Thursday, December 24, 2015

More of Kevin's radio interviews, past and present...

Win Signed Explorers Guild insert + Signed movie poster + Video shoutout from Kevin Costner

10 more days to enter: (actually 8 as of today)

Kevin Costner and Friends Recommend 12 Good Old-Fashioned Adventure Stories By Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, & Rick Ross | Friday, December 18, 2015

Torg and Elliott ‏@TorgandElliott tweeted: Kevin Costner calls into the show coming up at 7:35. This is not a joke! Don't miss it! (Q 96FM) (Posted 7:11am December 22nd)

Torg and Elliott ‏@TorgandElliott tweeted: Does Kevin Costner think he could actually be the .@Browns GM? We ask him in our interview, available at: (Columbus, OH) (Posted 5:51am December 22nd)

Greg and the Morning Buzz tweeted: TOMORROW: We'll be joined once again by actor/author KEVIN COSTNER, and from NatGeo's "Life Below Zero" - Sue Aiken - who lives alone 200 mi north of the Arctic Circle! Plus Missed Connections and a Morning Buzz Christmas Poetry Jam! See you at 5:30a! (Dover, NH) (Posted December 21st)

Kevin Costner - Jon Baird Interview The awesome Kevin Costner worked with Jon Baird (an Amesbury kid!) on the novel "The Explorers Guild"- and its getting excellent reviews! December 22, 2015

WOGL Radio @wogl tweeted: Kevin Costner joins the Breakfast Club this morning!!! What's your favorite movie of his?« 98.1 WOGL (Posted 2:55am December 21st)

The Breakfast Club talks to Kevin Costner: It's a Superstar Monday as Val, Frank & Bill talk to actor/ director/ producer Kevin Costner. December 21, 2015

A Return to Classic Adventure Stories: Kevin Costner and Jon Baird talk about their explorer book, "The Explorer's Guild" on Off The Books with Tina Jordan which airs every Monday at 6 PM east.

Preston & Steve Show ‏@PrestonSteve933 tweeted: On today's show we dive into what it's like to have a hot mom and talk to @AriesSpears, Richard Gere, Oren Moverman, & Kevin Costner. (Philadelphia, PA) (Posted 6:21am December 22nd) (Kevin at 2:27:31 about 'McFarland USA')

Brian Blessed’s dog ate Best Actor award By Tribute News on December 17, 2015 Excerpt: He said: ”The strangest award I received was for the Best Actor at the Tenerife Film Festival for Galahad of Everest. The award was a huge bone on a rock. I remember Kevin Costner laughed his head off. I brought it back to London and my Jack Russell ate it.”

Larry Espinoza ‏@towerfit tweeted: "Kevin Costner" available now. View it, frame it, buy it, at:

Monday, February 23rd - Kevin Costner on The Tommy Show - Costner talks about "Macfarland USA," the roles he turned down and the use of a butt double

Skinner Round-Up ‏@SkinnerRoundUp 15h15 hours ago Replaying another fav #CelebrityDriveBy presented by @cessna interviews today! We loved catching up with #KevinCostner earlier this year! (Poste December 20th)

2-Time Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner joins Angie and Mike Skinner on the Round-up to talk movies, racing and racing movies.

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