Sunday, July 16, 2017

Work on the 'Yellowstone' series begins...

Kelly Reilly Web‏ @kellyreillyweb tweeted: Pre-production on #Yellowstone has begun! @ParamountTV (Posted July 13th)

nicsheridanofficial - Taylor & Nic Sheridan: Time To Kick The Tires And Light The Fires 😎Cutting time with my ❤️🤘🏼🐮 #moo #yeehaw #sexycowboy #ncha (Posted July 13th)

nicsheridanofficial - Taylor & Nic Sheridan: Holding the #fort down 😂❤️🤘🏼#luckylady #hangingwiththeboys #dinner #buds @greeleyhatworks (Posted July 13th)

nicsheridanofficial - Taylor & Nic Sheridan: Got my #bodyguard 😂❤️😎 #thisguy 🤘🏼 #yellowstone #kevincostner #rocks (Posted July 13th)

B0$$‏ @AustinAusboss69 tweeted: I just saw Kevin Costner at work today. So thats dope! (St George, Utah) (Posted July 13th)

Bob Minihan commented: Fun ending to a great shoot: Riverhorse, Park City, Kevin Costner. (Posted July 13th)

The Riverhorse on Main, 540 Main Street, Park City, Utah:

Carl MacNeal commented: I shot with him, he's a really nice guy. He also kept apologizing to me for his bad takes. He said "I hope you're good!" (Posted July 14th)

Greeley Hat Works commented: Trent is in Park City on set of the up and coming TV series Yellowstone, this is going to be a awesome show! Not only is Kevin Costner staring in it but the #HATitude™ will be on point as well!! #GreeleyHatWorks #Yellowstone (Posted July 14th)

Kevin Costner series to shoot in Utah; incentives approved for more film projects By Gephardt Daily Staff - July 13, 2017

Park City Studios, 4001 Kearns Boulevard, Park City, Utah
Studio Annex at UVU Wasatch: 3111 College Way, Heber City, Utah

Yellowstone To Make List of Films in Utah June 23, 2017 by PCSKIGAL

Kelsey Asbille Joins Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone’ In Reteam With Taylor Sheridan by Patrick Hipes July 13, 2017 &nbap;

Friday, July 14, 2017

Kevin spent 4th of July in Aspen, Colorado...

rebeccajragan - Rebecca Ragan: We had the nicest neighbor at the 4th of July parade! It is rare for me to fangeek, but this was a total exception! So thankful for my wingman @thefirstmoody #kevincostner (Aspen, Colorado) (Posted July 4th)

murphyjulie492 - julie: Lucky you to meet Kevin. He's a great person down to earth person (Posted July 4th)

Chase Dollar commented: Aspen was cool met Kevin Costner (Posted July 6th)

greenleafpat - Pat Odlaug: Celeb siting #aspencolorado #funincolorado #kevincostner #greenleafpat (Posted July 8th)

Peach's Corner Cafe, 121 S. Galena Street Aspen, CO:

Bradford Silver commented: Hangn out with Kevin Costner on the 4th of July. :)_ (Aspen, Colorado) (Posted July 4, 2016)

Kevin Gilliard commented: 4th of July at Kevin Costner's afternoon party. (Aspen, Colorado) (Posted July 4, 2016)

Jeff Bryk commented: At Kevin Costner's house in Aspen, CO on the 4th of July. Friends in high places! (Aspen, Colorado) (Posted January 7, 2009)

Al Rosenthal with Rosanne Iversen at City Of Orvieto commented: I thought we were going to miss celebrating the 4th of July in Steamboat. Here is Kevin Costner and his band doing a sound check for tonights Independence concert in Piazza Duomo. Even fire works following the show! (Orvieto, Italy) (Posted July 4, 2014)

Michelle Deanne Trefethen commented: Kevin Costner and I in Santa Barbara...HIS all day party on 4th of July.... There was a God moment for me on this day...I was a pooped at his Christmas party so I wore a cute little dress and arrived on time. Kevin was out by the pool and he pointed at me and told me that I was supposed to have a GOOD time....and yes I pong, skidoos, singing with Britney Spears backup singers....much much fun. ( many too cool people unimpressed people there) At the end of the night as I thanked him and c said goodbye he looked at me and smiled and said " I liked the fact that it looked like you were having fun!" That was just like God!!!! (Posted July 4, 2015) (Taken about 11 years before)

Donna Ankenbauer commented: That's Kevin Costner's place with the ponds. Looking down on Hwy 82 that runs east over Independence Pass. His lake house is rentable. You could play ball on his baseball field. (Posted October 24, 2016)

Anita Rosenberg commented: Hiking Independence Pass, starting at Kevin Costner's Lake (Posted March 12, 2013)

Susan Capiel commented: on my way up Pass rd bike today b4 K.Derby, snapped Kevin Costner's 'field of dreams' (can see catcher's backdrop in foreground, lake and view of Indy Pass in background), already in green Spring glory!... road a little 'ugly' just b4 Weller Lake, but no snow b4 then, &should be clear of debris this week in preparation for Ride for the Pass on the 13th up to town of Independence, when I will be headed to San Diego instead this year!) (Posted May 6th)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

'Molly's Game' release date November 22, 2017...

