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Kevin on the 'Laura & Paola' Show in Italy...

Picture and article, (video for Italy only):

Laura & Paola del 08/04/2016 Full Show Video: (in segements)

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Pictures and article: Kevin Costner: "Si eres actor y te consideras a ti mismo interesante, eres un narcisista" Anterior Siguiente

OptiMagazine ‏@OptiMagazine tweeted: Kevin Costner da #LauraePaola rivive i migliori momenti della sua carriera e ricorda…


Picture and translated excerpt: Paola Cortellesi, who went to eat a kebab out of the studio, there meets Kevin Costner and then Pausini invites her to take him in the studio. The curtain that is created comes from the fact that the American actor does not know who Pausini and Cortellesi said to be unprepared because they did not know of its hosted, something quite unreal. Together through the various stages of his career remembering movies, even if the interview is not much involved, both for requests and for the demeanor of Costner. The actor is in promotion for his latest film, which also explains why its presence in the studio tonight.

Laura Pausini Fans commented: Kevin Costner (Posted April 9th)

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Laura Pausini commented: Kevin Costner:

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Paola called Laura "Kevin's friend." For those of you who may not know, Laura sang the song, written by Richard Marx, 'One More Time' on the 'Message In A Bottle' Soundtrack so that's how they know each other previously:

'Message In A Bottle' Soundtrack listing:

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