Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kevin talks with Rich Eisen about Vin Scully tribute...

1450 WCTC ‏@1450WCTC tweeted: RichEisenShow: Kevin Costner calls in to tomorrow's show to talk about his moving tribute to Vin Scully Dodgers Stadium last Friday. (Posted September 26th)

THE RICH EISEN SHOW: REShow: Kevin Costner. Hour 1 (09-27-16) (Kevin at 33:28) Joining Rich for the first hour, 2-Time Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner talks about Vin Scully the Dodgers.

2-Time Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner Tells His MLB All-Star Game Story - 9/27/16 by The Rich Eisen Show

Jerry Schemmel ‏@jschemmel6 tweeted: Kevin Costner gave an incredible tribute to Vin Scully during Friday nights ceremony! (San Francisco, CA) (Posted September 26th)

Ethan Waud ‏@bigwaud42 tweeted: The only thing missing from the script for tonight's @Marlins game was #KevinCostner #RIPJDF #BaseballIsFamily (Posted September 27th)

Warren Clinkscales ‏@wardog_80 tweeted: @richeisen absolutely phenomenal interview with Kevin Costner. Great questions and great answers. (Posted September 27th)

JPD ‏@jumpinduncan tweeted: With Vin Scully retiring and Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer dying, Kevin Costner is the most apropos person to talk to @richeisen (Posted September 27th)

Pictures:     http://www.contactmusic.com/kevin-costner/pictures/5399340

Sunday, September 25, 2016

More of Kevin's tribute to Vin Scully...

kristik100: #usa#california#usatrip#santabarbara#santabarbaraharbor#kevincostner# (Posted September 24th)

Picture:    http://awfulannouncing.com/2016/vin-scully-is-being-honored-by-the-dodgers-tonight-and-he-wrote-a-letter-to-fans.html

Article and picture: Dodgers honor Vin Scully for his 67 years of storytelling By Beth Harris September 23, 2016

Steve Harkavy commented: Great words spoken by Kevin Costner for Vin Scully... congratulations Vin! (Posted September 23rd)

David Chang commented: Kevin Costner speaking about Vin Scully (Posted September 23rd)

Sheri Sussman commented: Everyone from Sandy Koufax to Kevin Costner here honoring Vin Scully!! So cool to be here with my fav bff Pamela Sussman at another super cool event!!! (Posted September 23rd)

Carol Carter Wood: Kevin Costner honors Vin Scully (Posted September 23rd)

sheri_fink - Sheri Fink: Happy FRIYAY from Dodgers Stadium! 😊 Vin Scully Night with Kevin Costner, Sandy Koufax, & John Williams!!! ❤️ What a beautiful night for baseball! ⚾️ Let's go Dodgers! 🔥 Wishing YOU a happy weekend however you choose to spend it! . (Posted September 23rd)

johannevibeke - Johanne Elkjær Vibeke: #kevincostner at the #dodgerstadium #losangeles #california (Posted September 23rd)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BKuPCuEBMpd/

showbizpig - Showbiz Pig: Costner repping Vin Scully #vinscully #kevincostner (Posted September 23rd)

mrs_williams0608 - Tina Williams: Thanks #kevincostner for making me 😭 #vinscullyappreciationnight #dodgers (Posted September 23rd)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BKuOxUfhoAv/

Picture by dodgers - Los Angeles Dodgers: (Posted September 23rd)

mikekelly411 - mikey... : VIN🐐 #VinScullyDay #Dodgers #Vin (Posted September 23rd)

joban81 - Joe Guerrero: Thank you, Vin. 💙⚾️ #WinForVin #Legend #TheGreatest #VoiceOfGod #GOAT #VinScullyDay #ItsTimeForDodgerBaseball #AVeryPleasantGoodEveningToYou (Posted September 23rd)

elmromro - Cesar G: Kevin Costner f------g me up in the feels damn! #vinscullyday #dodgers #thesweetestvoiceinbaseball #vinscully

chipper39 - Tony Chip: #VinceScully honored before the #Dodgers game by #KevinCostner #Vincent Edward "Vin" Scully is an American #sportscaster, best known as the play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers #MLB team. He has been with the team since its days in #Brooklyn. 67 #Years way to go #Vin (Posted September 24th)

stadiumbound - StadiumBound: #Koufax #Kershaw #Costner - 6 Cy Youngs - 6 combined no-hitters, 2 perfect games (Costner's make believe though 😂) 1 famous cornfield #Dodgers #WeLoveLA #VinScullyDay #ThankYouVin (Posted September 24th)     https://www.instagram.com/p/BKwLlpOA2wv/

Noor Zaidi ‏@noorzzaidi tweeted: @fuggirls @KTLA whose idea was it to have Kevin Costner reduce me to a sobbing puddle of Kleenex and tears?!?! (Posted September 24th)

dodger ♡ doll ‏@dodger_doll tweeted: My God that Kevin Costner speech was absolutely perfect. So eloquent. You can see how it impacted Vin, too 💙 Well done @Dodgers (Posted September 24th)

Lark11 ‏@Lark_11 tweeted: Kevin Costner gave a tremendous speech at farewell to #Dodgers Vin Scully … It's well worth 10 minutes of your life. (Posted September 24th)

Beauty of A Game ‏@BeautyOfAGame tweeted: I can't possibly be the only one who thinks Kevin Costner should be Commissioner of Baseball. #RayKinsella #CrashDavis #BillyChapel (Posted September 24th)

Robert Záruba ‏@robertzaruba tweeted: Vín Scully, po 67 let komentování LA Dodgers končí. To nemůžu vyrovnat ani kdybych chtěl. Skvělého komentátora celebroval Kevin Costner. (Posted September 24th)

Picture by Los Angeles Dodgers:   https://twitter.com/Dodgers/status/779548863422140416

Picture by MLB by WordLink:   https://twitter.com/MLBbyWordLink/status/779805409213374464

Picture by ABC7 Eyewitness News:    https://twitter.com/i/web/status/779736714742988804

Picture by NewsRadio KFBK:    https://twitter.com/kfbk/status/779745592343797760

Picture by Dodger Blue ‏@DodgerBlue1958:     https://twitter.com/DodgerBlue1958/status/779727204947140610

Picture by Dodgers-LowDown:   https://twitter.com/DodgersLowDown/status/779696417333923841

Pictures by Mike Math:    https://www.flickr.com/photos/15255251@N04/albums/72157674230637296

Videos by Mike Math:

Pictures by Jon Soohoo in Dodgers Photog Blog:    http://dodgersphotog.mlblogs.com/2016/09/24/92316-something-vin-vin-scully-thanksgiving-by-jon-soohoo-jill-weisleder-armando-arorizo-and-patrick-gee/

New York Daily News ‏@NYDailyNews tweeted: Need a good cry? Check out Kevin Costner's emotional tribute to Vin Scully (Picture)

our_magical_designs: Vin Scully Appreciation Game What an amazing speech, a true legend.

Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers tweeted: #VIN and Sandi Scully sing along to John Williams' arrangement of the national anthem as played by members of the @LAPhil. #VinScullyDay

Vin Scully Tribute - 9-23-2016 Sportsnet Live - Alana Rizzo interviews Kevin:

dodgercelebs: 09.23.2016 • Kevin Costner • Dodgers vs. Rockies • 📷: @alannarizzo • #dodgers #dodgercelebs #mlb #itfdb #losangeles #winforvin #vinscullyday #kevincostner #fieldofdreams (Posted September 24th)

Eddie Aleman photo:    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1138936372838590&set=pcb.1138936572838570&type=3&theater

Vin Scully Ceremony Introduction & Standing Ovation by Darren Isomoto Published on Sep 24, 2016

Kevin Costner's Tribute to Vin Scully at Dodger Stadium by Karen Votava Published on Sep 24, 2016

Vin Scully Appreciation Day - National Anthem conducted by John Williams by flipian Published on Sep 24, 2016 - Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California Friday, September 23, 2016

Video: Guests walk out on the field:    http://m.mlb.com/video/v1184869283/collad-koufax-costner-and-manfred-honor-scully/?affiliateId=clubMEGAMENU

Some of the fireworks after the game by Sheri Fink:

If interested in viewing, the full ceremony video:

Santiago A. Bretado ‏@jimbretado tweeted: Landed & saw the Dodgers won & gave us one extra inning w Vin, just as Kevin Costner said we were all hoping... (Posted September 25th)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tweets, pictures and video of Kevin's tribute to Vin Scully...

sylpr - Sylvia Rivera Jauregui: Kevin Costner listo para el homenaje a Vin Scully en @dodgers stadium.

Tommy Hollywood ‏@threejay3 tweeted: Kevin Costner may have just gotten a louder ovation than Sandy Koufax #VIN

Laura G ‏@LaurasMiscMovie tweeted: This is too great, besides Sandy Koufax, Jaime Jarrin & greats, they have Kevin Costner of FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME which featured Vinnie.

Tisha Lozano ‏@tishalozano tweeted: Kevin Costner just walked out. Favorite Coster film is For The Love Of The Game. SO UNEXPECTEDLY EMOTIONAL! PERFECT | #VinScullyDay

Megan Dagger ‏@megobits tweeted: Uh oh now I want to watch Kevin Costner sports movies. #VinScullyDay

Jason Hagman ‏@Jason_Hagman tweeted: "We will miss you my friend, on our radios, in our cars, in our backyard...You invited us to pull up a chair." --Kevin Costner

Greg Sands ‏@bigblaster22 tweeted: Oh my God. Kevin Costner is speaking and they are playing the music from “Field of Dreams.”

Sara ‏@Rose1244Sara tweeted: Kevin Costner

Vincent Samperio ‏@VinceSamperio tweeted: Jeez, Costner is straight up killing it right now. Preach, Kevin. Preach.

Michael J. Duarte ‏@michaeljduarte tweeted: Kevin Costner is getting Vin. Not a dry eye in the house. #VinScullyDay #ThankYouVin #WinForVin

Chris ‏@chris310949 tweeted: Kevin Costner bringing Waterworld to Dodger Stadium through everyone's EYES

Jason Bornstein ‏@DyHrdMET tweeted: wow. Kevin Costner might win the Academy Award for his speech at #VinScullyNight. sounds like something out of Field of Dreams but real. (Manhattan, NY)

Kyndall Freer ‏@KyndallFreer tweeted: This Kevin Costner speech about Vin Scully is right out of an epic sports movie and has me in freakin' tears

Ana ‏@SoCalKindOfGal tweeted: Why is Kevin Costner killing it on the mic right now. And why is his speech better than actual Dodgers?!!! #ThankYouVin🎙

rickbozich ‏@rickbozich tweeted: Kevin Costner to Vin Scully: "We couldn't be Kirk. We couldn't be Sandy. But somehow you put us all in the batter's box."

Jason Bornstein ‏@DyHrdMET tweeted: I'm almost expecting ghosts of @Dodgers past to come through the OF wall at Dodger Stadium during Kevin Costner's speech. #VinScullyNight (Manhattan, NY)

Raider junkie ‏@Rj58Rene tweeted: Kevin Costner delivering a great speech for Vin Scully

shane ‏@SKroker42 tweeted: This Kevin Costner speech for Vin is incredible

Richard Justice ‏@richardjustice tweeted: "When we were at a loss for words, you were Norman Rockwell painting the clearest of pictures."--Kevin Costner

desiree gonzalez ‏@DESgonz11 tweeted: Kevin Costner has a way with words...

-________- ‏@gvedak tweeted: This Kevin Costner fellow is pretty good at public speaking.

The Stray Goat 🐐 ‏@thestraygoat tweeted: Kevin Costner bringing the whole stadium to tears man. This is beautiful.

Andy Madore ‏@Andy_Madore tweeted: Listening to Kevin Costner talk about Vin Scully with the Field of Dreams theme song in the background is absolutely incredible. #ThanksVin

Dodger Blue ‏@DodgerBlue1958 tweeted: Kevin Costner: "You tricked us into thinking you were just a sports announcer, when really you were a poet." #VinScullyDay

J.P. ‏@77jparra tweeted: Kevin Costner just made me cry. Thank you for your beautiful words. We all love Vin.