STX To Open Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Molly’s Game’ In November; by Anthony D'Alessandro July 1, 2017 - Excerpt: Aaron Sorkin’s feature adaptation of Molly Bloom’s memoir Molly’s Game will open the Wednesday before Thanksgiving on Nov. 22, STX Entertainment announced...see article at link for more detail:

Paramount, Disney & STX Show Exhibitors Exactly What They Came To See With Help From Clooney, Damon And The Rock (Again!) – CinemaCon By Pete Hammond March 29, 2017

'Molly's Game' on Internet Movie Database:

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Various items of interest about Kevin I've collected...

shanayna_spiels - Shayna Spielman: Pics or it didn't happen right? #tbt to when I met Kevin Costner at work and he kissed my three times. #kevincostner (Posted June 8th)

Antoni M Baca commented: Just spent the morning at my ranch with Kevin Costner looking at a few sites along the river to build a movie set. Really nice guy, so far its been a productive day. (Albuquerque, NM) (March 25, 2013)

Emmanuel Colla‏ @EmmanuelColla tweeted: @CamilleLou_Off - Kevin Costner, héros chahuté de la nouvelle publicité pour la... (Posted May 15th)

michaelmooneynyc - P O P C U L T U R E X FRASIER KRANG: #bourbonstreet #kevincostner (Bourbon Street / French Quarter) (Posted May 13th)

elke_spang - Elke Spang: #kevincostner #kevinmichaelcostner #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnerandmodernwest #kcmw #bestactor #bestmusican #aspencolorado #santabarbara #aspen #portrait #portraitphotography #schwarzweissfotografie #blackandwhitephotography #bnwfriday 😎 Wonderful black and white photography from Kevin

Kelly Donlin‏ @kellydonlin tweeted: Watching @HiddenFigures again at 35,000 feet and I'm now certain, @TherealTaraji and Kevin Costner gave a terrific performance!!! (Posted May 18th)

Tim Andrews‏ @TimAndrewsHere tweeted: Kevin Costner #fbf (Posted May 19th)

ml_a_white - ML White: Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there. #Legend #KevinCostner (Posted May 19th)

iamg294 - Jitendriya Meher: KEVIN COSTNER | PORTRAIT #lightnshadowstudy #highlights #charcoal #newsprintpaper #beard #kevincostner #art #artworks #artist #sketchbook #instadaily #instaart #artistsoninstagram #pencilsacademy #kevincostnermodernwest (Posted May 20th)

art_yunusgunaydin - Yunus Günaydın: #kevincostner #portre #resim #artwork #artdrawing #artgallery #bodrum #art #artist #artistic #artists #arte #dibujo #myart #artwork #portrait #bw #blackandwhite #painting #drawing #drawings #markers #paintings #creative #sketch #sketchaday #pencil #beautiful (Posted May 24th)

Black Hole movies‏ @BlackHoleMovies tweeted: Kevin Costner is uncredited in FRANCES (1982), has one line of dialogue, but at least gets to kiss Jessica Lange. (Posted May 24th)

Samsara Smile🍹🌹‏ @Oda_CM tweeted: The Kevin Costner illustrations on today's Japanese assignment are mindblowing ケビン📽コスナー (Posted May 25th)

Moritz Stickler‏ @SticklerMoritz tweeted: New movie with Kevin Costner?! 😳 #Indycar #Double #Twins (Posted May 27th)

Saba Kapur‏ @saba_kapur tweeted: Young Kevin Costner was so fine don't fight me on this #SundayFunday (Posted May 28th)

hanalasagal - Hanala Sagal: #tbt #Being #brunette with #KevinCostner #hollywood #event #starstudded #life He watched my #tvshow #howcool #fans of each other! (Posted May 25th)

elke_spang - Elke Spang: Kevin looks yesterday and today always wonderful and sexy (Posted May 26th)

andrewartist - andrew read: Open Range drawing with Kevin Costner & Robert Duvall. #westerns #workinprogess #drawingoftheday #drawingthatlooksreal #drawing#art#kevincostner #robertduvall #cowboys #andrewread #realisticdrawing #artofdrawingg #artistmafia #sketch #american #welshartist #graphite (Posted May 27th) - ALL ABOUT DESIGN®: Viele Grüße von Kevin Costner 😂. Ihn und ein paar andere Kollegen gibt's im @schwarzreiter.muenchen . (Posted May 29th)

19 facts about ‘Field of Dreams’ that go the distance by Chris Chase May 25, 2017

1998 MLB ASG: Hitting Challenge by KSportsArchives Published on Jun 17, 2017 - Hitting Challenge contest at the 1998 MLB All-Star Game at Coors Field, Denver, CO.
Purple Team: Tim McGraw, Travis Lee, George Brett
White Team: Jonathan Silverman, Magglio Ordonez, Andre Dawson
Green Team: Kevin Costner, Ben Grieve, Dave Kingman
Black Team: John Elway, Todd Helton, Robin Yount
(Kevin at 12:01 - 13:52 / 15:54 - 16:05 / 18:23 - 18:45 / 30:35 - 31:55 / 33:33 / 35:57 - 36:05 / 37:19 - 38:02 / 39:24 - 39:27 / 40:12 - 40:13 / 40:24 - 40:29 / 41:50 - 42:01)

sandylane13 - Sandy Lane: Enjoying great convo on the time the boys met 'Field of Dreams' Kevin Costner and didn't have a care or clue. Got some great laughs after pulling up this vintage pic. #conversationsatwrigley #laneboys #thosewerethedays (Posted June 4th)

Cas‏ @BrightMeadow tweeted: Kevin Costner on a mountain top?! #caswatchesbatsvssupes (Posted June 4th)

Nicole D'Alessandro‏ @nicolelizabethd tweeted: In Bodyguard, Whitney Houston is looking at pics from Kevin Costner's college football days and your boy looking OLD AS FUCK (Posted June 4th)

