Monday, April 24, 2017

More of KC & MW "The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon" concert...

Suzette Sears Baird commented: Awesome day listening to Kevin Costner & Modern West Band practice ❤️ @ The Outer Toons Castle Studio, Winter Park, Florida. (Posted 4:35pm April 21st)

Christine Matney commented: Prayers for my baby Shanique Keen and her friend Tina for safe travels on their adventure to Fort Myers Fl .. they are on their way to Asheville and flying out first thing in the morning and will be flying back Monday !!!.. yes she's chasing Kevin Costner down again lol .. have a fun SAFE trip !!!... love you shanique and me and maddie are so jealous , not of Kevin Costner but Fl and the beach (Posted April 20th)

Shanique Keen (Posted April 21st)

Bronson Heckler commented: Kevin Costner (Posted April 22nd)

Frank D'Agostino commented: Sandy and me with Millicent and her cousin Kevin Costner playing in Ft Myers! (Posted April 22nd)

Julie Powell commented: At the Ranch in Ft Myers with my sweet Mamma watching Kevin Costner and his band.doing concert!!!! (Posted April 22nd)

Karianne Taylor Massengill commented: Kevin Costner @ The Ranch Ft Myers (Posted April 22nd)

Karen Q Lehmann commented: Kevin. Costner fort Myers fl (Posted April 22nd)

J Scott Bennett commented: I truly love working at The Ranch. I've been fortunate enough to meet some fantastic people. Kevin Costner was such a down to earth regular guy. I've watched him on the big screen since I was a kid. It was pretty surreal to talk to him throughout the night. He'd talk to you like you've known each other for years. Very nice guy. And yes, the first time I saw him, I was thinking, no way. Lol (Posted April 23rd)

Wendy Wilkins Tucker commented: Well last night was great . The show started with clips from his movies . It would show all the clips of him fighting , then clips of him kissing , and so on. It was an awesome start to the show . His band was good, but listening to him and his stories was even better . Kevin Costner you produced a great show and We totally enjoyed it..... (Posted April 23rd)

karenkleyla1 - Karen: @kevincostnermodernwest story about hunting with his dad hit close to home... #modernwest #kevincostner @trader_brandon (Posted April 23rd)

karenkleyla1 - Karen: @kevincostnermodernwest needed a script... #memoryloss #kevincostner (Posted April 23rd)

karenkleyla1 - Karen: @kevincostnermodernwest slows things down... #slomotion #kevincostner (Posted April 23rd)

sunnycreeklabmom - Lisa Reier: And who don't love Kevin Costner!! 🔥 #kevincostner #fortmyers @kevincostnermodernwest #modernwest (Posted April 23rd)

MaryAnn Delacono commented: Some photos from last night. Amazing show! (Posted April 23rd)

Ronny Roskosch commented: Last nigh I had the great luck to enjoy Kevin Costner & Modern West in Ft. Myers, Florida. It was not only beeing ther with great friends, we where so lucky to have the first table next to the stage and enjoy the music in a very relaxed and super close manner. What a great energy, what a great night! Kevin, you are Legend, lovn, lovn it! (Posted April 23rd)

Tom Savoie commented: "Kevin Costner & Modern West" at The Ranch in Ft. Myers last night! (Posted April 23rd)

Nancy E. Rydlewski commented: Fabulous show last night at The Ranch in Fort Myers, Fl. Thank You!! — at Ft. Myers Beach. (Posted April 23rd)

Tami Tampa commented: I knew Kevin Costner could act but I did realize how great he could sing. Great concert last night Ft Myers Florida with Christine Carpenter (Posted April 23rd)

Ivy Lagdameo Gonzalez commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West!!! (Posted April 23rd)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West. Mr. Tambourine Man. (Posted April 23rd)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: And then he was gone ... Kevin Costner and Modern West. End of the show. (Posted April 23rd)

MrsEmily Rideout commented: Got to see Kevin Kostner & his band in concert at The Ranch Saloon in Ft. MYERS last night (Posted April 23rd)

Kimberly's Magickal commented: ....From the stage, he poured her a glass of champagne and...gave her one of his guitar picks! Well, thank you, Universe, the Stars, and whoever was listening during her spell. She was the happiest woman on Earth last night! How about that for a manifestation! (Posted April 23rd)

Kerri Ferrell Schroeder commented: Yesterday was a fun day (Posted April 23rd)

The News-Press‏ @TheNewsPress tweeted: Kevin Costner charms Fort Myers crowd at The Ranch #SWFL (Posted April 24th)

Kevin Costner and Modern West SOUNDCHECK!! by Juanfunkels Chanel Published on Apr 24, 2017 wow!

