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Kevin in Aspen now and other Aspen sightings...

kemosabe1990 - Kemo Sabe: Kevin @kevincostnermodernwest in the house. Damn boy, you look good in a hat! (Posted December 26th)

Circe Diaz Gamero commented: Kevin Costner and Me Aspen Co, 2006 (Posted September 29, 2006)

Dan Martland commented: Kevin Costner's back yard (Posted July 11, 2007)

Dan Lotti commented: Kevin Costner's ridiculous ranch, Aspen, CO (From GillznFinz) (Posted September 4, 2008)

Brad Reiter commented: View on a sightseeing tour of celebrity homes around Aspen - this property belongs to Kevin Costner (Posted February 3, 2009)

Brad Reiter commented: Julie and I getting our picture taken by the driver with Costner's ranch in the background (Posted February 3, 2009)

Lisa Marie Bluford Dunne commented: Ok check this out this is Kevin Costner's Aspen Cabin and this is his Lake pretty cool hun (Posted January 28, 2009)

Leo D York commented: This is Kevin Costner's house on the north side of Aspen. No his front gate was locked up pretty good. (Posted October 16, 2009)

Mario Batali at Costner's - Date: 06/23/2010

Karen Zeisler commented: Had a celeb sighting today. KEVIN COSTNER in aspen. Made my day!!:o) (Posted July 7, 2010)

Joseph Carlson commented: A pond on Kevin Costner's ranch outside of Aspen (Posted October 25, 2010)

Alberto Sesana commented: After meeting Christian Bale in Beijing, saw Kevin Costner in Aspen today...I'm disappointed he didn't ask to take a picture with me.... (Posted June 5, 2011)

Paul Asikainen commented: Kevin Costner in Aspen (Posted June 19, 2011)

Sloan Newman commented: Kevin Costner at lunch at Boogies in Aspen (Posted December 29, 2011)

Angelo Harris Hawk commented: Casa di Kevin Costner (Aspen) (Posted February 28, 2012)

Susan Peterson commented: Went to Aspen today, Ryder and I threw a penny in a fountain and made a wish that I would see Kevin Costner, didn't work (Posted June 14, 2012)

Annika Nichols and Kevin Costner - Date: 08/20/2012

Kevin Costner and Andy Mills - Date: 08/20/2012

Johnny C. Jones commented: Kevin Costner was at my favorite Aspen dining place today - we said a few words to each other. He has a home near me here. Neat guy (Posted August 21, 2012)

Shannon Henley commented: My brother lives in Aspen, yesterday he ate lunch out and Kevin Costner was there. Today he goes out to lunch and again, there's Kevin Costner. OMG! Kevin Costner is stalking my brother! (Posted July 9, 2013)

Carmel Hyland commented: Part of Kevin Costner's Property, Aspen (Posted August 27, 2013)

Terrie Hall commented: TBT- Me with my friends Kevin Costner, Mary St Onge, and Troy Bowman at The Jazz Aspen Music Festival. (Posted May 8, 2014)

Alexandru-Tudor Popescu commented: Me and mr.Kostner in Aspen, Colorado. (Posted July 14, 2014)

Sport Taylor commented: In Aspen having ice cream with Kevin Costner. No really. No photo. Being polite (Posted July 14, 2014)

Rosalie Scott commented: halfway through dinner Kevin Costner and co. sit down at the table next to us. it was a sushi/Japanese place in Aspen (Posted July 19, 2014)

Juan Cavanna commented: In Aspen, walking with a friend named Kevin Costner after work (Posted July 30, 2014)

Terri Gascon commented: Our oldest with Kevin Costner (ages ago) at his Aspen home. Sweet huh! a very special kid cancer camp and they got to spend a day hanging out at Kevin's house. You know the usual BBQ, fishing, kids running through his house etc! Sweet memories. (Posted September 29, 2014)

Becki Barrington commented: Day trippin in Aspen...Hotel Jerome is my all time favorite ..last time I stayed here I was having cocktails with Kevin Costner at the that was fun. (Posted April 11, 2016)

Linda Myhre commented: He was out of town making a movie (Posted May 13, 2016)

Maribeth Messineo Pappas commented: Kevin Costner, Jeff Pappas & I at Belly Up Bar in Aspen, CO. Cool guy! I started chatting with Kevin about our mutual friend Phil Pfeiffer, his Dances with Wolves' director of photography. (The amazing "buffalo scene" in the movie is some of Phil's finest work!) (Posted August 1, 2016)

Randi Brazen commented: Just had the amazing opportunity to tour kevin costner's estate in aspen. A little slice of heaven (Posted September 30, 2016)

Fitzgerald Luxury Group commented: Had the privilege to tour this amazing ranch estate in Aspen owned by Kevin Costner. I have to say, it took my breath away. (Posted October 2, 2016)

Julie McClain commented: Kathy Grim, Michael & Donna Gentry and myself went hiking on Monday and of course had to stop at Kevin Costner's to take pictures along the way (Posted October 22, 2016)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

'Yellowstone' series filming has wrapped...

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Today's office (Camera Operator) (Posted August 14th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #camerashadow shmeff22@christinaalexandravoros Hope all is well. ❤️ (Posted August 15th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #Yellowstone. #gratitude (Posted August 15th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #todaysoffice #blessed (Posted August 16th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #moviemoon (Posted August 16th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: In my happy place.... (Posted August 17th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: ...Spent the first day of my 40th year in the wilds of Montana, with a camera on my shoulder and Kevin Costner in front of the lens... (Posted August 19th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Today's office part II (Posted August 21st)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #setlife (Posted August 22nd)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #todaysoffice (Posted August 25th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #todaysoffice (Posted August 30th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #todaysoffice (Posted August 31st)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: As the fog lifted.... #todaysoffice (Posted September 23rd)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: christinaalexandravorosSo this is September in Utah apparently.... (Posted September 23rd)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: christinaalexandravoros#fireinthehole (Posted September 25th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: My camera team, out standing in our field.... (Posted September 28th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #todaysoffice #notmyfirstrodeo (Posted September 28th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #latitude walzzzz (Posted October 5th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #todaysoffice #newheights (Posted October 10th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Good morning Montana you beautiful thing you.... (Posted October 15th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Dusk. Darby, MT. #fireonthemountain (Posted October 17th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #todaysoffice #gripthis #dollygriplove (Posted October 18th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Ok Montana, you win.... (Posted October 18th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Monday Montana morning.... (Posted October 23rd)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #morningcommute (Posted October 24th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Whatever floats your..... (Posted October 24th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #deepwaters (Posted October 25th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #seaofelk (Posted October 26th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Farewell Montana....for now (Posted November 3rd)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Night. Light. (Posted November 13th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Not too shabby, Utah... #todaysoffice (Posted November 22nd)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Hard to mind a morning commute like this one.... #clouddriving #utah #yellowstone (Posted November 30th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: #takeyourcowboytoworkday (Posted December 4th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: Bison. Darby, MT. (Posted December 6th)

