Saturday, September 3, 2016

More from KC & MW's July concert tour...

Tanya Manriquez Lujan commented: Kevin Costner! I looked like crap, so no selfie with him! (Posted July 18th)

bmilsonmusic: Welcome to #westtexas #kevincostnermodernwest! Good times tonight! #tincup #bulldurham #openrange #fortheloveofthegame #theuntouchables #danceswithwolves #somanyothers #badass (Posted July 19th)

Amber Michelle commented: I already loved him, now I really really really love him! ❤️❤️❤️ Kevin Costner in concert was just fun! (Posted July 19th)

Michelle Smith McKenzie commented: I REALLY liked Kevin Costner before last night. Now I not only really like him, I respect him and am very, very impressed with him as a human being! He was personal, caring, sweet, and patriotic. OH YES, he loves his momma! We had an enjoyable time at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center. (Posted July 20th)

shaena_wollaston:#kevincostnermodernwest (Posted July 21st)

shaena_wollaston: #kevincostnermodernwest awesome concert! @phantom_eagle_6 (Posted July 21st)

chuckbush_official: Where am I? How's this for a clue? #kevincostnermodernwest where are you? (Posted July 23rd)

x3suga_skullsx3#kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #gruenehall #texas #98degrees so much fun but it was waaaayyy too hot Kevin Costner rocks tho (Posted July 24th)

angeilah: KEVIN COSTNER--what an amazing person, inside & out--thank you for making the journey to Ardmore--good music, good stories, good times!! @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnermodernwest @twofrogsgrill #twofrogsgrill #music #goodtimes #storyteller #livemusic #ardmore (Posted July 26th)

lexieemakeup: Last night I met one of my heroes and a true inspiration. Thank you @kevincostnermodernwest for a fantastic show and for sharing your gift of story telling with the world (Posted July 25th)

Donna Miller King commented: Can't believe I got to meet Kevin Costner last week. What an amazing time he is a super nice guy. It seems still like a dream. What an amazing guy, Thanks Kevin Costner!! (Posted July 30th)

jenniferlynnelefler: Yes that is Kevin Costner looking right at me and thanking me for coming to his concert. Love him. #kevincostnermodernwest (Posted July 31st)

Lynda Rhodes commented: At El Dorado Municipal Auditorium. (Posted August 20th)

Catherine Gray ‏@catherinegray76 tweeted: Our awesome #USMM staff last wknd! I'm honored to serve on the board as the Five Civilized Tribes rep. #kevincostner (Posted August 25th)

kristymae13: #kevincostnerandmodernwest #lovehim (Posted August 16th)

amandabeatyphotographyLast @kevincostnermodernwest photo, promise! But having a little fun with the photos today. #kevincostner #livemusic #kevincostnerandmodernwest (Posted July 24th)

amandabeatyphotography2016 has been the summer of live music. By far, my favorite show was @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnerandmodernwest #kevincostner (Posted August 15th)

More photos by Amanda Beaty:

El Dorado News-Times photo:

Paula Whitten commented: It's Kevin Costner (Posted July 22nd)

Lisa Vance commented: I did get to shake his hand and say hello. Great show! Really enjoyed his music and dialogues. Just as handsome as everr! (Posted July 23rd)

Clark Hale photos:

Britni Case photos:

Cheryl Wilson photo:

Alexander Jeffery commented: When you're 3 feet from Kevin Costner! Awesome show! (Posted July 22nd)

Amy Jackson Martindill videos:

Steve Jenkins photos:

Steve Jenkins commented: So we're having dinner at Fayrays on the square in El Dorado. Told our waitress "we're going to see Kevin Costner tonight". She said, "He had lunch here today. I had my picture made with him". I said, "text it to me". Everybody bragged on how nice and down to earth he was. (Posted July 22nd)

April Wimberly Jones photos:

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