Friday, April 29, 2016

Kevin at airport and more on 'Hidden Figures' filming...

Kevin McCoy ‏@MOVIEMAGICIAN tweeted: I love traveling. Just got 2 my seat on my flight 2 L.A. On my way thru 1st class, I saw actor Kevin Costner! #earlycelebritysighting (Posted 5:08am April 23rd)

Kevin Costner -- Bring MMA to Olympics ... 'Where the Real Tough Guys Exist' TMZSports Published on Apr 26, 2016

Behind the Scenes ‏@BTS_RadioShow tweeted: TMZ : Kevin Costner -- Bring MMA to Olympics ... 'Where the Real Tough Guys Exist' (Posted April 26th)

HBF ‏@HBFairports tweeted: Kevin Costner at Piece of Cake @ATLairport #kevincostner #pieceofcake #atl (Posted 8:58am April 26th)

College Web Media ‏@collegewebmedia tweeted: Chill time. Got some great interviews done today for CWM. A new film with Kevin Costner, Taraji P. Henson, Jim Parsons... #interviews #interview #movies #jimparsons #kevincostner (Omni Hotel At CNN Center) (Posted April 27th)

Hollywood Takes Notice of Morehouse College as a New Film and Television Locations Site April 23, 2016

Blast from the past! Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer are bright in vintage outfits alongside dapper Kevin Costner on set of their film Hidden Figures in Georgia By Sarah Sotoodeh For 20 April 2016

'Hidden Figures' Twitter page:

'Hidden Figures' Iconosquare page:

Christy Marie Agronow commented: I am on the set of Hidden Figures getting fitted for my three looks for the movie!!! We film next week! ‪#‎AMustSeeMovie‬ ‪#‎HiddenFigures‬ ‪#‎CMarieNow‬ (Posted April 20th)

Pharrell is writing music for diverse NASA drama 'Hidden Figures' Brian Truitt, USA TODAY April 4, 2016

Margot Lee Shetterly, author:

Jane Rodriguez commented: I saw this prop just last week! It looked amazing! (Posted March 21st)

Downtown Monroe commented: Filming continues today with (Broad Street closed from9-3) but Downtown businesses will be OPEN!!! Come out for breakfast or lunch and do a litte shopping! Thanks to Liz Robertson, local resident, for this amazing shot! ‪#‎monroedt‬ ‪#‎supportlocal‬ ‪#‎hiddenfiguresmovie‬ ‪#‎monroega‬ (Posted March 21st)

Downtown Monroe: VIDEO: We got a sneak peak of the parade scene being filmed in Downtown!

halebrockinteriors - Whitney Brock: So fun watching #downtownmonroe transform for the filming of #hiddenfiguresmovie #setdesign (Posted March 17th)

downtownmonroe - DowntownMonroe: Checkout the transformation underway in Downtown for an upcoming exciting! #monroedt #monroega #hiddenfiguresmovie #gamainst #gadowntown (Posted March 15th)

livetowork - Matt DeFrain: Hollywood has arrived in Canton, Ga #hiddenfiguresmovie (Posted March 11th)

Blooming beautiful! Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer wear bright summer clothes for a picnic on set of Hidden Figures by Bobbie Whiteman March 28, 2016 Excerpt: Principal photography on the inspirational movie began in early March....Fox 2000 is slated to release it next January 13.

southernrootsoutfitter - Southern Roots Outfitter: Stop by and check out the filming of a movie in downtown Monroe today! We will be open 10-8pm #kevincostner #hiddenfiguresmovie #hiddenfigures (Posted March 18th)

jackinevola - Jacki Nevola: Exploring Downtown with babe #hiddenfigures #downtownmonroe #coke #cocacola #hiddenfiguresmovie #1960s #1960 #twentiethcenturyfox #twentiethcenturyfoxmovie (Posted March 19th)

jackinevola - Jacki Nevola: Kennedy for president #hiddenfiguresmovie #hiddenfigures #kennedy #president #kennedyforpresident #downtownmonroe #1960 #1960s #twentiethcenturyfox #twentiethcenturyfoxmovie (Posted March 19th)

What’s filming in Atlanta now? Baby Driver, Office Christmas Party, TV pilots, and even more Marvel Cinematic Universe By Matt Walljasper April 21, 2016

Two pictures from the Braves game:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

More from Kevin's 'Criminal' movie promotion...

Jean-Louis LE ROUX ‏@LEROUXJeanLouis tweeted: Dis donc #KevinCostner faudrait penser à vieillir un peu ! #classe #Legende #vivementdimanche @France2tv (Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France) (Posted April 24th)

pauline graziani ‏@PaulineGraziani tweeted: Rarissime standing ovation pour Kevin Costner @modernwest ... Tellement tout #vivementdimanche (Posted April 24th)

criminal - Criminal: Are you an undercover psychopath? Take the #CriminalMovie quiz and find out now. Link in bio. (Posted April 20th)

criminal - Criminal: The truth lies within the memories of a dead man. Catch #KevinCostner in #CriminalMovie - NOW PLAYING. LINK IN BIO

criminal - Criminal: a The truth lies within the memories of a dead man. Catch #KevinCostner in #CriminalMovie - NOW PLAYING. LINK IN BIO (Posted April 19th)

Criminal Premiere Kevin Costner Interview MovieScrapbook Tony Published April 19, 2016

CS sits down with Criminal cast members Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman as well as director Ariel Vroman

'Criminal': Kevin Costner talks becoming a villain for his latest film By Bruce Kirkland April 11, 2016

Interview: Kevin Costner Talks Being a ‘Criminal’ By Kit Bowen April 17, 2016

Domenica Live Kevin Costner InsiemeTV Published 19, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman on 'Grayer' 'JFK' Reunion, Co-Star Gal Gadot Entertainment Tonight Published on Apr 14, 2016 'JFK' stars Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones reunite for 'Criminal' -- in theaters April 15.

