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Kevin was on the 'Today Show' and more...

Kevin Costner on his dark ‘Criminal’ character, life at home with kids - Oscar winner Kevin Costner plays a convict whose brain is surgically implanted with a deceased CIA agent’s memories so he can complete the agent’s mission in the new thriller “Criminal.” He tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie that his kids can tell the sort of work he’s doing by the haircut he’s wearing; when he came home with his severe haircut from “Criminal,” they said, “Daddy’s been fighting again, hasn’t he?” (Posted April 11, 2016)

Picture:    http://media1.s-nbcnews.com/j/MSNBC/Components/Video/__NEW/2016-04-11T12-34-44-5Z--1280x720.today-vid-canonical-featured-desktop.jpg

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: Fun morning at @TODAYshow. (Posted April 11th)

Kevin Costner: New thriller ‘Criminal’ is about the nature of memory - Actor Kevin Costner’s latest role is as a death-row inmate in the sci-fi film “Criminal.” Along with the movie’s director, Ariel Vromen, he tells the ladies about the challenge of playing a character who has a dead man’s memories transferred into his own brain. (Posted April 13th)

SandyLeeTV ‏@SandyLeeTV tweeted: Always great to have @modernwest in our studio!! @Criminal_Movie @klgandhoda #CriminalMovie

Ariel Vromen ‏@vromen tweeted: Had the pleasure of talking #CriminalMovie w/ @klgandhoda at the #TodayShow (Posted April 13th)

The ‘Criminal’ Behind Kevin Costner April 13, 2016 Dish Nation caught up with silver screen royalty Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman about their new film Criminal! We ask them what skill they would implant in their brain! What do you think they said? What would you say?

Empire Magazine ‏@empiremagazine tweeted: Kevin Costner talked about sword-fighting with Alan Rickman on this week's #EmpirePodcast: (Posted April 9th)

David Hunt ‏@d_p_hunt Recent #EmpirePodcast interviews have been a joy. I could listen to Jeremy Irons and Kevin Costner talk about making movies all day long. (Posted April 13th)

Susan Griffin ‏@Susan_Griffin tweeted: Off to first screening post-hol: @Criminal_Movie - which boasts a psychopathic...Kevin Costner #intrigued (Posted April 5th)

Claire Spreadbury ‏@PA_Features tweeted: From today's brilliant @Susan_Griffin interview with #KevinCostner - who talks about @Criminal_Movie and @modernwest (Posted April 12th)

Susan Griffin ‏@Susan_Griffin tweeted: Kevin Costner talks to me abt scaring people off with "severe" look while shooting @Criminal_Movie in @WalesOnline (Posted April 13th)

FOX & Friends ‏@foxandfriends tweeted: Kevin Costner talks about his favorite movie roles - What's your favorite Costner movie? @modernwest (Posted April 12th)

FOX & Friends ‏@foxandfriends tweeted: Kevin Costner shares his new movie #Criminal @modernwest (Posted April 12th)

Watch the 'Fox and Friends' video:

Bad Fox Graphics ‏@BadFoxGraphics tweeted: vil•li•an: a protagonist living in a small town (ex: Kevin Costner in ‘McFarland, USA’) #Villain #FoxNewsFail (Posted April 12th)

Cowboy Kevin Costner shoots from the hip in Criminal - Taking risks means more rewards – and more bruises along the way. But, as he tackles the most against-type role of his career, Kevin Costner tells Susan Griffin about living a life without fear Susan Griffin 15 April, 2016

Picture and article: Kevin Costner insisted they didn’t ‘pretty me up’ for ‘Criminal’ by Bill Zwecker April 13, 2016

Entertainment City: Catching up with the stars of ‘Demolition’ and ‘Criminal’ City Published April 8, 2016 (Kevin at 1:55)

Entertainment City: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ premiere, and catching up with Kevin Costner April 13, 2016 (Kevin at 3:02)

Kevin Costner on being a “Criminal" and why storytelling matters to him TFCBalitangAmerica Published on Apr 13, 2016 In an exclusive interview for Balitang Showbiz, Yong Chavez talks with Kevin Costner talks about why music is his favorite creative outlet and how a classic leading man like him is adjusting in Hollywood’s new era.

BackstageOL ‏@BackstageOL tweeted: Gary Oldman & Kevin Costner talk @Criminal_Movie 2day on @Fox26Houston! (Posted April 12th)

Carl Higbie ‏@CarlHigbie tweeted: Bumped into @kevincostner today in the greenroom @FoxNews (Posted April 12th)

Gary Oldman Web ‏@GO4Everyone tweeted: Have a great weekend Everyone! Go see @Criminal_Movie! 😊🎥 #GaryOldman #KevinCostner @vromen #actorslife #onset

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