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More of Kevin in 'Hidden Figures' interviews...

Extra Butter: Taraji P Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae Preview ‘Hidden Figures’ BlogXilla, Entertainment Editor December 21, 2016 Xilla Valentine sat down with the cast for the latest episode of Extra Butter

Hidden Figures Interviews: Working for Costner by Rotten Tomatoes Published on Dec 22, 2016 - Mark Seman talks to Jim Parsons about whether Kevin Costner would make a good boss, and Pharrell Williams describes meeting Katherine Johnson.

VIDEO: Celebrities: Pharrell Williams and Kevin Costner Get Deep About Racism in America

'Hidden Figures' Cast Discuss Race, Gender Issues Broached in Critically Acclaimed Film By Eric Hinton and Nina Lin December 22, 2016

Kevin Costner Gets Candid About Hidden Figures, Racism, and Rewriting His Role By Kyle Buchanan December 23, 2016

‘Hidden Figures’ and the journey to celebrate NASA’s black female pioneers BY Nsikan Akpan December 23, 2016 Excerpt: Kevin Costner, who plays a forward-thinking NASA director, lamented that Katherine Johnson’s contributions remained outside the mainstream as America’s first rides into space were cemented into history. But he viewed Hidden Figures as a turning point. “You’d like to think the best ideas are getting to the top. I think the beauty of our movie is that when you’re done watching it, you can realize that, well, the best idea got to the top,” Costner said.

Vicki McKellar ‏@VickiPMcKellar tweeted: Just watched Hidden Figures. ... absolutely brilliant, starring @octaviaspencer Taraji P Henson, @JanelleMonae and Kevin Costner. (Posted December 24th)

kendra4peace - Kendra Patterson: #hiddenfigures­čÜÇ is out in select theaters today. If it's near you, go check it out! (Posted December 24th)

Jessica Radloff Verified account ‏@JRadloff tweeeted: Thoroughly enjoyed an early screener of @HiddenFigures tonight, and especially any and all scenes w/@TherealTaraji & #KevinCostner. #Magic (Posted December 24th)

damon.valley - DAMONVALLEY: This new movie, @hiddenfiguresmovie, is pure magic! Such a beautiful and relevant film. #hiddenfigures #movie (Posted December 25th)

Tracy Dawson ‏@DawsonTracy tweeted: Mom, I know you read my tweets so please go see Hidden Figures. Not only is it amazing and powerful, but Kevin Costner is in it so... (Posted December 26th)

Seth Fradkoff ‏@sethyny tweeted: Oh I adored @HiddenFigures great performances from @TherealTaraji @octaviaspencer @JanelleMonae and #KevinCostner. Laughed. Cried. Learned. (Posted December 26th)
ritaora - Rita Ora: When the Bodyguard comes to life (Posted December 7th)

20th Century Fox commented: Kevin Costner is NASA director Al Harrison in the incredible true story behind the US space program in HIDDEN FIGURES. In cinemas FEB 22 in Phillipines (Posted December 26th)

Kellindo Parker commented: With Kevin Cosner for the private screening of the new Janelle Mon├íe film "Hidden Figures." I'm a big Kevin Costner fan! This film is a MUST SEE! Amazing cast! (New York) (Posted December 11th)

Bob Jacobs commented: Academy Award winner Kevin Costner speaks with reporters at DC's Hidden Figures event. (Posted December 15th)

Washington Post was live: We're live at the red carpet of "Hidden Figures," waiting to talk to stars including Pharell Williams, Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson, Jonelle Monae and Kevin Costner. (Posted December 14th)

Lisa McRee commented: Oscar watch has begun..and if you want to end this year (or begin the next one) on a High Note, trust me, see HIDDEN FIGURES!!! Watched tonight with Don, my mom (who remembers the era well), and my math-magician daughter Kate and we are all Over the Moon about it! Btw, it's a good reminder that what makes America great has been here for a while... (Posted December 27th)

The Costner Touch Is All About Not Showing Effort by Jeffrey Wells December 20, 2016

Amc Healing Tarot pictures:

Joan T. Wright commented: Janelle Monae and Kevin Costner from the cast of "Hidden Figures." Also, my thanks to Keanna my daughter for taking some great photos. (Posted December 15th)

Bolly e Cia. ‏@bollyecia tweeted: #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ com #TarajiPHenson #OctaviaSpencer #JanelleMon├íe #KevinCostner #KirstenDunst. Estreia 19.Jan.(Br) #EstrelasAl├ęmDoTempo (Posted December 28th)

Hidden Figures commented: See the film that critics are raving about, now playing in select theaters and everywhere January 6. 'Hidden Figures' tickets:

melvinjacksonjr - Melvin Jackson Jr: Had the pleasure of going to an advance screening of 20th century Fox's "Hidden Figures" about a month and half ago. (Posted December 26th)

melvinjacksonjr - Melvin Jackson Jr: If you have not seen "Hidden Figures" yet then you need to go and support the film!! Everyone in this film did a phenomenal job. Kevin Costner and Janelle Monae were amazing. Shout out to my home girl Crystal Lee Brown @crystalleebrown for doing a great job in the film as well. (Posted December 26th)

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Kevin on 'Charlie Rose' and other interviews...