Nicole D'Alessandro‏ @nicolelizabethd tweeted: In Bodyguard, Whitney Houston is looking at pics from Kevin Costner's college football days and your boy looking OLD AS &%$# (Posted June 4th)

Allen Douglas‏ @ADouglasPhotos tweeted: Replying to @CFJC_Community @KamloopsGCC Decent swing with open shoes. Only person I saw hit it better with those was Kevin Costner, a pretty good golfer, so you're in good company (Posted June 7th)

Friday, June 30, 2017

Kevin visits Sorrel River Ranch, interviews and more...

derekfreal - Derek Bertha: Just creepin on the Cost. #dinner #coloradoriver #moab #berthastakemoab #kevincostner (Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa) (Posted June 26th)

Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa, HC 64 UT-128, Moab, Utah:

Brad Mercer‏ @BandsNFans tweeted: Tune in to:  Saturday and hear my interview with Kevin Costner. 4-6PM PST and KIX Hot Country 92.1 and 96.3! (Posted June 16th) (Kevin starts at 1:00:45)

The ANE Show which stands for Automotive News & Entertainment is hosted by longtime General Manager, Jim Proctor of Dodge City of McKinney: Today's show was all over the place, we spoke a little more about Kinky Friedman and had a Kevin Costner Interview by Paul Salfen (for Draft Day). Mostly we just rambled about life! 04-12-2014 (30:33 - 42:35)

959Gary Chatting With Kevin Costner - Posted May 5, 2014 - Country 95.9 CJWF - Windsor, Canada - for April 13, 2012 concert

Kyron‏ @Accidntprone tweeted: Kevin costner came to my job on Monday and I found out only today because he was undercover then. 😞 (Posted June 9th)

sebastiencipolla - Sebastien Cipolla: The French commercial I shoot with @kevincostnermodernwest directed by the talented @kim_chapiron #actor #men #filming #movies #celebrities #star #commercial #model #work #losangeles #hollywood #kevincostner #sncf #france #fun #photooftheday #Repost #acting #followme #actress #enjoy #elegant #passion #filmmaking #actorslife #actionfigures #talented (Posted June 15th)

sebastiencipolla - Sebastien Cipolla: An other #shoot from my #last #commercial #action #kevincostner #together #actor #acting #set #dream #teamwork #fun #men #leather #celebrities #star #model #photooftheday #followme #actorlife #well #welldone #great #doitforyou #make #it (Posted June 21st)

arqaww - Arqueonautas: Kevin Costner at an Arqueonautas shipwreck reconnaissance expedition in Mozambique. @kevincostnermodernwest @arqueonautas #manuelgomesdacosta #adventure #kevincostner #expedition #shipwreck #diving #discovery #fashion 2012

Eric Sorenson‏ @Stitch_Head tweeted: #OTD CollegeBaseball: 1992 - Kevin Costner throws out 1st pitch at Fullerton @BaseballTitans all-new Goodwin Field before an 8-2 win vs UCI (Posted May 4th)

sterling_rice - Sterling Rice: Found this little gem today Kevin Costner and I skiing ❤️ #Canada #KevinCostner #HawaiianTropic (Posted May 6, 2017)

Ellen Cotter‏ @emcotter1956 tweeted: I never dreamed this would ever happen! #kevincostner #aftertheshow (Posted May 4th)

Marie‏ @bluphenix214 tweeted: I had to work the day I graduated from film school. That night I met Kevin Costner and Modern West! Best graduation gift ever❤️ (Posted May 9th)

RGMOORE PHOTOGRAPHY‏ @RgmooreRick @HistoryInPix tweeted: Kevin Costner on the set of the Untouchables 1987 in Montana. (Posted May 9th)

aubrygeneharris - AUBRY GENE HARRIS: @kevincostnermodernwest killing it !!! Great hang! #countrymusic #kevincostner #livemusic #goodtimes #friends (Posted May 10th)

oytunalatay - Oytun Alatay: Şarkıda söylediğini öğrendiğim akşam #tbt #2007 #kevincostner #adorebackline WOW Istanbul Hotels & Convention Center (Posted May 11th)

dcbucteddy - Thomas H Eddy: Once again Happy Father's day to all dad's out there in Instagram land (Posted June 18th)

Aydanustkanat - Aydan Ustkanat: Bu also has a #tbt öyle How old were you? I think it has been 5-6 years. He entered a large hall through the other end. A crowd of sardines around. So much so that you can not see the edge of your hair despite its length. People who sneak up on magazine pages on screaming screaming. Wonderful atmosphere. I was looking at the other side, I was not even aware of it first. (Posted June 22nd)

Prop Store‏ @propstore_com tweeted: Check out this awesome #BTS shot of #KevinCostner on set of #RobinHoodPrinceofThieves! #PropStore (Posted June 26th)

Alpine West Real Estate and Consulting, LLC commented: Today I got to spend my day touring Kevin Costner's Aspen ranch. It is 156 acres with three residences that can accommodate up to 25 people. It has a private lake and sits on the banks of the Roaring Fork River. If you would like to rent it let me know. (Posted February 10th)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Kevin visits Capitol Reef National Park in Torrey, Utah...

kniggt - Shaun Peterson: This guy showed up at the restaraunt last night with his wife and kids and some friends... really cool experience! #kevincostner #pioneerkitchen #capitolreefresort (Posted June 24th)

lil jess jess‏ @JessinyMikay tweeted: met kevin costner today, so that was pretty cool (Posted June 24th)

Capitol Reef Resort, 2600 E Highway 24, Torrey, Utah:

The Pioneer Kitchen:

The Capitol Reef National Park:

Leng Leng commented: She's so happy in this picture. Our mama and Hollywood actor Mr. Kevin Costner.(insert daw ang hollywood actor ✌) #onceinalifetime #restoguest — with Dyrce Pelicano in Torrey, Utah. (Posted June 23rd)

Michael Higgins commented: Spent last night in a covered wagon in Capital Reef. Actually very comfortable. Woke up and spent a 1/2 hour chatting with our neighbor Kevin Costner! Super nice guy! (Posted June 24th)

Leonora Pelicano commented: Another day with this so nice and handsome actor! (Posted June 24th)

Ian Hawkins commented: When you're so engrossed in your scrambled eggs you don't notice Kevin Costner is at the table next to you ........ *facepalm* (Posted June 24th)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kevin attends 'Blue Man Group Las Vegas' Thursday evening...

Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Actor/Musician Kevin Costner Attend Blue Man Group Las Vegas June 23, 2017 by Backstreet Boys and local Las Vegas residency entertainers, Brian Littrell and AJ McLean, attended Blue Man Group in Las Vegas at Luxor Hotel and Casino on Thursday, June 22. Also in attendance was American actor, director, producer and musician Kevin Costner. Following the performance, Litrell, McLean and Costner and their families were treated to a private VIP meet-and-greet with Blue Men and Band.

Blue Man Group LV‏ @BMGVegas tweeted: .@backstreetboys @brian_littrell & @skulleeroz, plus @modernwest frontman Kevin Costner visited @BMGVegas on 6/21! @bluemangroup #DareToLive (Posted June 23rd)

Mr. Tornado 🌪‏ @poofdoddy tweeted: Turns out I was prowling Luxor the same time Kevin Costner and The Backstreet Boys were. Vegas, baby. (Posted June 23rd)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What Kevin's been up to lately and more...

luismolina11 - Luis Molina de Sobrevivientes: Met Kevin Costner yesterday, came back and made a BIG purchase from me today. I didn't recognize him, even though he took his glasses off on PURPOSE and looked me in the eye as he asked questions. One of the coolest actors in person and very friendly. He said I was the best salesman he had dealt with!! #kevincostner #goalzero #portableenergy #greatguy #funnyguy #greatactor #mademenervous #cantbelieveididrecognicehim (Posted June 5th)

Froggy 100.3‏ @Froggy1003 tweeted: @modernwest "Love Shine" #nowplaying #NewCountryMusic #FrogPod #LoveShine #KevinCostner #ModernWest #Froggy1003

Froggy 100.3's Chris O'Neil chats with Kevin Costner & Modern West by Froggy 100.3 (Warrensburg/Saratoga NY)

The stars of The Untouchables look back, 30 years later - Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro, and Sean Connery remember making Brian De Palma’s classic gangster flick by Mary Sollosi June 5, 2017

BrianDePalmaArchives‏ @DePalmaArchives tweeted: Brian De Palma, Robert De Niro, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner & producer Art Linson on the set of The Untouchables (Posted June 4th)

tyfofficial - The Young Folks: It’s been 30 years since #TheUntouchables arrived in theaters. 🎥 (Posted June 3rd)

FansnStars✨✪‏ @FansnStars tweeted: Why Kevin Costner Had Trouble Acting With Robert De Niro In The Untouchables (Posted June 6th)

Simon Brew‏Verified account @simonbrew tweeted: Now accepting requests from people to interview Kevin Costner for them. (Posted June 6th)

Video: Kevin Costner Talks About What He’ll Miss When He’s Dead in an Animated Interview From 2012 By Lori Dorn May 18, 2017 In a rather frank episode of the animated series “What I Learned” by Quoted Studios, actor and musician Kevin Costner opened up to Esquire writer-at-large Cal Fussman in 2012 about making choices, working hard and the things he’ll miss when he’s dead.

Friday, June 2, 2017

KC & MW new song 'Love Shine' official video...

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Love Shine (Official Video) by Kevin Costner & Modern West Published on Jun 1, 2017 Directed by Mark Gillard - BlackShirtCreative - (c) 2017 Kevin's Music LLC

'Love Shine' available here:
or here:

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

KC & MW will do a tour soon with new songs...

Chuck Dauphin‏ @ChuckDauphin tweeted: The musical side of Kevin Costner comes to light once again....and the question that baseball fans ask him from (Posted May 31st)

Chuck Dauphin‏ @ChuckDauphin tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West Back With New Music.....from   (Posted May 31st)

Kevin Costner Discusses What's Next for His Band Modern West 5/31/2017 by Chuck Dauphin

Pictures from July 2016 Gruene Hall concert in the Gruene Hall website gallery:

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More of KC & MW from April's concerts...

