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More of Kevin in 'Hidden Figures' interviews...

Extra Butter: Taraji P Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae Preview ‘Hidden Figures’ BlogXilla, Entertainment Editor December 21, 2016 Xilla Valentine sat down with the cast for the latest episode of Extra Butter

Hidden Figures Interviews: Working for Costner by Rotten Tomatoes Published on Dec 22, 2016 - Mark Seman talks to Jim Parsons about whether Kevin Costner would make a good boss, and Pharrell Williams describes meeting Katherine Johnson.

VIDEO: Celebrities: Pharrell Williams and Kevin Costner Get Deep About Racism in America

'Hidden Figures' Cast Discuss Race, Gender Issues Broached in Critically Acclaimed Film By Eric Hinton and Nina Lin December 22, 2016

Kevin Costner Gets Candid About Hidden Figures, Racism, and Rewriting His Role By Kyle Buchanan December 23, 2016

‘Hidden Figures’ and the journey to celebrate NASA’s black female pioneers BY Nsikan Akpan December 23, 2016 Excerpt: Kevin Costner, who plays a forward-thinking NASA director, lamented that Katherine Johnson’s contributions remained outside the mainstream as America’s first rides into space were cemented into history. But he viewed Hidden Figures as a turning point. “You’d like to think the best ideas are getting to the top. I think the beauty of our movie is that when you’re done watching it, you can realize that, well, the best idea got to the top,” Costner said.

Vicki McKellar ‏@VickiPMcKellar tweeted: Just watched Hidden Figures. ... absolutely brilliant, starring @octaviaspencer Taraji P Henson, @JanelleMonae and Kevin Costner. (Posted December 24th)

kendra4peace - Kendra Patterson: #hiddenfigures🚀 is out in select theaters today. If it's near you, go check it out! (Posted December 24th)

Jessica Radloff Verified account ‏@JRadloff tweeeted: Thoroughly enjoyed an early screener of @HiddenFigures tonight, and especially any and all scenes w/@TherealTaraji & #KevinCostner. #Magic (Posted December 24th)

damon.valley - DAMONVALLEY: This new movie, @hiddenfiguresmovie, is pure magic! Such a beautiful and relevant film. #hiddenfigures #movie (Posted December 25th)

Tracy Dawson ‏@DawsonTracy tweeted: Mom, I know you read my tweets so please go see Hidden Figures. Not only is it amazing and powerful, but Kevin Costner is in it so... (Posted December 26th)

Seth Fradkoff ‏@sethyny tweeted: Oh I adored @HiddenFigures great performances from @TherealTaraji @octaviaspencer @JanelleMonae and #KevinCostner. Laughed. Cried. Learned. (Posted December 26th)
ritaora - Rita Ora: When the Bodyguard comes to life (Posted December 7th)

20th Century Fox commented: Kevin Costner is NASA director Al Harrison in the incredible true story behind the US space program in HIDDEN FIGURES. In cinemas FEB 22 in Phillipines (Posted December 26th)

Kellindo Parker commented: With Kevin Cosner for the private screening of the new Janelle Monáe film "Hidden Figures." I'm a big Kevin Costner fan! This film is a MUST SEE! Amazing cast! (New York) (Posted December 11th)

Bob Jacobs commented: Academy Award winner Kevin Costner speaks with reporters at DC's Hidden Figures event. (Posted December 15th)

Washington Post was live: We're live at the red carpet of "Hidden Figures," waiting to talk to stars including Pharell Williams, Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson, Jonelle Monae and Kevin Costner. (Posted December 14th)

Lisa McRee commented: Oscar watch has begun..and if you want to end this year (or begin the next one) on a High Note, trust me, see HIDDEN FIGURES!!! Watched tonight with Don, my mom (who remembers the era well), and my math-magician daughter Kate and we are all Over the Moon about it! Btw, it's a good reminder that what makes America great has been here for a while... (Posted December 27th)

The Costner Touch Is All About Not Showing Effort by Jeffrey Wells December 20, 2016

Amc Healing Tarot pictures:

Joan T. Wright commented: Janelle Monae and Kevin Costner from the cast of "Hidden Figures." Also, my thanks to Keanna my daughter for taking some great photos. (Posted December 15th)

Bolly e Cia. ‏@bollyecia tweeted: #HiddenFigures🚀 com #TarajiPHenson #OctaviaSpencer #JanelleMonáe #KevinCostner #KirstenDunst. Estreia 19.Jan.(Br) #EstrelasAlémDoTempo (Posted December 28th)

Hidden Figures commented: See the film that critics are raving about, now playing in select theaters and everywhere January 6. 'Hidden Figures' tickets:

melvinjacksonjr - Melvin Jackson Jr: Had the pleasure of going to an advance screening of 20th century Fox's "Hidden Figures" about a month and half ago. (Posted December 26th)

melvinjacksonjr - Melvin Jackson Jr: If you have not seen "Hidden Figures" yet then you need to go and support the film!! Everyone in this film did a phenomenal job. Kevin Costner and Janelle Monae were amazing. Shout out to my home girl Crystal Lee Brown @crystalleebrown for doing a great job in the film as well. (Posted December 26th)

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