Mercy Garcia commented: Lakeland Fla 1st row, Best experience ever, Those in Ft Myers tonite enjoy to fullest..i got guitar pic, N unforgetable (Posted April 22nd)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

KC & MW played The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon in Ft. Myers, Florida...

Jana‏ @OnAirJana tweeted: Kevin Costner just got on my flight with a guitar. Here's hoping for some inflight entertainment. Still so handsome. @Delta #goldmedallion (Posted 10:23am April 20th)

corrinedalylove - Corrine Daly: Yesterday we hosted this awesome lad and his mates at our studio (Outer Toons Inc) (Posted April 22nd)

Outer Toons Inc:

Kevin Eide commented: Kari and I are both waiting, it will be a fun evening! Kari and I had a chance to meet Kevin Costner in Aberdeen South Dakota at the SD film festival when he was there for the 20 years retrospective on Dances With Wolves. We had a chance to actually talk with him for a few minutes. He is very down to earth and very friendly very open with his fans. I've never heard his band so it'll be fun to go see him play for Kari's birthday. (Posted April 15th)

Kevin Eide commented: Kari and I will be off to see Kevin Costner and his band Modern West. It is a small venue tonight in Fort Myers should be fun as he likes to get in with the crowd and make connections that he can't do when he's on a movie set. It will fun to see him as the last time we did was up in South Dakota when he was at the South Dakota film festival doing a retrospective of Dances With Wolves. We also had a chance there to meet and talk with him (Posted April 22nd)

Sheena Brook commented: I'm so stoked and grateful to be playing at The Ranch Fort Myers and opening for Kevin Costner & Modern West!! (Posted April 5th)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: Just chilling until the concert tonight. Drove by the venue earlier and saw Kevin Costner's tour bus being unloaded. No KC sighting. Darn. (Posted April 22nd)

Rusty Roepke commented: Never thought I'd be standing in my club watching Kevin Costner do his sound check!!!

Bryan Harrison commented: People are already coming in and gearing up for the headliner tonight....Kevin Costner and The Modern West. (Posted 7:12pm April 22nd)

Virgil Kane commented: I do a kenny rogers Tribute Show. Always liked your movies. Coming to see your Band tonight @ The Ranch in FORT MYERS FL. (Posted April 22nd)

Tabitha Langley‏ @tabithakayyy tweeted: Kevin Costner winked at me tonight and now my life is complete. (Posted 9:07pm April 22nd)

Nancy Davis Sustersic commented: Date nite w Joey and Kevin Costner. Headliner from the Voice (Posted April 22nd)

Young Corned Beef‏ @detroit_lioness tweeted: My parents just texted me saying they're hanging out with a "famous director and actor" at a Kevin Costner concert. I have SO many questions (Posted 10:01pm April 22nd)

WDPboss‏ @watdaphuc tweeted: @twofrogsgrill on #Periscope: #KevinCostner (Posted April 22nd)

sheenabrook - Sheena Brook: Had such a killer time opening for @kevincostnermodernwest thank you @the_ranch_concert_hall for having me! I stil can't believe how awesome the crowd was! #locallove #samgallowayconcertseries #kevincostner #waterworld #teamsheena #acoustic #supermansdad (Posted April 22nd)

judidurantvcb - Judith Durant: GREAT night watching Kevin Costner @kevincostnermodernwest & @sheenabrook #theranchconcerthallandsaloon (Posted April 22nd)

Chris Yslas commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West! — at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. (Posted April 22nd)

Aubry Gene Harris is drinking with friends with Judd White at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. Rocking w Kevin Costner & Modern West!!! (Posted April 22nd)

Gator Country 101.9 at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. Kevin Costner and Modern West (Posted April 22nd)

Steve Granato commented: At The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon.

Marv Market commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West and his band tonite .. great people watching .. cowgirls and cowboys (Posted April 22nd)

Neal Hodges commented: Just received this and, since I'm thankful and greatful, wanted to share. With legends Bill Cobbs and Kevin Costner. A truly unaware of photo. I'm gonna title it "Directing Traffic". Celebrate Your Life! #WINNINGPERMEATESWINNING (Posted April 22nd)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: I am in love!! Kevin Costner is my favorite I'm pretty sure he is also my favorite singer. The concert was beyond awesome. Thank you, Francis Bear Trichilo for this wonderful birthday present!! (Posted April 22nd)

Pam Randall commented: Always great to go places where people are older than you .. god bless.. but you cannot have my bar stool! (Posted April 22nd)

Wendy Wilkins Tucker commented: and here he is... (Posted April 22nd)

