Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kevin's appearance on Live With Kelly & Michael...

LIVEKellyandMichael ‏@KellyandMichael tweeted: Tune in now for #KevinCostner! #KellyandMichael (Posted April 12th)

Michelle Montes ‏@NYricanPeach tweeted: @KellyandMichael Loved watching ALL the ladies swoon when #KevinCostner made his entrance!!! He's still got it (Posted April 12th)

anita h ‏@oneskylark tweeted: Kevin Costner stopped to look into the eyes of people as he greeted them...just another reason to like him. (Posted April 12th)

A. Jaye Williams ‏@AJayeWilliams tweeted: @KellyandMichael Humble, classy, smart, talented! This is why #KevinCostner is still going strong! Very cool! (Posted April 12th)

Amy Eggers-Enloe ‏@enloes72 tweeted: Kevin Costner on Live! 😙 #livewithKellyandMichael #hesstillsohandsome Lol (Posted April 12th)

Kevin Costner interview On Live! With Kelly and Michael 12 April 2016 - Criminal Kelly and Michael Interviews Published April 12, 2016

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