Brooke Mackintosh commented: I was cast as an extra in Kevin Costner's new series, Yellowstone. I was lucky. Got on the A Team and was right in front of Kevin for many of the shots. And I got to wear my red carpet gown again! Watch the series! Look for me. :) #extra #acting #fun (Posted December 1st)

Lisa Herbst DeSantiago commented: Was hoping he'd rent my The crew had rented my home on Airbnb 3 times and they've been wonderful!!! (Posted December 8th)

Cass Cairns commented: Not his first visit to the area. I saw his signature in the guest book at the Broad Axe Lodge restaurant in 1990. He had been there the night before, dang! (Posted December 8th)

John Arleth commented: My favorite memory of Costner was in Pebble Beach where D & Jane Butler, Dad, & I were invited to a house directly on the course. It was on a peninsula, with a green out front and the course all around us. I went out front to check out the green and Kevin was there with his wife. He was trying to do a chip shot but a deer and her fawn wandered up there. He ws a good sport about it and I thought it was fitting that they showed up for him. They hung around for 5 minutes & wandered off. (Posted December 8th)

Sue Neville commented: Some of this was filmed at Triple Creek Ranch where I am currently working now. (Posted December 8th)

Triple Creek Ranch website:

Marty Steinberg commented: In the holding room for extras at the set of Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone. Big Jew cattle rancher? I don’t think I made it on camera... (Posted December 9th)

colehauser22 - Cole Hauser: My last day filming In #montana #yellowstone (Posted December 9th)

Tim Southwell commented: We have really enjoyed hosting Farm Stays for various members of the Yellowstone production family as they film in the area. Never know who you will meet at #ABCacres! (Posted December 9th)

lailani_sue - Lailani Upham: Here I am! Journalist on set of Yellowstone tv series at the Chief Joseph Ranch historic home in Darby, Mont. I was a fly on the wall! Amazing day! (Posted December 11th)

lailani_sue - Lailani Upham: On Thursday, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock toured the film set of Yellowstone, an upcoming television series partially filmed in Darby, Mont. on the Chief Joseph ranch. (Posted December 11th)

Penny Rae Lyon commented: Our son-in-law has been lucky enough to work with Kevin Costner and his crew on this series-what an experience! I hope it is very successful, and that they bless our State and the communities they work in for many years to come. (Posted December 11th)

chelita @gra1ciela tweeted: Even though I didn't have any lines because I was just a nurse I still shared a scene with Kevin Costner today. Such a nice guy!!!!! (Posted December 12th)

Ali Clark‎ to Ali Clark Utah Castings commented: YELLOWSTONE (main actor-Kevin Costner)******NEEDING EXTRAS When: Sunday 12/17 Where: Downtown Salt lake City Rate: 101.50/12 + mileage And if booked w. car 25.00 This will be our last day. Looking for nice looking well put together people. Must have business suits or nice business casual clothing. Need to also have heavy outerwear. This will be filmed outside. So need to be ok outside. WE also need some cars. Only submit if you have never worked Yellowstone Or worked and never left holding or worked and were never featured. Please email a photo of yourself and if you have a car need year make and model, color. The car must be in good shape. Do not forget to include your phone number. Email : Subject: Last Call (Posted December 12th)

Alexander Dobbs‏ @IAmTheDobbs tweeted: Walking down Main Street last night and we casually run into Kevin Costner. I whisper to Morgan, “Do you know who that is?” We’d been drinking a bit and Morgan with a huge smile yells, “Bruce Willis!”.... not a big movie girl I guess? (Park City, Utah) (Posted December 13th)

Carrie Messick Magnusson commented: Awesome day, I got to be on the set of Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. (Posted December 13th)

Joe Leydon‏ @JoeLeydon tweeted: Yesterday, I chat with Kevin Costner. Today, FIELD OF DREAMS is added to National Film Registry. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Interview will be in @CI_Magazine near premiere date of YELLOWSTONE. (Posted December 13th)

Cowboys & Indians Magazine Facebook page:

Cowboys & Indians Magazine website:

Nicole Lynn commented: Working on the set of Yellowstone on Sunday. It will be the last day of filming for this season. Should be fun... (Posted December 14th)

Carrie Messick Magnusson commented: Awesome day, I got to be on the set of Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. I've done background work in the past. Kenna and I both were chosen to be patients for the tv series Yellowstone. They picked me today to go on the set for the emergency room scene. I was lucky enough that Kevin Costner was doing that scene. (Posted December 14th)

Article and pictures: Actor Kevin Costner brings Yellowstone television series to Montana By Lailani Upham Char-Koosta News December 14, 2017

Boot Barn‏ @bootbarn tweeted: It's a good day when Kevin Costner stops by your store! #BootBarn #KevinCostner #NFR (Posted December 15th)

Boot Barn, 5320 South Freeway Park Drive, Riverdale, Utah, website:

topshelfutah - Top Shelf: Saturday’s are for parties! Mixing it up tonight at Park City Film Studios for “Yellowstone” wrap party. (Utah's premier mobile bar service) (Posted December 17th)

nicsheridanofficial - •Nic Sheridan•: Hell of a first season... so grateful and proud of our #yellowstone family ❤️ #thatsawrap #partytime (Posted December 17th)

christinaalexandravoros - Christina Alexandra Voros: What a crew, what a show, what a script, what a director. So immensely honored to have been a part of this epic journey. That’s a 2017 wrap on #yellowstone

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Kevin's 1997 Letterman interview and more...

VINTAGE LETTERMAN December 15, 1997 - Kevin Costner, Tyra Banks, Nina & Nickolai (FULL SHOW) Daniel Poitras Published on Dec 14, 2017 (Kevin at 19:31)

frarenatin - Kerstin 3F-ESA: Francis und Kevin, Two cool Mens. FreudenHaus Eyewear #FrancisFultonSmith #KevinCostner (Posted November 28th)

mavarts - Monte Moore: Newest art on longhorn skull featuring Art from the movie open range #westernart #openrangemovie #openrange #robertduvall #horse #cowboy #westernmovies #kevincostner #costner #airbrush #acrylics #westernlife #texas #fineart #illustration #artforsale (Posted November 28th)

R. Darren Leone‏ @Bada_bing3 tweeted: Replying to @mjacksoncarwash ....what #Crash said, I'll go with that!! lol #BullDurham #KevinCostner #SusanSarandon #TimRobbins (Posted December 2nd)

The Man Who Saved The World By Dan Lybarger December 3, 2017

mikejibson - Michael Jibson: Throw back to 6 years ago - on set in Romania with #kevinCostner #hatfieldsandmccoys (Posted December 3rd)