Dirk Purdy commented: who wouldnt enjoy this..? Not even sure if id care for the music.. just be star struck

Jamie Nave Graziano commented: So far from my phone here is a good one from tonight ! I have better shots on my camera I can share later in the week !!!😊 (Posted April 22nd)

Kris Fehlandt‎ commented: Thank you for your surreal amazing show tonight in ft Myers. Pls come back. Thank you also for being so gracious to us as you were leaving. Was so blessed to have met you. Safe travels (Posted April 22nd)

Kevin Costner photos by The Ranch Fort Myers, 04/22/17:

Kim Demuzzio Thomas commented: Kevin Costner & modern west (Posted April 22nd)

crunnells1 - Charles Runnells: Actor #KevinCostner charmed the crowd at The Ranch in #FortMyers. 'You're all much taller than I thought,' he joked. (Posted April 23rd)

crunnells1 - Charles Runnells: More video of #KevinCostner doing the rock thing last night at @the_ranch_concert_hall in #FortMyers. (Posted April 23rd)

crunnells1 - Charles Runnells: Kevin Costner and his band @kevincostnermodernwest rocked @the_ranch_concert_hall last night in #fortmyers.

karenkleyla1 - Karen: The @kevincostnermodernwest photo collection. It was fun and inspirational to see the great story teller especially with easily his biggest admirers (Posted April 23rd)

jencouture - Jen Moffitt Couture: #kevincostner #beautifulman @heatholland @mindi2724 #❤ (Posted April 23rd)

Ivy Lagdameo Gonzalez commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West!!! ❤ — at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. (Posted April 23rd)

Carol Jensen commented: Introducing Kevin Costner and The Modern West!! Oh what a night!! (Posted April 23rd)

Aubry Gene Harris commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West Insane party !!! Thanks to the owners for being incredible host!!! (Posted April 23rd)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Thank you Fort Myers. @blackshirtcreative #fortmyersflorida #theranchfortmyers #kcmw #kevincostner #rocknroll #rock (Posted April 23rd)

Kevin Costner & Modern West Concert Snapshots at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon ,Fort Myers by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 23, 2017 - Concert at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon April 22 Fort Myers song : Stand Strong

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Interview for upcoming concert and more of KC & MW...

Kevin Costner wants to rock 'a drinkin' crowd' at Fort Myers show Charles Runnells , The News-Press April 18, 2017

AUDIO: Kevin Costner talks about his band and fan expectations

Marcia Young commented: Ventura California, with Kevin Costner (Posted August 10, 2015)

Cade's Happy Day Pony Rides commented: Even Kevin Costner likes watching the little ones enjoy the ponies. (at Ventura County Fair) (Posted August 10, 2015)

marilvs - Maritza Lopez: Met Kevin Costner @venturacountyfairgrounds !! Woop woop! Haters are gonna hate-just saying! 😘 right @mojowedding11714 & @joeybz ?? LoL (Posted August 6, 2014)

Tim Busher Schornack commented: Hanging with Carol Wolff watching Kevin Costner (Posted August 10, 2015)

June Holden commented: Oh man!! Kevin Costner performing at the Ventura Fair this second.. Jealous.. (Posted August 10, 2015)

*Mary Lynne* ‏@EmElleOh tweeted: #tbt - seeing Kevin Costner & @modernwest in Marksville, LA in April 2015. Missing them something fierce. Hope to see y'all in 2017! (Posted December 8th)

Sally Lloyd pictures:

Annabelle Piquet‎ pictures at El Dorado Auditorium:

Bonnie Foster Productions commented: 1999 Kevin Costner and Bonnie Foster Aspen, Colorado (Posted August 18, 2015)

alegria_88 - Elena Penkina: #КевинКостнер #певец #актер #музыкант #концерт #Москва #ГКД #зал #зрители #КремлевскийДворец #шоу #сцена #звезда #музыка #группа #фотоизархива #архивноефото #воспоминания #история #Moscow #Russia #concert #music #show #legend #actor #singer #musician #KevinCostner #ModernWest (Moscow State Kremlin Palace April 10, 2013)

specialeventaudio - SEAS: Are you passionate about all things music? Us too. It’s one reason we love collaborating on concerts, like last year’s @kevincostnermodernwest event. Like most music artists we work with, they have an awesome story. Hear about it on their site. Link in the profile! #ModernWest #KevinCostner #musiclover #audiovisual (Posted January 20th)

alegria_88 - Elena Penkina: К завершению вечера народ поймал волну и начал действительно отрываться (Posted January 27th)

alegria_88 - Elena Penkina: #деньвистории 18 января КевинКостнер отметил 62-летие. Кстати, а вы знаете, что он не только #актер, но еще и #певец? 🎤 🎸 В апреле 2013 как раз был #концерт вместе с #ModernWest. Естественно приезжали не куда попало, а сразу в #КремлевскийДворец 😎 (Moscow State Kremlin Palace April 10, 2013)

