Tuesday, August 30, 2016

KC & MW played Circle Square Cultural Center, Ocala, Florida...

CircleSquareCommons ‏@CSCommonsFL tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West will be at the Circle Square Cultural Center on August 27, 2016! (Posted July 22nd)

Kevin Costner: 'We're gonna play loud' Oscar-winner and his country-rock band will perform Saturday at Circle Square Cultural Center. By Rick Allen  August 24, 2016

Kevin Costner and Modern West at Circle Square Cultural Center in Ocala: photos

Kevin Costner entering Circle Square Cultural Center in Ocala FL By Darryl Kenyon Published on Aug 28, 2016 Kevin Costner appearing with the Modern West Band for a concert at Circle Square Commons in Ocala FL.

Kevin Costner & Modern West "Long Way From Home" By Darryl Kenyon Published on Aug 28, 2016 Kevin Costner & Modern West performing LONG WAY FROM HOME at the Circle Square Cultural Center in beautiful Ocala FL.

Kevin Costner & Modern West "Down in Nogales" By Darryl Kenyon Published on Aug 28, 2016 Kevin Costner & Modern West performing DOWN IN NOGALES at the Circle Square Cultural Center in Ocala FL

Kevin Costner & Modern West performing MR TAMBOURINE MAN in Ocala FL By Darryl Kenyon Published on Aug 28, 2016 Kevin Costner & Modern West performing the hit Mr Tambourine Man at the Circle Square Cultural Center in Ocala FL. What a great evening.

Madelyn Larson-Almond commented: Thank you, Kevin Costner & MW, for the music...

Rick Allen commented: Kevin Costner tonight at Circle Square. A great concert...and not as loud as I expected! (Posted August 27th)

Paulette Prudhon commented: I followed his bus and trailer into the CC as I was headed to the Ranch. Very impressive security all about. (Posted August 28th)

cmpbyangieI got to shake Kevin Costner's hand tonight. ❤️💜💙💚💛😍😍😍😍 #kevincostner #ilovekevincostner #lifeisgreat (Posted August 27th)

maggs_dunedin: Came up to Ocala to see this show!! Awesome!! #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnerinocala (Posted August 27th)

jeffparadee: So, my mom dragged me to see Kevin Costner and The Modern West . I found out beforehand that they are country, although I am not into that style of music it wasn't bad because of the rock n' roll element, but music is music and it's interesting seeing different things And it's Kevin Costner, so what the hell, right?! Well, anyways I got to actually meet Kevin Costner, I guess it was Kevin's buddy? who came over to me and asked if I wanted to come backstage to meet them! YES! It's Kevin Costner, lol.#kevincostner (Posted August 27th)

cmpbyangie: I am still smiling after the show last night. I am really shocked I was able to take any pictures since I was so star struck! #lifeisgreat #ilovekevincostner #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #starstruck #cmpbyangie (Posted August 28th)

cmpbyangie: I couldn't record the whole story but dang he is so cute. 😍#cmpbyangie #starstruck #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #ilovekevincostner (Posted August 29th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and the Modern West band packed the Circle Square Cultural Center on Saturday.

Beata Gaudry commented: I saw Kevin Costner and the Modern West Saturday night in Ocala, Fl. First time for me and they were awesome. Sweetest thing was he wanted the house lights up so he could see the audience. Another bucket list moment for me. (Posted August 29th)

TJ the KO kid Cook ‏@TJCookMMA tweeted: Amazing night and packed house, more pics to come, thanks to Kevin Costner & all the special guests #MMA #AFC #UFC (Posted August 26th) (Ocala StarBanner: MMA fight Saturday night at Hilton Ocala. #osb (August 28th))

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: This weekend was a fun one. Thank you all! (Posted August 29th)

Monday, August 29, 2016

KC & MW played Brownstone Center for the Arts...