Packing up years of memories in preparation for a move by JOHN MARX November 28, 2017 Excerpt: They sit behind my chair, gathering dust in boxes instead of hanging on the walls where they have hung for the better part of the last decade. As I turn, I glimpse a photo of me with movie legend Kevin Costner. During a visit to the Quad-Cities, he graciously took time to play catch with me in Iowa, just as he did with his movie dad in the film "Field of Dreams.'' Costner, who was in town a few years back with his band to play at The Col Ballroom, never flinched when I approached him with the idea of playing catch. We did it in the drive of his Davenport hotel.

isabelsalasmendez - ISABEL SALAS MENDEZ: It was a freezing day ❄ today ⛄#productplacement 🚗 @europacorpfilms #kevincostner 🎬 #3daystokill 🔫 @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted December 3rd)

dustinpop - Poparchives by Dustin Pittman: HE”S GOT YOUR BACK ✔️ Kevin Costner @life Untouchables Photographed by Dustin Pittman @kevincostnermodernwest #1984 #theuntouchables #briandepalma @andy_garcia_actor #seanconnery @robert_de_niro_official #chicago #eliotness @life #breakingboundries #individualitymatters #diversityrules #dustinpittman @dustinpop (Posted December 4th)

eric.weimann - Spots Card World: Kevin Costner and I. #fieldofdreams #kevincostner #academyaward (Posted December 7th)

Marion @Marion76120 tweeted: Too much pride in a photo. Turn with Kevin Costner to Camille? Done ✔️ you have to be proud and your happiness reads in your eyes (Posted December 9th)

Guerrero Turismo commented: Vintage photo: Kevin Costner signs a Jeep at Las Brisas Acapulco Hotel

sebfouassier - Sebfouassier: Great picture from a few years ago on set of the movie 3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner (Posted December 12th)

Fontainebleau Miami Beach Honors 'The Bodyguard' for Its 25th Anniversary By Becky Randel | December 13, 2017

2017 National Film Registry Is More Than a 'Field of Dreams' December 13, 2017 Press Contact: Sheryl Cannady (202) 707-6456 Public Contact: Steve Leggett (202) 707-5912 Excerpt: Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden today announced the 2017 selections to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. Selected for their cultural, historic and/or aesthetic importance....the 1989 inspirational fantasy “Field of Dreams,” starring Kevin Costner;

Miami show for Isle of Wight potter’s latest exquisite work By Sally Perry December 14, 2017 Excerpt: She’s popular: The list of commissions for Sue’s work includes Calvin Klein Home, Madison Avenue, New York Design Museum Shop, Shad Thames, London Turner Contemporary Shop, Liz Earle, Southern Art’s Craft Collection and Mima’s Permanent Ceramics Collection. As well as a 94 piece tableware service for Kevin Costner and porcelain vessels for the Lord Smith of Finsbury.
Sue Paraskeva website:

AustinFilmCommission‏ @FilmATX tweeted: #TBT: Behind the scenes photo of Clint Eastwood and Kevin Costner on the set of the #madeinAustin feature A Perfect World (Summer 1993) #throwbackthursday #FilmATX (Posted December 14th)

Lacey Brake-Johnson commented: Kevin Costner on my last flight not to shabby. No pictures allowed sorry ladies. But he's a class act and super handsome. (Posted March 12, 2014)

Nicole Ritter commented: Charity M. Ward had him on her flight as well. Looks like we was a real gem took a pic with the whole crew (Posted March 12, 2014)

Shannon Harring commented: I think you're the only one on the round trip who didn't snap a pic Haha Charity and her crew got him on the way to aspen and you must be flying with Dawn since she posted her pic with him earlier :) you little rule follower! (Posted March 12, 2014)

Amaris Chicas is at Hollywood Walk of Fame. February 10, 2015 So I saw Kevin Costner

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'Molly's Game' Featurette, Kevin interview and more...

Molly's Game (STX Films/STX Entertainment) KEVIN COSTNER by Nothing But Geek Published on Dec 13, 2017

Molly's Game | "Empire" Featurette | In Select Theaters Christmas Day, Everywhere 1/5 STX Entertainment Published on Dec 4, 2017

Helene Frances commented: At the DGA to see a pre-release screening of “Molly’s Game” starting Jessica Chastain, idris Elba and Kevin Costner. Big surprise coming soon my Facebook Friends! Review to follow! My love to you all!! (Posted November 18th)

Kid Basile‏ @joebasile tweeted: I had the pleasure of seeing @Mollys_Game last night. #aaronsorkin thank you for your #words and #direction. @jes_chastain bravo! @idriselba bravo. #KevinCostner Bravo. #MichaelCera bravo. Bravo to the whole cast. This is what movie's should be! #cinema (Posted November 19th)

Mark‏ @mtrprods tweeted: @Mollys_Game Smart & funny with a rapid fire script. #jessicachastain kills this role & deserves an #oscar nod. Loved #idriselba's 3rd act bravura #monologue. Also great supporting work by #kevincostner Pretty solid 1st #film from #aaronsorkin (Posted November 19th)

Nikki Newport‏ @nikki_newport tweeted: Just left screening of @Mollys_Game @jes_chastain @idriselba @kevincostner @RealAaronSorkin congratulations! Really enjoyed. Proud to be a Russian Jew which has been hard in this climate. #WomenEmpowerment (Posted November 25th)

Callum Brown‏ @callum_brown1 tweeted: Saw MOLLY"S GAME and found it a bit frantic for my taste, but v compulsive and entertaining. Jessica Chastain is superb, a v complex performance. Kevin Costner gives Michael Stuhlbarg in Call Me By Your Name a run for his money for moving paternal speech at end of a movie. (Posted November 29th)

Sarah Fields‏ @Sarah86F tweeted: Such a treat to watch #MollysGame early at @cineworld. Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba and Kevin Costner what more could you want. Glad people didn't walk out like when it was walter mitty. (Posted November 29th)

Scott Free‏ @Kadeem_95 tweeted: Molly’s Game was really good man. I don’t think I’d watched a film with Jessica Chastain in it but I get why people like her. She was great in the film as was Idris and Kevin Costner (Posted November 29th)

Nikki @ohnikkers tweeted: Just saw an advance screening of molly’s game. Idris was beyond great, jess chastain looked a lot like Tricia helfer in parts, and I still would when it comes to Kevin Costner. (Posted November 29th)

Mike Guns‏ @thegunnah tweeted: Any movie that has Kevin Costner sitting on a bench, talking to someone, is a movie I want to see! (Posted November 29th)

Jon Goodall‏ @jongoodall tweeted: I can’t recommend @Mollys_Game enough. Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba were fantastic and it’s always great seeing Kevin Costner on the big screen. Thanks again #CineworldCardiff for the #SecretUnlimited screening last night (and free chocolate (Posted November 30th)