VIDEO: 'Hidden Figures' Monday 12/19/2016 A look at “Hidden Figures,” which tells the true story of three African American women working at NASA in the 1960s, with director Ted Melfi and actors Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, and Kevin Costner.

missvalnoble - missvalnoble: Watch the cast of @hiddenfiguresmovie on @charlierose Tonight!! Find out how inspired, the real story of the ladies of NASA, made the cast feel as they were shooting movie! (Posted December 19th)

Steve Cochran Full Show 12.21.16: Dean Richards takes over by Mary Sandberg December 21, 2016 Excerpt: We heard some A-List interviews from Kevin Costner, Jim Parsons, and Dick Van Dyke. (Kevin starts at 1:40:23)

HIDDEN FIGURES Interview: Taraji, Jim Parsons, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Costner, Janelle Mon├íe by Andrew Freund Published on Dec 20, 2016

Monae, Henson and Costner on race, gender equality by Associated Press Published on Dec 21, 2016

In the FOXlight: The 'Hidden Figures' Cast Sees Their Real-Life Counterparts as Heroes by Fox News Magazine Published on Dec 21, 2016

The Almighty Xilla ‏@BlogXilla tweeted: My guy @ModernWest #KevinCostner perfectly nails how #HiddenFigures can inspire change in everyone (Posted December 21st)

Picture and article: Kevin Costner almost passed on Hidden Figures role 21st Dec 16 | Entertainment News

rachelafitz20 - Rachel Fitz: #kevincostner is on @livekelly now!!!! (Posted December 19th)

HIDDEN FIGURES Cast Wants to Live in a World Where More Girls Can Be Scientists Posted by Victoria McNally on December 21, 2016 (Note: I had to view this video in Internet Explorer because the ads kept hid it and played over it in Firefox)

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Kevin on 'Live With Kelly' and 'Today Show' again...

kaykay ‏@kaylinhurley tweeted: My mom made us walk all the way back into Dicks sporting goods bc Kevin Costner walked in ­čśé­čÖä (Posted 12:26pm December 19th)

LIVE with Kelly - Kevin Costner with Kelly and Scott Wolf! (Posted December 19th)

Kevin Costner interview on Live with Kelly December 19, 2016 - Hidden Figures Alex Boss Published on Dec 19, 2016


Christina Sanders ‏@iamthepolichic tweeted: OMG -- #kevincostner on #livekelly just said something about "....cream rising in whatever form" made my morning!! America. Bless Us!!❤️

Kevin Costner: I wanted to make my ‘Hidden Figures’ role ‘meaningful’ Oscar winner Kevin Costner talks to Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about his role in the Golden Globe-nominated movie “Hidden Figures,” about three African-American women key to the early days of the U.S. space program. He reveals that his character in the film, a NASA administrator, is actually a composite of several real people and that he worked with the movie’s director to make the role “meaningful.”

Kevin Costner: HIDDEN FIGURES The Movie Times Published on Dec 19, 2016

Hidden Figures || Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons Interviews || SocialNews.XYZ Social News XYZ Published on Dec 19, 2016

Shilpi Niyogi Retweeted Theodore Melfi: This country will be fine as long as we remember it's not about race or class, it's about ability & contribution-Kevin Costner @charlierose

VIDEO: Octavia Spencer and Kevin Costner on the State of Diversity in Films: 'Diversity Starts When You're Casting Films' By Stephanie Petit December 20, 2016 Exerpt: Her Hidden Figures costar Kevin Costner says that the fact that their new movie about black women who helped launch the first American astronauts into space with their precise calculations was not about making a movie about race — it was simply a wonderful story. “This movie wasn’t made to satisfy somebody’s quotient,” the 61-year-old actor explains. “This movie was made because the script spoke to actors, the root material inspired a great writer and a great director, and a studio was brave enough to make it.”

VIDEO: EXCLUSIVES ‘Hidden Figures’ Cast Says Film Shines A Lights On #BlackGirlMagic & Gender Inequality By Jasmine Simpkins | December 20, 2016 Excerpt: “This does a different thing, and it does a thing that only movies can do,” added Costner. “It can inform us in a way and it can give us pause and make us look at our history, and we can still be entertained, but at the end go, we should have been doing this a long time ago. It’s going to reinforce peoples ideas that this is the way they need to be.”

Picture and Interview: Kevin Costner on “Hidden Figures” Posted by Nell Minow (Movie Mom) December 20, 2016

Pictures: White House Event Celebrating “Hidden Figures” in Space Exploration December 13, 2016

Alan Thicke Remembered at Star-Studded Memorial Hosted by Son Robin, Leonardo DiCaprio Among Those Attending Elisa Osegueda and Alex Ungerman December 19, 2016 Excerpt: Friends and family gathered on Sunday to honor Alan Thicke, who died at age 69 on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack while playing hockey at a skating rink in Burbank, California. A source tells ET that about 150 people attended the beautiful, heartfelt memorial service that took place at Thicke's ranch in Carpinteria, California, an oceanside city near Santa Barbara....Other celebrities in attendance included Kevin Costner, Barry Bonds, Luc Robitaille, David Foster and Paul Mitchell.

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'Hidden Figures' screened in Santa Barbara and interviews...

