Friday, April 22, 2016

More on Kevin's promotion of 'Criminal' movie...

Kevin Costner on being a “Criminal" and why storytelling matters to him TFCBalitangAmerica Published on Apr 13, 2016 - In an exclusive interview for Balitang Showbiz, talks with Kevin Costner talks about why music is his favorite creative outlet and how a classic leading man like him is adjusting in Hollywood’s new era.

'Criminal' Interview hollywoodstreams Published on Apr 13, 2016

Kevin Costner on getting into character for CRIMINAL BlackTree TV Published on Apr 13, 2016 - Andrew Janey talks to Academy Award winner Kevin Costner about his role in the new movie CRIMINAL

Kevin Costner gets foreign memory in ‘Criminal’ Jenny McCArthy Published on Apr 13, 2016 - Death row inmate Kevin Costner gets a memory implant in ‘Criminal’. The film premiered in London, where most of the movie was shot.

CRIMINAL: Kevin Costner Talks Playing Someone with Lots of Skills to Kill BackstageOL Published on Apr 12, 2016

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: I suoi ricordi sono come un puzzle da ricomporre. Riuscirà a trovare la chiave per leggere la sua mente? #Criminal (Posted April 7th)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: #SaveTheDate L'8/4 appuntamento a #Roma con #KevinCostner per scoprire #Criminal! @JaguarItalia #JaguarHunter (Posted April 6th)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: Senza regole, solo istinto: Jerico è un criminale, ma questa potrebbe essere la sua occasione di riscatto. #Criminal (Posted April 3rd)

Notorious Pictures ‏@notoriousitalia tweeted: I ricordi di un uomo stanno per essere trasferiti nella mente di un altro. #Criminal dal 13 aprile al cinema. (Posted March 30th)

Kevin Costner's Memory Skills April 12, 2016

Kevin Costner's Memory Skills Associated Press Published on Apr 12, 2016 'Criminal' star Kevin Costner reveals that, despite spending the best part of 35 years memorizing lines, he doesn't think he has a good memory.

Mario e Kevin Costner conquistano la conferenza stampa Corriere Cinema-TV Published on Apr 13, 2016 - Kevin Costner ha presentato a Roma "Criminal" in conferenza stampa, ma il vero show è quello del truccatore Mario

Kevin Costner a Roma per presentare 'Criminal' mix di video frank farmer Published on Apr 13, 2016

superuglyshow - I have a meeting with Kevin Costner tonight. SuperUglyShow will be postponed tonight. Thursday @ 730 pm est will be the rescheduled date #live #comedy #devilscut #funny #podcast #podcasting @rok6611 @oscarkuj #kevincostner #movie #bodyguard #famous #award #travel #journey #subscribe

amosart - Angela Ortiz/SeFijaOnline: In the mail today… #Criminal in theaters April 15 @sefijaonline w/ #KevinCostner #GalGadot #GaryOldman #TommyLeeJones #AumaryNolasco #RyanReynolds #SeFijaOnline #amosart @alliedhispanic thanks!


Kevin Costner looks absolutely 'Criminal' in his new movie by Bryan Alexander April 11, 2016

Uci Cinemas ‏@Uci_Cinemas tweeted: #KevinCostner è il pericoloso Jericho Stewart in #Criminal, da oggi negli #UCICinemas! (Posted April 13th)

Video Detective ‏@VideoDetective tweeted: Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman in CRIMINAL, in theaters Friday from @lionsgatemovies! (Posted April 13th)

Trapper Graves-Lalor ‏@Traepischke tweeted: @IMDb #IMDbAskAriel I was wondering what led you to choose Kevin Costner, since this isn't the type of character he's known for? - Trapper (Posted April 12th)

Criminal ‏@Criminal_Movie tweeted: TONIGHT – See the “intense, thought-provoking thriller”! Get #CriminalMovie tickets now:

Criminal Director Ariel Vromen On Practical Effects, Surveillance And Kevin Costner by Erik Amaya April 14, 2016

Kevin Costner Interview By Suzy Maloy

"Criminal" - Kevin Costner Interview by Seth Gregory April 11, 2016 - We scored the Colorado exclusive with the cast. Kathie J sat down with Costner, and she couldn’t resist asking if he is as cool in real life as he is in the movies.

FOX Beat: Kevin Costner stars in Criminal FOX 5’s Kevin McCarthy spoke with Kevin Costner about his role in the new film, 'Criminal.' April 11, 2016

INTERVIEW WITH GARY OLDMAN AND KEVIN COSTNER April 6, 2016 By amfmstudios Paul Salfen interviews Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman about the about movie CRIMINAL, and along the way gets advice from Oldman about acting:

'Criminal' Star Kevin Costner Says He's No Schwarzenegger or Denzel-Type Action Hero 08 April 2016

Criminal: Interview with Star Kevin Costner by EmanuelLevy April 2, 2016

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