Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kevin on the 'Graham Norton Show' on April 8th...

Graham Norton Show ‏@TheGNShow tweeted: WOW! @RickyGervais @EricBana67 @McGregor_Ewan, #KevinCostner, #DameHelenMirren Friday 10.35PM on @BBCOne #TheGNShow (Posted April 6th)

lingusdingus - Ling Chong: Awesome dinner and catch up after seeing Kevin Costner in the flesh on The Graham Norton Show!!! (No sneaky photos of him unfortunately) Happy birthday to me! :) #kevincostner (Posted April 7th)

peteisjamming - Pete Snell: a Check this out for a line up. Really nice group of people on the sofa tonight just doing some chatting. @bbcone 10:35pm. #instagood #kevincostner #helenmirren @mcgregor_ewan #ericbana #rickygervais (Posted April 8th)

peteisjamming - Pete Snell: Robin Hood joking around with the Queen. Hollywood legend #KevinCostner on the show tonight. Very humble guy but his body of work speaks for itself. #TheBodyguard #JFK #FieldofDreams #DanceswithWolves #TheUntouchables #RobinHood #BillDurham (Posted April 8th)

grahnort: Now that's a couch!! Great chat tonight @bbcone 10.35pm #kevincostner #damehelenmirren #ewanmcgregor #ericbana #rickygervais #meghantrainor (Posted April 8th)

The Graham Norton Show S19E03 Helen Mirren, Ewan McGregor, Eric Bana, Ricky Gervais tgns Published April 8, 2016

Kevin Costner talks about directing the wolves in 'Dancing with Wolves' - The Graham Norton Show BBC Published April 8th

BBC HD ‏@bbc_en2 tweeted: Kevin Costner talks about directing the wolves in 'Dancing with Wolves' - The Graham Norton (Posted April 8th)

Gossip Cop ‏@GossipCop tweeted: Ricky Gervais Gives Kevin Costner Weird Advice For Taming Wolves On 'Graham Norton' (Posted April 8th)

MissAileen ‏@AileenAnne1 tweeted: Kevin Costner hasn't aged one bit!!!! He's looking very well!!! 👀👌 #grahamnortonshow #grahamnorton (Posted April 8th)

Jo Hogan ‏@joleHogan tweeted: What a great story from Kevin Costner about how his friend wrote Dances With Wolves on Graham Norton (Posted April 8th)

gary fletcher ‏@gary0457 tweeted: Kevin Costner is fantastic on graham norton down to earth and great insight #KevinCostner (Posted April 8th)

Grace ‏@GemOfAmara tweeted: Kevin Costner unexpectedly crushing it on Graham Norton tonight. (Posted April 8th)

Angela Sasso ‏@angela_sasso tweeted: @draiochta14 Kevin Costner on Graham Norton tonight (Posted April 8th)

Leigh Kirkham ‏@LeighKirkham tweeted: OH so that's who Kevin Costner is. I think I've only seen him in Man of Steel #grahamnorton (Posted April 8th)

KellyDS ‏@akakelbel75 tweeted: Kevin Costner, awkward at first, ends up captivating guests & audience alike on The Graham Norton Show (Posted April 9th)

Vyrrl ‏@vyrrl_com tweeted: Kevin Costner and Ricky Gervais Tell Weird Stories About Wolves - . (Posted April 10th)

Paul Whitelaw ‏@paulwhitelaw tweeted: Kevin Costner seemed genuinely shy and humble on The Graham Norton Show. Nice when you discover that Hollywood stars aren't arseholes. (Posted April 11th)

*Jules* ‏@MissJB07 tweeted: Been watching graham norton and Kevin Costner was on I could listen to that man all night! (Posted April 11th)

Mashable Feeds ‏@mashablee tweeted: British comedian Graham Norton has a way of getting his celebrity guests to share strange stories about thi... (Posted April 11th)

Steve G @oohhangon tweeted: People on Twitter blaming Kevin Costner for ruining Graham Norton's show.

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