Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New 'Criminal' movie poster and more...

Mark Rhino Smith ‏@MarkRhinoSmith tweeted: #TBT #Criminal April 2016 Such a buzz working in London Night Shoot #kevincostner #London @arielvromen #Director (Posted February 4th)

Croydon College ‏@CroydonCollege tweeted: We are very excited to see another #Hollywood trailer being released! Lots of scenes were filmed right here!

CroydonSchoolofArt ‏@CSoA_ tweeted: CroydonSchoolofArt Retweeted Croydon College: & our students starred as extras & assisted crews as runners! #GaryOldman #KevinCostner #TommyLeeJones #RyanReynolds

Adam Conway ‏@AP_Conway tweeted: @mrsundaymovies @wikipediabrown @VancityReynolds #Deadpool #Deadpool2 #Cable #KevinCostner

arielvromen: A moment on set with @kevincostnermodernwest #Criminalmovie is finally ready April 15! So excited! (Posted February 14th)

Joe Posnanski ‏@JPosnanski tweeted: Hey I'm in a movie with Kevin Costner, which puts me, what, two degrees of separation from @kevinbacon. Feb 17

Dean Constantinou ‏@DeanConstantino tweeted: @piersmorgan I believe Kevin Costner was a visitor to Cambio De Tercio. I wonder who's advice he took to go there? (Kensington, England) (Posted February 15th)

Cambio De Tercio Restaurant:  &bnsp;

Lancaster firm helps Tommy Lee Jones operate on Kevin Costner 16 February 2016

Flynn Hardy ‏@Cellurizon tweeted: Erster Trailer zum Hirntausch-Action-Thriller CRIMINAL mit Kevin Costner

There's a new trailer for Criminal and we can't decide if it's spoilerific or just bizarre By Helen O'Hara Excerpt: Also, we're not the only ones imagining this cast in their comic-book movie roles instead, are we? Because it's Superman's adoptive dad who gets injected with Deadpool's brain by Captain America's commanding officer, and has to escape from the clutches of Batman's best buddy to get back to his wife, Wonder Woman. Now that's a film we'd definitely watch.

‘Criminal’ Trailer: Kevin Costner Has Ryan Reynolds on His Mind, Literally By Jacob Hall Excerpt: The definite highlight here seems to be Costner, who is always so interesting when he steps away from typical hero roles to capitalize on his darker side. This is the kind of movie you watch with the father figure in your life – he gets to watch Costner do his thing and you get a little bit of weird science fiction. Everyone wins! You can even grab a steak afterward and compare notes and learn a thing or two about each other and bond. Thanks, Criminal!

Criminal ‏@Criminal_Movie tweeted: He has 48 hours to remember the past and save “his” family. Don’t miss #GalGadot in #CriminalMovie April 15. (Posted February 23rd)

Mike Fury ‏@TheMikeFury tweeted: Main man @TheScottAdkins with Mr Kevin Costner in #CriminalMovie - can't wait! @MillenniumFilms @lionsgatemovies (Posted February 24th)

Criminal Verified account ‏@Criminal_Movie tweeted: Only one man’s mind can get the job done. #KevinCostner stars in #CriminalMovie. (Posted February 24th)

Gary Oldman Fans ‏@GO4Everyone tweeted: 🎬📷 #CriminalMovie thanks to @Ten_Stars #GaryOldman #KevinCostner (Posted February 25th)

criminal - Criminal: The memories of the man she loved now lie in the mind of a brutal criminal. #KevinCostner and #GalGadot star in #CriminalMovie, in theaters April 15. (Posted February 26th)

Eagle Films commented: #Criminal #April14 Starring #KevinCostner #TommyLeeJones #GalGadot #GaryOldman

Eagle Films commented: What else did he do wrong? Watch #KevinCostner in #Criminal #April14

Criminal ‏@Criminal_Movie tweeted: The Dutchman: the only one who can stop a global threat… but will they be able to find him in time? #CriminalMovie (Posted February 29th)

criminal - Criminal: To save the future, Jericho must remember someone else’s past. #CriminalMovie #KevinCostner (Posted March 1st)

Criminal ‏@Criminal_Movie tweeted: Every memory is a clue… Every minute counts. #CriminalMovie (Posted March 2nd)

Criminal Verified account ‏@Criminal_Movie tweeted: Don’t mess with Kevin Costner. #CriminalMovie (Posted March 4th)

OctoArts Films International commented: Kevin Costner stars as ‘Jerico’ in #CriminalMovie - In Philippine cinemas April 13.

David Terry ‏@2f6bfb28ea0f454 tweeted: Had a great time filming with Mr Costner during Criminal and the guy on his right in my profile pic. #KevinCostner

Criminal Poster Debut Features Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot by By Jim Vejvoda March 9, 2016

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