Cee ‏@CrazyCee222 tweeted: Even though no one could have his voice, wouldn't it be great if they made a movie about Vin and Kevin Costner played him.... 💙#dodgers

Bryce Bratton ‏@TheGrizzKing_22 tweeted: Kevin Costner you couldn't of said it better. #ThankYouVin

Angela C. Ovalle ‏@Angela_Ovalle tweeted: Whoever wrote Kevin Costner's remarks for #VinScullyDay needs to be recognized. They've perfectly captured why and how much we love Vin.

eric ‏@Eric_mendiveles tweeted: Kevin Costner's speech to Vin is iconic

toontown booze jay ‏@7lip tweeted: I was well on my way to pissing all over Kevin Costner making a speech on Vin Scully day, but damn if he isn't killing it & cutting onions.

Bruce Nasby ‏@bnasby tweeted: If you are not listening to Kevin Costner giving a tribute to Vin Sully right now you are missing something special @Dodgers wow !!!!

Steven @steviemanic tweeted: So glad I was here #vin #dodgers

Michelle Lopez ‏@MLopezCJUSD tweeted: Kevin Costner called Vin a "gift to L.A. and baseball itself." That describes Vin perfectly! #ThankYouVin

Steph ‏@stephe_22 tweeted: All the awards for Kevin Costner. What an amazing job encompassing how the fans feel. #VinScullyDay #VIN #Dodgers

Scott Salerno ‏@sasalerno tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner's tribute to Vin Scully is absolutely amazing...not a dry eye in Dodger Stadium

Lions 1-1 ‏@DatDudeGG tweeted: This speech by kevin Costner man. Great speech

Richard Villalobos ‏@djrv562 tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner honor Vin Scully. What a time to be alive! #VinScully #Dodgers #NobodyDoesItBetter

Richard Justice ‏@richardjustice tweeted: "Your name is spoken with a reverence reserved for only the greatest of players."--Kevin Costner on Vin Scully.

Kat Cressida ‏@KatCressida tweeted: ... and now - #FieldOfDreams ✨ STAR ✨ ... KEVIN #COSTNER 🌟🌟🌟 Praising #VIN

Adrian Cheddie ‏@adriancheddie tweeted: Listening to Kevin Costner talk about Vin Scully w/ the Field of Dreams theme song in the background is absolutely incredible. #Emotional

Patti Shea ‏@pattijshea tweeted: Kevin Costner's best baseball role yet! #VinScullyDay

Annie Canada ‏@anniejcanada tweeted: Hey Kevin Costner #VinScullyDay

CoronaLime ‏@CoronaLimeDFS tweeted: "You were really a poet, a wordsmith." "We're down to our last three outs with you." - Kevin Costner on #Vin Scully

Christopher Ledezma ‏@Chris_Ledezma tweeted: Damn you Kevin Costner!!! Making my allergies act up like you do in Field of Dreams.

Justin Russo ‏@FlyByKnite tweeted: Kevin Costner is flat out delivering an all time great speech to honor Vin Scully.

Russ James ‏@RussGJames tweeted: This Kevin Costner tribute for Vin Scully is the most eloquent sports moment I have ever witnessed. #VinScullyDay #tears

Joe Flint ‏@JBFlint tweeted: I want Kevin Costner to deliver my eulogy.

Ken Bud Sothman ‏@KenSothman tweeted: I hope that Hawk Harrelson gets the Kevin Costner treatment. Goodness gracious this Vin Scully ceremony is fantastic.

Stuart Horne ‏@Coach_Stu_Horne tweeted: ... Kevin Costner just hit a Grand Slam with his speech about #VinScully at the @Dodgers #VinScullyDay ceremony #epic ...

RoCo ‏@Roxielady62 tweeted: OMG #KevinCostner is speaking in #VinScullyDay ceremony

Justin McGinnis ‏@JustinJMcGinnis tweeted: This Kevin Costner tribute to Vin Scully is absolutely incredible.

BUCKSTER ‏@cfbuckster tweeted: I need to know who wrote this speech that #kevincostner is giving. It's awesome #VinScullyDay

Carissa Blades ‏@CarissaBlades tweeted: Field of dreamin he was the nominee @kevincostner looking presidential

Cardinal Girl ‏@CardinalHaiku tweeted: Kevin Costner - "you called my imaginary name in my imaginary perfect game and nobody can ever take that away" #VinScullyDay #DearVin

Tatiana Guyer ‏@TaniaGuyer tweeted: "...a poet, a wordsmith..." Kevin Costner's ode to #VinScully at #DodgerStadium. 😪⚾️ @Dodgers #MLBmemorybank @modernwest

Stacey Murillo ‏@Tety2131 tweeted: "Don't blame us for trying to push the sun into the sky one more time." Perfection. #VinScully #KevinCostner #VinScullyDay

Michael J. Duarte ‏@michaeljduarte tweeted: Dodger Stadium Kevin Costner bring the tears...

Chris Fischer ‏@ChrisFischer07 tweeted: What an incredible speech by Kevin Costner in the Vin Scully tribute #Dodgers

Jim Alexander ‏@Jim_Alexander tweeted: Great line from Kevin Costner to Vin: "Shame on us if you ever have to buy another meal in public."

Frank ‏@FrankTalkLA tweeted: Kevin Costner has me wiping my eyes on the bathroom section at Target. #VinScullyDay

Steven Flowers ‏@Storm195324 tweeted: Thank you Kevin Costner for you have said what everyone else feels about the great Mr.Vin Scully.

Shani ‏@shani_3 tweeted: Kevin Costner: "To have Vin Scully call your name...it's something close to heaven" #vinscullyday

Moses Massena ‏@MosesMassena16 tweeted: Kevin Costner is an outstanding public speaker in tributes...I remember his eulogy at Whitney Houston's funeral...but tonight w/Vin #perfect

CJ ‏@cj572 tweeted: Kevin Costner gave an amazing & emotional speech for #VinScully tonight!!