Criminal Interviews: Kevin Costner & Gary Oldman Rotten Tomatoes Published on Apr 15, 2016

Kevin Costner had The Bodyguard 2 offer Digital Spy Published on Apr 15, 2016 Kevin Costner talks to Digital Spy about filming a difficult scene with Gal Gadot in his new movie Criminal and talks about some of his old films that have been touted for remakes and sequel, including a Bodyguard sequel that even had a script.

Kevin Costner recalls memory replacement in 'Criminal' Ace Williams Published on Apr 14, 2016 Actors Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman talk about the process of making the far-fetched seem believable in action thriller 'Criminal'. Rough Cut - no reporter .

Criminal @Criminal_Movie tweeted: Kevin Costner brings the action in #CriminalMovie - NOW PLAYING! (Posted April 25th) Get tickets:

Mario⭐Christoforides ‏@marios_chr tweeted: #KevinCostner bientôt dans le portrait de #50mninside #Criminal sortie le 4.05 @nikosaliagas @FREYFranois (Posted April 25th)

Longtime MMA fan and Oscar winner Kevin Costner thinks sport should be in Olympics By StrikeNation - April 26, 2016

MMA Spread ‏@MmaSpread tweeted: Longtime MMA fan and Oscar winner Kevin Costner thinks sport should be in Olympics (Posted April 25th)


Studio Universal ‏@SUniversalIT tweeted: Alle 13.50, non perdere l'esclusiva #Cinechat con il divo #KevinCostner, a breve in sala con il thriller d'azione #Criminal. Translation: At 13.50, don't miss the exclusive #Cinechat with il divo #KevinCostner, walking in the Hall with the action thriller #Criminal.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kevin on French TV and more on 'Criminal'...

Pictures: Time does not seem to have control over the star guest of "Confidentially" on Sunday, April 24th with host Michel Drucker...

Nikos Aliagas sur Europe 1 commented: (translated) Backstage interview with Kevin Costner! Very fast in ‪#‎sortezducadre‬! ‪#‎SDC‬ ‪#‎CRIMINAL‬ (Posted April 6th)

Alexandre Bontemps ‏@Bontemps78 tweeted: Demain sur @Europe1 dans Sortez du cadre #sdc présentée par @nikosaliagas à 11h ici (Posted April 22nd)

Watch for Nikos Aliagas episode with Kevin:

Picture, article and video: Kevin Costner reveals his secret, is the Italian Mario Michisanti - VIDEO


Pictures: 20 aprile 2016 by Raffaella Mazzei

luciavicedomini - Lucia: @laurapausini #PaolaCortellesi #kevinkostner #raiuno #spettacolare #likeforlikes #nofilter #like4like (Posted April 8th)

kiara67k - Chiara: #lauraepaola #kevinkostner @official_pausini #laurapausini #paolacortellesi@rai_uno (Posted April 8th)

maryluisa45 - Marylu: In diretta dagli studi De Paolis Rai Uno. Show Laura Pausini e Paola Cortellesi intervistano.KEVIN KOSTNER #kevinkostner #show #intervista #raiuno #attorepreferito #tv #televisioneitaliana #italia #romalamiacitta #roma (Posted April 8th)

Mariano Diotto ‏@marianodiotto tweeted: Iniziò con il botto con #kevinkostner a #LauraePaola e #onemoretime di @LauraPausini è spettacolare #tvtalk (Posted April 8th)

'Criminal' movie production notes:

Pictures and interview: Criminal - Meeting with Kevin Costner and Ariel Vromen - In occasion of the arrival in cinemas of Criminal, whose protagonist, Kevin Costner has arrived in Rome to meet the press, flanked by director Ariel Vromen. Article by Francesco Lomuscio April 15, 2016


Picture and interview: Kevin Costner: "Now I do the bad and do not forget me" by Marcello Lembo April 11, 2016

MVP Entertainment ‏@MVPIndia tweeted: Can Bill (Ryan Reynolds) reach out to his wife through Jerico's (Kevin Costner's) words? #CriminalMovie (Posted April 20th)

Kevin Costner chats with Harkins Behind the Screens Harkins Theatres Published on Apr 18, 2016 Tara Hitchcock sits down with Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman to talk about their new movie, Criminal in the latest segment of Harkins Behind the Screens! - קסטיליה: #kevinkostner @criminal (Posted April 5th)

Paula Rosenberg commented: (translated) Kʼẖrwnţ Groupies! And zucker liran gray shirt. 😂 Leon took. By the way, he said he watch "healthy" breakfast every Wednesday and Thursday at nine. And his wife always make his recipe. My muffin millet. I wasn't surprised. (Posted April 5th)

maria_troia -masha_troianker: #kevinkostner my #bodyguard (Posted April 6th)

shaldagopaa - shaldag opaa: קווין קוסטנר ההורס נחת בתל אביב והתפנק במשקפי @oliverpeoples התרגשנו!! #likesforlikes #likeme #style #fashion #kevinkostner #shout_out #shoutouter #shoutoutforshoutout #shoutout4shoutout #20likes #50likes #followher #followers #follome #celebrity #tlv #tlvoftheday #sunglasses #hot #tagsforlikesapp #tagsforfollow (Posted April 6th)

yossiamar80 - Yossi Amar Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL: #בסרטעםחבר #קוויןקוסטנרבישראל #קרימינל #criminal (Posted April 5th)

yossiamar80 - Yossi Amar Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL: #שומרראש לשומר ראש #criminal (Posted April 5th)

yossiamar80 - Yossi Amar Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL: #גבר גבר! #kevinkostner #קרימינל #קוויןקוסטנרבישראל צילום: ניר פקין (Posted April 7th)

Friday, April 22, 2016

More on Kevin's promotion of 'Criminal' movie...