Ann Williams‏ @ahshar29 tweeted: @jes_chastain is a "Boss" in #MollysGame. #KevinCostner and @idriselba provide great support!I'm going to view this movie again! (Posted December 2nd)

Milan Paurich‏ @milanpaurich tweeted: #JessicaChastain gives my favorite performance of the year in #MollysGame. And #KevinCostner blew me away. His park bench scene w/ Chastain near the end of the movie deserves to become a classic. (Posted December 2nd)

Directors have unique visions for their stories, but they all know which scene pulls their film together By Randee Dawn November 30, 2017

Sydney Chandler‏ @syds180turn tweeted: Was at Oscar-winning screenwriter #AaronSorkin's screening & reception at the #LondonHotel for the film #MollysGame with #JessicaChastain & #IdrisElba.This was Sorkin's first time directing. Molly's Game is excellent & is one of the best films I've seen so far. #kevincostner (Posted December 2nd)

Erin B. Weissman‏ @ErinBWeissman tweeted: Suggestion: put @Mollys_Game on your screening list. Interesting, smart, funny and unexpectedly sentimental. #JessicaChastain, #aidrisElba and #KevinCostner bring it to the table (pun intended). #movies #tistheseason @STXEnt (Posted December 4th)

Jessica Chastain on Molly's Game's perfect timing amid Hollywood's sexual harassment scandal - "It's not about women having power over men – it's about having power over our agency." by By Naomi Gordon 6 December 2017 Excerpt: Oscar nominee Chastain pointed out that Molly's main purpose isn't to have power over men – as Molly's father, played by Kevin Costner, provocatively suggests in one scene – but to have power over her own industry and agency. "One of my favourite scenes is towards the end with Costner – he starts off the scene saying Molly wants to have power over powerful men, and most people grab onto that line and they keep it. "But at the end of the scene she says, 'I wanted to have power over powerful men', and he says, 'No, I wanted to have said that to make you mad'.

Antiques stores in Pocatello draw people from movie industry, tourists By Kendra Evensen November 17, 2017 Excerpt: Most recently, some individuals involved with the Paramount Network TV series “Yellowstone,” which will star Kevin Costner, came in and purchased several items, he said. “It’s cool. We’re getting to be known more around here for antiques,” Cotroneo said. “We’re getting to be a destination.”

The Reel Roundup‏ @BenMkWrites tweeted: Win passes to an advance screening of @eOnefilms' @Mollys_Game, starring @jes_chastain, @idriselba & #KevinCostner!
For full details & how to enter, click here:
(December 18th advance screening in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa or Victoria) (Posted December 5th)

Win your passes from the KNCI Street Team at the 99 Cent Only Store on Greenback in Citrus Heights on Tuesday, 12/12/17, from 12 pm – 1 pm PT. (California)

Molly's Game‏ (Verified account) @Mollys_Game tweeted: Congratulations to #MollysGame star @jes_chastain and writer/director Aaron Sorkin for their @CriticsChoice Awards nominations. (Posted December 7th)

David Franklin‏ @davefranklin tweeted: Just saw Molly’s Game, it’s electric, and I don’t think Sorkin gets enough respect from Film Twitter. Also a great late scene with one of my favourite actors, SIR KEVIN COSTNER. (Posted December 7th)

Richard Shepard‏ Verified account @SaltyShep tweeted: Also lucky enough to see Aaron Sorkin's MOLLY'S GAME. Which, while imperfect like it's heroine, is a speedball of pleasure. Full of great writing & Kevin Costner being a master thief &stealing film in 1 perfect scene.Though it also has the worst green-screen driving scene of year (Posted December 9th)

Molly's Game is bold, badass and brilliant and an absolute must-see by Jessica Marie Ruxton December 12, 2017 Excerpt: Molly's Game comes to Irish cinemas on January 1 2018....It's an absolute must-see! ★★★★★

Atlanta Readers: Win Passes to See ‘Molly’s Game’ by Matt Goldberg December 11, 2017 Excerpt: ...we’re giving away 20 admit-two passes to the Atlanta screening of Molly’s Game. To enter for a chance to see the movie early and for free, send an e-mail to with the subject line “MOLLY’S GAME”. The screening is on Monday, December 18th at 7:30PM at Regal Perimeter Pointe, so please don’t enter if you think you’ll be unavailable. Multiple entries from a single person will disqualify all entries from that person.

Luke Hogg‏ @LukeJHogg tweeted: Attended a screening of #MollysGame last night. @jes_chastain really deserves that #GoldenGlobes nomination, @Colmk99 was actually moved to tears at that scene with Kevin Costner. You should all go see it! (Posted December 12th)

It's got the write stuff: Molly's Game, starring Kevin Costner and Jessica Chastain, has been named in the category for Best Screenplay – Motion Picture and Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama: Jessica Chastain, Molly’s Game for Golden Globes (Posted December 12th)

Dan Nicholls‏ @dannicholls tweeted: Replying to @Mollys_Game @jes_chastain My only complaint is that the film isn’t open yet so I can’t go see it again! Seriously undeniably enjoyable. Could’ve used more Kevin Costner, but that’s true of every film released. Oscar noms are around the corner for this one. (Posted December 12th)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Kevin home then Las Vegas Nat'l Finals Rodeo...

Walter Street commented: Only in Carpinteria, CA... first Zach gets to play baseball with Kevin Costner pitching and now we find out George Lucas has a home here... and he has his own force.... (Posted December 8th)

Las Vegas 51s GM‏ @51sGM tweeted: Two big time @MiLB ⚾️ guys in the audience tonight @LasVegasNFR. The other was Crash Davis (Kevin Costner). 😂 – at Thomas & Mack Center (Posted December 9th)

Erin Johnson commented: Holy crap. I am 10 feet from Kevin Costner. I am about to go fangirl for real. (Posted December 9th)

Melissa Mcgriff Mitchell They just showed him on TV...thought saw, not really but, I will be looking for you if they show him again...HAVE FUN...YEE-HAW (Posted December 9th)

Danny Anderson commented: They showed him right after it started (Posted December 9th)

Karla Pool commented: Like to see actors at the NFR... but I get Kevin Costner does not ride a bucking horse;) or bull.... as a stunt in a movie......jk ... I love to see these guys and gals get the support from all the actors... (Posted December 9th)

Nicole Sacco commented: At the NFR and this is sooo cool not only are these animals amazing but Kevin Costner is here!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Lee Wright commented: George Strait last night Kevin Costner one row in front of us tonight ,,,, don’t see Rosemarie Bader Wright wanting to go home anytime soon (Posted December 9th)

Sherry Olney commented: Watching the third round of the NFR and saw @kevinkostner in the crowd. We have been recording it. 158 on dish (Posted December 10th) commented: Bull Durham played baseball, but Kevin Costner likes his rodeo. Thanks for stopping in for Round Three! (📷: Steve F. Gray) (Posted December 10th)

Jordan-Sherri Shofler commented: Kevin Costner was at the rodeo last night (Posted December 10th)

Donya Langenberg commented: My hat fetish strikes again! I guess I can live with Kevin Costner wearing a straw hat, it’s not like he’s a contestant-but the boy sitting next to him was wearing his straw hat backwards!! (Posted December 10th)

Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council commented: Please see the attached notice regarding proposed street closures to allow filming of a TV series (Yellowstone featuring Kevin Costner) in neighborhood on Sunday, December 17. Road Closure - December 17th (Posted December 10th)

Costner: 'Yellowstone' TV series will be 'postcard for Montana' by CORY WALSH December 10, 2017

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The latest from 'Yellowstone' filming and Kevin sightings...

