Monday, August 29, 2016

KC & MW played Brownstone Center for the Arts...

Kevin Costner Interview-PRCC Brownstone Center By pearlrivercollege Uploaded on Aug 23, 2016 Kevin Costner is interviewed about his upcoming concert at Pearl River Community College Brownstone Center in Poplarville, MS - Kevin Costner and Modern West Aug. 26 at 7 PM

Kevin Costner and Modern West will play rockin’ show in Poplarville By Jeff Clark August 26, 2016

Ives ‏@Ivory_d_ tweeted: So Kevin Costner is at PRCC rn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and I have to freakin work this concert booth 😒 they actin like Beyonce at this school 💀😭 (Posted August 26th)

Joey Howard ‏@joeyhoward1112 tweeted: Wow! Kevin Costner in Poplarville! If you build it ... any idea what we're building in P'ville? @JrayHornet (Posted August 26th)

Katie Davenport Ball ‏@_KatieDavenport tweeted: Kevin, you still got it my friend. #dayum #kevincostner (Posted August 26th)

Amy Thornton ‏@amaymay820 tweeted: kellytgirl and I got to hang out with Kevin Costner this weekend.… (Posted August 28th)

chuck_rinehart: Hey looks it's a #nidoran at a #kevincostner concert! (Posted August 26th)

chuck_rinehart: OMG this #weedle loves #kevincostner and his band! (Posted August 26th)

chuck_rinehart: This damn #pidgey was blocking my view of #kevincostner so I caught it! (Posted August 26th)

chuck_rinehart: #kevincostner is a snake charmer, at least when it comes to #ekans (Posted August 26th)

chris_vignes: Just a typical night in Poplarville, MS #kevincostner (Posted August 26th)

dshill686: Memory-making night at PRCC! #iamshort #kevincostnermodernwest #prccbrownstone (Posted August 27th)

Brittyn Miller Ezelle commented: Great show tonight & enjoyed spending some time with my mother-n-law. #kevincostner (Posted August 26th)

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