Ellen K ‏@officialellenk tweeted: bawling @Dodgers #VinScullyDay #kevincostner

M.Rosenfeld MSW MRAS ‏@maevro tweeted: #KevinCostner Introduces #Vin at #Dodgers #Stadium #MLB

Tony Chip ™ ‏@chipper39 tweeted: #VinceScully honored before the #Dodgers game by #KevinCostner #Vincent Edward "Vin" Scully is is an American #sportscaster, best known as the play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers #MLB team. He has been with the team since its days in #Brooklyn. 67 #Years way to go #Vin

Brian Martin @TheBMartin tweeted: I saw many people questioning Kevin Costner being part of this Vin Scully tribute. Talk about throwing a perfect game. #forloveofthegame

Sara Shier ‏@sarashishi tweeted: Kevin Costner got the entire Shier tavern crying right now #ThankYouVin (San Clarita, CA)

Erin Maher ‏@theerinmaher tweeted: @KayReindl I also stood up when Kevin Costner asked us to. I am at home. Heh.

A Distant Mentality ‏@shilohCpsyd tweeted: Who knew #kevincostner would deliver the greatest speech in history? #VIN @Dodgers

CommuterTheMovie ‏@CommuterMovie tweeted: This Vin Scully send off speech by Kevin Costner is killing me. #ByeVin

Tisha Lozano ‏@tishalozano tweeted: Hey Dodger Sports Announcer: Kevin Costner didn't 'bring the Hollywood flair'. He's a homeboy. He grew up w/ #VIN like we all did. #locals

Ethan Luck ‏@ethanluck tweeted: Of course, Kevin Costner would deliver the best farewell speech ever. #ThankYouVin

Maureen Kris ‏@MaureenKris1 tweeted: .@LADodgersHQ @NBCNews @CBSLA @MayorOfLA @Rep_JaniceHahn @kevincostner 5th grade (1960s) when Larry Rein brought his scratchy transister radio to class and Mr. Kobayashi allowed us to ROAR with Vin! (New York, USA)

Tori Langlois ‏@ToriMLanglois tweeted: And the Oscar goes to... Kevin Costner! #VinScullyDay

Dreamliner Z7z ‏@gerardo_zubieta tweeted: Glad I had my old ShamWao towels during Kevin Costner's perfect #VinScullyDay speech or my house would have been flooded.

Morton Bros ‏@MortonBros tweeted: What an evening to visit @Dodgers #vincescully #67years #retirement amazing atmosphere #kevincostner

Samantha Sontag ‏@sontaglpssa tweeted: Kevin Costner's speech in honor of #VinScully is perfection!

Wesley Ryan ‏@WRDinc tweeted: When Tom Hanks said, "there's no crying in baseball," he wasn't counting on that #KevinCostner farewell speech to #VinScully

Vance Peterson ‏@vance_peterson tweeted: Bravo Kevin Costner at Vin Scully tribute tonight. Brilliant!!

Stephen Magnet ‏@Beatledude64 tweeted: Kevin Costner, star of Water World, was at the game

Dodger Insider ‏@DodgerInsider tweeted: In case you doubted it, Kevin Costner wrote his #VIN speech himself, it has been confirmed to me.

Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers tweeted: "We will miss you on our radio, in our cars and in our backyard. You've been a gift to Los Angeles and baseball itself." -Kevin Costner

Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers tweeted: "You're our George Bailey, and it has been a wonderful life." -Kevin Costner

Costner on Scully's legacy: Actor Kevin Costner discusses the legacy of Vin Scully during a ceremony to honor the long-time announcer

theScore ‏@theScore tweeted: Kevin Costner delivers tear-jerking farewell speech for Vin Scully.

Picture: Kevin Costner pays tribute to Vin Scully with emotional speech at Dodger Stadium

Friday, September 23, 2016

Kevin will be special guest at Dodgers game tonight...

Vin Scully's letter to fans to start appreciation weekend at Dodger Stadium by KPCC staff September 22, 2016

Liz Habib @LizHabib tweeted: #VinScully tribute at #Dodgers tomorrow- presenters: Kevin Costner, Jaime Jarrín, Rob Manfred, Mark Walter Sandy Koufax. (Posted September 22nd)

Dodgers game August 8th

Carol Ohler commented: Kevin Costner at the ballpark to see his friend Justin Turner with the Dodgers get the win. Jon Soohoo, the official photographer of the Dodgers taking a photo of the Costner family.

More pictures:

labboy2398Got the opportunity to meet Kevin Costner, amazing actor and a great person #KevinCostner #LA #LAAllDay #Dodgers #DodgerStadium (Posted August 20th)

Lisa Marie Fisher commented: Kevin Costner & Justin Turner — at Dodger Stadium. (Posted August 10th)

Braves vs. Dodgers game in Atlanta in April

Georgia Autographs commented: Shannon saw Kevin Costner at Turner Field Tuesday night. (Posted April 21, 2016)

Morris L. Maslia commented: Never know who is going to be taking in a Braves game- Kevin Costner at Turner Field watching the Braves vs. the Dodgers! (Posted April 19, 2016)

More from Titans Dinner

CSUF News Service Alumnus Kevin Costner Headlines Titan Baseball Fundraiser Feb. 2, 2016

Photos of the event can be seen on flickr:

Ingrid Otero-Smart commented: Dinner with the Titans and Kevin Costner - at Irvine Marriott. (Posted January 29th)

Rita Hudgins photos:

fullertontitans: Rick Vanderhook and #kevincostner break it down back in 2001 at the #CollegeWorldSeries. Fifteen years later, the two will speak at the Dinner with the Titans fundraiser on Jan. 29. #bigwestbaseball #dinnerwiththetitans #baseball #ncaa (Posted January 19th)

From the 'Field Of Dreams'

Troy Turner commented: Kevin Costner shares a moment between innings during today's celebrity game on the 25th anniversary of the Field of Dreams. What a fun day! — with Barb Turner. (Posted June 14, 2014)

See pictures and video: If Field of Dreams needs justice, the Iowa Supreme Court will come By Kyle Munson September 20, 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Another 'Hidden Figures' trailer and featurette...