The Ravalli Republic‏ @RavalliRepublic tweeted: Kevin Costner is enjoying his stay in the Bitterroot, and Gov. Steve Bullock is encouraging him to c'mon back. The filming of "Yellowstone" has pumped $1.45 million into Montana's economy, and really helped Darby. (Posted December 8th)

2 pictures and article: Costner hosts Bullock on the set of 'Yellowstone' by EVE BYRON December 8, 2017

William Ken Kittrell commented: As stopping at Wally’s Cafe in Salmon for a bite … our waitress was more than excited to share with us she had served Kevin Costner lunch and that he had autographed the wall in the booth. He went on to fly fish our river. And did well. (Posted October 10th)

Tammera Martin commented: You know your working way to hard when you meet a flight and an inbound passenger is standing an inch away chatting to someone ..while your making the announcement for the outbound delayed flight and your aggravated this passenger is way in your space you step a foot away to only look over and see that it's the one and only Kevin Costner all time favorite actor😬...and yes ..he was looking F I N E 😎...and yes...he can invade my space anytime (Posted October 15th)

Chuad Johnson commented: OH MY GOODNESS!!! That was so fun and an absolutely wonderful experience. Kevin Costner was actually with us shooting. Some speculated whether or not he was really going to fly in or if they'd use a double. He was there all right. I couldn't stop smiling during the shoot and even got a legitimate hug from him!!!! Made my day especially since I've been a fan since Dances with Wolves so I am a very happy girl and the experience was so neat! It was absolutely mind-blowing the number of people it takes to shoot a scene that 1) might not even be used 2) might be 2 min long or less if they keep it plus all the technical stuff. Unfortunately, no photos or videos were allowed. They took all the memory cards out of our camcorders and hand deleted any photos of the set, crew, and any of Kevin off our phones before we could leave. But I'll remember the experience forever and it was really great to have my cousins there with me. If we make the final cut, we are spot on in the front in most scenes.❤️ If you ever get a chance to be an extra, do it!!! One of the best days ever. (Posted October 26th)

Roberto Delgado commented: See!!!! Kevin Costner (Salt Lake City, Utah Airport) (Posted November 12th)

Rapid City Ruby Tuesday commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West came in and enjoyed some Ruby's tonight in Rapid city! How cool, thanks for coming in to see us! (Posted November 13th)

Higher Ground Hot Yoga commented: Yoga for the eyes... Did you notice that Waffle Love next door has been converted into the Churn Organic Creamery? The TV show Yellowstone with Kevin Costner will be filming an episode today in front of our studio on 25th street. Please plan extra time for parking and walking if you are coming to either 4:30pm or 6:30pm class. 25th street will be blocked off. You will still have access to get in and out of our studio. (Posted November 13th)

Montana City’s Forrie Smith to star in new Kevin Costner TV series by MARGA LINCOLN For the Independent Record

Wendy Cazier commented: I was very lucky recently to play background for this great guys new tv series "YELLOWSTONE", it was not only a fun and exciting day, but I was lucky enough to see this handsome and amazing actor up close, he's quite the doll baby!!! Other words, sooooooo darn handsome and friendly, too!!! (Posted November 15th)

Andrew Wheeler commented: So stoked to see the final product. This shows going to kick ass (Posted Novembe 18th)

Rovali's Ristorante Italiano commented: They're filming a MOVIE starring Kevin Costner right on our very own Historic 25th street! Join us for dinner tonight and maybe catch a glimpse of the Cos or other famous actors! Here's a personal invite to Kevin... come and try our Lasagna after the shoot! :-) Even though, the road is blocked off you can still park in the DMV parking lot to get your Rovali's Fix!! We open at 4:00pm on Mondays. (Posted November 13th)

Vicki Weatherston commented: Might this also be the movie they are filming on North Ogden Divide today and tomorrow? It is closed for filming!! (Posted November 13th)

Brantz M. Woolsey commented: The article doesn't mention Cherry Creek Elementary, but they were filming here in Springville last week. They were also up Hobble Creek Canyon during the summer to film some parts. (Posted November 13th)

Sonia Bartholomew Is the crew set up at the old ALC building on Main Street? Was wondering what was going on there. (Posted November 13th)

Brandy Christensen commented: Dial Yup! That was base camp. My kids are extras! (Posted November 13th)

Elizabeth Robbins commented: Filming going on outside the gallery staring Kevin Costner. (Posted November 13th)

Jeni Vizina photos of meeting Kevin: (Posted November 16th)

‘Yellowstone’s’ biggest star is Utah by Scott Iwasaki November 25, 2017 Jorge Jimenez‏ @JimenezBumaye tweeted: That moment when Kevin Costner boards the airplane right in front of you and you try not to freak out and just say your a big fan of his work 😂 @modernwest (Posted November 26th)

VIDEO: PARK CITY, Utah — The Utah Film Commission invited FOX 13's Rich Bonaduce to the set of "Yellowstone," an upcoming TV series starring Kevin Costner. According to IMDb, the series, which is partially filmed in Utah, follows the story of a ranching family in Montana as they face off against others encroaching on their land. November 28, 2017

Dale Swan Jr.‏ @TheDaleOrtiz tweeted: Kevin Costner's film crew is across from the Heber Valley Railroad again. (Posted November 29th)

Heber Valley Railroad, 450 S 600 W, Heber City, Utah

kellyklennert - Kelly Klennert: Waiting to start shooting "Yellowstone" - a new series coming out next year! (Posted November 29th)

Tabitha Pacheco NBCT‏ @tabitha_pacheco Replying to @EdTecHakk tweeted: Kevin Costner is filming a TV series right now at my kids school! @CherryCreekElem it’s pretty cool. We have prop principal signs and bulletin boards and every few weeks the film crew is there and sections of the school are closed off (mostly the gym) but school goes on! (Posted November 29th)

Marie Higgins commented: Daughter UPDATE!! Kevin Costner IS in Park City and my daughter has seen him. He plans on talking to all of the extras after the shoot today...and he bought pizza for afterwards and will eat with them.... (Posted November 29th)