TJ Power commented: Backstage at Kevin Costner's show in Ventura. That guy is livin' the dream! (Posted April 11, 2015)

Stephen Schradle commented: Kevin Costner in concert in Ventura in 2008! A Buena HS alumni! (Posted August 16, 2016)

Bob Escobedo Photojournalist commented: I was near the front of the stage located on Main St. and California with my media pass expecting Costner and his band to take the stage from one of the side entrances. He actually walked down California Street from Poli through the tightly packed crowd meeting and greeting everyone. I got this shot as he walked by me. (July 26, 2008 concert) (Posted July 24, 2016)

Bob Escobedo Photojournalist commented: Kevin Costner, two-time Oscar winner, stops to sign autographs on Main St. in downtown Ventura while walking from the Watermark restaurant to the theatre where his latest movie is about to premiere. (Posted July 24, 2016)

Bob Escobedo Photojournalist commented: This is the view of the intersection of Main and California street looking south from the top of California street by City Hall. (July 26, 2008 concert) (Posted July 24, 2016)

The Kevin McCree Show commented: Hey guys!...if you missed the Kevin Costner is a little bit of his personality :) Ventura Nights! (Posted April 11, 2015)

Mulberry Love ‏@Mulberry_Love tweeted: Kevin Costner rocked out at an event in #Malibu #california #livemusic #RockAndRoll #healthydrink boost your immune system (Posted January 30th) (May 17, 2015 concert)

rae!!‏@keeperr01 tweeted: @keeperr01 when I met Kevin Costner (Posted February 21st)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kevin at special Ventura event and more...

Anne Kallas commented: Here's today's story for the VCStar. He grabbed my notebook because he interrupted my interview with Kathy Vaughan, one of the moms being honored. He acted as though he was asking her questions... After she was all "sorry about the interruption." I was all "who does that Kevin Costner think he is?" We laughed. (Posted April 15th)

Video, picture and article: Costner makes Ventura mom a star of this show Anne Kallas, Special to The Star 6:11 p.m. PT April 15, 2017:

Manny Centeno‏ @mannytopdog60 tweeted: Kevin Costner speaks about an #AwesomeMom Mrs. Vaughn of Ventura, CA Kevin Costner (Posted April 15th)

Anne Kallas commented: Dude be nice surprised Kathy Vaughan at Ventura's City Hall with the Buena High School chorus signing Zippedy Doo Dah. But the biggest surprise came later when local favorite son Kevin Costner dropped by to say hi to his friend Kathy. (around the 13 minute mark) (Posted April 15th)

Heidi House commented: Hanging with Kevin Costner at a DUDE. be nice filming yesterday honoring 3 special mothers from Ventura. One of the moms was his friend <3 Big fan and a huge thrill for me!!! (Posted April 16th)

jenna friesen‏ @jennafriesen4 tweeted: Welp, saw Kevin Costner at church today and he smiled at my dog Kevin. He knew (Posted April 16th)

candicebrittain - candice brittain: When Costner looks at you......and asks you to please be quiet 🍕#costumedesigner #set #kevincostner (Posted April 14th)

lucky_cordle - Lucky Cordle: That one time I was on That one time I was on #hIddenfigures #Legendary #mOViEs #kevincostner #uniforms #ACTors #movIestars #sceNe #motionpicture #iG #LuckyCordle he is a master of his craft without doubt and a joy to watch. Deff a lil intense but in a good way. (Posted April 15th)

corinne gordon‏ @SpareCake tweeted: movie theater really into Kevin Costner... (Posted April 15th)

biboy delos Santos‏ @biboydls tweeted: The Bangles @DebbiePeterso @MichaelSteele @VickiBangle @SusannaHoffs**"" With Kevin Costner"" (Posted April 15th)

Ceasar V. Maximus™‏ @cyberceas tweeted: Replying to @moniboyce Guess who was in our Building today ... (i'll just say who it is ..okay) Kevin Costner. (Posted April 6th)

Minutia Men – 04/06/17 EP45 – Rick and Dave discuss bad Trip Advisor reviews, potholes, the worst movies ever, Tony Larussa on the Cubs, and Rick’s very brief brush with Kevin Costner. (About Kevin starts at 12:49