Hidden Figures UK trailer: NASA, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Costner By Simon Brew September 21, 2016

Cathy Cason ‏@cathyacason tweeted: Atlanta Walk for Lupus and ran into Kevin Costner - super nice guy! (Posted April 30th)

Director Theodore Melfi's twitter page:

It's Always Sonny ‏@sgage1 tweeted: Hanging out with good ole Kevin Costner in Canton, GA tonight. (Posted 4:03pm March 14th)

Brandi Ray ‏@JohnstonBrandi tweeted: I'd pass on the free coffee if I could only get to meet Kevin Costner! #Georgiamovies (Posted March 14th)

toddasanders - Todd Sanders: #kevincostner #smalltownusa #cantonGA movie car for 1928 era film

toddasanders - Todd Sanders: #kevincostner movie being filmed in downtown #cantonGA (Posted March 14th)

Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae movie to film in Canton By Jennifer Brett March 14, 2016

Heath Hollandsworth ‏@HHollandsworth tweeted: Downtown Monroe turned into the 1960s today for a Kevin Costner flick (Posted March 18th)

Ted Melfi’s ‘Hidden Figures’ Adds Glen Powell & Mahershala Ali by Anita Busch March 15, 2016

Sean Peacock ‏@SupermanPeacock tweeted: @PreciousDavi Hey Davi Octavia Spencer was spotted in Monroe Ga. Kevin Costner too. (Posted March 18th)

Aubrey's Warriors ‏@AubreysWarriors tweeted: How amazing! Our little town is a set for Hidden Treasures staring Kevin Costner @modernwest & @TherealTaraji! (Posted March 18th)

Lisa Wolaver ‏@LWolaver tweeted: Filming Hidden Figures in Monroe- we are famous!What are the chances that I will run into Kevin Costner? (Posted March 20th)

What’s Filming in Atlanta Now? Baby Driver, Hidden Figures, and a grim warning of things to come By Matt Walljasper March 24, 2016 Excerpt: Last month, we previewed Hidden Figures (ROCKO), the historical film centering on the African-American mathematicians who were crucial in the early days of NASA. Production has now started, bringing with it Octavia Spencer, Kevin Costner, Taraji P. Henson, and Kirsten Dunst. Crews worked in Brooks on March 4. More filming took place at the Lockheed Martin complex at Dobbins Air Reserve Base on March 15. Since then, 1950s-era cars and clothing have taken over downtown Monroe. Look out for future shoots in Canton.

marvell3d: Wrapping out the homie #kevincostner . We just be hanging. #setlife #hiddenfigures #kraftykiki [movie_camera] [movie_camera] [movie_camera] (Posted May 12th)

Fox Movies website for 'Hidden Figures':

alginrealty - Algin Realty: SNEAK PEEK! There is more filming being done in our neck of the woods, y'all! [clapper] 📽 [tv] #hiddenfigures #kevincostner #kirstendunst #octaviaspencer #tarajiphenson #hollywoodcomestotown #alginrealtyexclusive (Posted March 24th)

evanholtzman - Evan Holtzman: Bucket List: Baseball game with #KevinCostner (Posted April 30th)

Emmy for Mayim ‏@Emmy4Mayim 3h3 hours ago @theodoremelfi we are wondering if #kevincostner & #jimparsons have any scenes together in #HiddenFigures ? (Posted May 13th)

Janelle Monáe Dishes on Her Big Screen Debut in New Film Hidden Figures at ESSENCE Fest By Jazmine Polk 07/01/2016 Excerpt: "Kevin Costner, I learned so much from him just watching him. Everybody I worked with, it just felt like family and it was the right thing to do. It's supposed to be happening. I'm supposed to be here," Monáe tells PEOPLE.

Hans Zimmer & Pharrell Williams to Score Theodore Melfi’s ‘Hidden Figures’ Posted: August 15, 2016 by filmmusicreporter

“Hidden Figures” May Join The 2016 Awards Race By Garth Franklin August 17, 2016

VIDEO: Hidden Figures: The Female Mathematicians of NACA and NASA by NASA Langley CRGIS Published August 21, 2015 (Margot Shetterly presents her research at Langley in March 2014)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

KC & MW played 'WE ARE LA' fundraiser concert...

Gabe Eggerling ‏@GabeEggerling tweeted: So excited to emcee🎤 for @WeAreLAFestival today! #stubhub #LAGalaxy @modernwest @RachelPlatten @heidiswedberg @davidtobocman #kevincostner (Posted September 17th)

Jarryd Gonzales ‏@jarrydgonzales tweeted: Cool live music w/ @LisaLoeb @RachelPlatten #KevinCostner band supporting #LA #Charities #WeAreLAFest (Posted September 17th)

ewikc707 - Eric Young: #kevincostner #fedexground #fedex #bff (Posted September 17th)

The Awesome Muse ‏@theawesomemuse tweeted: Don't you want to know what Kevin Costner is thinking here? #WeAreLAFest @WeAreLAFestival (Posted September 17th)

Cinematic Red ‏@CinematicRed tweeted: Tonight's @WeAreLAFestival thrilled to have the charming @modernwest #KevinCostner & so many more @stubhub @brunetteinc @rodinphotography #SupportChildrensCharities (Posted September 17th)

Louis Lucido ‏@Lou_Lucido tweeted: @kevincostner @weareLA @Lou_Lucido (Posted September 17th)

WeAreLA ‏@WeAreLAFestival tweeted: Kevin Costner and modern west (Posted September 17th)

Jodie Evans ‏@MsJodieEvans tweeted: Wow! kevincostnermodernwest rocking it for #wearela @826la benefits (Posted September 17th)

Jodie Evans ‏@MsJodieEvans tweeted: Sparks flying @WeAreLAFestival with Kevin Costner and his band - @826LA says Thank You to @Lou_Lucido (Posted September 17th)

Melissa Prophet ‏@melissaprophet tweeted: Now watching forever #MovieStar #Actor #KevinCostner &ModernWest burn the house down #Musically #90milesPerHour #TheLightinTheCity (Posted September 17th)

California Rocker ‏@CalifRocker tweeted: #kevincostner @wearelafestival #rockinthehouse #surprisinglygood @ Stubhub Center the L.A Galaxy (Posted September 17th)