SBIFF ‏@SBIFF tweeted: Today at #SBIFF's Cinema Society we screened #HiddenFigures with #KevinCostner and #ElizabethGabler from @20thcenturyfox @HiddenFigures (Posted Decembe 17th)

sbfilmgeek - Roger Durling: We screened "Hidden Figures" and hosted Kevin Costner and Fox 2000 President Elizabeth Gabler. #thedurls #sbiff #kevincostner @hiddenfiguresmovie @20thcenturyfox (Riviera Theater) (Posted December 17th)

etalk ‏@etalkCTV tweeted: #JimParsons and #KevinCostner say #HiddenFigures is a work of art (Posted December 16th) Picture:

Jim Parsons & Kevin Costner Interview Hidden Figures by Published on Dec 16, 2016 - Kylie Erica Mar interviews Jim Parsons & Kevin Costner for Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures with NAACP: Congratulations to cast and filmmakers for the five #HiddenFiguress­čÜÇ NAACP Image Awards nominations! (Posted December 13th)

jdubbaw - Joe: There are many things I love about my job. #Perks are definitely in that bucket. Free tickets to see this movie #HiddenFigures before it comes out to theaters. The best part is we get to watch it at Space Center Houston. #nasa­čÜÇ #winning (Posted December 15th)

plotpointone - Erie: #hiddenfigures (Arclight Cinemas Hollywood) (Posted December 16th)

therealoctaviaspencer - Octavia Spencer: #Hardball w/ #ChrisMatthews #hiddenfigures (Posted December 14th)

thegrio - TheGrio: Candid Moment: Janelle Monae taking a snapchat video on Michelle Obama's cellphone while Kevin Costner tries to get to his seat. - Check out more moments from the #HiddenFigures screening on (Posted December 17th)

thegrio - TheGrio: Taraji P. Henson shares what she learned while playing Katherine Johnson after the #HiddenFigures screening at The White House (Posted December 16th)

'Hidden Figures' Golden Globe nominations:
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture: Octavia Spencer
Best Original Score - Motion Picture: Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Benjamin Wallfisch

SAG Award Nominations: Complete List By Seth Kelley
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role: Octavia Spencer, “Hidden Figures”
Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture: “Hidden Figures”

Jenelle Riley ‏@jenelleriley tweeted: Happy HIDDEN FIGURES ensemble and Octavia Spencer landed SAG nods, but was hoping for love for Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Costner... (Posted December 14th)

Kevin Costner: "Value ourselves beyond the colors" By Jack Tewksbury December 18, 2016

Only Film News ‏@OnlyFilm tweeted: New poster for #HiddenFigures (2016 film). #TarajiPHenson #KevinCostner. (Posted November 24th)

Diario Popular ‏@populardiario tweeted: ­čĹĆ Exclusivo | Kevin Costner: "Valorarnos m├ís all├í de los colores". Por Jack Tewksbury. (Posted December 18th)

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More of Kevin at the special screenings...

Mike Dias ‏@mikelwdias tweeted: @modernwest thanks for taking time to talk to my boys and family today. #KevinCostner is amazing guy! (Posted December 12th)

adorocinema - AdoroCinema: "And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will always love youuuuuuuu / Will always love you." Hoje foi dia do nosso editor @francisco_russo conversar com o eterno guarda-costas @kevincostnermodernwest. Ele est├í no elenco de Estrelas Al├ęm do Tempo. #estrelasal├ęmdotempo #hiddenfigures #oguardacostas #kevincostner #thebodyguard #iwillalwaysloveyou (Posted December 10th)

Nelson Aspen ‏@NelsonAspen tweeted: First time interviewing the bright and thoughtful Kevin Costner. Film icon and interesting guy. (Posted December 10th)

HIDDEN FIGURES interview with Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons by BlackTree TV Published on Dec 10, 2016

Picture: Kevin Costner dirigerà un altro western [EXCLUSIVE]! 10 dicembre 2016 - Adriano Ercolani Translated excerpt: A few hours ago we met in New York Kevin Costner for promotional interviews of the right to Count (Hidden Figures), in which she plays the NASA engineer Al Harrison. After questions about the (nice) Ted Melfi film, as last we held the most personal, and we asked him if he plans to direct another westerns, since the last time he did it with Borderland (2003) is one came out a wonderful movie. "Yes, I plan to make another one, and will be of enormous proportions. Certainly not a small project."


genevievenoel - Genevieve LeDoux: Capturing Costner. What a legend. My mom is gonna be so jelly. #kevincostner #legend #hiddenfigures­čÜÇ (Posted December 11th)

lcajh_lyon - LCAJH_Lyon: Late post of Saturday's events. Taraji at the New York Screening of #hiddenfigures while Terrence and Mira attended the Unforgettable Gala in Cali #tarajiphenson #octaviaspencer #janellemonae #kevincostner #terrencehoward #mirahoward #empire (Posted December 11th)

hiddenfiguresmovie - Hidden Figures: “We all get there together or we don’t get there at all.” @JanelleMonae, @TarajiPHenson, @KevinCostnerModernWest and @TheRealOctaviaSpencer at the #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ New York screening. (Posted December 10th)

harrisfaulkner - Harris Faulkner: Red Carpet Premier Reception with the stars of the #patriotic and #inspiring Movie @#hiddenfigures Opens Jan 6. Loved talking with you @therealoctaviaspencer @tarajiphenson and Kevin Costner. (Posted December 11th)

k.hana324 - I love Jim Parsons: #HiddenFigures (Posted December 11th)

glitter_gumbo - Blogger & News Media: 20th Century Fox and IBM presented a special screening screening of Hidden Figures in New York last night. View more photos from the Red Carpet on the blog now. #glittergumbo #houstonblogger #newyork #redcarpet #hiddenfigures (Posted December 11tb)

bis4brookie - Br­čĹÇke: Saturday nights are for hanging with @drfrecks . And Kevin Costner. #NoBigDeal #aboutlastnight ­čś▒. #HiddenFigures (Posted December 11th)

harpercollinsus - HarperCollins: With Megan Smith, Kevin Costner, and Ted Melfi #hiddenfigures #hiddenfiguresmovie­čÜÇ (Posted December 10th

jayanaj - Jayana Johnson: The nicest person ever! Kevin Costner! #hiddenfigures #danceswithwolves #robinhoodprinceoftheives @nasa #foxstudios @hiddenfiguresmovie #thebodyguard (Posted December 10th)

jeremy_lang2001 - Jeremy: When you are out with your wife and get to hang with Kevin Costner. #HiddenFigures #johnathankent #nycnights (Posted December 10th)