Kevin Costner Interview-PRCC Brownstone Center By pearlrivercollege Uploaded on Aug 23, 2016 Kevin Costner is interviewed about his upcoming concert at Pearl River Community College Brownstone Center in Poplarville, MS - Kevin Costner and Modern West Aug. 26 at 7 PM

Kevin Costner and Modern West will play rockin’ show in Poplarville By Jeff Clark August 26, 2016

Ives ‏@Ivory_d_ tweeted: So Kevin Costner is at PRCC rn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and I have to freakin work this concert booth 😒 they actin like Beyonce at this school 💀😭 (Posted August 26th)

Joey Howard ‏@joeyhoward1112 tweeted: Wow! Kevin Costner in Poplarville! If you build it ... any idea what we're building in P'ville? @JrayHornet (Posted August 26th)

Katie Davenport Ball ‏@_KatieDavenport tweeted: Kevin, you still got it my friend. #dayum #kevincostner (Posted August 26th)

Amy Thornton ‏@amaymay820 tweeted: kellytgirl and I got to hang out with Kevin Costner this weekend.… (Posted August 28th)

chuck_rinehart: Hey looks it's a #nidoran at a #kevincostner concert! (Posted August 26th)

chuck_rinehart: OMG this #weedle loves #kevincostner and his band! (Posted August 26th)

chuck_rinehart: This damn #pidgey was blocking my view of #kevincostner so I caught it! (Posted August 26th)

chuck_rinehart: #kevincostner is a snake charmer, at least when it comes to #ekans (Posted August 26th)

chris_vignes: Just a typical night in Poplarville, MS #kevincostner (Posted August 26th)

dshill686: Memory-making night at PRCC! #iamshort #kevincostnermodernwest #prccbrownstone (Posted August 27th)

Brittyn Miller Ezelle commented: Great show tonight & enjoyed spending some time with my mother-n-law. #kevincostner (Posted August 26th)

Friday, August 26, 2016

'Explorers Guild' illustrations CSUF gallery debut...

CSUF News Service - ‘The Explorers Guild’ Brings Graphic Fiction to the Begovich,   August 17, 2016  Excerpt: Illustrations from CSUF alumnus Kevin Costner’s book “Explorers Guild: Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala” debut at Cal State Fullerton’s Nicholas and Lee Begovich Gallery Saturday, Aug. 27, with a 5 p.m. opening reception. The exhibit continues through Dec. 15.

Greg And The Morning Buzz - Kevin Costner-Jon Baird Interview The awesome Kevin Costner worked with Jon Baird (an Amesbury kid!) on the novel "The Explorers Guild"- and its getting excellent reviews! December 22, 2015     http://wheb.iheart.com/media/play/26600473/

Max In The Morning Show 98.3FM interview By WWRZ Podcast #158

Picture of Kevin in New York, October 2015:

Kevin Costner & Jon Baird Preview New Book " The Explorers Guild" by ichiban akita Published on Oct 23, 2015 Great Day Washington     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gyiQDI2wGo

Rick Ross ‏@agitainment tweeted: #RickRoss (@agitainment) and #KevinCostner with the original oil paintings for the #ExplorersGuild.     https://www.instagram.com/p/BBS2xB-G-qe/

Thursday, August 25, 2016

KC & MW played The Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia...

Colin Matthews ‏@svnder tweeted: lol kevin costner's tour bus just pulled up in front of the cafe where @syldenn and I were sitting (Posted August 23rd)

Producer Blaire ‏@ProducerBlaire tweeted: . @JackDiamondShow tells you about #kevincostner calling @mix1073DC at 8:30! Listen to win meet and greet passes! (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: . @JackDiamondShow's wife Lisa Anne is sooo excited #KevinCostner is calling this show at 8:30! Be listening! (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: . @JackDiamondShow talking to #KevinCostner right now! #KevinCostner says he plays music when he watches his movies footage. (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: #KevinCostner talking to @JackDiamondShow "work gets to be routine, but sometimes its different and it feels good" (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: #KevinCostner says to @JackDiamondShow knew he wanted a singer, not an actress in The Bodyguard for the #WhitneyHouston role. (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: #KevinCostner tells @JackDiamondShow he didn't think he would ever make 1 record let alone 5 with his band @modernwest (Posted August 24th)

Kevin Costner joins The Jack Diamond Morning Show! (Posted August 24th) LISTEN:

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: Congrats to Pam & Crystal, going to see #KevinCostner & @modernwest tonight @thebirchmere!! (Posted August 24th)

Aly Jacobs ‏@AlyJacobs727 tweeted: So excited to chat with @modernwest at 10:25!!! Kevin Costner was my first interview ever so this is pretty special. (Posted August 24th)

Marky Mark ‏@DCCelebrity tweeted: TONIGHT - @modernwest @thebirchmere #DMV #BullDurham (Posted August 24th)     https://twitter.com/DCCelebrity/status/768561614329094145

Kate Zimmerman ‏@VACastleFan tweeted: Enjoying Kevin Costner and @modernwest @thebirchmere .... Awesome evening!! (Posted August 24th)