Melissa Prophet ‏@melissaprophet tweeted: #KevinCostner & #ModernFamily Doing a song #HatfieldandMccoy #FamousForKillingEachOther it's gorgeous (Posted September 17th)

Eric ‏@Rwandacinema tweeted: Back stage with Kevin Costner! Amazing person! Musician as well! (Posted September 17th)

renee_dondanville - Renee Dondanville: It's not everyday you get to see Kevin Costner sing. Who knew. #KevinCostner (Posted September 17th)

tilly_batman_sj: @wearelafestival: Sooooooo #KevinCostner sings ☆☆ @kevincostnermodernwest you guys rocked it! #KevinCostnerModernWest (Posted September 17th)

tilly_batman_sj@wearelafestival: thanks #KevinCostner for my mom's #autograph @kevincostnermodernwest #thatwascoolofyou (Posted September 17th)

carnival_pictures - Alexander G. Seyum: Shooting Kevin Costner and The Modern West #carnival_pictures #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #stubhubcenter #carson (Posted September 17th)

muse_mike - Mike Sandoval: #kevincostner fellow #csufullerton #titan performing tonight and sounds really good (Posted September 17th)

just_tambi - Tambi: Kevin Costner and Modern West rockin' with on stage artist 💙 @wearelafestival @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted September 17th)

seyumco - Mr. Seyum: @wearelafestival @stubhubcenter #carson #california Kevin Costner & Modern West performing live. @carnival_pictures taking photos. #lagalaxy #kevincostner #fieldofdreams #charities #losangeles giving back to the #community #kids are the #future @kevincostnermodernwest #rocknroll #western #country I'm different. (Posted September 17th)

melissa_prophet - Melissa Prophet: Mr #KevinCostner & #ModernWest come out swing like #Lightening ⚡️and word on the street !!⚡️now hitting it hard with #TurnItOn. #MovieStar on #Fire #MusicalSuprise (Posted September 17th)

Eric ‏@Rwandacinema tweeted: Meeting with Kevin Costner in Los Angeles (Posted September 18th)

MUSE ‏@socalmuse tweeted: #KevinCostner performed with #modernwest @ #wearela #familymusicfestival. Photo #MichaelSandoval/MUSE @modernwest (Posted September 18th)

Pictures:    http://www.gettyimages.com/photos/kevin-costner?phrase=Kevin%20Costner&sort=best&excludenudity=true&family=editorial#license

californiarocker: #setlist @modernwest #kevincostner #wearelafestival @wearelafestival @stubhubcenter LA (Posted September 18th)

Darren Sarkin commented: Doing the lighting design for #wearela family music festival. Rachel Platten just headlined, and my only break to take a pic was when she sat on the front of the stage, out of the light! Next up Kevin Costner ahaha — at StubHub Center. (Posted September 17th)

Jillian Estell commented: What am amazing day!!!! I got to see the premiere of the movie Storks this morning, then went to a family music event called We are LA, then went to a party and then back to the We are LA event to hang out with Kevin Costner and some of my buddies from set...man I have missed them. What a great day!!! (Posted September 18th)

dr.jeremy.lopez.iii - Jeremy Lopez: We Are LA Festival "You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats the people who can do nothing for him." Major props to this man for his charitable contribution to the We Are LA Festival!! Helping others.... we need more of that sh%t!! It's incredible how one can simply change another's entire life by giving just moments of their time... (Posted September 18th)

Steve Laguna commented: Candy Laguna finally got to see her idol in person Kevin Costner. Got so lucky she got a tee shirt , CD and he even autographed it in two places.for her .very special night for her (Posted September 18th)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Even more various items of interest about Kevin...

Actor Kevin Costner and author team with illustrator to tell old-fashioned adventure stories By Antonie Boesssenkool September 5, 2016

carlyn paterson ‏@Carlynp61 tweeted: More from Hadrian's Wall, the tree was in the film Robin Hood with Kevin Costner so we were told. (Motherwell, Scotland) (Posted July 3rd)

Reading Fightins ‏@ReadingFightins tweeted: #tbt to @MLB All-Star Week in 1999 when 2016 HOF inductee Pat Burrell crossed paths with actor Kevin Costner. (Posted July 7th)

avvistavip: Kevin Costner #KevinCostner #avvistavip #napoli #star #redcarpet #tappetorosso #hollywood #movie #film #nikon #wheninrome #actor #tv #vip #redcarpet #oscar #foto #collezione #collection #f4f #followme #picoftheday #nofilter #likeback #love #instadaily #phonesia #bestoftheday (Posted July 10th)

avvistavip: Kevin Costner #KevinCostner #avvistavip #napoli #star #redcarpet #tappetorosso #hollywood #movie #film #nikon #wheninrome #actor #tv #vip #redcarpet #oscar #foto #collezione #collection #f4f #followme #picoftheday #nofilter #likeback #love #instadaily #phonesia #bestoftheday (Posted July 10th)

Lavina Kueker IVU ‏@geistmom tweeted: Kevin Costner 5x7 (Posted July 30th)

Benae ‏@iBenae625 tweeted: lol casually eating a late lunch beside Kevin Costner (Posted July 30th) (Benae ‏@iBenae625 tweeted: Malibu tonight, time to party in the hills!)

Molly ‏@Mhams67 tweeted: My boss is talking to Kevin Costner on the phone and I'm chewing kettle corn loudly in the next room #nofucksgiven (Santa Monica, CA) (Posted July 28th)

bryancournoyerproperties: Inside the lake house that is also for rent on Kevin Costner's property just outside of Aspen, Colorado. #Aspen #luxuryproperties #luxuryrentals #realestate #lakehouse #colorado #coldwellbanker #masonmorse (Posted July 27th)

Emily Owen ‏@meganhollie1997 tweeted: There's nobody better #kevincostner

Meandering the Mesquite: EXIT, STAGE LEFT: New horizons for Mrs. (Regina) Jones By Scott Dyke   Jul 23, 2016 Excerpt: She worked behind the scenes during the filming of the hit movie "Tin Cup" at the Tubac Golf Resort. "I really liked Kevin Costner. He was very personable and without airs," Regina said.