Joe Russo Photography with Hidden Figures and 3 others at SVA Theatre. KEVIN COSTNER DECEMBER 10, 2016 NYC


'Hidden Figures' cast remembers John Glenn by Associated Press Published on Dec 11, 2016 Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Costner and other 'Hidden Figures' cast remember the late John Glenn at the film's premiere. (Dec. 11)


Kevin Costner, Aldis Hodge & NASA Astronauts Celebrate "Hidden Figures" at the Screening in NYC! by wblsfm1075 Published on Dec 11, 2016

lesliewellman - Leslie Wellman: Def. not cool enough to party in the same room as Octavia Spencer, Kevin Costner, Janelle Monaet, Taraji Henson, and Pharrell, but that's what I did last night. And I have a wicked hangover to prove it. (Posted December 11th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer Talk “Hidden Figures” by Luca Celada December 9, 2016 The HFPA’s Katherine Tulich spoke to Costner and Spencer about the enduring significance of the story.

theladymizdiva - Diva V├ęlez: KCxLMD Double Oscar winner Kevin Costner talks to me about his role in HIDDEN FIGURES at 20th Century Fox's holiday shindig (Posted December 11th)

k.hana324 - I love Jim Parsons: #HiddenFigures (Posted December 11th)

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls Video:

Hidden Figures ‏@HiddenFigures tweeted: Cast and filmmakers celebrate #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ with fans and press in New York, presented by @IBM. (Posted December 11th)

Hidden Figures Stars Kevin Costner, Jim Parsons and Glen Powell Open Up About Death of John Glenn By Char Adams December 11, 2016

cullenmoss - Cullen Moss: A few days ago, I got to spend the evening watching a spectacular, important movie in which I had the good fortune to have a role. I also had the marvelous opportunity to spend time with some of the wonderful folks that made it all come together. Thanks, Ted! Pretty damn magic! #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ (Posted December 13th)

Kevin Costner, Margot Lee Shetterly, Allison Schroeder, Wynn Thomas Talk 'Hidden Figures' by The Knockturnal Published on Dec 15, 2016

grenadine54 - Nadine Truong: Advanced SAG screening of "Hidden Figures", truly a wonderful and important film. (Posted December 9th)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

'Hidden Figures' screening at National Museum of African American History & Culture...

alliedimdc -ALLIED WASHINGTON D.C.: The HIDDEN FIGURES cast pose with Joylette Johnson, the daughter of the incredible Katherine Johnson. Ms. Katherine Johnson is the real life inspiration behind the film! #nmaahc #bts #hiddenfigures #janellemonae #pharrell #kevincostner #octaviaspencer #tarajiphenson #specialscreening #allieddc (Posted December 14th)

penelope poulou ‏@ppoulou tweeted: Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer Pharrell Williams among the cast of Hidden Figures, African American museum.@VOABuzz (Posted December 14th)

Shaolin Fantastic ‏@RideALambo tweeted: I actually extra'd on set for Black and White with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer. Caint wait to see Hidden Figures. (Posted December 14th)

Janelle Mon├íe says she will ‘not allow anyone to reverse’ Obama’s legacy By Helena Andrews-Dyer December 15, 2015 Excerpt: (Kathryn) Johnson’s major contribution to the space race, said co-star Kevin Costner, is too often overlooked, but it’s the type of triumph that deserves big-screen treatment. “The joy of being an actor is to tell those stories, and once you tell them, if you tell them right, they have the chance to live forever,” Costner said.

laChambre PR ‏@laChambrePR tweeted: #KevinCostner attended the Washington D.C. premiere of @HiddenFigures wearing @Montblanc_world cuff links! #Montblanc #HiddenFigures (Posted December 15th)

demetrialucasdoyley - Demetria Lucas D'Oyley: Caught the #NASA screening of @hiddenfiguresmovie at the @nmaahc last night. #kevincostner #mimivaldez #pharrellwilliams #janelle #octaviaspencer #tarajiphenson graced the stage at the #oprahwinfreytheatre. (Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture) (Posted December 15th)

demetrialucasdoyley - Demetria Lucas D'Oyley: "This is a story about women who were there... Their math, their science, their engineering." - @pharrell #NASA #hiddenfigures #nmaahc (Posted December 15th)

aquatalia - Aquatalia: @kevincostnermodernwest wearing the Vance shoes while attending the @hiddenfiguresmovie screening, styled by @mjonf #KevinCostner (Posted December 15th)

reninawrites - Renina: #HiddenFigures Black women facilitating space travel. #Ummhmm You already know... (Posted December 15th)

pinkandpanther - Joc Lee: So proud of my big sis @margotleeshetterly for penning the book @hiddenfigures that inspired the movie @hiddenfiguresmovie. Soaking up good vibes at the DC screening. So proud of her! (Posted December 15th)

collectspace - Robert Pearlman: #HiddenFigures screening with director Ted Melfi, executive producer Mimi Vald├Ęs, producer and composer Pharrell Williams, Kevin Costner, Janelle Mon├íe, Octavia Spencer and Taraji P. Henson. (Posted December 14th)