(((Edrie Irvine))) ‏@edgery tweeted: My evening with Kevin Costner and @modernwest (Posted August 24th)

(((Edrie Irvine))) ‏@edgery tweeted: How Kevin Costner came back to music @ The Birchmere (Posted August 24th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BJgx0wTAJv8UleH1fbXTE5sQ5xyXJrt-ZL2jWo0/

Kylie Foster ‏@kpfoster974 tweeted: Just saw @modernwest KevinCostner at the birchmere, not only did his music make you want to dance the night away, his stories were inspiring (Posted August 24th)

Fran Anderson ‏@fcanderson53 tweeted: Cousin Mary Lou enjoying Kevin Costner at the Birchmere Alexandria, VA (Posted August 25th)    https://twitter.com/fcanderson53/status/768940698343211009

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

KC & MW played Ridgefield Playhouse, Connecticut...

stockmom: He's coming back! #MondayNight 8/22 @kevincostnermodernwest @r_playhouse -awesome music! #kevincostner #greatmusician #UpCloseAndPersonal #worthseeing (PostedAugust 21st)

Ridgefield Playhouse ‏@RPlayhouse tweeted: #KevinCostner @modernwest crew loading in for tonight's show! Some tix avail - come out for a great night of #music (Posted August 22nd)

Ridgefield Playhouse ‏@RPlayhouse tweeted: If you build it, they will come! Getting ready for #KevinCostner @modernwest TONIGHT! @HamletHubRidge @WEBE108Radio (Posted August 22nd)

Mike Bennett ‏@MikeBennett11 tweeted: TY Kevin Costner @modernwest 4 being so gracious before your show @RPlayhouse All the best to you & your great band! (Posted August 22nd)

lauriec1104: So this happened... #KevinCostner 🎤🎸 #RobinHood #DancesWithWolves #TinCup #FieldOfDreams #BullDurham ⚾️ #ForLoveOfTheGame #MrBrooks #TheUntouchables #BodyGuard #TheGuardian 🏊🏻 #WyattEarp 🔫 #KevinCostner&ModernWest 🎤 (Posted August 22nd)

brookeedo: So happy I got to meet Kevin Costner last night ! 😍😍😍 @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #starstruck (Posted August 23rd)

heatherprescottphotography: Great show and he seems like a great guy! #ageless #cuteasever #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #modernwest #ThatPhotographerGirl #forsakenphotography @ivanmovesu (Posted August 23rd)

Kevin Costner & Modern West Band Ridgefield Playhouse photos by Don Clady:

Lisa Hahne Smith commented: Got to see Kevin Costner perform at the Ridgefield Playhouse last night, it was great!! (Posted August 23rd)

Blanche Horst ‏@HobanGirl tweeted: Holy rollers, some hot month @thebirchmere ... and wrapping with whoppers! Hello #DavidCrosby and #KevinCostner. (Posted August 23rd)

Monday, August 22, 2016

KC & MW played Siskin Children's Institute Fundraiser...

Jeremy Jones ‏@JeremyEJones tweeted: Tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be djing the after party of Siskin's Star night with Kevin Costner and his band Modern... (Posted August 19th)

Huggy Lowdown ‏@HuggyLowdownDC tweeted: Look who I ran into in Chattanooga,hours before our show! (Posted August 20th)

Siskin Children's Institute commented: Thanks to the wonderful volunteers from @TVA for helping us get ready for ‪#‎starnightcha‬ tomorrow! ‪#‎siskinkids‬ ‪#‎KevinCostner‬ ‪#‎ModernWest‬ (Posted August 19th)

Siskin Children ‏@siskinchildren tweeted: Joining us for StarNight? Be sure to use #SiskinKids #StarNightCha & #KevinCostner when posting about tonight's event! (Posted August 20th)

Music more than a diversion for StarNight headliner Kevin Costner by Barry Courter August 20, 2016

Siskin Children ‏@siskinchildren tweeted: Less than an hour until our cocktail reception starts. Post your pics using #siskinkids #starnightcha #kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

Siskin Children's Institute commented: Thanks to our sponsors! ‪#‎siskinkids‬ ‪#‎starnightcha‬ ‪#‎KevinCostner‬ (Posted August 20th)

scotthibberts: Kevin Costner takes the stage! #siskinkids #kevincostner #starnight #whoknew? (Posted August 20th)

bltuck2: #kevincostner #starnight #siskinkids (Posted August 20th)