Day 1 at the 3M Championship Bits from Blaine August 5, 2016 Excerpt: Up-and-down with Peter Jacobsen,....Q How often have you been congratulated on this being the 20-year anniversary of your fictional U.S. Open win in the movie “Tin Cup” A I’m just waiting for “Tin Cup 2” [laughs]. What a wonderful crew that was to work with doing that thing. [Kevin] Costner was great and we had like 20 PGA Tour pros part of that. I’m reminded of it often. Every once and a while a check shows up for 6 bucks and I go, ‘Hey — It’s on somewhere again!’

‘Oh There You Are, Peter’: A Lost Boys’ Oral History Of ‘Hook’ By: Chloe Schildhause 08.22.16 Excerpt: Willis: It was impressive to see the group of people who came out to see filming. The biggest stars I remember on-set just visiting were Billy Crystal and Kevin Costner.

Linsanity ♛ ‏@LinnyFrmDaBlock tweeted: Just found out that the place we stayed at last night on the beach is neighbors of Kevin Costner (Posted September 12th)

MAYK AZZATO Photography commented: Great Impression @kevincostnermodernwest Shooting #santabarbara #kevincostner #chriscostner #christinecostner #shooting #fashion #summer #apple #nikon #truck #hollywood # oscarwinner (Posted September 14th)

MAYK AZZATO Photography commented: Einen Guten Start in die zweite Adventswoche euch allen ...mit einem Foto das zu dieser Jahreszeit in Kalifornien entstanden ist (Posted December 7th 2015)

Friends of Scott ‏@FriendsofScott tweeted: Scott's bravery, optimism and resolve touched many lives. #30daysforScott #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #KevinCostner (Posted September 9th)

cvtsoftserve: The only thing worse than us being closed today is a fat kid pic of me with Kevin Costner's boner. #TBT #CelebrityBoners (Posted September 1st)

Mel Gibson On His Venice Festival Comeback Picture ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ – Q&A By Mike Fleming Jr September 6, 2016 Excerpt: GIBSON: I went there with one of the Mad Max movies, I think. I remember I bumped into Costner there on Lido. We got to yakking and everybody’s got bicycles there. We found one that wasn’t chained and so we borrowed it. He was pedaling and I was in the basket, like E.T. It must have looked so stupid, but we had a great conversation about film and a whole bunch of stuff. True story. Now there’s a guy I wish would direct another movie. He did it so well.

Picture: (Posted August 26th)    http://los-angelespeople.tumblr.com/post/149554841584/bsteelproductions-kevin-costner

Bonnie Magid ‏@bonniemagid tweeted: My beautiful friend Tamara Leon and Kevin Costner. #archivedphotos #justfound #tamaraleon #kevincostner (Posted August 22nd)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Some more various items of interest about Kevin...

MSNBC ‏@MSNBC tweeted: Kevin Costner wants to help abused women. Here's how you can join his fight #GlobalCitizen:    http://on.msnbc.com/29xz6cE

mashatroyanker: #kevinkostner my#bodyguard ☺️ (Posted April 6, 2016)

amseeberg - Angela Michele: #fbf to the days when my oldest brother @maxxcoates got to play in the movie #bulldurham #photobombed #kevincostner #istolethispic #coatesstrong (Posted May 15th)

Natasha Mathias ‏@mathias_nm tweeted: Look at my Mother with Kevin Costner at spurs years ago lol xxx @JessieWallaceUK (Posted May 18th)

deebrownjr - Dee Brown: Forgot all about this pic...She now has 2 of the best bodyguards. They need to make a McFarland USA part 2 and let her play in it #kevincostner #thebodyguard #oldschool #thatmoviewasin1992 [confused] #mcfarlandusa #gettyimages #fbf (Posted May 20th)

CLAIRE FISHER ‏@ClaireFisherCos tweeted: Lovely memories!In die Maske by JFK mit Kevin Costner #ClaireFisher #KevinCostner #JFK #Cosmetics #NewOrleans #Film (Posted May 24th)

fabricedallanese - fabrice dall'anese: #kevincostner, photographed by @fabricedallanese in his ranch in the #rockymountains, as published in this month's in this month's issue of french #premiere magazine. #colorado #danceswithwolves (Posted May 26, 2016)

Jason Ross ‏@JRoss1890 tweeted: Just having some drinks with my fraternity brother. #DeltaChi #KevinCostner #TropicalIsle #NOLA #HandGrenade (Posted May 27th)

Buckhead ‘mansion party’ shows tensions of Airbnb rentals in neighborhoods By John Ruch June 12, 2016 Excerpt: His usual guests, he said, are quiet families and such privacy-hungry celebrities as movie star Kevin Costner. (Picture of house)

Photos: Michael Farnan: Representing Wilderness

lisavorbeck - Rosengarten Mannheim: #tbt Meeting Kevin Costner in 2009 - still one of the happiest days of my life. 🎬 #throwbackthursday #kevincostner #best #actor #ever #2009 #begrateful (Posted June 9th)

igormitrovicmusic: Long time ago.... Me and Kevin Costner in Russia #movie #kevincostner #singing #music #russia #america #usa #igormitrovic #stpetersburg #concert

salvatorelaureano: MARIE LOUISE WHITE and KEVIN COSTNER ....OSCAR parties HOLLYWOOD. .....great pic.....big personalities.... (Posted May 30th)

Erin Amirazodi‎: Kevin Costner & Modern West - May 23 near Montecito, CA - Amazing meeting u last week. Thank u for taking the time to take a photo w us and have a conversation. Def a wedding anniversary we will never forget! #nicestguyever

Seen & Heard: Celebs at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic By Jeffrey Slonim | June 7, 2016 Excerpt: Bobby Cannavale showed up with his wife, Rose Byrne, and related his most embarrassing horse story. “One of the very first parts I did, they told me that a big part of the job was riding a horse,” he said. “And I hadn’t done much, but I said, ‘yes,’ because you’re supposed to say ‘yes’ to everything.” “And then I got to Arizona, and Kevin Costner was the director, and I was just standing by the horse,” Cannavale continued. “I didn’t know what to do. And Kevin was very sweet, and he whispered in my ear, ‘You don’t know how to ride a horse, do you?’ And I said, ‘No.’ And he said, ‘Do you know how to get on a horse?’ And I said, ‘No.’ And he showed me how to get on a horse. And then they got a double to do all my work, but he didn’t fire me.”