cindyrsteele - CindyRSteele: Brief remarks by the directors and cast of #hiddenfigures at the #nmaahc. A must see film about the life of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson and her colleagues who were human computers critical to the success of John Glenn’s Friendship 7 mission in 1962. (Posted December 14th)

schierholz - Stephanie Schierholz: Incredible to get to screen this awesome movie, the story of African American women who made our spaceflight program possible before they even had a vote, in this venue, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, with its stars. What a night. I love my job. (Posted December 14th)

ad79dave - David Wardrick: #hiddenfigures #NMAAHC (Posted December 14th)

tdoubleb - T. Ballard Brown: Pharrell, Kevin Costner, Janelle Monae, Octavia Spencer and Taraji Henson #hiddenfigures (Posted December 14th)

hiddenfiguresmovie - Hidden Figures: With her ruler, a pencil, and amazing brilliance, Katherine Johnson advanced human rights and human achievement. Today she is honored at the @Smithsonian National Museum of African American Culture and History. #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ (Posted December 14th)


'Hidden Figures' screening at National Geographic Headquarters...

The Collective DC commented: National Geographic is hosting an advance screening of the upcoming film Hidden Figures for students.... Really fun part: Following the screening there will be a panel discussion with the cast of the movie (Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner), plus the director, the author of the book the film is based on, and Pharrell! The event is this Wednesday, December 14, from 2:30-5:30 and open to DC students. (Posted December 12th)

National Geographic Society Headquarters, 1145 17th Street N.W., Washington, D.C.

dafingaz - Marcus Manderson: #HiddenFigures panel #TarjiPHenson #PharrellWilliams #OctaviaSpencer #KevinCostner #JanelleMonae #margotleeshetterly #TheodoreMelfi #SusanGoldberg #NationalGeographic #AudioEngineer #Audio (Posted December 14th)

blairnoproject - Blair B: To listen to Taraji, Janelle, Pharrell, Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer at my job speak on how much this movie matters to them, matters to me. The little black girl in me is happy. | The cast of Hidden Figures at Nat Geo HQ. (Posted December 14th)

rew224: Just another day at work. #hiddenfigures #pharrellwilliams #tarajiphenson #janellemonae #octaviaspencer #kevincostner #theodoremelfi #margotleeshetterly #ilovemyjob #foxemployee (Posted December 14th)

carriehutchi - carriehutchi: @natgeo screening of #hiddenfigures - amazing film - and now all the stars are on the stage! @pharrell #kevincostner, author #MargotLeeShetterly, producer #theodoremelfi, @susanbgoldberg @tarajiphenson @janellemonae #octaviaspencer ­čîč­čîč­čîč#starstruck #inspiration #film #math #NASA #computer (Posted December 14th)

Wesley Della Volla commented: Truly incredible night. Humbled to have produced an event that connected 400+ #DC student with an inspiring story of determination and triumph in the face of adversity. Even more humbled by the wisdom shared by our panel. #whyidowhatido #natgeoinspires #womeninstem #hiddenfigures truly fortunate for an amazing team of talented colleagues who made this possible #natgeohappy (Posted December 14th)

Wesley Della Volla commented: "What I learned from these women [Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson] is that we have agency. We have a voice. We have to use it." - Octavia Spencer at National Geographic student screening of Hidden Figures (Posted December 14th)

tiffanydemidio - Tiffany N. D'Emidio: Was lucky enough to catch an early screening of #HiddenFigures & its fantastic! More stories like this need to be told! A must see! (Posted December 14th)

ginacico - Gina Cicotello: Panel discussion with the author, director, and cast after a pre-screening of the film. Auditorium filled with STEM program students from local high schools, cheering wildly. There is hope! #hiddenfigures #natgeo #nationalgeographic #wonthelottery (Posted December 15th)

slenane - Susan Chapin Lenane: #hiddenfigures Such a fantastic movie - such important messages. You must see it. Amazing!!! (Posted December 14th)

shelleynorfleet - Shelley Norfleet: 20th Century Fox Family member has its privileges! #hiddenfigures #natgeo (Posted December 14th)

mylove_3 - lady bug: YUP! MY BRAG IS DIFFERENT. .BRAGGING ON MY KIDS ALL THE TIME #hiddenfigures #pharrellwilliams #tarijphenson #jonallemonae (Posted December 14th)

alnick1 - alexandra: taraji p henson, octavia spencer, janelle monae, pharrell, kevin costner, and 400 DCPS students visited National Geographic today and it was incredible ­čöą #hiddenfigures #famouspeopleatwork (Posted December 14th)

hannah_sedg - Hannah Sedgwick: When Pharrell, Kevin Costner, Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae & Octavia Spencer from #HiddenFigures show up at work (Posted December 14th)

imroyal_t - Tiara Patrice: Today was a good day. #HiddenFigures (Posted December 14th)

klindseyj - kristin: Amazing movie. Amazing cast. ­čÜÇ#hiddenfigures (Posted December 14th)

jordaninpearls - Jordan Hellmuth: Thanks for stopping by @natgeo, @pharrell! Oh, and thanks for bringing along your friends Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, and @tarajiphenson with you! Amazing story!! #HiddenFigures #iworkfornatgeo #FOX #20thcenturyfox #movies #attheoffice (Posted December 14th)

morgandecker - Morgan Decker: Today I won a random lottery at work to attend a private screening of #HiddenFigures followed by a panel discussion with Kevin Costner, Taraji Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Pharrell, the director of the movie and the author of the book - moderated by the Editor and Chief of National Geographic. My job is awesome (Posted December 14th)