Owensboro Woman Meets Kevin Costner at Orlando Conference By Chadwick Benefield April 26, 2017

Cindy Lee commented: Turns out Kevin Costner is in a band.... (Posted April 22nd)

Christina McAtee commented: Great time last night with great friends Stephanie and Tony Benza. Saw Kevin Costner concert at The Ranch and met "MAC" from the Miami Dolphin's (Posted April 23nd)

Tammy L Marr was live: (Posted April 22nd)

Shelby Berger commented: The bar view for Kevin Costner (Posted April 22nd)

mrsflintstone67 - hpruneda: Saw #kevincostner and his band #modernwest Saturday night in #ftmyers😄 #swflorida #lovefl #countrymusic #southernhome (Posted April 25th)

Lori Emmons commented: Well I Invited my tennis team to come and see for themselves the talented singer you have become.. Great job, good fun! Glad I could get a pic with you. The champagne was also yummy... (Posted April 23rd)

Ellen Cotter commented: KC's boots! (Posted April 22nd)

Lisbeth Karlsson Such an experience, came from sweden and I am so excited that I had the opportunity too see and listen to you. Thank you! (Posted April 23nd)

Allie Goudy Vintilla commented: FABULOUS show!! Thank you Kevin Costner and Modern West! (Posted April 23nd)

Nikkeya Pearce commented: Great show!!! (Posted April 23rd)

Kim McCrone Addington commented: Best night ever!!!! So friendly to the crowd and loved the new songs! Thanks for coming to Florida-I wont miss a show! (Posted April 23rd)

adriana‏ @Leari_A tweeted: @modernwest it was a great night !thank you ! (Posted April 22nd)

adriana‏ @Leari_A tweeted: Esa era para mí 😍😜#kevincostner @modernwest (Posted April 26th)

Actors Who Became Singers for Better or Worse Some of these individuals are singing our tunes, while others have giant egos and overflowing chutzpah by Zachary Leeman | Updated 08 May 2017 Excerpt: The Best Kevin Costner. The actor has been criticized in the past for using his talents to push forward bloated, overpriced vanity projects, including “The Postman,” “Waterworld,” and “Wyatt Earp.” His music career seemed to be coming from the same place — at first. Turns out Costner and his band Modern West have carved out a nice niche for themselves in country music; they've found some serious success. The band has released four albums and toured extensively, including performances at a handful of NASCAR events. Costner’s sound is a mix of Springsteen and Tom Petty, and if he ever decided to hang up his acting hat, he’d probably do just fine with a guitar and a microphone.

Friday, May 26, 2017

New single released by KC & MW...

Kevin Costner and Modern West have made a video announcement today on their Facebook page about the release of a new single called "Love Shine":

It is available on iTunes for pre-order, out June 1st:

and for pre-order on, expected June 1st:

Saturday, May 20, 2017

More of Kevin from the French SNCF train ad...

véronique giraudeau‏ @vero_giraudeau tweeted: LGV Paris-Bordeaux. 2h04 de trajet. Plus possible de regarder 1 film Hollywoodien en entier! #KevinCostner #Sncf (Posted May 12th)

Dans Le TGV‏Verified account @DansLeTGV tweeted: Quand TGV accélère, Hollywood doit suivre. Découvrez la bande annonce de "2h04 Paris-Bordeaux" avec Kevin Costner (Posted May 12th)

Camille Bonhomme‏ @omega_gaga tweeted: Kevin Costner raccourcit ses films dans une pub pour la SNCF (Posted May 13th)

Yan Reuter‏ @YanReuter tweeted: SNCF. #KevinCostner and Camille Lou makes the TGV Oceane promo (Posted May 13th)

Le Luxe Tranquille‏ @Luxe_Tranquille tweeted: VIDEO - Découvrez pourquoi Camille Lou harcèle Kevin Costner (Posted May 13th)

Blogs de Lorraine‏ @blogsdelorraine tweeted: Short film: 2 h 04 with Kevin Costner Kim Chapiron (Posted May 13th)


sparklesbubbles - Caroline Simon-Schreiber: Ad campaign Kevin Costner for SNCF (french railway) and Buzzman. #kevincostner #sncf #tgv #advertising #campaign #bodyguard #dancewithwolves (Posted May 13th)

Leonard Schreiber commented: Very proud of my dear sister !!! Her own company does the link between Hollywood stars and big companies.. in this case connecting Kevin Costner with the SNCF (French railways) for a fun commercial. Bravo Caroline !!! #sparkles&bubbles She always aimed for the Moon 🌙 ... instead, landed amongst the Stars (Posted May 12th)

canal marketing‏ @canal_marketing tweeted: #marketing Esta campaña francesa obliga a Kevin Costner a “meter la tijera” en sus… (Posted May 17th)

Picture and article (and the video with subtitles): Kevin Costner catches French high speed rail in new TGV ad May 18, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Kevin to star in 10 episode TV series called 'Yellowstone'...

According to the article: Kevin Costner to Star in Taylor Sheridan Drama for Paramount Network by Lesley Goldberg, dated May 15, 2017: Kevin is set to star as the lead, John Dutton, and will also be an Executive Producer, along with Harvey Weinstein, David Glasser, John and Art Linson. 'Yellowstone' will be written and directed by Taylor Sheridan. Production on 'Yellowstone' begins in the fall with a summer 2018 launch on Paramount Network. For more detail see the article at the link:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kevin's French ad for SNCF released today...

SNCF (Société nationale des chemins de fer français; "National society of French railways" or "French National Railway Corporation") is France's national state-owned railway company and manages the rail traffic in France and the Principality of Monaco.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Camille Lou at the SNCF pub - The American actor and the French singer are playing in a short film promoting the Bordeaux-Paris high-speed line. May 11,, 2017

candicebrittain - candice brittain: When Costner looks at you......and asks you to please be quiet 🍕#costumedesigner #set #kevincostner (Posted April 14th)

Gwendoline Cazenave‏ @GwenCazenave tweeted: Kevin Costner dans le film "2h04 Paris-Bordeaux". Décidément pour l'ouverture des Lignes à Grande Vitesse, jusqu'où ira #sncf ? #proud (Posted May 10th)

fancomptecamillelou - fancompteCamilleLou: On ne peut être que super fière d'elle... elle a réussi son parie et c'est super😍😍❤️ #sncf #camillelou #kevincostner #pub @camillelouofficiel @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted May 11th)