Chrystal Higgins Unfortunately I didn't see him after they wrapped. He left before all of us extras did. But it was AMAZING watching him! He was giving a speech and he brought tears to my eyes....he's really THAT good ;-) He never walked near the table I was at.....however there were two other actors there who were chit chatting with me and a few others during takes!!! Eeeeekkk!! One was Buck Taylor (he was trying to get me drunk aka fruit juice) And I can't (for the life of me) remember the other dudes name and none of his movies come to my mind but I know damn sure he's popular too LOL. Anyways....I had fun!!! (Posted November 29th)

Jeni Vizina commented: Guess who I saw again. My friend Marina and I ....... Kevin Costner looks great in his western attire. (Posted November 29th)

Lori Carhart commented: On location for Yellowstone with Tim in Park City, Utah. Huge production! Look at all of the extras! Kevin Costner is giving a big speech. So happy for Tim (Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley) (Posted November 29th)

‘Yellowstone’: Josh Lucas Set To Recur In Paramount Network Series by Denise Petski November 30, 2017 The Mysteries of Laura and The Firm alum Josh Lucas has booked a recurring role in Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner, Paramount Network’s straight-to-series period drama set to premiere in 2018. Lucas will play the young John Dutton. In addition to Costner he joins previously cast Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, Dave Annable, Danny Huston, Gil Birmingham, Jefferson White, Gretchen Mol, Jill Hennessey, Patrick St. Esprit, Ian Bohen, and Denim Richards.

myskinevolution - Lori Carhart: Congratulations to my husband, Timothy Carhart for his recurring part in “Yellowstone” starring Kevin Costner! The ‘Wife Airfare’ is pretty cool, too. #actorslife #actorswife #parkcityutah #Yellowstone #swipeleft @paramountnetwork (Posted November 30th)

Marie Higgins commented: DAUGHTER UPDATE! She had a great time on the movie set of the upcoming TV series, Yellowstone, but she wasn't able to get her picture taken with Kevin Costner (darn it!) or the other actors. She said it's because the dress they had her wear didn't have any place for her to carry her cell. hahahaha. Anyway, the scene she was in was a scene with Kevin Costner. She got to watch him as he switched modes between being an actor and being a producer. She has gained more respect for him. My daughter sat at a table (during the dinner scene) with some actors who have played on many TV shows over the years. So, keep your fingers crossed that because this bigger actors were at her table, that she'll be in the actual after editing. We'll have to wait until Spring 2018 to know... lol (Posted November 30th)

Old West Candy Store commented: Kevin Costner and friends were just now in Old West Candy Store buying coffees. Yayyyyy! (Posted December 3rd)

Old West Candy Store commented: These gals from the Yellowstone tv Series come in nearly every day for a coffee. Yesterday Kevin Costner came in for coffee w friends. I missed him, boo hoo. Decorating for Christmas today. It was a busy day at Old West Candy in Darby. (Posted December 4th)

joeybraxton - Joey Braxton: #SportsRapper - OG Kevin Costner!! 🎥Besides Love and Hip Hop ATL and other reality shows, this is my first time EVER being on the set of a TV show and seeing a California style Film Studios! Much love to Utah Film Studios for this opportunity! 💯S/O to Zack and Emma for the fresh tour! @zdp1011 @_emmaj18_ (Posted December 4th)

Stuart Graves commented: Kevin Costner's series, "Yellowstone" is going to be filming in my neighborhood in a couple of weeks! :) #Yellowstone #KevinCostner #HollywoodAtMyDoor (Posted December 5th)

lailani_sue - Lailani Upham: My happy holiday dance! It's a great day to be me in Montana! 😂Why you ask? I met film Director Taylor Sheridan AND Kevin Costner today - oh, and our awesome Gov. Steve Bullock was in the bunch! (Posted December 7th)

Wood County native works on Kevin Costner series by Paul LaPann December 9, 2017

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'The Bodyguard' released 25 years ago and more...

'The Bodyguard' turns 25: Kevin Costner remembers Whitney Houston, 'the perfect choice' for the role by Kevin Polowy, Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment November 24, 2017

legacyofwhitneyhouston - nιppy ʟᴇɢᴀᴄʏ: Happy 25th Anniversary to the Bodyguard! From the love of Whitney on FB (Posted November 25th)

Role Recall: Kevin Costner Reminisces on 'Field of Dreams,' 'The Bodyguard,' and More by Kevin Polowy, Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Movies, February 21, 2014

Richard Lawson @rilaws tweeted: Big, media-heavy crowd at the AMC Lincoln Square for this screening of a remastered version of Kevin Costner's THE POSTMAN (Posted November 19th)

Sal Rodriguez commented: I was a 19-year-old extra on the set of The Bodyguard, playing a concertgoer. We were filming at the Mayan club/theater in Los Angeles. At one point I saw Kevin Costner standing backstage alone, perhaps on a break between scenes. I approached him and we had a brief and pleasant chat. The End. (Posted November 9th)

nataliealisonofficial - Natalie Alison: Throwback Thursday LA 2006 meeting Kevin Costner, his wife Christine Baumgartner and Ashton Kutcher at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre with my dear friend Steven Koller ⭐️ photocredit: Bob Freeman (Posted November 23rd)

Kathy Dove‏ @movie_gal_10 tweeted: I had the pleasure of working with #KevinCostner during the filming of #Swingvote . He's a great #actor and very kind person! #Flashback #actorslife #film (Posted November 25th)

brandied yams‏ @bClickClack tweeted: Kevin Costner didn’t grope me (Posted November 25th)

hard bruce‏ @jdotedmund tweeted: I talked shit about Kevin Costner at work yesterday and the old guy who works there and drinks a lot went ballistic (Posted November 10th)

Holly Landis‏ @Holly_Landis Replying to @BAKKOOONN: Met Kevin Costner when I was 11 when he was filming near my house. He told us where to “hide” so we could watch a few scenes being shot and was incredibly kind and patient with photos, esp given that we’d effectively interrupted his work day! (Posted November 11th)

Alexion Chaos‏ @axleranges Replying to @BAKKOOONN: Kevin Costner bought my friend a pint in a pub in Wadhurst when he was there for stuntman Tip Tipping's funeral. Nice friendly chap, apparently. (Posted November 11th)

Suz‏ @RadianceFuel Retweeted BAKOON tweeted: When I was a kid, I loved the film “Robinhood Prince of Thieves” & thought Kevin Costner @modernwest was the coolest 😻 I sent him a fan letter. When I received a signed photograph in the mail, I almost died of happiness. Sadly, I ruined the signature by framing incorrectly. (Posted November 12th)

Emily Stivers‏ @estivers Replying to @BAKKOOONN tweeted: I met Kevin Costner when I was 12 years old and he wasn't the slightest bit weird or skeezy. Nice guy, let me take his picture. (Posted November 13th)