roosevelthsdc - Theodore Roosevelt HS DC: Listening to the cast of @HiddenFigures at @NatGeo. #HiddenFigures @dcpublicschools #STEM (Posted December 14th)

chelseaclarke8I - Chelsea Clarke: picked a good day to come to work! Early screening of #hiddenfigures and QandA with the cast! An incredible movie about women who overcame everything to literally propel the USA into the future and are just now, decades later, receiving credit for their contributions. A must-see for everyone! ­čÜÇ­čîÄ #iworkfornatgeo (Posted December 14th)

smontgomery03 - Stephanie Montgomery: When you get an email that @tarajiphenson is in the house - you come running. Nice of Janelle Monae, Pharrell, Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer to join her. #hiddenfigures #ngcpr #cookie #empire (Posted December 14th)

kamelliakeo - Kamellia Keo: Inspired after hearing the author of Hidden Figures speak, receiving a signed copy of the book, attending a prescreening of the movie, and hearing from the cast! Oh and Pharrell made an appearance. #hiddenfigures­čÜÇ #NASA #NEMOclub @dcpublicschools @mckinleytech (Posted December 15th)

the_earl_of_grantham: Just finished the other half of the project with the legendary Kevin Costner ­čÖî­čĆż­čÖî­čĆżCan't wait until we debut it! #hiddenfigures (we're @mpaa_events) (Posted December 14th)

dcfilmgirl - Lauren Veneziani: Also interviewed Kevin Costner for #hiddenfigures­čÜÇ We also talked about BULL DURHAM, FIELD OF DREAMS and MAN OF STEEL. Such a gentleman! (Posted December 15th)

Friday, December 16, 2016

Kevin attends 'Hidden Figures' White House screening....

Pictures: Celebrities at the White House in Washington, DC

Janelle Mon├íe, Cindi ‏@JanelleMonae tweeted: LIVE on #Periscope: Post #HiddenFigures screening remarks delivered by FLOTUS!!! (Posted December 15th)

White House Af-Am Ed ‏@AfAmEducation tweeted: Kevin Costner discusses the importance of opening doors for others. "Decide what leader you're gonna be." #HiddenFigures #STEMforALL (Posted December 15th)

White House HBCUs ‏@WHI_HBCUs tweeted: @modernwest "I know you wanted that sign to come down. I did it for myself + those watching at that moment." @whitehouseostp @HiddenFigures (Posted December 15th)

White House HBCUs ‏@WHI_HBCUs tweeted: @FLOTUS I'm free because I have an education. Focus in school and keep in mind the amazing women in movie @HiddenFigures @whitehouseostp (Posted December 15th)

Jo Handelsman ‏@Jo44 tweeted: Eloquence from #kevincostner about leadership and daring to break down walls of prejudice. @hiddenfigures (Posted December 15th)


Janelle Mon├íe commented: LIVE on #Periscope: Post #HiddenFigures screening remarks delivered by FLOTUS!!! (Posted December 15th)

Hidden Figures was live: Michelle Obama is now LIVE from the White House addressing the cast and filmmakers of #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ, celebrating the women of #STEM! (Posted December 15th)

Hidden Figures was live: #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ cast and filmmakers are LIVE from the White House! (Posted December 15th) &nbp;

Lyn ‏@lyndawatersnewk tweeted: #FLOTUS #MichelleObama #Host #Screening #HiddenFigures #WhiteHouse #Dec15th #2016 #TarajiPHenson #JanelleMon├íe #OctaviaSpencer KevinCostner (Posted December 15th)

cherissmay - Cheriss: "We have the Kevin Costner, who is still as handsome as ever. I said that after my husband left." - @michelleobama (South Court Auditorium of White House Eisenhower Executive Office Building) (Posted December 15th)

entertainmentweekly - Entertainment Weekly: #OctaviaSpencer was HYPED to meet #BarackObama at the #WhiteHouse today. ­čśş #MichelleObama welcomed Spencer and her #HiddenFigures costars #TarajiPHenson, #KevinCostner and #JanelleMonae for a screening of their new film. (Posted December 15th)

Debra M. McPhee ‏@DMMcPhee tweeted: @DMMcPhee w Kevin Costner, White House CTO Megan Smith, Dr. Yvonne Cagle and eldest daughter Joylette Hylick #HiddenFigures @FordhamGSS (Posted December 15th)

throughnicaseyes - Veronica Graves: Lively panel with some incredible people. #HiddenFigures (Posted December 15th)

jedidahislerphd - Jedidah Isler, PhD: At.the.White.House. Let that sink in. I'm *still* trying to take in the full import. In this country. In this climate. In these bodies. For this story. #speechless #HiddenFigures #VanguardSTEM (Posted December 15th)

thirty_deux - *jordyn: When your squad is full of straight BOSSES, you get to witness #BlackGirlMagic in the BEST way. Kudos to these AMAZING women--and to Kevin, too! #hiddenfigures (Posted December 15th)

nicvenable - Nicole Venable: The amazing cast and crew of #hiddenfigures! #stemforall #lobbyistlady (Posted December 15th)