Kevin Costner on being a “Criminal" and why storytelling matters to him TFCBalitangAmerica Published on Apr 13, 2016 - In an exclusive interview for Balitang Showbiz, talks with Kevin Costner talks about why music is his favorite creative outlet and how a classic leading man like him is adjusting in Hollywood’s new era.

'Criminal' Interview hollywoodstreams Published on Apr 13, 2016

Kevin Costner on getting into character for CRIMINAL BlackTree TV Published on Apr 13, 2016 - Andrew Janey talks to Academy Award winner Kevin Costner about his role in the new movie CRIMINAL

Kevin Costner gets foreign memory in ‘Criminal’ Jenny McCArthy Published on Apr 13, 2016 - Death row inmate Kevin Costner gets a memory implant in ‘Criminal’. The film premiered in London, where most of the movie was shot.

CRIMINAL: Kevin Costner Talks Playing Someone with Lots of Skills to Kill BackstageOL Published on Apr 12, 2016

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: I suoi ricordi sono come un puzzle da ricomporre. Riuscirà a trovare la chiave per leggere la sua mente? #Criminal (Posted April 7th)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: #SaveTheDate L'8/4 appuntamento a #Roma con #KevinCostner per scoprire #Criminal! @JaguarItalia #JaguarHunter (Posted April 6th)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: Senza regole, solo istinto: Jerico è un criminale, ma questa potrebbe essere la sua occasione di riscatto. #Criminal (Posted April 3rd)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: I ricordi di un uomo stanno per essere trasferiti nella mente di un altro. #Criminal dal 13 aprile al cinema. (Posted March 30th)

Kevin Costner's Memory Skills April 12, 2016

Kevin Costner's Memory Skills Associated Press Published on Apr 12, 2016 'Criminal' star Kevin Costner reveals that, despite spending the best part of 35 years memorizing lines, he doesn't think he has a good memory.

Mario e Kevin Costner conquistano la conferenza stampa Corriere Cinema-TV Published on Apr 13, 2016 - Kevin Costner ha presentato a Roma "Criminal" in conferenza stampa, ma il vero show è quello del truccatore Mario

Kevin Costner a Roma per presentare 'Criminal' mix di video frank farmer Published on Apr 13, 2016

superuglyshow - I have a meeting with Kevin Costner tonight. SuperUglyShow will be postponed tonight. Thursday @ 730 pm est will be the rescheduled date #live #comedy #devilscut #funny #podcast #podcasting @rok6611 @oscarkuj #kevincostner #movie #bodyguard #famous #award #travel #journey #subscribe

amosart - Angela Ortiz/SeFijaOnline: In the mail today… #Criminal in theaters April 15 @sefijaonline w/ #KevinCostner #GalGadot #GaryOldman #TommyLeeJones #AumaryNolasco #RyanReynolds #SeFijaOnline #amosart @alliedhispanic thanks!


Kevin Costner looks absolutely 'Criminal' in his new movie by Bryan Alexander April 11, 2016

Uci Cinemas ‏@Uci_Cinemas tweeted: #KevinCostner è il pericoloso Jericho Stewart in #Criminal, da oggi negli #UCICinemas! (Posted April 13th)

Video Detective ‏@VideoDetective tweeted: Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman in CRIMINAL, in theaters Friday from @lionsgatemovies! (Posted April 13th)

Trapper Graves-Lalor ‏@Traepischke tweeted: @IMDb #IMDbAskAriel I was wondering what led you to choose Kevin Costner, since this isn't the type of character he's known for? - Trapper (Posted April 12th)

Criminal ‏@Criminal_Movie tweeted: TONIGHT – See the “intense, thought-provoking thriller”! Get #CriminalMovie tickets now:

Criminal Director Ariel Vromen On Practical Effects, Surveillance And Kevin Costner by Erik Amaya April 14, 2016

Kevin Costner Interview By Suzy Maloy

"Criminal" - Kevin Costner Interview by Seth Gregory April 11, 2016 - We scored the Colorado exclusive with the cast. Kathie J sat down with Costner, and she couldn’t resist asking if he is as cool in real life as he is in the movies.

FOX Beat: Kevin Costner stars in Criminal FOX 5’s Kevin McCarthy spoke with Kevin Costner about his role in the new film, 'Criminal.' April 11, 2016

INTERVIEW WITH GARY OLDMAN AND KEVIN COSTNER April 6, 2016 By amfmstudios Paul Salfen interviews Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman about the about movie CRIMINAL, and along the way gets advice from Oldman about acting:

'Criminal' Star Kevin Costner Says He's No Schwarzenegger or Denzel-Type Action Hero 08 April 2016

Criminal: Interview with Star Kevin Costner by EmanuelLevy April 2, 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kevin filming 'Hidden Figures' and at Braves game...

