Thursday, August 25, 2016

KC & MW played The Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia...

Colin Matthews ‏@svnder tweeted: lol kevin costner's tour bus just pulled up in front of the cafe where @syldenn and I were sitting (Posted August 23rd)

Producer Blaire ‏@ProducerBlaire tweeted: . @JackDiamondShow tells you about #kevincostner calling @mix1073DC at 8:30! Listen to win meet and greet passes! (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: . @JackDiamondShow's wife Lisa Anne is sooo excited #KevinCostner is calling this show at 8:30! Be listening! (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: . @JackDiamondShow talking to #KevinCostner right now! #KevinCostner says he plays music when he watches his movies footage. (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: #KevinCostner talking to @JackDiamondShow "work gets to be routine, but sometimes its different and it feels good" (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: #KevinCostner says to @JackDiamondShow knew he wanted a singer, not an actress in The Bodyguard for the #WhitneyHouston role. (Posted August 24th)

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: #KevinCostner tells @JackDiamondShow he didn't think he would ever make 1 record let alone 5 with his band @modernwest (Posted August 24th)

Kevin Costner joins The Jack Diamond Morning Show! (Posted August 24th) LISTEN:

mix1073DC ‏@mix1073DC tweeted: Congrats to Pam & Crystal, going to see #KevinCostner & @modernwest tonight @thebirchmere!! (Posted August 24th)

Aly Jacobs ‏@AlyJacobs727 tweeted: So excited to chat with @modernwest at 10:25!!! Kevin Costner was my first interview ever so this is pretty special. (Posted August 24th)

Marky Mark ‏@DCCelebrity tweeted: TONIGHT - @modernwest @thebirchmere #DMV #BullDurham (Posted August 24th)

Kate Zimmerman ‏@VACastleFan tweeted: Enjoying Kevin Costner and @modernwest @thebirchmere .... Awesome evening!! (Posted August 24th)

(((Edrie Irvine))) ‏@edgery tweeted: My evening with Kevin Costner and @modernwest (Posted August 24th)

(((Edrie Irvine))) ‏@edgery tweeted: How Kevin Costner came back to music @ The Birchmere (Posted August 24th)

Kylie Foster ‏@kpfoster974 tweeted: Just saw @modernwest KevinCostner at the birchmere, not only did his music make you want to dance the night away, his stories were inspiring (Posted August 24th)

Fran Anderson ‏@fcanderson53 tweeted: Cousin Mary Lou enjoying Kevin Costner at the Birchmere Alexandria, VA (Posted August 25th)

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