Jennifer Green‏ @BeaufortBelle tweeted: Replying to @BammBammHawaii @Thomasravenel Who doesn't like Kevin Costner?? He's very attractive, super nice, and very down to earth. And yes, I know him. (Posted April 7th)

elke_spang - Elke Spang: #kevincostner #kevinmichaelcostner #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnerandmodernwest #kcmw #bestactor #bestmusican #aspencolorado #santabarbara #aspen 💗 Wish you all a nice start of the new week 😘❤ (Posted April 3rd)

elke_spang - Elke Spang: #kevincostner #kevinmichaelcostner #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnerandmodernwest #kcmw #bestactor #bestmusican #aspencolorado #santabarbara #aspen #azzato_photography #bestman 😍 Wonderful shooting from this handsome and sexy man (Posted April 1st)

Andy Taylor commented: #TBT - Kevin Costner was in Town, Palm Springs, for a Golf Tournament and Barry and I sent Rob Noxious out to deliver a Birthday Cake to Kevin, He accepted and got on the phone with us - Great Guy! (Posted September 11, 2014)

Karen Gavender-Acker commented: Classic Andy! Check out this pic... I am thinking it was the same tourney... me interviewing him. Gotta love our Palm Springs days (Posted September 11, 2014)

Jim Barcena commented: Christine & Kevin Costner after his daughter Annie (from 1stwife Cindy) gave a beautifully unscripted AND self effacing Happy Birthday speech to her stepmother. Great night! Jetlag CRUSHING ME NOW! (Posted March 16, 2014)

Allen Aragon by Nancy Coggeshall April 7, 2017 Excerpt: The outcome was his innovative, unique jewelry, special enough that he has presented his bolos to New Mexico’s beloved Tony Hillerman, creator of the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee Navajo mysteries, and to Kevin Costner at the Discover Navajo exhibit at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games

Kevin Costner.Documentary by World of Stars Published on Mar 31, 2017

userbrooke - Brooke Cusack: Dad, Kevin Costner , and I at the lodge bicken back #tbsaturday #ilydad #alaskansummers (King Salmon, Alaska) (Posted April 8th)

The Food Guy™ @TonyOnFood tweeted: Whenever i'm coming back down to Chicago from Milwaukee i stop at Shanty. So do Kevin Costner, Guy Fieri, and Norm from Cheers, apparently. (Posted April 9th)

The Shanty Restaurant, 38985 North RT 41, Wadsworth, Illinois:

nycpropman - Proparazzi: Kevin Costner... @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #danceswithwolves #feildofdreams #3daystokill #theuntouchables #tincup #openrange #revenge #richardrodgerstheatre #hamilton (Posted April 10th)

icwiggers - Isaac C. S. Wiggers: I've never seen such a devoted Kevin Costner fan...#kevincostner (Posted April 12th)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kevin seen in Newport Beach, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara...

Jessica Van Winkle‏ @jess_winkle tweeted: When Kevin Costner comes in to eat...AND he winks at you twice! #truestory #dying (Posted 8:26pm March 30th)

elizabeth‏ @QueenElizabeff tweeted: Kevin Costner came into my work yesterday and we talked while he ate his food sooo basically I had dinner Kevin Costner #nobigdeal (Posted March 31st)

kjmetrow - Kristie Metrow: Favorite part of TGIF! Thanks Kevin for making my day! #kevincostner (taken March 31st in Newport Beach, CA) (Posted April 3rd)

balboasurfandstyle - Balboa Island in Newport Beach, CA: We love seeing familiar faces at the shop! (Posted March 31st)

Balboa Surf and Style, 213 Marine Avenue, Newport Beach, California:

Troy Feltis commented: For those of you that did not see the picture and those that want to see the uncropped version from our business post yesterday here is Kevin Costner and I in our store Balboa Jewelry & Coin. (Posted March 31st)

Balboa Jewelry & Coin, 215 1/2 Marine Avenue, Newport Beach, California:

Balboa Island is a community located in Newport Beach, California, accessible to the public via bridge, ferry and several public docks:

Michelle Wimberly King commented: That's just Kevin Costner saying hi to us today in Palm Springs. (Posted at 12:58pm April 3rd)

Vickie Chrest commented: Eating lunch just across from Kevin Costner at Lulu's in Palm Springs (Posted 1:12pm April 3rd)

LULU California Bistro, 200 S Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, California:

edsÜn‏ @Edsun_69 tweeted: So Kevin Costner was at my work (Posted April 4th)

Renae Madore commented: Not only did we spot Kevin Bacon, but we also spotted Kevin Costner at the Desert X Mirrored House in Palm Springs. it's on the north end of town up Racquet Club. (Posted April 5th)

Doug Aitken's Desert X Mirrored House:

Sam Galloway Ford commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West are getting ready to hit The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon on April 22nd as part of the Sam Galloway Concert Series. You won't want to miss this! Buy tickets here:

Friday, March 31, 2017

Kevin selling his California property and more...

