Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pictures and videos from past KC & MW concerts...

silkon70: Kevin Costner Modern West 2009 20/10 #kevincostner #modernwest #konzert #bremen #musicaltheater (Posted May 18, 2016)

SUSA ‏@Susagirlhere tweeted: SUSA & KEVIN COSTNER (Hendersonville, TN) (Posted July 8th)

Kris Allen Scheppler ‏@mommakris38 tweeted: It's been four long years since I've seen your face! I'll be in ClearLake Stop by!! #surfballroom #KevinCostner (Posted July 13th)

Judy Turner commented: Kevin Costner singing "Mr. Tambourine Man" at the Indiana State Fair. Doesn't sing badly and still looks good! (Posted August 11, 2013)

Brenda Turner Ingraham commented: Great concert at the fair given by Kevin Costner . It was awesome to see him in this capacity... Up close and personal and not in a movie! (Posted August 8, 2013)

Linda Marie Turner commented: Kevin Costner (Posted February 2, 2009)

Kimberley Humphries-Turner commented: Kevin Costner and I in the Bahamas!!! (September 24, 2012)

Kimberley Humphries-Turner commented: So glad my favorite actor finally got an Emmy after all these years! Well deserved Kev!!! I got a chance to meet him personally at Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas (Posted September 24, 2012)

alyamusic: Ahh look even Kevin Costner likes golden champagne from Radgonske Gorice (Posted June 29th)

bellyuptavern: #kevincostnerandmodernwest #ifyoubuildittheywillcome (Posted August 11, 2015)

Judd White commented: Randy Travis hanging out with us in Ardmore, OK Heritage Hall #kevincostnerandmodernwest (Posted April 12, 2015)

karen ‏@karenlt65 tweeted: 8-26-16 Poplarville ms #KevinCostner (Posted October 11th)

Tanit Koch: Der mit der Gitarre tanzt. Kevin Costner & @modernwest in concert #berlin (Posted July 8, 2014)

Ashley Rainosek: Kevin Costner at Coushatta Louisiana!!!! #kevincostner #concert #awesome (Posted July 27, 2013)

Gabrielle Desiree: Kevin Costner whaaa? Alex Nancarrow (Posted August 8, 2013)

Alex Nancarrow: at Indiana State Fairgrounds Kevin Costner and Modern West playing Mr. Tambourine Man (Posted August 9, 2013)

DiamondDRE: Kevin Costner playing guitar at the #HouseOfBlues #diamonddre at House of Blues New Orleans (Posted August 4, 2013)

EmElleOh: Kevin Costner & Modern West!!!! (Posted April 27, 2014)

Madison Colflesh: #kevincostner #concert #casino #music #fun #memories (Posted July 27, 2013)

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