Friday, January 29, 2016

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Sound Off Films commented: Thanks for the interview,! Producing documentaries in or about nature is pretty much the best job in the whole wide world. With Annie Costner

The following is an interview by with Annie Costner.

Five Questions with Andy Hampshire By Rose Marthis Excerpt: 417: Tell us one of the most memorable meals you’ve ever made. A.H.: There are a few, but one that stands out in my mind is when I met Kevin Costner at Dogwood Canyon with Johnny and Jeanie Morris. We fried some morels that Johnny brought, we grilled some steaks, we smoked some trout, and it was just a good time. Johnny told me to come over and sit down with him and talk. I had a picture of me and Kevin Costner on my fridge for years. It’s pretty cool. We did quite a few cool things like that working at Big Cedar.

Roddy Chong ‏@roddychong tweeted: Happy Birthday to the man: Kevin Costner! #KevinCostner

Roddy Chong commented: Happy Birthday to the man: Kevin Costner! #KevinCostner — in Aspen, Colorado.

Travis H. Brown ‏@pelopidas tweeted: #TBT That time #KevinCostner & #ArtLaffer joined me at #FirstRule #STL @modernwest @LafferCenter (Posted January 21st)

Producers Passion ‏@producerpassion tweeted: Football #kevincostner #thebest #bestman #bestband #bestmusic #bestmovie #bestofall #beautiful #beautifuleyes #beau…

Anna Smith ‏@annasmithjourno tweeted: My @MetroFeatures 60 Seconds with Kevin Costner. Things got surprisingly moving at the end there. #Metro60Seconds.

The Explorers Guild by Jon Baird, Kevin Costner, and Rick Ross by wgoralski November 16, 2015

the_explorers_guildKevin and Rick deep in conversation. #kevincostner #agitainment #explorersguild #readbooks #novel #epicadventure #AtriaBooks #art #jointheguild (Posted January 28th)

estylojewelry - Sandra Calla├║ Designer, Artis: I received this picture one year ago and this is how I met Hillary from @theatkinreport She got my earrings at an event just a few days before and wore them for the Critics Choice award that year. Love this picture of her with Kevin Costner! #estylojewelry #atkinreport #kevincostner

bthomasson8 - Brittany Thomasson: Happy 61st birthday to my dear friend, Kevin Costner! Had to post a little throwback of us in honor of him. Wish I could be there to celebrate, but I have to work tomorrow . #kevincostner #happybirthdayKev

Albuquerque Isotopes ‏@ABQTopes tweeted: Remember that time Kevin Costner suited up for the #ABQTopes in 2007? #TBT (Posted January 28th)

Bill Wood ‏@WildBillWGNO tweeted: Academy Award winner Kevin Costner tells @wildbillWGNO.... Let's go for the gold! @modernWest #kevincostner @abc

Producers Passion ‏@producerpassion tweeted: Good Morning and a nice Weekend everyone! #kevincostner #thebest #bestman #bestband #bestmovie #bestmusic #bestofal… (Posted January 28th)

Billy The Kid: New Evidence DVD - Now available for purchase

WALL E ‏@laJolla_Loya tweeted: @timkawakami @JRAM_91 My fave Clambake story. 15 years ago Kevin Costner bought me a beer. @PGATOUR (Posted January 26th)

Teagan Daner ‏@TeaganDaner tweeted: Throwback to God Costner at Brian's in Fullerton? Yorba Linda? Placentia? #throwbacktuesday #kevincostner #fullerto… (Posted January 12th)

Made in Louisville: Butch Polston is "The King" Maker By Josh Moss January 13, 2016 Excerpt: For "3000 Miles to Graceland", Polston and his team made 29 costumes — including three for Kevin Costner and two for his stunt double — in eight weeks. “Hollywood is a bunch of procrastinators,” he says. The job paid $60,000

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