Insider Kevin Costner's Breathtaking Santa Barbara Ranch Up For Sale Published on March 29, 2017 Only ET is getting a tour of his field of dreams, which can be yours for a cool $60 million.

Picture and article: News provided by Water Planet Mar 22, 2017

Tenisha Taylor Bell‏ @TenishaTBell tweeted: @SheinelleJones You need this sign!😂 My 6yrold interrupted a call w/Kevin Costner. 😱 #SignOnDoor #WorkFromHome #Multitask @craigmelvin (Posted March 18th)

a_l_e_x_l_e_h_m_a_n_n - AlexL.: #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #berlin #germany #blessed #happy #modernwest #photography (Berlin, Germany) (Posted March 18th)

a_l_e_x_l_e_h_m_a_n_n - AlexL.: #kevincostner #berlin #charity #germany #blessed #modernwest #kevincostnermodernwest I had the great opportunity to take some amazing pictures with #kevincostner a few years ago in Berlin for the Mc Donalds Spendengala... (Posted March 18th)

kevincostner_greatest_man_ever: #kevincostner #best #greatestman #handsome (Posted March 18th)

Interview with Walking Dead zombie actor Michael Koske by Jason Setnyk March 20, 2017 Excerpt: Michael Koske also worked on Hidden Figures starring Kevin Costner. “Aside from just actually being in such a great movie, I was fortunate enough to chat with him (Kevin Costner) for a little bit in between takes,” said Michael Koske.

Linda Anna Nielsen‏ @LindaAKNielsen tweeted: @modernwest look what my amazing brother in-law made for me 😜#badassDevilAnse #hatfield #Hatfields&McCoys #KevinCostner #LEGENDARY (Posted March 22nd)

Linda Anna Nielsen‏ @LindaAKNielsen tweeted: My new setup with bad ass Devil Anse @modernwest #kevincostner #hatfieldsandmccoys #bestactorintheworld (Posted March 25th)

cengiz.aydiner - Cengiz Aydıner: #tbt #lessottomanshotel #kevıncostner 2008 #thy #türkhavayolları #magazin #cool #photographer #cengizaydıner (Posted March 24th)

jacques_lemans_group: #JacquesLemans goes #Baselworld ! Stop by and check out our latest collections - Hall/Stand 1.2 / D41 (Posted March 24th)

Astoria7 Hotel‏ @Astoria7Hotel tweeted: ¿No creéis que Kevin Costner es ‘El Guardaespaldas’ perfecto para cuidar esta habitación de cine? (Posted March 26th)

The 50+ Moviegoer: An Industry Segment That Should Not Be Ignored by G. Oscar Anderson, AARP Research, March 2017


Derek Perkins commented: FYI. Kevin Costner gave me his SUV from Dances With Wolves. Because of my bi monthly camping program with youth in Pasadena, California in the local Angeles National Forest. A chevy 454 suburban. He said as he handed me the keys,"I heard about you, you will need this more than I will." Then he showed me its features. I was talking youth out of a war zone. The suv still had the South Dakota national parks stickers. I drove that suv to the mountains over and over again for 6 years. Thanks Kevin.

cldnre - Claudio Neri: #kevincostner #roma (Posted March 28th)

angelabishop10 - Entertainment Editor for Network Ten Australia: #fbf #kevincostner and me with some very big hair (Posted March 31st)

MARLIN.BRVNDO‏@brandonford2016 tweeted: #flashbackfriday to when the kid met Kevin Costner @modernwest not only can he act my guy got them vocals too! #retweet #legend (Posted February 24th)

Article and pictures: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 12th Annual WINGS Luncheon Soared To New Heights With Kevin Costner

Santa Barbara Magazine pictures from 2015:

Dewey Nicks – Santa Barbara Magazine with Kevin Costner and his family: It is fun when you get to photograph your neighbor for the cover of a magazine and the shoot is in your own neighborhood, right? Love these pictures and stay tuned for more images from the second part of the day which I caught up with them for – which was magical and amazing! There was not enough room for all the great images so the magazine only ran the boat part of the shoot so more for us to enjoy soon! (NOTE: I messaged the contact person for the site and she responded that the "more images" are not available)

Photographer Dewey Nicks captured a day at sea on the Calafia from Santa Barbara Sailing Center.