Joe Dub‏ @THEJoeDub Replying to @BAKKOOONN tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER is a gentleman & a scholar. On the "McFarland" shoot in 2013, I was an extra cross country runner & sh*t HARD while stretching (I know😐) as he walked past on his phone--but by God he put that phone down, made sure I wasn't hurt, then we joked about it. Classy AF. (Posted November 13th)

Timothy Burke‏ Verified account @bubbaprog tweeted: Happy tenth anniversary of showing up at Straub Park to see Kevin Costner's band play and, oh, find out that the Devil Rays were now gonna be the "Rays" (and were not going to suck anymore, apparently) (Posted November 13th)

How a 1991 movie resulted in JFK’s assassination files being released in 2017 - Oliver Stone’s movie led in part to congressional action. Updated by Alissa Wilkinson October 26, 2017

Allen Douglas‏ @ADouglasPhotos tweeted: Images from previous Kamloopa Powwows. The Sioux Chief with the US flag co-starred with Kevin Costner in Dancing with Wolves #Kamloops (Posted October 26th)

Kevin Costner & MW‏ @modernwest tweeted: #FBF to our 2010 IEBA performance in Nashville, Tenn. (Posted October 27th)

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First look at the new 'Yellowstone' TV series and more...

Kevin Costner -"Yellowstone "- First Look at the new TV Series:


The Heartland Network @watchheartland commented: Its been a productive day at Heartland. #staytuned #sneakpeek#sneakpeek #staytuned (Posted September 24th)

Adrian Stewart‏ @EyeSoCrayZ tweeted: my Meaghan O'Leary got to work with the producers ETC of Kevin Costner's new gig YELLOWSTONE... #TRUTH (Posted October 24th)

Tricia Young commented: Kevin Costner, pictured on the right, is in Darby Montana to film a series called Yellowstone. My cousin’s husband in the middle is one of the extras. We are so excited and cannot wait till the series... (Posted October 24th)


David Sylvester commented: Apparently Kevin Costner is going to make a movie in the Bitterroot. Casting call this afternoon. (Hamilton, Montana) (Posted August 6th)

The Edge celebrates 20 years by Michelle McConnaha October 26, 2017

James Davis commented: Roundtrip to Denver: 800$ Swapped Seats with a potential projectile vomiter: and Coke Talking movies about Kevin Costner with Kevin Costner... Priceless #Denver #KevinCostner #Incognito - Spotted him like a sore thumb esp when he was behind me talking with that distinct voice. (Posted October 15th)

Greer Guidry commented: He's really cool! Met him a few years ago when he was down here in New Orleans for the endymion parade. (Posted October 15th)

Rich Masterson They film some of the scenes at Chief Joseph Ranch South of Darby, MT. Look forward to watching the series to see if I recognize the Bitterroot Valley, and other parts of Montana. Probably just make me homesick (Posted October 23rd)

Tom Stockdale commented: Kevin Kostner's filming of the "Yellowstone" movie series is going on down here in Wisdom with the crew staying at the Spokane Ranch. Yesterday we were stopped on HW 43 west of the Big Hole Battlefield for about an hour while they shot some of it. Actually did not was going on as the MHP gave limited info & with a helicopter coming/going it looked from afar more like a bad accident and life flight on the scene. (Posted October 27th)

Cowboy Cool Services commented: Hamilton, Montana to play cowboy in Paramount Network Series "Yellowstone" with Kevin Costner! #Theyaregonnaputmeinthemovies #Theyaregonnamakeabigstaroutofme #AllIgottadoisactnaturally (Posted October 30th)

Andrew Erickson‏ @akerickson88 tweeted: Movie being filmed at capital today and Kevin Costner is on location! I'll try to get a pic! (Posted November 2nd)

stefanireinhardt - Stefani Reinhardt: My favorite movie star is in town filming a television series about Montana! I drove by the set at lunch hoping for a peek but no dice. This would probably kill me if I hadn't already met him #KevinCostner #Yellowstone (Posted November 2nd)

New Kevin Costner TV series takes over Capitol Thursday by TOM KUGLIN November 2, 2017

Allison Nelson commented: Kevin Costner is here filming "Yellowstone" the mall parking lot looks like a fema base camp! (Helena, Montana) (Posted November 2nd)

Kaylon Mengel He was in Bozeman not long ago. I got a photograph, then we got on the plane together. Eeeeek! He just sat there across from me reading and we chitchated a we bit! (Posted November 3rd)

ride.montana - GABRIELLE STAMPER: Yellowstone Series🎬🎬 #stockfarmclub #kevincostner #kellyreilly #extras #hairandmakeup #onset #moviestarinthemaking #montanamadefilm (Posted November 3rd) (NOT KEVIN)

Brett Ashley Whitney is with Becca Troianos commented: Soaked with the film crew from Kevin Costner’s upcoming show Yellowstone at the hot springs last night. We also got chummy with the explosive and special effects guy. I am certain, this is the closest we’ll ever get to Hollywood. #bigflakeswerefalling #ourworkmeetingsrock #weexchangednumbers #hollywoodwantsourshampoo #cityboys #smallpenisjokesweremade (Posted November 3rd)

Sandra Williams 🎬‏ @swilliamsfilm tweeted: Headed to Utah tomorrow for the show Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. 📸📽🎬 #filmmaking #setlife #actress #actorslife #fil (Posted November 4th)

Chantelly D Bitton commented: That's right not a low budget film whoot whoot this girl is doing this tomorrow (Posted November 5th)

Paramount importance by Jesse Whittock November 6, 2017 Excerpt: ...premium original dramas such as Kevin Costner family drama Yellowstone.... “Yellowstone is an edgier version of Dallas, but it still lives in that place of optimism.”  &bnsp;

Tan Tan‏ @tagrox2002 tweeted: I look like a hick republican - I’m getting paid to eat food hehe - I HAVE A TRAILER?!? - Update: they didn’t want me to walk in the cold so they sent me on a really fancy bus down the block - They did my hair like a preppy nerd lowkey but it’s fine - I’ve never seen so many people turn down food in my life - Random moment when Wes Bentley told me “this thing is a clusterfuck!” - I’m like 5 feet away from Kevin Costner it’s fine (Posted November 6th)

Nathan Panfil commented: My best friend and his father who I call sexy, was a extra for a upcoming television show called "Yellowstone" produced by Kevin Costner which he saw on set. The episode he was part is directed by Taylor Sheridan who started as an actor in the show "Sons of Anarchy", wrote "Sicario", and directed and wrote "Wind River". Very exciting to have that experience, one day me and him will be on set together directing films together. Love you, Jiggly Puff! (Posted November 6th)

Kerry Sharp commented: I get to be an extra (cowboy) today for a new tv series called Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. (Posted November 6th)

Gerry Wagner commented: If anyone is wondering about all the trucks @ the outlaw there filming a tv series staring Kevin costner called Yellowstone - They have completely taken over Stevens henegar parking lot lol (Posted November 6th)