Démence Films‏ @DemenceFilms tweeted: Parce-que Kevin Costner dans une pub SNCF...réalisé par Kim Chapiron #WTF (Posted May 11th)

Chr*sp*nt**‏ @chrispontie tweeted: #TGV asked #Hollywood to shorten his films at 2:04 #KevinCostner (Posted May 11th)

Invest in Bordeaux‏ @InvestinBx tweeted: Paris-Bordeaux en 2h04 : le #TGV fait sa promo de Hollywood à #Bordeaux avec Kevin Costner à l'affiche (Posted May 11th)

COVIAUX‏ @lcoviaux tweeted: VIDÉO - Quand Kevin Costner fait la promotion de la LGV qui mettra Bordeaux à 2h04 de Paris (Posted May 11th)

Eficiens Tweet'Café‏ @Eficiens tweeted: Huge! The TGV goes too fast to finish the film? Shorten the films 😂! with #KevinCostner (Posted May 11th)


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

KC & MW played the 'Black Knight' Convention in Orlando, Florida...

Elizabeth✨‏ @Queen_Liz121 tweeted: My mom just met Kevin Costner and she's freaking out lol I guess that's where I get it from (Posted April 24th)

Cheryl Donoghue Sexton commented: Me and Kevin (Posted April 24th)

Cheryl Donoghue Sexton commented: At the Black Knight conference with speaker Kevin Costner (Posted April 24th)

Patrick Svenburg‏ @svenburg tweeted: "I've taken a big bite out of life, but life has also taken a big bite out of me", says Kevin Costner #quote (Posted April 24th)

Tori Myers‏ @muzic121315 tweeted: Enjoyed Kevin Costner today at our conference. @modernwest (Posted April 24th)

mrs.amy.sinclair - Amy Sinclair: There has never been anything so exciting in the mortgage industry as Kevin Costner #kevincostner #orlando #mortgageworld (Posted April 24th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West was live: KCMW SOUNDCHECK ORLANDO (Posted April 24th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West was live: KCMW live from Orlando!! (Posted April 24th)

Aubry Gene Harris with Judd White. Kevin Costner & Modern West Private party in Orlando (Posted April 24th)

Robert Couch‏ @poorly_designed tweeted: I am at a Kevin Costner concert. WTF happened to my life? (Posted April 24th)

Robert Couch‏ @poorly_designed tweeted: So I'm pretty close to this guy who won some oscars and made some pretty good movies. I guess that's kinda cool. (Posted April 24th)

Jesse Revueltas‏ @twplus1 tweeted: Hanging out with Kevin Costner @ the Black Knight convention in Orlando with the wife (Posted April 24th)

Jesse Revueltas‏ @twplus1 tweeted: Kevin Costner playing with the Modern West Band at Black Knight IE convention... very talented actor/singer (Posted April 24th)

Jesse Revueltas‏ @twplus1 tweeted: Mr jamboree Man by Kevin Costner at Black Knight Orlando, the Dude is Awesome (Posted April 24th)

Craig Katzman‏ @Mine4Data tweeted: @modernwest #KevinCostner (Posted Aprill 24th)

Heather Farnham commented: Kevin Costner live in concert at the Black Knight Conference at Hilton Orlando (Posted Aprill 24th)

Cheryl Donoghue Sexton: With Terri Clark O'Sullivan and Jennifer J'Anthony Stich. (Posted Aprill 24th)

kylejbarrett - Kyle Barrett: Got to shoot @kevincostnermodernwest tonight in Orlando. Bummed I'm missing out on #nabshow this year but duty calls. Plus it's not everyday Wyatt Earp sings to you... (Posted Aprill 24th)

Victor Medrano commented: Kevin Costner (Posted April 24th)

Kendra Turley commented: Playing hooky with Jacque Yentsch Watson. Kevin Costner and Modern West sound check. (Posted April 24th)

Tara Smith commented: Kevin Costner!! (Posted April 24th)

Eric Arlt commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West - Kicking off our partnership with Black Knight! #lenderprice (Posted April 24th)

Eric Arlt commented: Cheers Lender Price!! Kevin bringing us to the forefront of lending with Hollywood style! (Posted April 24th)

justinrhenry - Justin Henry: #kevincostner #informationexchange #motorcyclesandals #hiltonorlando I'm at a conference in Orlando. He's investing in a financial software company. He's at the conference promoting his product. (Posted April 25th)

Melissa Camp‏ @mcamp7007 tweeted: @modernwest AWESOME Concert. Loved the songs! Such touching lyrics that moved the soul! Thanks! #KevinCostner #modernwest (Posted Aprill 24th)

Alisa Chernin Harris‎ commented: My mom is on a flight right now and freaking Kevin Costner is in front of her!!!! and all I did was ask her to show this to him to see if his SO wanted one! Bahaha! HOOK ME UP MOM! She just texted me to tell me he borrowed her "pen". Lmao! (Posted April 20th)

Maria Chernin commented: None of his entourage had a pen. He remarked that it was handy that I had a pen (Posted April 20th)

Ms. B‏ @theasianpeteach tweeted: Today #kevincostner let my husband cut back n line @ the airport. Brace urself he said, "You can go ahead." If you cut in line, he will come (Posted 5:20pm April 25th)

Monday, April 24, 2017

More of KC & MW "The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon" concert...

