Monday, January 11, 2016

The latest items of interest about Kevin...

A special message from Lily Costner with a picture of where they are: Old Fort Bay, Bahamas: with Kevin in the foreground, posted January 1, 2016:

Picture of Annie with Kevin in the Bahamas:

Sound Off Films:

ENTREPRENEUR OF THE MONTH: DECEMBER 2015 Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross offer a splendidly designed, action-packed, globe-trotting adventure in “The Explorers Guild.” By Hope Katz Gibbs, Publisher

robhud - RobHudson: Nice to meet you @kevincostner_ Looking good for your years, better than me! #kevincostner #hollywood #bodyguard #robinhood #danceswithwolves #mcfarlandusa #waterworld (Posted October 30th)

Picture by @sweden / Nille ‏@sweden:

Nese Sapmaz ‏@nesesapmaz tweeted: Bir #tbt de benden.. #turkishairlines #kevincostner (Posted January 7th)

kingleesh - HeavyIsTheHeadDatWearsTheCrown: #tbt Wit OG #KevinCostner gave me alot of wisdom... crazy that he got love for a lil ol hood dude like me. I got the utmost respect for him (Posted January 7th)

Kristoffer Triumf ‏@triumf tweeted: Det går bra för Kevin Costner nu. Riktigt bra. (Posted January 8th)

Tessa ‏@ichiban2592007 tweeted: ARQUEONAUTAS & Partner Kevin Costner - Fall / Winter Collection 2015 Published November 3, 2015

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