103.7 KISS FM ‏@KissChattanooga tweeted: Kevin Costner walked out and grown women freaked out 😂❤️ #siskinnight (Posted August 20th)

Janet Overman ‏@cdojanet tweeted: #kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

julie_darling: #kevincostner #starnight (Posted August 20th)

jennifernicely: Kevin Costner, Me and 1,100 of our closest friends. #starnight #kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

kjcone: #siskinkids #kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

christylbrowning: Oh hey Kevin #kevincostner #siskinkids #siskininstitute #siskinchattanooga #betterinperson (Posted August 20th)

courtneykidot: Our 4th #starnight for #siskinkids with #kevincostner. Always glad to get gussied up for my work babies. (Posted August 20th)

rachaelgwyn: Just us and #Kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

rachaelgwyn: Hello there, handsome. #kevincostner #starnight (Posted August 20th)

daltontemple: Y'all.. Did you know about @kevincostnermodernwest ?? Actor turned Rockstar #starnight (Posted August 20th)

theclaypot...ninety pans of "grass" for tonight's starnight with kevin costner...such fun working with mary & julie. #siskinstarnight #fieldofdreams @bloomsburyfarm (Posted August 20th)

karielaina: Star Night charity event in Chattanooga! #starnightcha #kevincostner (Posted August 21st)

Siskin Children's Institute photos: Thank you ‪#‎KevinCostner‬ and ‪#‎ModernWest‬ for a StarNight we will not soon forget and thanks to our wonderful sponsors, volunteers, SCI staff, and generous StarNight guests that helped make this year's event a huge success.

Jan Hanan commented: A wonderful evening with Kevin Costner:

Zachery Beker photos and videos: Star Night 2016:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

KC & MW played Cotton Eyed Joes in Knoxville, Tennessee...

Mike & Kacey interview with Kevin Costner on WHUD 100.7:

Kevin Costner visits Knoxville By Alan Williams August 19, 2016 Friday night it was all about the music as he performed with his band at the Cotton Eyed Joe. Local 8 Anchor Alan Williams talked with him on his tour bus before his show even working on a movie script at the same time.

Shanique Keen ‏@kskeen92 tweeted: Can't wait to see Kevin Costner @modernwest tonight in Knoxville at @cottoneyedjoetn Going to be a blast (Posted August 19th)

Tim & Melissa Smith ‏@MrandMrsSmithTN tweeted: Knoxville, TN #kevincostner #modernwest (Posted August 19th)

nnebelsick: Kevin Costner in TN #nebelsicksintennessee #nateplusjess (Posted August 19th)

Q100.3 Knoxville ‏@Q100Country tweeted: TONIGHT || the night we've all been waiting for! Kevin (freaking) Costner & Modern West LIVE in concert at the Joe! (Posted August 19th)

Q100.3 Knoxville ‏@Q100Country tweeted: Ladies and gentlemen... KEVIN COSTNER and Modern West! #FieldOfDreams #ButInRealLife (Posted August 19th)

Vicki Weaver ‏@Road2Human tweeteed: Kevin Costner and @modernwest rocking @cottoneyedjoetn in Knoxville, TN (Posted August 19th)

Cynthia Duggan ‏@Cjduggan tweeted: Great view!!! Kevin Costner is in the house!!! (Posted August 19th)

Q100.3 Knoxville ‏@Q100Country tweeted: One word to describe Kevin Costner and Modern West: spiritual. (Posted August 19th)

CyndiDavisPuff ‏@cpuff18 tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West sounding great in Knoxville, TN tonight! (Posted August 19th)

Mike Beal ‏@mb1bigvol: Kevin Costner y'all! He danced with wolves, played some golf and baseball, and in the end he was Superman's dad! What a night! (Posted August 19th)

caitlinalese23: if you know me, you know this is a HUGE thing -- that's Kevin Costner right behind me & it was beyond amazing #kevincostner (Posted August 19th)

Jodi Smallen ‏@jodikay1978 tweeted: My fave pic of the hundred something I took lol #kevincostner… (Posted August 19th)

Linda ‏@lindad70 tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West were awesome in Knoxville last night. See them sometime if you can! (Posted August 20th)

Linda ‏@lindad70 tweeted: @Q100Country @JoesCrazyCat78 I was there-awesome show and all 'round great guy! (Posted August 20th)

olivia0169Ya this really happened....also got my 🎸 signed by him #illneverforgetthisnight #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner (Posted August 19th)

olivia0169: #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner (Posted August 20th)

Forrest Proctor photos: Here are some of the best pictures from the Kevin Costner concert at Cotton Eye Joe's.

