Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tweets from people who have seen 'Criminal' movie...

Heath Garcia ‏@Heath_Garcia tweeted: A thrilling ride from beginning to end. Kevin Costner is in top form with an all star cast to back him up. #CriminalMovie (Posted April 5th)

Lawanda Stevenson ‏@mslawanda tweeted: Big thanks to @Cinemark @MonacoPictures at Bridgestreet for the premiere of #Criminal with #KevinCostner it was exciting, scary & good (Posted April 5th)

Tracy Jacobson ‏@Tracybookaddict tweeted: Was able to see an advanced screening of @Criminal_Movie this evening. #Kevincostner makes it worthwhile to see. (Posted April 6th)

PerfectionistWannabe ‏@MichelleDoPW #CriminalMovie is a definite 5 stars. Very different role for #kevincostner. A lot of great & amazing actors: Gary Oldman & Tommy Lee Jones. This is a definite must see. Full movie review on the blog tomorrow. Film will be realeased on 4/15. Thank you #amctheaters. #ShareAMC #film #movie #movies #films #cinema #sneakpreview (Posted April 7th)

Robert Bordener ‏@rob427ford tweeted: Just saw "Criminal" starring Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot. Excellent movie! (Posted April 7th)

Connie P ‏@restlessinvb tweeted: Thanks @AMCTheatres for the preview of "Criminal" what an excellent movie! Kevin Costner was superb! Great cast! #Criminal (Posted April 7th)

shondale seymour ‏@ShondaleS tweeted: @Criminal_Movie @RegalMovies gr8t screening #thriller #KevinCostner #GaryOldman #TommyLeeJones U exist but cannot be alive without emotion (Posted April 7th)

diana davis ‏@chasnrugrats tweeted: @Criminal_Movie just saw a sneak preview tonight! Loved it! Tons of action and great cast. Kevin Costner kicks ass! (Posted April 7th)

ColeTres ‏@ColeTres tweeted: Just saw @Criminal_Movie and it's #KevinCostner like you've NEVER seen him before! #Criminal #CriminalMovie (Posted April 7th)

Toni Olivia Medina ‏@olivia_toni tweeted: Just seen the movie Criminal and it was really good I liked it Kevin Costner did a good job #CriminalMovie (Chicago Ridge, IL) (Posted April 7th)

janice holman ‏@janyshlm tweeted: @Criminal_Movie great movie a mind thriller and heart toucher for those who don't like chick flicks #KevinCostner (Posted April 7th)

jill ‏@momsmoney1 tweeted: #CriminalMovie Loved the movie ! At first I thought give me more Ryan but Kevin Costner did a great job of being funny and a sociopath (Posted April 7th)

Wendy Brown ‏@WendyBVoiceOver tweeted: @Criminal_Movie was action packed and did not disappoint! #KevinCostner was great and still uber sexy! (Lake Magdalene, FL) (Posted April 7th)

Bachman ‏@anthonybachman tweeted: Went to a screening tonight of #CriminalMovie Very simple formula, if Kevin Costner gets to play the bad guy it's going to be a great movie. (Posted April 7th)

Regina Owens ‏@ReginaDOwens tweeted: I got to see a movie called Criminal with Kevin Costner last night. I thought the movie was good, even Gary Oldman was in it. (Posted April 7th)

Cindy ‏@Pegasus_Cindy tweeted: @Marcus_Theatres Thank you for the Magical movie rewards pass to see the #Criminal W/ Kevin Costner, LOVED IT! Action packed thriller. (Posted April 7th)

keith ballard ‏@kballard27 tweeted: @greglovesmovies the new Tommie lee jones Gary oldman Kevin Costner movie @Criminal_Movie is one NOT TO MISS movie if it's playing see it (Posted April 7th)

Chinmay Bhogaonkar ‏@chinmay204 tweeted: Was lucky to get special screening of @Criminal_Movie amazing performances by @GalGadot KevinCostner Enthralling story!! (Posted April 7th)

Yvette Ortiz ‏@bluevie94 tweeted: #criminal_movie is a definite must see! Kevin Costner delivered a fantastic performance! I would see it again. #miami (Posted April 7th)

Zeke Martinez ‏@zekethephysique tweeted: Saw an advanced screening of @Criminal_Movie ... off the chain! Kevin Costner killed it. #movies (Posted April 7th)

Nate ‏@NateVanT tweeted: A seamless mix of genres.the intriguing story,action/comedy of Kevin costner's character is ultimately what drives this film. #criminalmovie (Posted April 7th)

Larry King ‏@kingsthings tweeted: Kevin Costner's new movie @Criminal_Movie opens Friday. It's terrific, don't miss it! (Posted April 11th)

Picture: Kevin Costner en Israël pour la promo de son nouveau film

Pictures: Kevin Costner au Cinéma City de Glilot pour présenter son nouveau film !

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VIDEOS: Exclusive Interviews: Kevin Costner at the Criminal Premiere; Gal Gadot talks Wonder Woman By Jon Lyus - Apr 7, 2016

Movie Videos ‏@MoviewebVideos tweeted: Criminal: Kevin Costner Interview (Posted April 5th)

Empire Podcast #206: Kevin Costner by John Nugent April 8, 2016: If you build a pod booth, they will come. It was very fortunate, then, that we decided to build our pod booth, as sure enough, the acting and directing legend Kevin Costner answered the call. He chatted to us about his latest thriller Criminal - out next Friday, fact fans - plus his plans for a new Western, and memories of sword fighting with the late Alan Rickman. See PODCAST at link:

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