Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kevin attends the MBA Convention in Boston, Massachusetts...

Beantown Swing Orchestra at Hynes Convention Center. Playing for tradeshow with Kevin Costner, Jim Rice, Jason Varitek, and Tom Caron in the house! Tried to get Kevin Costner to sing with us, but he politely turned us down. (Posted October 23rd)

The Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts website:

daltoncelliott - Dalton C. Elliott: The man. The myth. The legend. Mr. Kevin Costner. #kevincostner #mortgagebankersassociation (Hynes Convention Center) (Posted October 24th)

Charlie Johnson: I'm listening to Kevin Costner give a speech about the mortgage business! (Posted October 24th)

Zak Kittle ‏@zak_kittle tweeted: When I'm in class, and my dad is chilling with Kevin Costner in Boston... what the heck. (Posted October 24th)

Zak Kittle ‏@zak_kittle tweeted: Why do my parents do this to me? They friends with Kevin Costner now or something?!!!? Haha (Posted Occtober 24th)

just dill ‏@double_dill tweeted: I've seen Kevin Costner 3 times since I've been in Boston... he needs to stop stalking me SMH (Posted October 24th)

Kevin Ells ‏@kevinells tweeted: Just had a chat with Kevin Costner. Super nice dude. (Posted October 24th)

FlorMaria ‏@Flower_Marie_ tweeted: @modernwest when you walk by Kevin Costner and you forgot how to walk. Oh Boston, I love this place (Posted October 24th)

Ron Rinner ‏@RonRinnerJr tweeted: Today's highlights: slept in a bit, met Kevin Costner, fought off FaceBook account hack. #random (Posted October 24th)

Maya Patel 🍂 ‏@mayyaa_13 tweeted: MY UNCLE MET KEVIN COSTNER AND IS INVITED TO HIS PARTY!!!! I'M CRYING I'M SO JEALOUS (Posted October 24th)

Connor Brady ‏@Connor_Brady35 tweeted: My mom just met crash Davis aka Kevin Costner in Boston and I'm writing a paper.... (Posted October 24th)

Maya Patel 🍂 ‏@mayyaa_13 tweeted: my uncle is currently partying w kevin costner why (Posted October 24th)

powerrinse - Jake Butikofer: Robin Hood. Man in tights. #kevincostner (The Lenox Hotel) (Posted October 24th)

The Lenox Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts website:

matthewtmackey - Matthew Mackey: Chillin with my Boy Kevin!! (The Lenox Hotel) (Posted October 24th)

Daniel Miller: What are you all doing? I'm not doing too much, just hanging with Kevin Costner, chatting about a possible role in Water World 2! I'm at a party with him. we are at a lounge having a drink. He was so chill. No entourage, no security, just him having a drink and chatting. (The Lenox Hotel) (Posted October 24th)

Shirley Snyder: Leave it to my cousin Michael. In Boston for work and runs into Kevin Costner. Awesome Michael!! (Posted October 24th)

Marisa Calderon: What a great day in my new favorite city, #Boston. So excited to have a chance to meet Kevin Costner, even with the random photobomber. (Posted October 24th)

John Bell: Dinner party with STEARNS GROUP and Kevin Costner. .. at The Lenox Hotel (Posted October 24th)

Emilio Belial: My kid sister (antichrist Gina Mojica) just came home with really expensive dessert treats from the fancy hotel she works at in Boston. She served Kevin Costner and we ate their dense brownies leftovers. I got his probiotics from his breath I hope. Feeling Dank~ (Posted October 25th)

Mark Cunningham: Had a drink with Kevin Costner last night. Very cool guy ...mostly talked about a few of his movies. He is very easy going to talk to. Nice guy. (Posted October 25th)

Shaun McCrary ‏@ShaunMMcCrary tweeted: Kevin Costner is in the bar with me right now in Boston. #tincup (Posted 6:05pm October 25th)

ProFund Mortgage ‏@ProFundMortgage tweeted: When you get to meet #KevinCostner at the #MBAannual16 ✨💫 #ProFundMortgage #team #lending #mortgagebrokers #workfun #realestate #Boston (Posted October 25th)

MortgageProfessional ‏@NatlMortgagePro tweeted: Kevin Costner and Glenn Stearns at 2016 MBA Annual: Kevin Costner and Glenn Stearns, Founding Investors of Lender Price are interviewed by Andrew T. Berman at 2016 MBA Annual (Posted October 25th)

Nicholas Caloggero: Randomly just met Kevin Costner leaving work. (Posted October 25th)

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