Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kevin heads back to Toronto for 'Molly's Game' filming...

Learn2 ‏@Learn2Solutions tweeted: Kevin Costner boarding in front of us on flight back to Toronto. USA continue to send us your best. (Posted November 19th)

Filmmaker will be at Bayview-Belsize starting on Monday November 19, 2016

Lavenue Bistro ‏@lavenuebistro tweeted: Hope to see you @modernwest Kevin Costner for lunch at @lavenuebistro or dinner @valdisereTO on the break between the sets on Bayview (Posted November 21st)

L'Avenue Bistro, 1568 Bayview Ave., Toronto, Ontario:    http://www.lavenuebistro.com/

Val d'Isere, 1581 Bayview Ave Toronto, Ontario:    http://www.dine.to/val-disere/website

More Actors Join Cast of “Molly’s Game” By Earl Burton November 13, 2016

Linda Fitzgerald Souccar commented: Kevin Costner is shooting a movie on my sisters street in Toronto. The name of the movie is Molly. Cool! The DeCarlos across the street (Posted November 9th)

Shayne Johnston commented: Mr Kevin Costner is also here filming today, busy little neighbourhood (Toronto-Dominion Centre) (Posted November 12th)

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