Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tweets, pictures and video of Kevin's tribute to Vin Scully...

sylpr - Sylvia Rivera Jauregui: Kevin Costner listo para el homenaje a Vin Scully en @dodgers stadium.

Tommy Hollywood ‏@threejay3 tweeted: Kevin Costner may have just gotten a louder ovation than Sandy Koufax #VIN

Laura G ‏@LaurasMiscMovie tweeted: This is too great, besides Sandy Koufax, Jaime Jarrin & greats, they have Kevin Costner of FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME which featured Vinnie.

Tisha Lozano ‏@tishalozano tweeted: Kevin Costner just walked out. Favorite Coster film is For The Love Of The Game. SO UNEXPECTEDLY EMOTIONAL! PERFECT | #VinScullyDay

Megan Dagger ‏@megobits tweeted: Uh oh now I want to watch Kevin Costner sports movies. #VinScullyDay

Jason Hagman ‏@Jason_Hagman tweeted: "We will miss you my friend, on our radios, in our cars, in our backyard...You invited us to pull up a chair." --Kevin Costner

Greg Sands ‏@bigblaster22 tweeted: Oh my God. Kevin Costner is speaking and they are playing the music from “Field of Dreams.”

Sara ‏@Rose1244Sara tweeted: Kevin Costner

Vincent Samperio ‏@VinceSamperio tweeted: Jeez, Costner is straight up killing it right now. Preach, Kevin. Preach.

Michael J. Duarte ‏@michaeljduarte tweeted: Kevin Costner is getting Vin. Not a dry eye in the house. #VinScullyDay #ThankYouVin #WinForVin

Chris ‏@chris310949 tweeted: Kevin Costner bringing Waterworld to Dodger Stadium through everyone's EYES

Jason Bornstein ‏@DyHrdMET tweeted: wow. Kevin Costner might win the Academy Award for his speech at #VinScullyNight. sounds like something out of Field of Dreams but real. (Manhattan, NY)

Kyndall Freer ‏@KyndallFreer tweeted: This Kevin Costner speech about Vin Scully is right out of an epic sports movie and has me in freakin' tears

Ana ‏@SoCalKindOfGal tweeted: Why is Kevin Costner killing it on the mic right now. And why is his speech better than actual Dodgers?!!! #ThankYouVinπŸŽ™

rickbozich ‏@rickbozich tweeted: Kevin Costner to Vin Scully: "We couldn't be Kirk. We couldn't be Sandy. But somehow you put us all in the batter's box."

Jason Bornstein ‏@DyHrdMET tweeted: I'm almost expecting ghosts of @Dodgers past to come through the OF wall at Dodger Stadium during Kevin Costner's speech. #VinScullyNight (Manhattan, NY)

Raider junkie ‏@Rj58Rene tweeted: Kevin Costner delivering a great speech for Vin Scully

shane ‏@SKroker42 tweeted: This Kevin Costner speech for Vin is incredible

Richard Justice ‏@richardjustice tweeted: "When we were at a loss for words, you were Norman Rockwell painting the clearest of pictures."--Kevin Costner

desiree gonzalez ‏@DESgonz11 tweeted: Kevin Costner has a way with words...

-________- ‏@gvedak tweeted: This Kevin Costner fellow is pretty good at public speaking.

The Stray Goat 🐐 ‏@thestraygoat tweeted: Kevin Costner bringing the whole stadium to tears man. This is beautiful.

Andy Madore ‏@Andy_Madore tweeted: Listening to Kevin Costner talk about Vin Scully with the Field of Dreams theme song in the background is absolutely incredible. #ThanksVin

Dodger Blue ‏@DodgerBlue1958 tweeted: Kevin Costner: "You tricked us into thinking you were just a sports announcer, when really you were a poet." #VinScullyDay

J.P. ‏@77jparra tweeted: Kevin Costner just made me cry. Thank you for your beautiful words. We all love Vin.

Cee ‏@CrazyCee222 tweeted: Even though no one could have his voice, wouldn't it be great if they made a movie about Vin and Kevin Costner played him.... πŸ’™#dodgers

Bryce Bratton ‏@TheGrizzKing_22 tweeted: Kevin Costner you couldn't of said it better. #ThankYouVin

Angela C. Ovalle ‏@Angela_Ovalle tweeted: Whoever wrote Kevin Costner's remarks for #VinScullyDay needs to be recognized. They've perfectly captured why and how much we love Vin.

eric ‏@Eric_mendiveles tweeted: Kevin Costner's speech to Vin is iconic

toontown booze jay ‏@7lip tweeted: I was well on my way to pissing all over Kevin Costner making a speech on Vin Scully day, but damn if he isn't killing it & cutting onions.