Suzette Sears Baird commented: Awesome day listening to Kevin Costner & Modern West Band practice ❤️ @ The Outer Toons Castle Studio, Winter Park, Florida. (Posted 4:35pm April 21st)

Christine Matney commented: Prayers for my baby Shanique Keen and her friend Tina for safe travels on their adventure to Fort Myers Fl .. they are on their way to Asheville and flying out first thing in the morning and will be flying back Monday !!!.. yes she's chasing Kevin Costner down again lol .. have a fun SAFE trip !!!... love you shanique and me and maddie are so jealous , not of Kevin Costner but Fl and the beach (Posted April 20th)

Shanique Keen (Posted April 21st)

Bronson Heckler commented: Kevin Costner (Posted April 22nd)

Frank D'Agostino commented: Sandy and me with Millicent and her cousin Kevin Costner playing in Ft Myers! (Posted April 22nd)

Julie Powell commented: At the Ranch in Ft Myers with my sweet Mamma watching Kevin Costner and his band.doing concert!!!! (Posted April 22nd)

Karianne Taylor Massengill commented: Kevin Costner @ The Ranch Ft Myers (Posted April 22nd)

Karen Q Lehmann commented: Kevin. Costner fort Myers fl (Posted April 22nd)

J Scott Bennett commented: I truly love working at The Ranch. I've been fortunate enough to meet some fantastic people. Kevin Costner was such a down to earth regular guy. I've watched him on the big screen since I was a kid. It was pretty surreal to talk to him throughout the night. He'd talk to you like you've known each other for years. Very nice guy. And yes, the first time I saw him, I was thinking, no way. Lol (Posted April 23rd)

Wendy Wilkins Tucker commented: Well last night was great . The show started with clips from his movies . It would show all the clips of him fighting , then clips of him kissing , and so on. It was an awesome start to the show . His band was good, but listening to him and his stories was even better . Kevin Costner you produced a great show and We totally enjoyed it..... (Posted April 23rd)

karenkleyla1 - Karen: @kevincostnermodernwest story about hunting with his dad hit close to home... #modernwest #kevincostner @trader_brandon (Posted April 23rd)

karenkleyla1 - Karen: @kevincostnermodernwest needed a script... #memoryloss #kevincostner (Posted April 23rd)

karenkleyla1 - Karen: @kevincostnermodernwest slows things down... #slomotion #kevincostner (Posted April 23rd)

sunnycreeklabmom - Lisa Reier: And who don't love Kevin Costner!! 🔥 #kevincostner #fortmyers @kevincostnermodernwest #modernwest (Posted April 23rd)

MaryAnn Delacono commented: Some photos from last night. Amazing show! (Posted April 23rd)

Ronny Roskosch commented: Last nigh I had the great luck to enjoy Kevin Costner & Modern West in Ft. Myers, Florida. It was not only beeing ther with great friends, we where so lucky to have the first table next to the stage and enjoy the music in a very relaxed and super close manner. What a great energy, what a great night! Kevin, you are Legend, lovn, lovn it! (Posted April 23rd)

Tom Savoie commented: "Kevin Costner & Modern West" at The Ranch in Ft. Myers last night! (Posted April 23rd)

Nancy E. Rydlewski commented: Fabulous show last night at The Ranch in Fort Myers, Fl. Thank You!! — at Ft. Myers Beach. (Posted April 23rd)

Tami Tampa commented: I knew Kevin Costner could act but I did realize how great he could sing. Great concert last night Ft Myers Florida with Christine Carpenter (Posted April 23rd)

Ivy Lagdameo Gonzalez commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West!!! (Posted April 23rd)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West. Mr. Tambourine Man. (Posted April 23rd)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: And then he was gone ... Kevin Costner and Modern West. End of the show. (Posted April 23rd)

MrsEmily Rideout commented: Got to see Kevin Kostner & his band in concert at The Ranch Saloon in Ft. MYERS last night (Posted April 23rd)

Kimberly's Magickal commented: ....From the stage, he poured her a glass of champagne and...gave her one of his guitar picks! Well, thank you, Universe, the Stars, and whoever was listening during her spell. She was the happiest woman on Earth last night! How about that for a manifestation! (Posted April 23rd)

Kerri Ferrell Schroeder commented: Yesterday was a fun day (Posted April 23rd)

The News-Press‏ @TheNewsPress tweeted: Kevin Costner charms Fort Myers crowd at The Ranch #SWFL (Posted April 24th)

Kevin Costner and Modern West SOUNDCHECK!! by Juanfunkels Chanel Published on Apr 24, 2017 wow!

Mercy Garcia commented: Lakeland Fla 1st row, Best experience ever, Those in Ft Myers tonite enjoy to fullest..i got guitar pic, N unforgetable (Posted April 22nd)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

KC & MW played The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon in Ft. Myers, Florida...

Jana‏ @OnAirJana tweeted: Kevin Costner just got on my flight with a guitar. Here's hoping for some inflight entertainment. Still so handsome. @Delta #goldmedallion (Posted 10:23am April 20th)

corrinedalylove - Corrine Daly: Yesterday we hosted this awesome lad and his mates at our studio (Outer Toons Inc) (Posted April 22nd)

Outer Toons Inc:

Kevin Eide commented: Kari and I are both waiting, it will be a fun evening! Kari and I had a chance to meet Kevin Costner in Aberdeen South Dakota at the SD film festival when he was there for the 20 years retrospective on Dances With Wolves. We had a chance to actually talk with him for a few minutes. He is very down to earth and very friendly very open with his fans. I've never heard his band so it'll be fun to go see him play for Kari's birthday. (Posted April 15th)

Kevin Eide commented: Kari and I will be off to see Kevin Costner and his band Modern West. It is a small venue tonight in Fort Myers should be fun as he likes to get in with the crowd and make connections that he can't do when he's on a movie set. It will fun to see him as the last time we did was up in South Dakota when he was at the South Dakota film festival doing a retrospective of Dances With Wolves. We also had a chance there to meet and talk with him (Posted April 22nd)

Sheena Brook commented: I'm so stoked and grateful to be playing at The Ranch Fort Myers and opening for Kevin Costner & Modern West!! (Posted April 5th)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: Just chilling until the concert tonight. Drove by the venue earlier and saw Kevin Costner's tour bus being unloaded. No KC sighting. Darn. (Posted April 22nd)

Rusty Roepke commented: Never thought I'd be standing in my club watching Kevin Costner do his sound check!!!