Haley Heath ‏@Haley__Heath tweeted: Kevin Costner!! (Atlanta Airport) (Posted 7:32pm April 15th)

Anthony Collins ‏@ACollins_22 tweeted: I'm very happy to announce that I'll be working on a movie for the next 2 days with Kevin Costner. I have a call time of 3:00am. (Posted April 17th)

SPOTTED! Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer April 19, 2016

Michael aka Pook ‏@mikejoker tweeted: First acting gig with MY BOY KEVIN COSTNER! To bad he doesnt have a twitter, we'd be tweeting it up right about now. #hiddenfigures (Posted April 18th)

PhotographerX ‏@phographerX tweeted: @olv @Peachyscoop hidden figures filming at Dobbins air base all week. Kevin Costner and Kristen dunst on set. (Posted April 19th)

Steve Pierson ‏@StevePierson6 tweeted: Kevin Costner at The Braves Game!!! (Posted April 19th)

Jolie Rose Powell ‏@powelljolie tweeted: Am I REALLY not at the game when Kevin Costner's there??!! #BravesFam (Posted April 19th)

Jon Ward ‏@jonward51 tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER!!! (in my little girls voice) (Posted April 19th)

Kim Ann ‏@ATLSAHM tweeted: Watching @Braves and they just showed Kevin Costner in the stands 💕 That man has aged quite well #hubbahubba (Posted April 19th)

Grant McAuley ‏@grantmcauley tweeted: Kevin Costner in the house here at Turner Field tonight for #Braves and #Dodgers. "People will come, Ray." (Posted April 19th)

Stacy ‏@SlmSolo tweeted Just showed Kevin Costner on the big screen at the game! (Posted April 19th)

jordan_elizabeth87 - jordan fleming: Kevin Costner is hanging out at the Ted tonight! (Posted April 19th)

mandabellavida - Hanging out with #kevincostner #bodyguard (hubbahubba) at the #atlantabraves #baseball game. #murica #hotlanta (Posted April 19th)

David Vassegh ‏@THEREAL_DV tweeted: Kevin Costner one of the 1000 fans at Turner Field tonight #Dodgers #Braves (Posted April 19th)

The Sports Guy ‏@The_SportsGuy7 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the @Braves game tonight (Posted April 19th)

Courtney Phillips ‏@Courtneyphil13 tweeted: Watching the Braves game and suddenly they show Kevin Costner's face. My heart melted (Posted April 19th)

Jody ‏@carolinamixed tweeted: Kevin Costner photo bombing me!! Haha (Posted April 19th)

Bryant ‏@bwombat24 tweeted: Turns out Kevin Costner is sitting right by where we got upgraded to (Posted April 19th)

Bryant ‏@bwombat24 tweeted: Kevin Costner here at the Braves game. Got you a way better shot now @Aubsfanatheart! (Posted April 19th)

andrew ‏@andrewskorcz16 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at the braves game tonight (Posted April 19th)

Elizabeth Hagin ‏@elizabethhagin tweeted: #kevincostner at @braves #TheTed #chopshop #awesomeseats #braveswin #crashdavis @ Atlanta Braves… (Posted April 19th)

Kevin Costner spotted at Turner Field during Tuesday’s Braves game by Jennifer Brett April 20, 2016 Kevin Costner is in Atlanta filming “Hidden Figures,” a movie with Janelle Monae, Kirsten Dunst, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer. Tuesday night he was spotted, no surprise, at the Braves game.


Joy Beam-Burns ‏@dixiecali tweeted: Got to shake hands and get up close and personal with Kevin Costner!… (Posted April 19th)

Joy Beam-Burns ‏@dixiecali tweeted: The only pic we got...blurry of me and the handsome Kevin Costner!!!… (Posted April 19th)

slicksaaj23 - Saajan Patel: #kevincostner in the flesh. #who #gotbroadsinatlanta #idont (Posted April 19th)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Kevin was on the 'Today Show' and more...

Kevin Costner on his dark ‘Criminal’ character, life at home with kids - Oscar winner Kevin Costner plays a convict whose brain is surgically implanted with a deceased CIA agent’s memories so he can complete the agent’s mission in the new thriller “Criminal.” He tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie that his kids can tell the sort of work he’s doing by the haircut he’s wearing; when he came home with his severe haircut from “Criminal,” they said, “Daddy’s been fighting again, hasn’t he?” (Posted April 11, 2016)


Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: Fun morning at @TODAYshow. (Posted April 11th)

Kevin Costner: New thriller ‘Criminal’ is about the nature of memory - Actor Kevin Costner’s latest role is as a death-row inmate in the sci-fi film “Criminal.” Along with the movie’s director, Ariel Vromen, he tells the ladies about the challenge of playing a character who has a dead man’s memories transferred into his own brain. (Posted April 13th)

SandyLeeTV ‏@SandyLeeTV tweeted: Always great to have @modernwest in our studio!! @Criminal_Movie @klgandhoda #CriminalMovie

Ariel Vromen ‏@vromen tweeted: Had the pleasure of talking #CriminalMovie w/ @klgandhoda at the #TodayShow (Posted April 13th)

The ‘Criminal’ Behind Kevin Costner April 13, 2016 Dish Nation caught up with silver screen royalty Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman about their new film Criminal! We ask them what skill they would implant in their brain! What do you think they said? What would you say?