See the magazine:

Kevin Costner - SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS while promoting in NYC TopPix Autographs Published on Jan 17, 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Kevin to be part of WW1 Centennial Commemoration...

On April 6, 2017, Kevin Costner will be part of the 'U.S. World War I Centennial Commission Announces Centennial Commemoration of U.S. Entry into World War' at the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri. The official part of the program begins at 11am. Tickets will be available on March 23rd on the event website (link below). Only 4 tickets per person. Festival seating so no chairs but can bring a cushion or blanket. Event will be streamed online on the event website. See details and a video at link below talks about Kevin at 7:42 to 8:13:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

More 'Molly's Game' 'Hidden Figures' and various items...

New book-to-movie adaptation has connection to daughter of CSU faculty By Nate Day March 8, 2017

Anticipated Poker Movie “Molly’s Game” Expected in Theaters by Summer by John Reger March 12th, 2017

Marie‏ @melenamiller98 tweeted: First day back in California and sitting next to Kevin Costner in a restaurant haha (Posted 12:17pm February 24th)

Hidden Figures Just Surpassed Three 2016 Blockbusters In A Huge Way By Adam Holmes March 14, 2017

Why ‘Hidden Figures’ should win Best Picture By Justin Lyons - February 21, 2017

Why we must talk about Kevin (Costner) By Ernst Reinhart, 16 February 2017

VIDEO: Kevin Costner ci racconta il suo Al Harrison de Il diritto di contare 11 marzo 2017

The Last Emperor Wins Costume Design: 1988 Oscars by Oscars Published on Apr 9, 2015 - James Acheson wins the Oscar for Costume Design for The Last Emperor at the 60th Academy Awards. Kevin Costner and Daryl Hannah present the award. Watch more of the 1988 Oscars:

Oscars 2017: Which Best Picture Movie Trailers Generated the Most Engagement? by Greg Jarboe February 24, 2017


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djreprise - Rigo Gonzalez: Excited for #kevincostner @janellemonae @therealoctaviaspencer @tarajiphenson & all behind #Hidden Figures, arguably one of the most important (untold) stories this #Oscar season, inspiring us ALL to achieve what seems like the unachievable. Especially now. Where was this in my history class? (Posted February 26th)

reglarc - Regla: Dios mío #SOBRANLASPALABRAS #KevinCostner a(Posted March 2nd)

Brenda‏ @BrendaKennedy76 tweeted: @TurboTaxCanada was pretty exciting to meet Kevin Costner a few years ago #MyTurboTaxMoment (Posted March 6th)

Gowrav Shenoy‏ @gshny tweeted: If you have watched the movie Hidden figures then you know Kevin Costner is @TheZoiro man for he recognized talent #BeHerPlay (Posted March 8th)

Piss Off, Tim Tebow by Tim Marchman March 8, 2017 Excerpt: Kevin Costner looked far better—more fluid, more natural—when he got in on some spring training action four years ago.

VIDEO: Indians TV: MIN@CLE: Kevin Costner takes BP in Cleveland 06/23/13

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Kevin Costner a Roma, accoglienza da Re (FOTO) Pictures from 'Criminal' premiere by Erika Sciamanna

Pictures and article: Kevin Costner contributes to WHS Foundation event April 25, 2016 By: Sarah Elliott

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Nicholas Guyatt‏ @NicholasGuyatt tweeted: Upside of having your computer break down in LA is that you get to take it to the place that repairs Kevin Costner's Macs. (Posted March 16th)

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The latest items I've found pertaining to Kevin...

sebastienmicke - Sébastien Micke: Don't miss #KevinCostner this week in @parismatch_magazine interviewed by #DanyJucaud editor in chief @catherinetabouis #SebastienMickePhoto #Hiddenfigures movie (Posted February 20th)

Kevin Costner Fan Germany @kevincostner_fan_germany: There is no better man! #kevincostner #thebest #bestman #bestactor #bestmovie #bestofall #hero #legend #handsome #bestsmile pic by @sebastienmicke

Kevin Costner presentando Jacques Lemans para Watch Boutique en Perú by Promos Watch Boutique Published on Dec 21, 2016


Kevin on 'Today Show' for 'Criminal' pictures:

Kevin on 'Today Show' for 'Black Or White' picture:

Ariel Vromen commented: Today is the New York premiere of Criminal! Check out this interview with Kevin Costner, Alice Eve and me on HuffPo live! (Posted April 11, 2016)

Pictures: January 2015:

Fusion Magazine: January 29, 2015:

Monokhromos Photography commented: Event: Draft Day Special Screening. Kevin Costner. October 11, 2014

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, Cal State Fullerton November 7, 2013 In 2007, Kevin Costner ’78 (marketing) returned to Cal State Fullerton for a special premiere screening of his movie "Mr. Brooks." #ThrowbackThursday

Elo Cinquanta - Acting & Arts commented: Special SAG (Screen Actors Guild) screening of movie "Black or White" with Kevin Costner. November 22, 2014 · Los Angeles, CA

Zoom In: The Black and White After Party Derick Chetty | September 9th, 2014

Barbara Hamilton Ross (feeling excited.) January 31, 2015 · Kevin Costner made a surprise appearance at the movies tonight for Black and White with the screen writer, Mike Binder. How awesome.