Stevens-Henager College commented: STAFF AND STUDENTS!!! This week our campus will be hosting an event where the front parking lot will be utilized for the production of a Kevin Costner film titled Yellowstone. We are asking that ALL FACULTY, STAFF & VISITOR STUDENTS please park in south east area of our parking lot beginning on Monday. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! (1890 S 1350 W, West Haven, Utah) (Posted November 6th)

Matt Champion photo (Posted November 6th):

Jack Gladd commented: Relaxing with Evie after a long day in Ogden participating in Yellowstone series as an extra. Quite an experience to say the least. Watch the series which premiere’s next Summer starring Kevin Costner. (Posted November 6th)

Original Kenventur commented: 14 hours on the set of Kevin Costner's new series "Yellowstone". Photos aren't great but photos aren't (Posted November 6th)

Allen Edelman commented: Congrats to Atticus Todd for booking 5th episode and counting in "Yellowstone." (Posted November 6th)

Dennis Chapple Jr. commented: I took a pic of Taylor Sheridan shooting a scene (Posted November 7th)

Christi Patrick commented: I am not affiliated with this at all, but thought some here might be interested in being extras on Kevin Costner's show. This scene is in Draper, but they also shoot in Park City sometimes. (Posted November 5th)

Lisa Lambros commented: So, at work yesterday we were not allowed to park in our regular parking lot. I simply thought they were repairing it. We found out today by a customer it was closed because they are filming a TV show with Kevin Costner in it called Yellowstone. I drove real slow today when I went by the parking lot but I did not see Kevin Costner just a lot of 5th wheel actor trailers . Pretty cool though. They are filming for a week so maybe I will Get an autograph or Kevin might come in for so lunch. Lol. (Murray. Utah) (Posted November 9th)

Heidi Johnson commented: A new tv series called Yellowstone with Kevin Costner is being filmed in Utah with parts being done here in Eagle Mountain. Might be worth checking out when it debuts in 2018 (Posted November 9th)

Eagle Mountain, Utah - City Hall commented: **Road Closure Update - Eagle Mountain Blvd** Due to illness of a key crew member, filming is cancelled for tonight and Eagle Mountain Blvd will remain open this evening. The production is the television show "Yellowstone" starring Kevin Costner. Filming will likely be rescheduled sometime after Thanksgiving. We appreciate your patience with the changes. (Posted November 9th)

LilyWarriorWoman‏ @Lily_Warrior Replying to @cmclymer @AtreiyaN7 I met Kevin Costner while he was filming JFK in New Orleans. We talked for a bit. He was very friendly, very sweet, and really nice. (Posted November 10th)

Kristin ⚜️‏ @buttermilkdrop Retweeted Charles Clymer: Met Kevin Costner when he rode in Endymion and he was a genuinely nice and humble person. Talked to him for about 5 minutes. (Posted November 10th)

25th Street Treasures commented: One of the exciting things about being on 25th street is when the filming companies come to town. They are redoing the front of the waffle love building for a Kevin Costner series called Yellowstone. Yes we are open for business during the filming preparations. (Ogden, Utah) (Posted November 10th)

Ogden's Union Station Foundation commented: 60% off all of these wonderful gifts and decorations! and Kevin Costner is filming on 25th Street today. (Ogden, Utah) (Posted November 13th)

bellamusegallery - Bella Muse Gallery: They are filming a show with Kevin Costner outside the gallery. How cool is that. #artgallery #visitogden #kevincostner #ogden #ogdenutah #lovethistown (Posted November 13th)

bellamusegallery - Bella Muse Gallery: We are closed today. Couldn't get to gallery anyway due to filming a new show with Kevin Costner #shophistoric25thstreet #artgallery #ogden #visitogden (Posted November 13th)

Part of 25th Street closed for filming of new Kevin Costner TV series bt JANAE FRANCIS November 13, 2017 (OGDEN)

Tammy Haering Herker commented: My house is in it! It was fun to watch them film last week! (Posted November 13th)

Springville City commented: What do Cherry Creek Elementary and Kevin Costner have in common? They are both going to be in a new television series called Yellowstone that is expected to come out next year. (Posted November 14th)

Austin Horton‏ @austinhorton commented: Thank you @UtahFilmStudios for hosting The Movie Zone on a tour of your facilities and the sets of "Yellowstone," starring Kevin Costner and directed by Taylor Sheridan. Can't wait to ride the range again soon. (Posted November 14th)

Emily Gillingwater to Spanish Fork News and Events commented: This is about the movie, Yellowstone that has been filming here in Spanish Fork as well as other areas in Utah. They filmed at the Fairgrounds a few weeks ago and most recently at the animal shelter. (Posted November 14th)
utahfilmstudios - Utah Film Studios: Another incredible day at Utah Film Studios! Governor Herbert and his amazing wife Jeanette showed up to visit the set of Yellowstone and met with Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan. #kevincostner #taylorsheridan #legends #modernwest #utahfilmstudios #filmcommunity #filmproduction #setlife #tvseries #yellowstonetvshow #staytuned (Posted November 15th)

John J Zenes commented: So where is Kevin Costner today? #BrokenRockPD #YellowStone (Posted November 15th)

Carolyn Nelson Taft commented: Drove up to Park City today and visited the Movie Studio that my daughters brother-in-law and his family own! They are filming a show called “Yellowstone” with Kevin Costner, and he is here (but in his trailer)....Ps.. The Governor of Utah was arriving at the studio any minute so I left quickly. (Posted November 15th)

Angela Hill commented: ....happened to sit near a Mom from the Ute Nation and her children....this Mom, her husband, and her children are all being featured in the upcoming Kevin Costner movie, that has been filming around Park City, Summit County, and Utah County. They are starring as Native American Dancers, and the kids told me that they loved filming their parts! (Posted November 16th)

Kevin Costner’s new TV series ‘Yellowstone’ is filming, and spending tons of money, all over Utah - Television • Utah is starring as Montana in “Yellowstone,” and the production is pumping $30 million into the state’s economy. By Scott D. Pierce November 17, 2017

tokala_clifford - Tokala Black Elk Clifford: Repost from @crystle_lightning Another day on set for "Yellowstone TV Series" Paramount. Sam Stands Alone & Verda on camera. #friends #actorslife #Yellowstone #tvshow #onset #paramount #ontheroad #kevincostner #taylorsheridan📣 #utah #utahfilmstudios #comingup #2018 #staytuned #tv #film #tokalablackelk #tokalaclifford (Posted November 17th)

B Brooks SJ Bobkins commented: They had North Ogden Divide shut down for a couple of nights this week to film; and if they are filming anywhere in the Huntsville, or Liberty area it's really nice. Lots of film productions are shot on 25th St in Ogden. I don't usually defend Ogden, but I get the connection to something called Yellowstone this time. (Posted November 18th)