Tami ‏@redracertami tweeted: Gotta love the moment when #kevincostner winks at you while on stage #fieldofdreams #countrymusic #actors #braveheart #modernwest ❤😊 (Posted August 20th)

tamishoepurcell: How fast your heart beats and the excitement #kevincostner #kevinfreakingcostner #fieldofdreams #actors #braveheart #draftday #countrymusic #countrygroupie #bodyguard #modernwest (Posted August 20th)

makatak37: He was all like "Hold on a second..I gotta get with my buddy Mike!" #SilveradoWasTheShit #kevincostner @q100opiejoe

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kevin visits University of Tennessee baseball team...

seanmann5000Look who came to chill with ya boi today, Roy McAvoy himself #TinCup #KevinCostner #ICanMakeItAcross (Anderson Training Complex) (Posted August 19th)

Tennessee Athletics ‏@Vol_Sports tweeted: Hey, is this heaven? No... it's Rocky Top. Rick Barnes, Butch Jones, Dave Serrano and Dave Hart (Posted August 19th)

Tennessee Baseball ‏@Vol_Baseball tweeted: It's the start to a great year on Rocky Top for @Vol_Baseball - kicked off by a Friday visit from Kevin Costner! ⚾️🍊 (Posted August 19th)

Larry Simcox ‏@SimcoxSlim tweeted: Our Baseball staff with Kevin Costner today. Great message to our team! (Posted August 19th)

Kaye Steger ‏@utkaye tweeted: Kevin Costner at UT! That's cool! (Posted August 19th)

Connor Darling ‏@Connor_Darling7 tweeted: Kevin Costner visited the 865 and @Vol_Baseball today (Posted August 19th)

Costner makes stop at Tennessee by Ryan Callahan August 19, 2016

_richhomiesean__: Saw my buddy Kev the other day, he told me he's rooting for the 2017 Vols and I can play under the name Crash Davis #KevinCostner (Posted August 20th)

Bethany Myers ‏@bmyers6709 tweeted: So awesome that Kevin Costner was at UT yeaterday! Wish I'd been able to go to the show at Cotton Eyed Joe (Posted August 20th)

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: Great visit with @Vol_Baseball yesterday. Fun group. (Posted August 20th)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kevin does interviews for August tour and more July tour...

98.1 The Lake commented: Wanna see Kevin Costner & MW at Siskin Children's Institute Gala? All you have to do is name THIS movie and click on the link for chance to win free tickets: (Posted August 16th)

Krisha ‏@niftykrisha tweeted: You know those moments where you think "Never did I imagine being here in my life?" Just interviewed Kevin Costner. 😳 #Reality (Knoxville) (Posted August 12th)

Early Bird Special: Kevin Costner & Modern West By Zeno Songbird August 12, 2016

Sometimes it’s the movies that fuel the music with Kevin Costner & Modern West By Wayne Bledsoe of the Knoxville News Sentinel August 16, 2016

Actor Kevin Costner takes a musical detour through the Modern West By Steve Wildsmith August 17, 2016

If you dream it: Kevin Costner’s new frontier comes to Birchmere By Jason Fraley August 17, 2016

Kevin Costner And Modern West Rock The Ridgefield Playhouse By Jason Bisnoff August 17, 2016

Mike Bennett ‏@MikeBennett11 tweeted: This day off is turning out to be a great one just got pitched for interviews w- Gavin DeGraw,Andy Grammer & Kevin Costner! 3 of my favs (Posted August 18th)

Mike Bennett ‏@MikeBennett11 tweeted: Listen for Kevin Costner interview Fri morning 8:45 with Mike & Kacey & have a chance to win 2 tickets to his Monday night show @RPlayhouse (Posted August 18th) LISTEN LIVE:

Win Tickets to See Kevin Costner - dated August 15, 2016: Listen middays to Grant & Danny for your opportunity to win a pair of tickets to see Kevin Costner and Modern West live at the Birchmere August 24. Winners will also get meet and greet passes and baseballs to be signed by the legendary movie star!

chad dukes ‏@chaddukes tweeted: I can't believe I'm saying this but Kevin Costner will join me today at 5pm on #CDVTW. I'm freaking out. (Posted August 18th)

chad dukes ‏@chaddukes tweeted: Kevin Costner is on the show next. Wow. That still feels weird to say. Check out his band @ModernWest at @thebirchmere on the 24th. #CDVTW (Posted August 18th)

Mason Clark ‏@MasonClarkOnAir tweeted: Got the opportunity to chat with Kevin Costner to talk about his upcoming @modernwest show and what's next for him! (Posted August 16th)

Kevin Costner to perform at Pearl River Community College By Julia Arenstam August 17, 2016


OdessaAmerican ‏@OdessaAmerican tweeted: Kevin Costner portrayed Jim White in the inspirational Disney film #McFarlandUSA. Centers for Children and...