Bryan Harrison commented: People are already coming in and gearing up for the headliner tonight....Kevin Costner and The Modern West. (Posted 7:12pm April 22nd)

Virgil Kane commented: I do a kenny rogers Tribute Show. Always liked your movies. Coming to see your Band tonight @ The Ranch in FORT MYERS FL. (Posted April 22nd)

Tabitha Langley‏ @tabithakayyy tweeted: Kevin Costner winked at me tonight and now my life is complete. (Posted 9:07pm April 22nd)

Nancy Davis Sustersic commented: Date nite w Joey and Kevin Costner. Headliner from the Voice (Posted April 22nd)

Young Corned Beef‏ @detroit_lioness tweeted: My parents just texted me saying they're hanging out with a "famous director and actor" at a Kevin Costner concert. I have SO many questions (Posted 10:01pm April 22nd)

WDPboss‏ @watdaphuc tweeted: @twofrogsgrill on #Periscope: #KevinCostner (Posted April 22nd)

sheenabrook - Sheena Brook: Had such a killer time opening for @kevincostnermodernwest thank you @the_ranch_concert_hall for having me! I stil can't believe how awesome the crowd was! #locallove #samgallowayconcertseries #kevincostner #waterworld #teamsheena #acoustic #supermansdad (Posted April 22nd)

judidurantvcb - Judith Durant: GREAT night watching Kevin Costner @kevincostnermodernwest & @sheenabrook #theranchconcerthallandsaloon (Posted April 22nd)

Chris Yslas commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West! — at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. (Posted April 22nd)

Aubry Gene Harris is drinking with friends with Judd White at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. Rocking w Kevin Costner & Modern West!!! (Posted April 22nd)

Gator Country 101.9 at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. Kevin Costner and Modern West (Posted April 22nd)

Steve Granato commented: At The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon.

Marv Market commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West and his band tonite .. great people watching .. cowgirls and cowboys (Posted April 22nd)

Neal Hodges commented: Just received this and, since I'm thankful and greatful, wanted to share. With legends Bill Cobbs and Kevin Costner. A truly unaware of photo. I'm gonna title it "Directing Traffic". Celebrate Your Life! #WINNINGPERMEATESWINNING (Posted April 22nd)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: I am in love!! Kevin Costner is my favorite I'm pretty sure he is also my favorite singer. The concert was beyond awesome. Thank you, Francis Bear Trichilo for this wonderful birthday present!! (Posted April 22nd)

Pam Randall commented: Always great to go places where people are older than you .. god bless.. but you cannot have my bar stool! (Posted April 22nd)

Wendy Wilkins Tucker commented: and here he is... (Posted April 22nd)

Dirk Purdy commented: who wouldnt enjoy this..? Not even sure if id care for the music.. just be star struck

Jamie Nave Graziano commented: So far from my phone here is a good one from tonight ! I have better shots on my camera I can share later in the week !!!😊 (Posted April 22nd)

Kris Fehlandt‎ commented: Thank you for your surreal amazing show tonight in ft Myers. Pls come back. Thank you also for being so gracious to us as you were leaving. Was so blessed to have met you. Safe travels (Posted April 22nd)

Kevin Costner photos by The Ranch Fort Myers, 04/22/17:

Kim Demuzzio Thomas commented: Kevin Costner & modern west (Posted April 22nd)

crunnells1 - Charles Runnells: Actor #KevinCostner charmed the crowd at The Ranch in #FortMyers. 'You're all much taller than I thought,' he joked. (Posted April 23rd)

crunnells1 - Charles Runnells: More video of #KevinCostner doing the rock thing last night at @the_ranch_concert_hall in #FortMyers. (Posted April 23rd)

crunnells1 - Charles Runnells: Kevin Costner and his band @kevincostnermodernwest rocked @the_ranch_concert_hall last night in #fortmyers.

karenkleyla1 - Karen: The @kevincostnermodernwest photo collection. It was fun and inspirational to see the great story teller especially with easily his biggest admirers (Posted April 23rd)

jencouture - Jen Moffitt Couture: #kevincostner #beautifulman @heatholland @mindi2724 #❤ (Posted April 23rd)

Ivy Lagdameo Gonzalez commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West!!! ❤ — at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. (Posted April 23rd)

Carol Jensen commented: Introducing Kevin Costner and The Modern West!! Oh what a night!! (Posted April 23rd)

Aubry Gene Harris commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West Insane party !!! Thanks to the owners for being incredible host!!! (Posted April 23rd)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Thank you Fort Myers. @blackshirtcreative #fortmyersflorida #theranchfortmyers #kcmw #kevincostner #rocknroll #rock (Posted April 23rd)

Kevin Costner & Modern West Concert Snapshots at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon ,Fort Myers by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 23, 2017 - Concert at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon April 22 Fort Myers song : Stand Strong