Bruce Nasby ‏@bnasby tweeted: If you are not listening to Kevin Costner giving a tribute to Vin Sully right now you are missing something special @Dodgers wow !!!!

Steven @steviemanic tweeted: So glad I was here #vin #dodgers

Michelle Lopez ‏@MLopezCJUSD tweeted: Kevin Costner called Vin a "gift to L.A. and baseball itself." That describes Vin perfectly! #ThankYouVin

Steph ‏@stephe_22 tweeted: All the awards for Kevin Costner. What an amazing job encompassing how the fans feel. #VinScullyDay #VIN #Dodgers

Scott Salerno ‏@sasalerno tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner's tribute to Vin Scully is absolutely amazing...not a dry eye in Dodger Stadium

Lions 1-1 ‏@DatDudeGG tweeted: This speech by kevin Costner man. Great speech

Richard Villalobos ‏@djrv562 tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner honor Vin Scully. What a time to be alive! #VinScully #Dodgers #NobodyDoesItBetter

Richard Justice ‏@richardjustice tweeted: "Your name is spoken with a reverence reserved for only the greatest of players."--Kevin Costner on Vin Scully.

Kat Cressida ‏@KatCressida tweeted: ... and now - #FieldOfDreams ✨ STAR ✨ ... KEVIN #COSTNER 🌟🌟🌟 Praising #VIN

Adrian Cheddie ‏@adriancheddie tweeted: Listening to Kevin Costner talk about Vin Scully w/ the Field of Dreams theme song in the background is absolutely incredible. #Emotional

Patti Shea ‏@pattijshea tweeted: Kevin Costner's best baseball role yet! #VinScullyDay

Annie Canada ‏@anniejcanada tweeted: Hey Kevin Costner #VinScullyDay

CoronaLime ‏@CoronaLimeDFS tweeted: "You were really a poet, a wordsmith." "We're down to our last three outs with you." - Kevin Costner on #Vin Scully

Christopher Ledezma ‏@Chris_Ledezma tweeted: Damn you Kevin Costner!!! Making my allergies act up like you do in Field of Dreams.

Justin Russo ‏@FlyByKnite tweeted: Kevin Costner is flat out delivering an all time great speech to honor Vin Scully.

Russ James ‏@RussGJames tweeted: This Kevin Costner tribute for Vin Scully is the most eloquent sports moment I have ever witnessed. #VinScullyDay #tears

Joe Flint ‏@JBFlint tweeted: I want Kevin Costner to deliver my eulogy.

Ken Bud Sothman ‏@KenSothman tweeted: I hope that Hawk Harrelson gets the Kevin Costner treatment. Goodness gracious this Vin Scully ceremony is fantastic.

Stuart Horne ‏@Coach_Stu_Horne tweeted: ... Kevin Costner just hit a Grand Slam with his speech about #VinScully at the @Dodgers #VinScullyDay ceremony #epic ...

RoCo ‏@Roxielady62 tweeted: OMG #KevinCostner is speaking in #VinScullyDay ceremony

Justin McGinnis ‏@JustinJMcGinnis tweeted: This Kevin Costner tribute to Vin Scully is absolutely incredible.

BUCKSTER ‏@cfbuckster tweeted: I need to know who wrote this speech that #kevincostner is giving. It's awesome #VinScullyDay

Carissa Blades ‏@CarissaBlades tweeted: Field of dreamin he was the nominee @kevincostner looking presidential

Cardinal Girl ‏@CardinalHaiku tweeted: Kevin Costner - "you called my imaginary name in my imaginary perfect game and nobody can ever take that away" #VinScullyDay #DearVin

Tatiana Guyer ‏@TaniaGuyer tweeted: "...a poet, a wordsmith..." Kevin Costner's ode to #VinScully at #DodgerStadium. πŸ˜ͺ⚾️ @Dodgers #MLBmemorybank @modernwest

Stacey Murillo ‏@Tety2131 tweeted: "Don't blame us for trying to push the sun into the sky one more time." Perfection. #VinScully #KevinCostner #VinScullyDay

Michael J. Duarte ‏@michaeljduarte tweeted: Dodger Stadium Kevin Costner bring the tears...>

Chris Fischer ‏@ChrisFischer07 tweeted: What an incredible speech by Kevin Costner in the Vin Scully tribute #Dodgers

Jim Alexander ‏@Jim_Alexander tweeted: Great line from Kevin Costner to Vin: "Shame on us if you ever have to buy another meal in public."