#1 FAN (Volunteering Service) Agency commented: #1Fan Volunteers attended last night special screening of black or white starring and produced by Kevin Costner. We also attended a meet and greet luncheon with STL community members and Kevin Costner. It was a great experience to hear from a producer about his movie. He was very genuine and personal. Kudos to Kevin Costner

Bay Area Black Journalists Association commented: Barbara Rodgers with Kevin Costner after his special screening of his new movie Black and White. #nabj14 August 2, 2014

Fayray's commented: Guess who ate with us today? Mr. Costner loved the shrimp will you! (Posted July 22, 2016)

Helen Gyarmati Beitman commented: Look who we found outside the Gristmill after lunch! Kevin Costner! OMG!!! (Posted July 24, 2016)

Michelle Pie was eating breakfast with Kyne Marshall at Nashville Biscuit House. Hyper-American moment right now. Kevin Costner just walked in the Biscuit House. (Nashville, TN) (Posted July 27, 2016)
Michelle Pie asked: WHAT DID HE EAT
Brianna Ronemus commented: Biscuits and gravy, toast with strawberry jelly. He was dreamy.

Chefs For Hire Catering commented: Kevin and chef Mark Thompson (Posted July 2, 2013)

Betsy Luttrell commented: I had lunch today with Kevin Costner. And about 1,500 women. Way to go Katie Beauchamp Pedigo and NFNL. (Posted April 10, 2015)

Brandy Pacini Hutchison commented: Just a little lunch with Kevin Costner (Posted April 10, 2015)

Simone Bouvier Savedra commented: Enjoying lunch with Kevin Costner (Santa Barbara Four Seasons) (Posted October 3, 2015)

Michael Tackett Verified account ‏@tackettdc tweeted: Kevin Kostner signed a copy of The Baseball Whisperer for Clarinda A's banquet (Posted November 19, 2016)

The Kaweah Commonwealth commented: Award-winning actor Kevin Costner signed this baseball bat (and the Bull Durham poster in the background) specifically for the Woodlake High School Foundation's Spring Dinner (April 29). Here it is on the auction block; all dollars raised go to college scholarships for graduating seniors. (Posted May 5, 2016)

patty_sena - Patty Sena: Ay los celos.. #kevinkostner que por qué con Ricky... ok aquí mi #tbt de final del día (Posted February 16th)

It's the 21-year anniversary of 'Happy Gilmore' release By T.J. Auclair, February 16, 2017 Excerpt: - Kevin Costner was the producers’ first choice to play Happy Gilmore antagonist Shooter McGavin. He passed in order to make his own well-regarded (and very different) 1996 golf comedy, Tin Cup.

John Lee commented: The Great Kevin Costner & I last night at the cast party! #actor - Him and I had a couple scenes together. (near Cleveland, OH) (June 23, 2013)

Rob Vezina commented: Sharing a corner of the bar in Santa Barbara with Kevin Costner...Priceless!! (Posted August 1, 2016)

Claudio Porcarelli photographs Kevin Costner for Vanity Fair Italia 02.03.15


Picture #24:

Picture for Silverlake Photography:

KEVIN KOSTNER Photographer: Claudio Porcarelli Written by Maurizio Catalani: Need to translate:

Kevin Costner: «La mia più grande paura? Dimenticare chi amo» Photo gallery:

johnhamiltoncollection Kevin Costner, "Revenge" (1990). On exhibit in "John R. Hamilton: Hollywood and the American West" at the @nationalcowboymuseum through May 24, 2017.

Pictures and need to translate article: TRANSLATED: Kevin Costner: "I have not the age (to retire)» "I am old, how come?". The actor celebrates 60 years with a movie where does the grandfather. But, in life, you feel the same as always. It has no intention of resting by Paola Jacobbi

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Kevin Costner Fan Germany @kevincostner_fan_germany: On the Set of Bull Durham! #kevincostner #thebest #bestman #bestactor #bestmovie #bestofall #hero #legend #handsome #bestsmile #bulldurham