GOOD NEWS: Kevin Costner PHOTO COURTESY OF ALAN TORRE | Posted: Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kevin Costner and his band Modern West performed live July 19 at the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center.

Jake LaRoe ‏@JoovyJake tweeted: Trey LaRoe, my big bro, hanging with Kevin Costner last weekend. May Bash next year???? Shack guitar camp?? (Posted July 30th)

black_shirt_creative: Nogales - John Coinman & Bobby Yang getting personal in Baton Rouge LA. #kcmw #bobbyyang #johncoinman #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #batonrouge unBRoken #dixielandin #cajun #fiddle #rocknroll #Louisiana #bluebayou

Rob Hudson ‏@RobLHudson tweeted: He doesn't say much. But a nice sort none the less @kevincostner (Posted August 1st)

Tina Leonard commented: Kevin Costner took not one but two photos with a friend of mine in the Nashville airport - proving that he really is a sweet and classy guy! Loved him in so many movies! (Posted August 4th)

lois kroff ‏@loiskroff tweeted: For those who have missed Kevin Costner & MW. You are missing a wonderful experience. Original music Fantastic!!!! (Posted August 5th)

Monday, August 15, 2016

New 'Hidden Figures' movie trailer...

'Hidden Figures' opens January 13, 2017:    https://twitter.com/hiddenfigures

'Hidden Figures' movie website:     http://www.foxmovies.com/movies/hidden-figures

New 'Hidden Figures' movie trailer:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK8xHq6dfAo

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kevin does radio interview and Dodgers game...

WEBE108's Mike McGowan interviews Kevin Costner about his upcoming show at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Monday August 22nd at 8pm. Tickets still available at  http://www.ridgefieldplayhouse.org
Listen to interview here: (Posted August 9th)

Carlie Hope ‏@CarlieHope tweeted: (I helped Kevin Costner at work and had no idea until, hours later, when eople started asking me what he's like) (American Girl Doll Store) (Posted August 9th)

1dennisdesantis: So this was pretty cool tonight..Got to meet Kevin Costner & got 2 signed balls from Field Of Dreams & Bill Durham #Dope #FieldOfDreams #BillDurham #TheBodyGuard #KevinCostner #CoolGuy #DodgerCelebs (sitting 4th row behind plate by visitors on deck circle) (Posted August 9th)

Michael J. Duarte ‏@michaeljduarte tweeted: Kevin Costner sitting behind home plate for #Dodgers on the day that Yasiel Puig goes buckwild in Iowa. #FieldofDreams (Posted August 9th)

Matt Gelb ‏@MattGelb tweeted: Kevin Costner is here at Dodger Stadium tonight. You just never know who you may see! (Posted August 9th)

Myka Bitterman ‏@mlatina37 tweeted: When Kevin Costner is seconds from you at a Dodgers game (Posted August 9th)

dodgers: Kevin Costner pays a visit to Vin's booth. #VIN (Posted August 9th)

jrobledo84: Enjoying the game #dodgers #bbarob #kevincostner #adriangonzales (Posted August 9th)

dodgerbaseballhead: Thank you very much Mr. Kevin Costner for taking the time to take a picture #dodgerstadium #kevincostner #fieldofdreams (Posted August 9th)

https://www.instagram.com/p/BI6rfV2jIEC/ dodgers#Dodgers hit three two-run home runs in rout of Phillies, 9-3, on @hkendrick47 bobblehead night. #ZeroGamesBack #WeLoveLA 📷: @jon.soohoo (see Kevin Costner at right of picture) (Posted August 9th)

dodgers#Dodgers hit three two-run home runs in rout of Phillies, 9-3, on @hkendrick47 bobblehead night. #ZeroGamesBack #WeLoveLA 📷: @jon.soohoo (see Kevin Costner at right of picture) (Posted August 9th)

megan ‏@fullycharmed tweeted: I just sat at a table right next to Kevin Costner at a restaurant in Santa Barbara... (Posted August 3rd)