Empire Magazine ‏@empiremagazine tweeted: Kevin Costner talked about sword-fighting with Alan Rickman on this week's #EmpirePodcast: (Posted April 9th)

David Hunt ‏@d_p_hunt Recent #EmpirePodcast interviews have been a joy. I could listen to Jeremy Irons and Kevin Costner talk about making movies all day long. (Posted April 13th)

Susan Griffin ‏@Susan_Griffin tweeted: Off to first screening post-hol: @Criminal_Movie - which boasts a psychopathic...Kevin Costner #intrigued (Posted April 5th)

Claire Spreadbury ‏@PA_Features tweeted: From today's brilliant @Susan_Griffin interview with #KevinCostner - who talks about @Criminal_Movie and @modernwest (Posted April 12th)

Susan Griffin ‏@Susan_Griffin tweeted: Kevin Costner talks to me abt scaring people off with "severe" look while shooting @Criminal_Movie in @WalesOnline (Posted April 13th)

FOX & Friends ‏@foxandfriends tweeted: Kevin Costner talks about his favorite movie roles - What's your favorite Costner movie? @modernwest (Posted April 12th)

FOX & Friends ‏@foxandfriends tweeted: Kevin Costner shares his new movie #Criminal @modernwest (Posted April 12th)

Watch the 'Fox and Friends' video:

Bad Fox Graphics ‏@BadFoxGraphics tweeted: vil•li•an: a protagonist living in a small town (ex: Kevin Costner in ‘McFarland, USA’) #Villain #FoxNewsFail (Posted April 12th)

Cowboy Kevin Costner shoots from the hip in Criminal - Taking risks means more rewards – and more bruises along the way. But, as he tackles the most against-type role of his career, Kevin Costner tells Susan Griffin about living a life without fear Susan Griffin 15 April, 2016

Picture and article: Kevin Costner insisted they didn’t ‘pretty me up’ for ‘Criminal’ by Bill Zwecker April 13, 2016

Entertainment City: Catching up with the stars of ‘Demolition’ and ‘Criminal’ City Published April 8, 2016 (Kevin at 1:55)

Entertainment City: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ premiere, and catching up with Kevin Costner April 13, 2016 (Kevin at 3:02)

Kevin Costner on being a “Criminal" and why storytelling matters to him TFCBalitangAmerica Published on Apr 13, 2016 In an exclusive interview for Balitang Showbiz, Yong Chavez talks with Kevin Costner talks about why music is his favorite creative outlet and how a classic leading man like him is adjusting in Hollywood’s new era.

BackstageOL ‏@BackstageOL tweeted: Gary Oldman & Kevin Costner talk @Criminal_Movie 2day on @Fox26Houston! (Posted April 12th)

Carl Higbie ‏@CarlHigbie tweeted: Bumped into @kevincostner today in the greenroom @FoxNews (Posted April 12th)

Gary Oldman Web ‏@GO4Everyone tweeted: Have a great weekend Everyone! Go see @Criminal_Movie! 😊🎥 #GaryOldman #KevinCostner @vromen #actorslife #onset

Monday, April 18, 2016

Interviews Kevin's done for 'Criminal' and more...

Box office report: The Jungle Book rakes in $104 million debut by Devan Coggan Excerpt: As for Kevin Costner-starring thriller Criminal, it didn’t even manage to crack the top five. Criminal opened in 2,683 theaters and only earned $5.9 million and a B- CinemaScore.

showplaceicon - ShowPlace ICON: Want to win a @Criminal movie Prize Pack? Double Tap/Like this Post and Comment with #MakeItICONIC #CriminalMovie Don’t forget to catch #CriminalMovie out Friday! Advanced Screenings start Thursday Night! #MakeItICONIC #Movies #RyanReynolds #KevinCostner #GalGadot #GaryOldman #TommyLeeJones #ScottAdkins #CIA #sweepstakes #contest

kerasotestheatres - Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres: Want to win a @Criminal movie Prize Pack? Double Tap/Like this Post and Comment with #MoviesWithMagic #CriminalMovie Don’t forget to catch #CriminalMovie out Friday! Advanced Screenings start Thursday Night! #MoviesWithMagic #Movies #RyanReynolds #KevinCostner #GalGadot #GaryOldman #TommyLeeJones #ScottAdkins #CIA #sweepstakes #contest

Carhartt ‏@Carhartt tweeted: Be on the lookout for our Berwick Jacket in Kevin Costner’s latest film, Criminal! (Posted April 15th)

itsmarlamaples - Marla Maples: What a gift 2 share @kellyandmichael w/an old supportive friend w/a big heart #kevincostner @kevincostnermodernwest luv my @NVIIBYANNEBOWEN white shirt! (Posted April 13th)

TheLittleFilmShow ‏@LittleFilmShow tweeted: New episode Features #eyeinthesky #criminal and #midnightspecial we interview #helenmirren and #kevincostner (Posted April 15th) (Kevin Costner talks to us at the premiere of Criminal about what it was like playing a death-row inmate implanted with the memories, secrets and skills of a dead CIA agent.)

FOX2 News in the AM ‏@FOX2morning tweeted: Kevin’s Reel World – Kevin Costner & Jon Favreau #STL VIDEO: ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI- Costner talks about his "charmed life". Favreau and Bill Murray walk into a bar ... Kevin Steincross gets the rest of the story in our exclusive chats with the stars. (Posted April 12th)

Fox News Video ‏@foxnewsvideo tweeted: Kevin Costner talks 'Criminal,' reflects on career (Posted April 15th)

Kevin Costner talks 'Criminal,' reflects on career Apr. 15, 2016 - 1:54 - Veteran stars as a deadly operative in action thriller

Kevin Hughes ‏@Popprince tweeted: Hear Kevin Costner talking to me about new film #Criminal on @thisisheart Nightly News this evening.. (Posted April 15th)

Picture and video interview: Evening's Interview with Kevin Costner by Kim Holcomb April 15, 2016

Video: Kevin Costner talks new film “Criminal” and why he’d switch brains with his wife by Shawn Edwards April 15, 2016

Interview: Ariel Vromen Talks About Criminal By Jazz Tangcay April 14, 2016 Excerpt: Kevin went through the casting process and we had a lot of convincing to do....How long did this one take to film? AV: We did it in nine weeks.