Theodore Melfi ‏@theodoremelfi tweeted: @HiddenFigures @WhiteHouse screening @TherealTaraji @octaviaspencer @JanelleMonae @modernwest (Posted December 15th)

blackgirlsrock - BLACK GIRLS ROCK!: "The hallmark of a great leader is to be a good team member and to understand how to assess the talent that each team member contributes," Octavia Spencer making the case for #STEMforAll at The White House #HiddenFigures screening where she plays NASA's Dorothy Vaughan and joined by fellow castmates Taraji P. Henson + Janelle Monae. (Posted December 16th)

girlsincdc - Girls Inc. DC: @tarajiphenson on #courage. Thank you for inspiring our girls!! #nomoredreamstealing #HiddenFigures #STEMforAll #girlsinSTEM #womeninSTEM #tarajiphenson #strongsmartBOLD #girlsinc #girlsincdc @whitehouse (Posted December 16th)

astronautabbyofficial - Astronaut Abby: Cast, director & author of #HiddenFigures spoke at the #WhiteHouse #HiddenFigures event yesterday. What a great day! #STEMforAll #space (Posted December 16th)

sage_studvilletv - Sage Williams: That time your homie got you in the White House to see Taraji, Janelle and ahem... Michelle Obama #hiddenfigures #whitehouse #michelleobama #janellemonae #tarajiphenson (Posted December 15th)


missvalnoble - missvalnoble: #YesterdaysOffice!! At the White House with the cast of #hiddenfigures­čÜÇ for a screening and Q and A afterwards. #Flotus spoke about supporting women and girls in #Stem! #mathmaticians #engineers #nasa #whitehouse #OctaviaSpencer #hair #makeup (Posted December 16th)

Photos by NASA HQ:

hiddenfiguresmovie: President @BarackObama at The @WhiteHouse screening of #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ. (Posted December 16th)

hiddenfiguresmovie: President @BarackObama and First Lady @MichelleObama greet the cast and filmmakers of #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ at The @WhiteHouse screening. (Posted December 16th)

hiddenfiguresmovie: #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ “doesn’t only celebrate what we achieved, but how we achieved.” - @MichelleObama (Posted December 16th)

hiddenfiguresmovie: The cast and filmmakers of #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ are all smiles at The @WhiteHouse screening of their upcoming film. (Posted December 16th)

VIDEO: White House Hidden Figures Event By The White House Published on Dec 15, 2016

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kevin on 'Hardball With Chris Matthews' for 'Hidden Figures'...

Hardball ‏@hardball tweeted: Join @HardballChris for a special discussion with the stars of the new movie@HiddenFigures! TONIGHT, 7 PM ET on @MSNBC #HiddenFigures (Posted December 14th)

kimberlysteelehairandmakeup - Kimberly Steele: Grooming Kevin Costner today, and with the cast of Hidden Figures opening Christmas Day #hiddenfigures #kevincostner (Posted December 14th)

Carol Ross Joynt ‏@caroljoynt tweeted: On set @Hardball as @Pharrell tells @HardballChris he's a big fan, w Kevin Costner & Ted Melfi, talking @HiddenFigures. 7pm @MSNBC (Posted December 14th)

hardball - Hardball with Chris Matthews: Behind the scenes: Chris Matthews talking to the stars of @hiddenfiguresmovie as well as director Ted Melfi and @pharrell who composed the film's soundtrack. #hiddenfigures (Posted December 14th)

hardball - Hardball with Chris Matthews: With the incredible people from the film @hiddenfiguresmovie #hiddenfigures #hardball #msnbc (Posted December 14th)

Hardball with Chris Matthews 12/14/16: Taraji Henson: ‘A mind doesn’t have a color’ - Actors Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Kevin Costner, Director Ted Melfi and Grammy winning musician and Producer Pharrell Williams talk about their new film “Hidden Figures."

Pat Kehs commented: More celebrity fun in Studio A for the taping of a special segment of Hardball with Chris Matthews featuring members of the cast of the new movie Hidden Figures. Special guests included Kevin Costner, Pharrell Williams, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, and Director Theodore Melfi. (Posted December 14th)

Kevin to attend White House screening of 'Hidden Figures'...

Michelle Obama to host White House screening of Hidden Figures - Cast members Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, and Kevin Costner will attend by Oliver Gettell Posted December 14 2016 Excerpt: First lady Michelle Obama is rolling out the red carpet for Hidden Figures, Fox’s 1960s-set drama about the unsung black female mathematicians who helped NASA launch astronaut John Glenn into orbit. The White House has announced that the FLOTUS will deliver remarks and host cast members including Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Mon├íe, Octavia Spencer, and Kevin Costner at a Thursday screening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The event is intended to “highlight the stories of Americans who have made significant contributions in the history of space flight, space science, and innovation.”

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kevin on the Dan Patrick Show again...

Carmen ‏@Ragoosa tweeted: Kevin Costner is on the Dan Patrick Show. Love him and his voice.

Brian Yandell ‏@bdyandell tweeted: Listening to the @dpshow on @iHeartRadio. NYC Man by Lou Reed started playing when Kevin Costner was talking about Bull Durham. Goosebumps.