Frank ‏@FrankTalkLA tweeted: Kevin Costner has me wiping my eyes on the bathroom section at Target. #VinScullyDay

Steven Flowers ‏@Storm195324 tweeted: Thank you Kevin Costner for you have said what everyone else feels about the great Mr.Vin Scully.

Shani ‏@shani_3 tweeted: Kevin Costner: "To have Vin Scully call your's something close to heaven" #vinscullyday

Moses Massena ‏@MosesMassena16 tweeted: Kevin Costner is an outstanding public speaker in tributes...I remember his eulogy at Whitney Houston's funeral...but tonight w/Vin #perfect

CJ ‏@cj572 tweeted: Kevin Costner gave an amazing & emotional speech for #VinScully tonight!!

Ellen K ‏@officialellenk tweeted: bawling @Dodgers #VinScullyDay #kevincostner

M.Rosenfeld MSW MRAS ‏@maevro tweeted: #KevinCostner Introduces #Vin at #Dodgers #Stadium #MLB

Tony Chip ™ ‏@chipper39 tweeted: #VinceScully honored before the #Dodgers game by #KevinCostner #Vincent Edward "Vin" Scully is is an American #sportscaster, best known as the play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers #MLB team. He has been with the team since its days in #Brooklyn. 67 #Years way to go #Vin

Brian Martin @TheBMartin tweeted: I saw many people questioning Kevin Costner being part of this Vin Scully tribute. Talk about throwing a perfect game. #forloveofthegame

Sara Shier ‏@sarashishi tweeted: Kevin Costner got the entire Shier tavern crying right now #ThankYouVin (San Clarita, CA)

Erin Maher ‏@theerinmaher tweeted: @KayReindl I also stood up when Kevin Costner asked us to. I am at home. Heh.

A Distant Mentality ‏@shilohCpsyd tweeted: Who knew #kevincostner would deliver the greatest speech in history? #VIN @Dodgers

CommuterTheMovie ‏@CommuterMovie tweeted: This Vin Scully send off speech by Kevin Costner is killing me. #ByeVin

Tisha Lozano ‏@tishalozano tweeted: Hey Dodger Sports Announcer: Kevin Costner didn't 'bring the Hollywood flair'. He's a homeboy. He grew up w/ #VIN like we all did. #locals

Ethan Luck ‏@ethanluck tweeted: Of course, Kevin Costner would deliver the best farewell speech ever. #ThankYouVin

Maureen Kris ‏@MaureenKris1 tweeted: .@LADodgersHQ @NBCNews @CBSLA @MayorOfLA @Rep_JaniceHahn @kevincostner 5th grade (1960s) when Larry Rein brought his scratchy transister radio to class and Mr. Kobayashi allowed us to ROAR with Vin! (New York, USA)

Tori Langlois ‏@ToriMLanglois tweeted: And the Oscar goes to... Kevin Costner! #VinScullyDay

Dreamliner Z7z ‏@gerardo_zubieta tweeted: Glad I had my old ShamWao towels during Kevin Costner's perfect #VinScullyDay speech or my house would have been flooded.

Morton Bros ‏@MortonBros tweeted: What an evening to visit @Dodgers #vincescully #67years #retirement amazing atmosphere #kevincostner

Samantha Sontag ‏@sontaglpssa tweeted: Kevin Costner's speech in honor of #VinScully is perfection!

Wesley Ryan ‏@WRDinc tweeted: When Tom Hanks said, "there's no crying in baseball," he wasn't counting on that #KevinCostner farewell speech to #VinScully

Vance Peterson ‏@vance_peterson tweeted: Bravo Kevin Costner at Vin Scully tribute tonight. Brilliant!!

Stephen Magnet ‏@Beatledude64 tweeted: Kevin Costner, star of Water World, was at the game

Dodger Insider ‏@DodgerInsider tweeted: In case you doubted it, Kevin Costner wrote his #VIN speech himself, it has been confirmed to me.

Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers tweeted: "We will miss you on our radio, in our cars and in our backyard. You've been a gift to Los Angeles and baseball itself." -Kevin Costner

Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers tweeted: "You're our George Bailey, and it has been a wonderful life." -Kevin Costner

Costner on Scully's legacy: Actor Kevin Costner discusses the legacy of Vin Scully during a ceremony to honor the long-time announcer

theScore ‏@theScore tweeted: Kevin Costner delivers tear-jerking farewell speech for Vin Scully.

Picture: Kevin Costner pays tribute to Vin Scully with emotional speech at Dodger Stadium

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