Alamo Drafthouse LA ‏@DrafthouseLA tweeted: When a friend reveals a #kevincostner tat you never knew he had. #thepostman #fieldofdreams (Posted June 9th)

Khaliah Ali – Muhammad Ali’s Daughter By Stephanie Dube Dwilson June 10, 2016   Khaliah told Philly.com that her dad was a prankster. She used to have a crush on Kevin Costner and one time he had a friend come over, pretending to be him. She said she locked herself in the bathroom for 20 minutes because she was so scared about meeting him and would not come out.

Crowds celebrate freedom at Mount Rushmore by Carol Walker July 7, 2016 Excerpt: (Jasmine) Pickner has danced all over the country. She was in Deadwood where Kevin Costner held her two-month old baby while she danced...

Serge Nuffler ‏@SergeNuffler tweeted: @bglendenning Howard Vichot was the main stand-in for Kevin Costner in Prince of Thieves; broke an ankle performing the Reverse Cowboy stunt (Posted July 13th)

men.as.i.see.them: I dream of meeting Kevin Costner last night as a result of watching Draft Day before bed. He was sitting next to our table in a restaurant. After spending some time watching him from the distance me and my sisiter decided to ask for a selfie. The end of the story he lost my phone. Dammit Kevin!

More pictures from 3 Days To Kill by aralnoza:    http://aralnoza.tumblr.com/post/146414001519

men.as.i.see.them: #ThreeDaysToKill #KevinCostner #CIA #hitman #agent #family #daughter #suit #black #white #happy #Kevin #Costner #Paris #France #Europe #AmberHeard

Students at the U.S. Cavalry School explore the 140-year-old Battle of Little Big Horn By BRETT FRENCH Billings Gazette July 02, 2016 Excerpt: It was founded in the late 1990s by veterans who participated in making the Kevin Costner movie "The Postman," a post-apocalyptic tale. They had such a good time on the film that they created the school, Herrin said.

Story of Tatanka by Wiley Murphree:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOO1_uFX4Es
Ronda Rousey, Georges St-Pierre show the dark side of MMA fighting in The Hurt Business trailer by Nick Romano July 10, 2016 Excerpt: The Hurt Business also features Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, and Jon Jones and is narrated by Kevin Costner. The documentary, set to arrive in theaters this fall, weaves together stories of permanent brain damage and injuries that threaten to tear apart the lives of some of these athletes. See the trailer at link:     http://www.ew.com/article/2016/07/10/hurt-business-documentary-ronda-rousey-trailer

CWS 2015 - Love of the Game - Narrated by Kevin Costner + This is Virginia Baseball By khilldrup Published on Jun 4, 2016     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPFNz-6AZa8

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More various items of interest about Kevin...

Stevo Pavlović je strigel tudi hollywoodske zvezde


gregori puyol ‏@gregpuyol tweeted: #Kevin Costner# (Posted March 16th)

Picture of Kevin in Turkey (article about bodyguards - not Kevin)

Dancing with the Ivar's Clams - Throwback to 1991

A nice tribute to Kevin: Here's Why We Will Always Love Kevin Costner Posted on 3/18/16

find fine item ‏@item_find tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER hand signed AUTOGRAPH 14973 (Posted March 22nd)

Cape Cod Instagram ‏@instagramcc tweeted: With actor, Kevin Costner at a fundraiser at the Kennedy Compound in 1993. by @patbenti Compound in 1993. by @patbenti

Andrej Trnkoczy ‏@AndrejTrnkoczy tweeted: Sette cover with actor #KevinCostner by @GettyImages Contour photographer @riccardoGhilar1 (April 3rd) (Last cover of Sette magazine with actor Kevin Costner photographed by Riccardo Ghilardi.)

josie aiello ‏@josieaiello tweeted: Remembering being on the set of "The Guardian"...with Kevin Costner (Posted April 26th)

Ashley Houston ‏@nashwifestyles tweeted: Oh hey dad...I mean Kevin Costner. He does resemble my pops though. Good times❤️ (2 years ago) (Posted April 26th)

CoffeeChick ☕ ‏@cbp71 tweeted: #TBT to that time I met Kevin Costner..... (Posted April 28th)

Holly Miely ‏@honeypoledancer tweeted: #tbt to that one time I hung out with #kevincostner at the #aspen #aspenfoodandwineclassic (Aspen Food and Wine Festival) (Posted Apri 28th)

Kevin at Braves game April 19, 2016

11-19-1992 Letterman Kevin Costner, 10,000 Maniacs, Robbie Coltrane Zschim Published on May 11, 2016

Picture:    http://www.disarno.com/images/phocagallery/portfolio2/thumbs/phoca_thumb_l_gennaro%20e%20kevin%20costner.jpg

Kevin Costner and his son Cayden Wyatt Costner At "The McFarland USA" Hollywood Premiere. hollywoodtvo Published on Mar 27, 2015 Kevin Costner and his son Cayden Wyatt Costner At "The McFarland USA" Movie Premiere At El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood,California.

FLASHBACK: 30-Year-Old Kevin Costner Says His Career Will Be Fun to Watch Entertainment Tonight Published on Jan 30, 2015 Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner plays a grandfather caught in a custody battle over his granddaughter in Black or White, a heartwarming story that faces issues of race and compassion that hits theaters Jan. 30.

Kevin Costner concert in Schladming, 2013 Ivaylo Tsvetkov Published on Feb 9, 2013

siberianhusky_socialfunclub - Siberian Husky: Kevin Costner loves huskies. #kevincostner #husky #siberianhusky #sleddog #shop (Posted May 3rd)

Two pictures and article: Kevin Costner contributes to WHS Foundation event By: Sarah Elliott April 22, 2016

Awesome new visitor center in Custer Park May 12, 2016 Excerpt: It’s not just the building and new displays that are awesome. The introductory 20-minute movie narrated by Kevin Costner will blow away visitors as they learn about all aspects of the park they will want to explore. It should entice visitors to stay longer and experience more of all the park has to offer.