Mark Higbee ‏@MarkHigbee tweeted: Criminal Interview - Kevin Costner 2016 - Gary Oldman Ryan Reynolds Movie HD WATCH (Posted April 15th)

Criminal Interview - Kevin Costner (2016) - Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds Movie HD Movieclips Coming Soon Published on Apr 15, 2016

Kevin Costner Interview: AskMen Hero Of The Week: This Is Why You Should Be More Kevin Costner by Matt Chappell

Ryan James Almond ‏@RJA1993 tweeted: Criminal was such a masterfully crafted film with an intelligent story and a brilliant cast, especially Kevin Costner. Want a sequel. (Posted April 16th)

Bleacher Report Verified account ‏@BleacherReport tweeted: Kevin Costner says he has one more baseball movie in him: “It has to do with the Cubs” (Posted April 16th)

Apurva M Asrani ‏@Apurvasrani tweeted: Doesn't that look like @akshaykumar in the poster?? Wrong! Turns out its #KevinCostner! In a film called #Criminal (Posted April 16th)

Photo: Kevin at piano:

Pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE Magazine for rest of interview: What Makes Oscar Winner Kevin Costner Nervous? By Julie Jordan April 15, 2016,,21000581,00.html

Criminal ‏@Criminal_Movie tweeted: Get the #CriminalMovie soundtrack featuring Brian Tyler & Keith Power TODAY on @AppleMusic: (Posted April 15th)

VIDEO: Gary Oldman Talks Reuniting With 'JFK' Co-Star Kevin Costner in 'Criminal' Kyle Moss April 14, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Costner & Gary Oldman Talk Mini 'JFK' Reunion on the Set of 'Criminal' Zach Seemayer , KUSA April 14, 2016

Kevin Costner Recalls Reuniting With His 'JFK' Co-Stars 25 Years Later In 'Criminal' by Sarah Bellman April 12, 2016

Gary Oldman Web ‏@GO4Everyone tweeted: #TBT 1991, Gary Oldman & Kevin Costner at "JFK" premiere 📷😊 #movies #25years #actorslife #LosAngeles #CriminalMovie (Posted April 7th)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kevin on 'Larry King Now' with Gary Oldman...

Picture and videos: Exclusive: Kevin Costner reveals to Larry King he's working on new baseball movie - The legendary actor is known for his love of America's favorite pastime — both on the big screen and in real life. By: Kyle MacLelland, Larry King Now April 15, 2016

The full episode:

Video clips:

Gary Oldman Web ‏@GO4Everyone tweeted: 🎬 Gary Oldman and Kevin Costner talk with @KingsThings @OraTV #LarryKingNow #actorslife (Posted April 15th)

Gary Oldman Site ‏@GaryOldmanSite tweeted: 🎬 Gary Oldman & Kevin Costner talks to @larrykingnow @OraTV #actorslife #Hollywood #movies 🎥 (Posted April 15th)

Larry King ‏@kingsthings tweeted: Big news! "Kevin Costner reveals to Larry King he's working on new baseball movie"

Kevin Costner says he's making a new baseball movie about the Cubs How do you feel about this, Cubs fans? By Brett Smiley April 15, 2016

Matt Strickert ‏@mstrickert89 tweeted: @JustinLBeatty @Variety @Cubs maybe he needs a script writer? Cubs and Kevin Costner? I'm in. (Posted April 15th)

Picture and article: Kevin Costner has one more baseball movie to make -- about the Cubs by Lauren Comitor April 15, 2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A lot more of Kevin from the London Premiere...

AUDIO: Steve Wright's Big Guests: Kevin Costner and Hunter Davies 12 Apr 16 - Blockbuster actor Kevin Costner and writer Hunter Davies chat to Steve and Tim

Gal Gadot Interview - Wonder Woman & Criminal by HeyUGuys Published on Apr 7, 2016 Cassam Looch from HeyUGuys interviews Gal Gadot at the UK premiere of her movie Criminal. During the interview she talks about shooting her first scene with Costner and how it broke the ice...

Pictures, video and article: Kevin Costner: I was warned off going to Croydon but I liked it there By Alistair Foster April 8, 2016 Kevin Costner says people

PHOTOS: Britain Criminal Premiere: Actors Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot pose for photographers upon arrival at the premiere of Criminal at a central London cinema, Thursday, April 7, 2016.

Ben Manz ‏@BenManz1 tweeted: Well tonight was fun. 👑 #criminalmovie #dianadimitrovici #benmanz #galgadot #kevincostner #arielvromen #rachelhewitt (April 7th)

aline ‏@virkiwgs tweeted: Kevin costner and gal gadot together how precious is this picture (Posted April 7th)

James Gourley ‏@jamgly tweeted: Premiere of @Criminal_Movie with @GalGadot and Kevin Costner @modernwest this evening (Posted April 7th)

Filmbeat ‏@filmbeattweets tweeted: Superstar Kevin Costner tells us all at the @Criminal_Movie premiere. @modernwest #prem (Posted April 7th)

ManOnRedCarpet ‏@SteveHargrave tweeted: Top #Bodyguard action from #KevinCostner at tonight's prem for #Criminal #WeWillAlwaysLoveYou @modernwest @GettyVIP

ilariaurbinati: a Kevin Costner in @alfreddunhill with @johnstonmurphy shoes at his UK premiere of #Criminal - styled by yours truly

