Monday, November 14, 2016

Kevin attends 'Hidden Figures' screening at Fox Studio Lot...

andyfd - Andy Luk: Well my day started pretty good. #kevincostner was so nice. #danceswithwolves #autograph (Posted November 13th)

beckweening - Rebecca: Just as handsome in person! I'd say my morning has been pretty amazing! #wellworthwakingat450am #KevinCostner #Crushing #yyztolax #lax #ageswell (Posted November 13th)

glyniscostin - glyniscostin: Just checking out the sweet vintage ride from the film #HiddenFigures with @ladesign14 at a screening and after party tonight. This is a great, true story about three African American women mathematicians who helped launch America's first men in space & the sexism and racism they had to overcome to do so. #Girlpower #timelythemes @therealoctaviaspencer @janellemonae #tarajiphenson @glenpowell #KevinCostner Official review coming soon. (Fox Studio Lot) (Posted November 13th)

Jason Sperling ‏@jasonsperling__ tweeted: Still wiping a tear or two as moderator @nicsperling chats w/ @HiddenFigures cast Kevin Costner, @octaviaspencer @JanelleMonae @jimparsons (Posted November 13th)

Jason Sperling ‏@jasonsperling__ tweeted: "If Kathryn Johnson dealt w/ de facto racism & sexism in 60s to put men in space we'll deal w/ 4 yrs of Trump @octaviaspencer @HiddenFigures (Posted November 13th)

elisabeth sereda ‏@elisabethsereda tweeted: Wow, blown away and moved to tears by #HiddenFigures @octaviaspencer @JanelleMonae @TherealTaraji #KevinCostner (Posted November 13th)

Felicia Dunn commented: Fun evening with Kevin Costner at 20th Century Fox Studios for the screening of the movie HIDDEN FIGURES! What an amazing movie!! A very touching, true and untold story, left me in tears! Brilliant work needed for a time such as this! (Posted November 13th)

lolornamarieb - Lorna: Cast of the incredible film #HiddenFigures 💜 Please go out there and support this film and its important telling of American history! It was so emotional realizing that there are hundreds or thousands of women whose stories we don't know because they were excluded from the history books. Let's change that. (Zanuck Theater at the Fox Lot) (Posted November 13th)

marilynlondonsworld - Marilyn London: Wow this movie was amazing! True story 🤗 #HiddenFigures #Movies #Actors #hollywood #LA #sagaftra #Acting (Posted November 13th)

indigomac - India R. McGee: They never taught me about these women in school, sometimes you learn more from #story time than #history class...#hiddenfigures (Posted November 13th)

Josh L. Dickey ✔ @JLDlite tweeted: I counted 10 spontaneous applause outbursts during HIDDEN FIGURES tonight, more than the last 100 movies I've seen combined (Posted November 13th)

felinoel_fitnutrimode - Felicia: Fun evening at 20th Century Fox Studios for the screening of the movie Hidden Figures! What an amazing movie!! A Very touching, the true and untold story left me in tears! Brilliant work needed for a time such as this! (Posted November 14th)

Brooke Somer Jones ‏@Brookej1313 tweeted: "Hidden Figures" 🚀 #hiddenfiguresmovie #kevincostner #jimparsons #octaviaspencer #janellemonae #glenpowell #kimberlyquinn #theodoremelfi (Posted November 14th)

officialsethcarr - Seth Carr: I'm so lucky for all the experiences I get to have, but I also love learning things along the way, watching great actors tell great stories🎬🎬🎬! "Hidden Figures" (Posted November 14th)

aungelique2015 - AUNGELIQUE SCOTT: I had an outstanding experience at the screening of Hidden Figures directed by Theodore Melfi! Stellar performances by the cast starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner, Jim Parsons, Glen Powell, Kristen Dunst along with Kimberly Quinn. It was a great pleasure meeting and speaking with Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner, Glen Powell and Jim Parsons who were so kind, humble, personable and wonderful!! (Posted November 14th)

Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe Tear Up During Q&A for Hidden Figures by Sasha Stone November 14, 2016

TODAY’s Al Roker sits down with the three actresses, who discuss their relationships on and off set, and he also speaks to their co-stars Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons.

Isabel Wagner, PhD ‏@wagner_isabel tweeted: What an amazing movie & story #Hiddenfigures !#OctaviaSpencer #KevinCostner #TarajiHenson #jimparsons #KirstenDunst (Posted November 14th)

Maria Elena Heredia ‏@MariaEHeredia tweeted: With kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #screening of hiddenfiguresmovie #actorslife (Posted November 14th)

littlengoc - Ngoc Nguyen: HIDDEN FIGURES is a beautiful, uplifting and heartwarming film based on the true story of three brilliant African American women who worked at NASA and were crucial to its success in launching astronauts into space. I love that it shines a light on these amazing women, but what also struck me were some of the male characters and how, in their own subtle but very significant ways, championed these women at a time when it wasn't popular to do so.... (Posted November 14th)

thejsherman - Justin Sherman: Enjoyed an illuminating q&a with the cast and writer/director of @hiddenfiguresmovie. Thank you so much again for telling this extraordinary and inspiring true story!!! #hiddenfigures (Posted November 14th)

Hali Burton commented: Screening last night of Hidden Figures at Fox Studios. Really fine film of a subject most of us did not know: during the early days of the Space Race, many African American women were hired by NASA as "computers", before we had the machines. Just wonderful and inspiring... (Posted November 14th)

larrydimayuga - Larry Boy: With one of the greatest actors of all-time, Kevin Costner #KevinCostner (Posted November 14th)

Hidden Figures early reactions: Taraji P. Henson storms the Oscar race by Joey Nolfi November 14, 2016

Jenny Cooney ‏@JennyCooney tweeted: What do #KevinCostner & #PharrellWilliams have in common? Great new movie #HiddenFigures I got to chat to both about #happymeeting (Posted November 1st)

munawarhp - Munawar Hosain: #kevincostner and #pharellwilliams talking about their new film #hiddenfigures

Natalie Portman to Get Hollywood Actress Award for 'Jackie' by Gregg Kilday October 26, 2016 Excerpt: Janelle Monae will receive the Hollywood Spotlight Award for her role as a NASA mathematician in Hidden Figures...

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: Kevin Costner & MW Retweeted Hollywood Reporter: Congratulations @JanelleMonae! (Posted November 7th)

Janelle Monáe, Cindi ‏@JanelleMonae tweeted: Kevin Costner & MW Thank so much #KevinCostner! It was such an honor shooting with you! #hiddenfigures @modernwest (Posted November 7th)

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