I hoped he'd be: funny, chill, inspiring. #theexplorersguildvolume1 #thegrove #barnesandnoble #mancrush

Daniel R Ortiz ‏@glantern73 tweeted: I got to see Kevin Costner tonight and got a signed book at The Grove! #KevinCostner #TheExplorersGuild

Pictures and article: Kevin Costner Holds A Discussion About His New Book “The Explorers Guild” By TheHollywoodFix | October 29, 2015

Kevin Costner signs his book at Barnes & Noble at The Grove on October 27, 2015:

Jonathan ‏@jweatherby76 tweeted: My wife with Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner Hosts "The Explorers Guild" Book Signing At Barnes & Noble In The Grove 10.27.15 by The Hollywood Fix Published on Oct 28, 2015 For more:

Kevin Costner talks about his new book, The Explorers Guild by Kevin P. Sullivan October 28, 2015

brabusfitness - Vini Poersch: Working with Kevin Costner today!! #kevincostner #celebrity #picoftheday #selfie #fitness #glamour #instagood #instadaily #instagram #hollywood #bodyguard #actor (Posted October 27th)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Thanks for having us on @myfoxla - had a great time talking about @The_Explorers_Guild (Posted October 28th)

Katrina ‏@BobKatOH tweeted: @greta Loved the Kevin Costner interview! He seems like a good guy. Smart, respectful, down to earth, & intelligent.Handsome too of course. (Posted October 28th)

Greta Van Susteren ‏@greta tweeted: how come staff gets all dressed up when Kevin Costner and Sandra Bullock are in the burean? just asking... (Posted October 29th)