Picture sites of Kevin Costner at the 'Criminal' London Premiere and After Party:

Kevin Costner Interview: AskMen Hero Of The Week: This Is Why You Should Be More Kevin Costner by Matt Chappell

Gal Gadot Brasil ‏@GGadotBR tweeted: @GalGadot E Kevin Costner na premiere de @Criminal_Movie (Mente Criminosa), que está acontecendo agora em Londres.

pietro tavallini ‏@pietrinooo tweeted: Congrats @vromen and kevincostner for this great movie!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏👏👏 @jordanrocca #premiere

Guy Nash ‏@Guy_Nash tweeted: Picture of the wonder of a woman @GalGadot and Kevin Costner at the premiere of #CriminalMovie (Posted April 7th)

Guy Nash ‏@Guy_Nash tweeted: Few more pictures of @GalGadot Kevin Costner & Ariel Vromen at the premiere of #CriminalMovie (Posted April 8th)

Wonder Woman Brasil ‏@WonderWoman_Br tweeted: Kevin Costner e Gal Gadot. Jonathan Kent e Diana Prince (Posted April 7th)

Jake. ‏@constable_jake tweeted: @GalGadot and Kevin Costner at the premiere of @Criminal_Movie @lionsgatemovies ! (Posted April 7th)

Criminal – UK Premiere Interviews – include Kevin Costner, Gal Gadot & Ariel Vromen PremiereScene Published April 7, 2016

Kevin Costner on Wonder Woman and hot dogs at Criminal premiere ODE Published April 7, 2016

Kevin Costner & Gal Gadot at the 'Criminal' UK Premiere Getty Images Entertainment Published April 7, 2016

Edgar Guerrero ‏@edgarguerrero tweeted: Blue Martini te regala boletos a la premier de la pelicula “Criminal” con Kevin Costner HOY Jueves Azul. Alla nos vemos! #encines #15deAbril #criminalmovie @alliedhispanic #bluemartini @cesar_tercero (Posted April 7th)

How to Take the DB Suit Out of the Office By Max Berlinger April 7, 2016

Criminal - UK Premiere - In Cinemas April 15 LionsgateFilmsUK Published on Apr 8, 2016

The movie "Criminal" premieres in London africanews Published on Apr 13, 2016 - Oscar-winning actor and director Kevin Costner attended the London premiere of his new action thriller movie Criminal last Thursday.

Film and TV Now ‏@filmandtvnow Apr 13 "I Have Played Some Dodgy People," Kevin Costner Talks Roles At The Criminal Premiere

"I Have Played Some Dodgy People," Kevin Costner Talks Roles At The Criminal Premiere Film and TV Now Published April 10, 2016

J.L. Mayfair ‏@JLMayfair tweeted: Kevin Costner - Criminal UK premiere #gotsoclose #thenitstartedtorain #london #sohandsome (Posted April 8th)

AliCat ‏@AlisonWacker tweeted: Timing is everything. In a taxi and spotted Kevin Costner coming out of a premiere in Mayfair. #Curzon#CelebSpotting #London (Posted April 8th)

VIDEO: Exclusive Interview – Kevin Costner talks Criminal, shooting in London & his Band ‘Kevin Costner & Modern West’ By David Sztypuljak - Apr 8, 2016 Our buddy Phoebe Winter got to sit down with acting legend Kevin Costner for his movie Criminal ahead of its release.....During the interview Costner talks about why he thought the role would be right for him, working on-set and the first day shooting with Gadot and how awkward it was(!), shooting in London and splitting time with his acting career and his band ‘Kevin Costner & Modern West’.

VIDEO: Costner takes on ex-convict role in 'Criminal' April 8, 2016

CineMovie TV ‏@CineMovie tweeteed: Kevin Costner & Gal Gadot at the London premiere of @Criminal_Movie. (Posted April 8th)

PHOTOS: Criminal World Premiere In London! Kevin Costner! Gat Gadot! Director Ariel Vromen! And More! by mike April 10, 2016 Criminal, starring Robin Hood and Wonder Woman… I mean Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot had it’s world premiere in London. The event was held at the Curzon Mayfair on April 7, 2016 and looks like it was a great time. The stars of the film including Kevin Costner, Gal Gadot, and Director Ariel Vromen all showed up to support the film.

Dimo Ivanov ‏@brunod1972 tweeted: Celebrity Style… (Posted April 10th)

Costner brings 'Criminal' to London Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot attend the London premiere of their new crime thriller 'Criminal,' where they talk about how much they enjoyed working with each other. (April 8) AP

Kevin Costner is a massive Arsenal fan Loaded Online Published on Apr 8, 2016

Interview: Kevin Costner & Gary Oldman talk criminal and dark characters! by JimmyO April 10, 2016

Eclectic Pictures ‏@EclecticPics 4h4 hours ago Out this weekend. (Posted April 13th)

VIDEOS: Criminal Premiere: Kevin Costner, Gal Gadot, Ariel Vromen Red Carpet Interviews Posted by Lisa-Marie Burrows On April 10, 2016

'Crminal' London Premiere picture:

VIDEO: Criminal premiere: A chat with Gal Gadot, Kevin Costner and Ariel Vromen by Melissa Hoban Shot by Filippo L'Astorina April 7, 2016 Tucked away from the rain, the stars arrived for the première of Criminal inside the inviting and illustrious Mayfair Curzon....We caught up with lead Kevin Costner, who talked about the importance of understanding a bad guy to play one, and his inspiring career so far.