Mark ‏@buckeyes45 tweeted: This Kevin Costner interview on Dan Patrick is great. Seems like a great dude

John Costigan IV ­čÄä ‏@JohnCostigan_IV tweeted: Outstanding interview with Kevin Costner on the @dpshow

Picture of Kevin on The Dan Patrick Show:

Kevin Costner wants to make another western By Dan Patrick Published on Dec 13, 2016

Kevin Costner is just trying to make it on "the list" By Dan Patrick Published on Dec 13, 2016

Kevin Costner on the possibility of "Bull Durham 2" By Dan Patrick Published on Dec 13, 2016

Kevin Costner on The Dan Patrick Show (Full Interview) By Dan Patrick Published on Dec 13, 2016

Kevin attends 'Kinky Boots' on Broadway...

kevinsmithkirkwood - Kevin Kirkwood: AND...the ONE day I'm not in drag, THE BODYGUARD Kevin Costner comes to see Kinky! You know I had to pull out my phone and show him what I look like as Whitney and THANK him for helping bring Whitney to Hollywood. He was so gracious. #kinkyboots #broadway #kevincostner #thebodyguard (Posted December 11th)

jakekatzman - Jake Katzman: I was so excited to meet and perform for very talented Kevin Costner! @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #youngartist #actors #broadway #youngtalent #kinkyboots #music #theaterkids (Posted December 11th)

Rybin Entertainment commented: Our client Jesus with #KevinCostner #rybintalent #kinkyboots #Broadway (Posted December 11th)

More pictures:[591381795]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

john jeffrey martin ‏@threenamejohnny tweeted: Great day in New York. Snow flakes. Did a fun show. Met Kevin Costner. Ate artichoke pizza with old friends. And watched the gmen CRUSH it. (Posted December 11th)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kevin attends 'Hidden Figures' New York Special Screening...

Bill Ingalls Verified account ‏@ingallsimages tweeted: Off to photograph the celebration of #HiddenFigures. Film chronicles NASA’s “human computers,” critical to John Glenn’s Friendship 7 mission

annrubin ‏@annrubin tweeted: So excited for the @HiddenFigures premiere! #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ #ibm

Horacio Cuervo ‏@hcuervo tweeted: Follow us on Snapchat for live coverage of tonight's #HiddenFigures ­čÜÇ red carpet celebration! ­čĹ╗: IBM ^@IBM

The Knockturnal ‏@_TheKnockturnal tweeted: Live from #HiddenFigures premiere!

Emmy for Mayim ‏@Emmy4Mayim tweeted: #HiddenFigures tonight

Arts Commented ‏@ArtsCommented tweeted: #KevinCostner at the premiere of #HiddenFigures in NY! Cc @olv

The Knockturnal ‏@_TheKnockturnal tweeted: Actor #KevinCostner #HiddenFigures premiere!

Hidden Figures ‏@HiddenFigures tweeted: Tune in now for LIVE updates from the #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ red carpet in New York, brought to you by @IBM. Follow along using #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ.

The Knockturnal ‏@_TheKnockturnal tweeted: . @octaviaspencer attends #HiddenFigures NYC premiere!

Emmy for Mayim ‏@Emmy4Mayim tweeted: Inside view #KevinCostner #HiddenFigures NYC Premiere

Jedidah Isler, PhD ‏@JedidahIslerPhD tweeted: At the #HiddenFigures premiere in NYC. So excited!!!

Hidden Figures ‏@HiddenFigures tweeted: #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ Director @TheodoreMelfi poses for a picture with @ModernWest on the red carpet.

theknockturnal - The Knockturnal: #kevincostner @tarajiphenson @janellemonae #octaviaspencer @hiddenfiguresmovie #hiddenfigures

tinalizzie - Tina Gerker: I'm done! Kevin Costner ­čĺľ #hiddenfigures #kevincostner #justwalkingby #❤️ny

wbls1075nyc - 107.5 WBLS: #WBLS is here at the screening of #HiddenFigures! The movie hits theaters Dec. 25 in selected cities and Jan. 6 worldwide! (SVA Theatre)

wbls1075nyc - 107.5 WBLS: #TarajiPHenson x #KevinCostner #HiddenFigures #WBLS

wbls1075nyc - 107.5 WBLS: #KevinCostner chatting it up with @dejavuspeaks on the red carpet! #HiddenFigures #WBLS

dejavuspeaks - Deja Vu Media Personality for 107.5 WBLS-NYC & SiriusXm: Talked to Kevin Costner on the carpet #HiddenFigures !

the_monae - Janelle's Hair: #janellemonae #tarajiphenson #octaviaspencer #kevincostner #hiddenfigures ­čôŞ: Nicholas Hunt

richiebuxo - richie buxo: The beautiful and talented #tarajiphenson with #kevincostner attend the #hiddenfigures #premiere in nyc Photo © Richie Buxo

jimparsons_source - JPS: #JimParsons has arrived on the red carpet and seems pretty busy doing interviews at the moment. Looking great as usual.­čśŐ #HiddenFigures

Hidden Figures ‏@HiddenFigures tweeted: The stars of #HiddenFigures­čÜÇ - @JanelleMonae, @TheRealTaraji, @ModernWest and @OctaviaSpencer.

NASA HQ PHOTO ‏@nasahqphoto tweeted: #HiddenFigures film chronicles @NASA’s “human computers,” critical to Glenn’s Friendship 7 mission. NYC Celebratio

sdub73 - sdub73: Oh what a night! #hiddenfigures #ladieswholaunch

Taraji Xone® ‏@TarajiXone tweeted: #CookieMonsters @modernwest just makes everyone feel safe and ok. He will forever be The Bodyguard.❤️ #HiddenFigures Premiere!

Hidden Figures Facebook Live Red Carpet video:


djdnice - D-Nice: It's showtime! I'm about to DJ @pharrell's #HiddenFigures movie premiere after party. #BrandNice #doWork

Leslie Wellman ‏@LeslieWellman tweeted: Drinking gin within feet of Janelle Mona├ę, Octavia Spencer, and Kevin Costner. Is this real life?

monalisa.farrokhnia - Mona Lisa Farrokhnia: ohhhh hi! 61 and still looking ­čśŹ #robinHood #bodyguard #kevincostner #hiddenfigures