Friday, December 11, 2015

Several items of interest about Kevin...

Titan Baseball ‏@BaseballTitans tweeted: Kevin Costner Pegged Keynote Speaker for Dinner with the Titans

Kevin Costner Pegged Keynote Speaker for Dinner With the Titans Nov 16, 2015

James Drake ‏@James_Drake2015 tweeted: @modernwest Kevin Costner and I (Posted December 3rd) (at Ventura County Fair August 2015)

Gaffer Producciones ‏@gafferproduc tweeted: ¡Jueves de recuerdos! @JerryBazua y el Sr. Kevin Costner. #tbt #ThrowbackThursday (Posted December 3rd)

Film tells tale of how Frans Afman bankrolled Hollywood classics By Brian Campbell 04 December, 2015 ‏@FilmOnPaper tweeted: The original Thai poster for Kevin Costner's epic DANCES WITH WOLVES, with art by Tongdee (Posted November 12th)

Callie Gandolph ‏@calliegandolph tweeted: Hey I found Kevin Costner on this random tuna? Spam? Canned meat poster in Dubai 😂 @modernwest #stilllookinggood (Posted November 17th)

SouthDakotaMagazine ‏@SDMagazine tweeted: It's a wrap! The cast and crew of Kevin Costner's Dances With Wolves finished filming in western #SouthDakota today in 1989. (Posted November 17th)

FROM THE AUGUST 1996 ISSUE Reinventing the Wheel A flywheel may be the key to a car that's both powerful and efficient. By Will Hively|Thursday, August 01, 1996

Topps to release baseball cards of characters from the film 'Bull Durham' By Chris Cwik December 1, 2015

agentnickyc - Nick Cordasco: Hanging in Kevin's backyard. #kevincostner #bulldurham #mlb #fieldofdreams #costner #hollywood #baseball #robinhood #jfk #moviestar (Posted November 12th)

Kevin Costner autographs coming to 2015 Leaf Trinity Baseball Posted on November 23, 2015

General Ursus ‏@GenUrsus tweeted: Kevin Costner (left) in a very brief appearance in one of his first films, 'Frances' from 1982. (Posted November 23rd)

Kevin Costner To Narrate MMA Doc ‘Hurt Business’ by Ross A. Lincoln November 24, 2015

Kevin Costner : Producing Independent Movies by MIX IT Published on Nov 12, 2015

Nevaina (Nih-von-yah ‏@IamNevaina tweeted: When I was in the film The New Daughter with #kevincostner, he shared with me sometimes location hires don't always hit the mark "...but you're really talented and could hold your own." (Posted December 8th)

Gente Pausini ‏@GentePausini tweeted: #Barcelona, 1999. @laurapausini y #KevinCostner presentando su película. (Posted December 9th)

Kevin Costner (1993) Les archives de la RTS Published December 4, 2015

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