Aks2Pic ‏@aks2pic_ir tweeted: عکس های جدید کوین کاستنر #هنرمندان_مرد_خارجی #Kevin_Costner #Kevin_Costner_2016

A lot more of Kevin from the Rome Premiere...

Kevin Costner presenta Criminal FOTOS:

Photo gallery: (click on green camera icon)

Photos and article: Kevin Costner “criminale” a Roma di Eva Carducci - 4 giorni fa Kevin Costner's "criminal" in Rome Eva Carducci - April 10, 2016

Picture and article: Kevin Costner, a 'Criminal' fashion with Italian coiffeur - Mario Michisanti is the hair stylist that follows the actor everywhere and takes care of the look Posted on: 04/08/2016

Picture and translated excerpt: Kevin Costner awarded in Rome with the Silver Ribbon - The actor will be the guest of "Laura & Paola" and will bring his latest "Criminal" film at Bari International Film Festival...Costner, however, is also in Rome to withdraw the International Silver Ribbon 2016, conferred on him by the National Union of Film Journalists for his "career and professional quality."


Terza Pagina ‏@agterzapagina tweeted: Laura Delli Colli ha consegnato il Nastro D'Argento a Kevin Costner oggi a Roma per la presentazione di #Criminal (Posted April 8th)

Pictures: Kevin Costner porta Criminal a Roma

Francesco Di Brigida ‏@FranceDiBrigida tweeted: Waiting for #KevinCostner #Roma #Criminal (Posted April 8th)

Francesco Di Brigida ‏@FranceDiBrigida tweeted: #KevinCostner: "Sono qui col mio regista Ariel e sono molto felice di questo film" #CriminalMovie (Posted April 8th)

Francesco Di Brigida ‏@FranceDiBrigida tweeted: #KevinCostner "La sera quando andiamo a letto i ricordi ci fanno da cuscino" #CriminalMovie #PressConference #Italy (Posted April 8th)

Francesco Di Brigida ‏@FranceDiBrigida tweeted: "I miei errori sono importanti almeno quanto i miei successi". #KevinCostner dixit #Rome #Italy #now (Posted April 8th)

Francesco Di Brigida ‏@FranceDiBrigida tweeted: #KevinCostner: "A volte mi piacerebbe sapere che cpsa pensa mia moglie" ... #CriminalMovie #PressConference #Italia (Posted April 8th)

Francesco Di Brigida ‏@FranceDiBrigida tweeted: Pure #Mario l'assistente: "Io e #KevinCostner ci siamo conosciuti ad Amburgo..." #PressConference #CriminalMovie (Posted April 8th)

Francesco Di Brigida ‏@FranceDiBrigida tweeted: E poi il #NastrodArgento internazionale a #KevinCostner consegnato da @LauraDelliColli #CriminalMovie #Roma #oggi (Posted April 8th)

Valentina Ariete ‏@valentinaariete tweeted: E poi il truccatore di #KevinCostner, #MarioMichisanti, gli ruba la scena alla conferenza di #Criminal @radiodeejay (Posted April 8th)

Valentina Ariete ‏@valentinaariete tweeted: #KevinCostner cattivissimo in #Criminal, presentato oggi a Roma @radiodeejay (Posted April 8th)

prisca civitenga ‏@p_civitenga tweeted: #kevincostner a #Roma presenta #criminal @dimsuonoroma (Posted April 8th)

Two pictures:

Two pictures:

Kevin Costner Superstar a Roma per Criminal saluta i fans Il Salutatore Published April 8, 2016


Criminal: Kevin Costner presenta "Mario", leggi l'articolo su Published April 12, 2016

Two pictures:

Two Pictures:

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: C'è un po' di #italia nello staff di @modernwest: ecco Mario, l'italianissimo coiffeur! #criminal (Posted April 8th)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: Laura Delli Colli consegna il #NastroDArgento a #KevinCostner. Un grande riconoscimento per un grande attore (Posted April 8th)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: "Le persone cercano di cambiare il mondo nei modi più disparati. Alcuni buoni altri no." @vromen #criminal (Posted April 8th)

aurora_tozzi commented: Vi saluta Kevin #KevinCostner (Posted April 8th)

Daruma View commented: #KevinCostner risponde alle domande della stampa italiana, #live (Posted April 8th)

Marzia Apice ‏@marziaapice tweeted: #KevinCostner .... Il mio sogno di bambina!!! Sempre bello... (Posted April 8th)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: "La mente e i suoi segreti mi hanno sempre affascinato. Ecco perché ho scelto di dirigere #Criminal" @vromen (Posted April 8th)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: "Noi siamo la somma dei ricordi che ci portiamo nella mente." @modernwest racconta #criminal (Posted April 8th)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: Il photocall è pronto e anche i giornalisti! Tra pochissimo arrivano @modernwest e @vromen! #Criminal (Posted April 8th)

Kevin Kostner a Roma Newimagesmagazine Published on Apr 8, 2016

Eight pictures along with video above:


Photo gallery:

Chiara Cecutti ‏@cecutti1 tweeted: “Senza emozioni la vita perde di significato” #Criminal #KevinCostner #Counselling (Posted April 13th)

PHOTOS: (19)

AUDIO: Kevin Costner criminale salvato dall’amore - L'attore torna al cinema nel thriller a sfondo terroristico "Criminal", diretto da Ariel Vromen. Intervista a Costner e al regista

'Criminal' Photocall in Rome:

From Kevin's previous visit to Rome:

Picture: Luca Di Sarno e Kevin Costner: