Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kevin filming 'Hidden Figures' and at Braves game...

Haley Heath ‏@Haley__Heath tweeted: Kevin Costner!! (Atlanta Airport) (Posted 7:32pm April 15th)

Anthony Collins ‏@ACollins_22 tweeted: I'm very happy to announce that I'll be working on a movie for the next 2 days with Kevin Costner. I have a call time of 3:00am. (Posted April 17th)

SPOTTED! Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer April 19, 2016

Michael aka Pook ‏@mikejoker tweeted: First acting gig with MY BOY KEVIN COSTNER! To bad he doesnt have a twitter, we'd be tweeting it up right about now. #hiddenfigures (Posted April 18th)

PhotographerX ‏@phographerX tweeted: @olv @Peachyscoop hidden figures filming at Dobbins air base all week. Kevin Costner and Kristen dunst on set. (Posted April 19th)

Steve Pierson ‏@StevePierson6 tweeted: Kevin Costner at The Braves Game!!! (Posted April 19th)

Jolie Rose Powell ‏@powelljolie tweeted: Am I REALLY not at the game when Kevin Costner's there??!! #BravesFam (Posted April 19th)

Jon Ward ‏@jonward51 tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER!!! (in my little girls voice) (Posted April 19th)

Kim Ann ‏@ATLSAHM tweeted: Watching @Braves and they just showed Kevin Costner in the stands 💕 That man has aged quite well #hubbahubba (Posted April 19th)

Grant McAuley ‏@grantmcauley tweeted: Kevin Costner in the house here at Turner Field tonight for #Braves and #Dodgers. "People will come, Ray." (Posted April 19th)

Stacy ‏@SlmSolo tweeted Just showed Kevin Costner on the big screen at the game! (Posted April 19th)

jordan_elizabeth87 - jordan fleming: Kevin Costner is hanging out at the Ted tonight! (Posted April 19th)

mandabellavida - Hanging out with #kevincostner #bodyguard (hubbahubba) at the #atlantabraves #baseball game. #murica #hotlanta (Posted April 19th)

David Vassegh ‏@THEREAL_DV tweeted: Kevin Costner one of the 1000 fans at Turner Field tonight #Dodgers #Braves (Posted April 19th)

The Sports Guy ‏@The_SportsGuy7 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the @Braves game tonight (Posted April 19th)

Courtney Phillips ‏@Courtneyphil13 tweeted: Watching the Braves game and suddenly they show Kevin Costner's face. My heart melted (Posted April 19th)

Jody ‏@carolinamixed tweeted: Kevin Costner photo bombing me!! Haha (Posted April 19th)

Bryant ‏@bwombat24 tweeted: Turns out Kevin Costner is sitting right by where we got upgraded to (Posted April 19th)

Bryant ‏@bwombat24 tweeted: Kevin Costner here at the Braves game. Got you a way better shot now @Aubsfanatheart! (Posted April 19th)

andrew ‏@andrewskorcz16 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at the braves game tonight (Posted April 19th)

Elizabeth Hagin ‏@elizabethhagin tweeted: #kevincostner at @braves #TheTed #chopshop #awesomeseats #braveswin #crashdavis @ Atlanta Braves… (Posted April 19th)

Kevin Costner spotted at Turner Field during Tuesday’s Braves game by Jennifer Brett April 20, 2016 Kevin Costner is in Atlanta filming “Hidden Figures,” a movie with Janelle Monae, Kirsten Dunst, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer. Tuesday night he was spotted, no surprise, at the Braves game.


Joy Beam-Burns ‏@dixiecali tweeted: Got to shake hands and get up close and personal with Kevin Costner!… (Posted April 19th)

Joy Beam-Burns ‏@dixiecali tweeted: The only pic we got...blurry of me and the handsome Kevin Costner!!!… (Posted April 19th)

slicksaaj23 - Saajan Patel: #kevincostner in the flesh. #who #gotbroadsinatlanta #idont (Posted April 19th)

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