Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More of Kevin filming 'Molly's Game in NYC Central Park...

Chilly disposition: Jessica Chastain sips a hot coffee as she films scene in wintry New York with Kevin Costner for Molly's Game By Kirby Kristen January 31, 2017    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4174528/Jessica-Chastain-Kevin-Costner-film-Molly-s-Game.html#i-f2928b1097d9554a

magazinespain - Magazinespain: Kevin Costner será el padre de Jessica Chastain en "Molly’s Game" #cine #rodaje #mollysgame (Posted January 31st)

Picture:   http://images.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/2017031/rs_1024x759-170131040351-1024-JessicaChastian-NYC-MK013117-.jpg

chassi_2410 - Jessica Gian: Jessica Chastain looking so gorgeous on set filming #MollysGame opposite #kevincostner 🎬🎥 #MollyBloom #gorgeous #angel #NYC #jessicachastain (Posted January 31st)

braun_68_99 - braun: Molly's game #film #jessicachastain #kevincostner #кино #кевинкостнер #джессикачестейн #mollysgame (Posted January 31st)

best of jessica ‏@bestofchastain tweeted: 📷 Jessica filming her new movie 'Molly's Game' today at Central Park. (Posted January 31st)    https://twitter.com/bestofchastain/status/826542442849636352

semrabaya - Semra: On the film set of upcoming movie "Molly's Game". Jessica Chastain and Kevin Costner having a talk on a bench. Aaaaand ACTION!🎬 #nyc #centralpark #hollywood #movie #with #handsome #kevincostner #jessicachastain #idriselba #film #crew #behindthescenes #lights #filmset (Posted January 31st)

manny_arteaga - Manny Arteaga: So I befriended a paparazzi yesterday, and then this. (Posted January 31st)

leopoldoleopoldo - Leopoldoleopoldo: The wonderful Charlotte Bruus our fearless & kickass D.P. #mollysgame (Posted January 31st)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BP9AaKGgC3e/

hitimeswithmelly - M&M: Dusk to dawn. Last night at central park with the amazing crew of #mollysgame #aaronsorkin (Posted January 31st)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BP8XbGoBSN8/

chxstainiac - Sam: Jessica Chastain and Kevin Costner #kevincostner #JessicaChastain #MollysGame (Posted January 31st)

Jessica-Chastain.com ‏@ChastainNetwork tweeted: 📷 | Check out photos of Jessica Chastain filming 'Molly's Game' at the Central Park alongside Kevin Costner (Posted January 31st)

Picture:   http://jessica-chastain.com/2017/01/jessica-filming-mollys-game-at-the-central-park/

Jessica Chastain BR ‏@jesschastainbr tweeted: Ontem (30.01), Jessica foi fotografada ao lado do ator Kevin Costner durante as gravações do seu novo filme, Molly's Game. (Posted January 31st)

Kevin Costner and Jessica Chastain are seen filming 'Molly's Game, in Central Park' New York Irman Nasution Published on Jan 31, 2017    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMFJGF9Gt_w

Josey Bonnette commented: Kevin Costner on set of movie Molly's Game (Posted January 18th)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Kevin films 'Molly's Game' in New York City...

IMRAN™ ‏@ImranAnwar tweeted: Great to say Hi to Kevin Costner at JFK. So gracious. And. man,I need to get fit & trim like him! — feeling entertained (Posted 5:42pm January 29th)

Kevin Costner and Jessica Chastain zelig shaul Published on Jan 30, 2017 - Kevin Costner and Jessica Chastain for their new movie Molly's Game on a park bench in Central Park NYC. (Posted January 30th)

Translated: Kevin Costner back to work: here he is on the set of Molly's Game The Hollywood star filming of Sorkin film with Jessica Chastain

Photo sites:

BINGBING Cocktail ‏@BINGBING_CKTAIL tweeted: Jessica Chastain And Kevin Costner Film Molly's Game In … : (Posted January 30th)    http://www.thebingbing.com/celeb/3929035

Barry Gormley commented: Another week..another movie..Mollys Game..with Kevin Costner,Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba(Stringer Bell in the Wire..) (Posted January 30th)

darci_que - Darci-Que: My Emilie and her friend with Kevin Costner! Is in the blue ! (Posted January 26th)

Friday, January 27, 2017

Various items of interest about Kevin...

omgsamantha - Samantha Bellingham: #tbt two-time #Oscar winner #KevinCostner, who should've received another nomination for his brilliant performance in #HiddenFigures (Posted January 25th)

VIDEO: Octavia Spencer, Naomie Harris, Kevin Costner, more recall receiving their SAG card - Stars such as Octavia Spencer, Naomie Harris, Kevin Costner recall getting their first SAG card. (Jan 26) AP

Jared Coyle ‏@OCoyleRules14 tweeted: @CoachCoyle30 Which one of us is Kevin Costner's son? @modernwest #debbiecakes    https://twitter.com/OCoyleRules14/status/816068912399970304

gabotheonlyone - Gabo: #kevincostner#signing#my#bigshot#book (Posted January 2nd)

Elliot Mintz commented: kevin costner turned 60 today. (Posted January 18, 2016)

GillznFinz.com Fishing commented: Kevin Costner's River House with GillznFinz Crew Aspen Episode 2 (Posted December 8, 2009)

GillznFinz.com Fishing commented: Hanging with the Man Kevin Costner Aspen Episode 2Hanging with the Man Kevin Costner Aspen Episode 2 (Posted December 8, 2009)    https://www.facebook.com/gillznfinz.com.fishing/photos/a.790914721001765.1073741833.790914644335106/790922217667682/?type=3&theater

Dangermuffin_Gillznfinz.m4v Richard Brendel Uploaded on Oct 10, 2011 - Filmed in 2008 on Kevin Costner's Aspen Ranch. Staring Dangermuffin & The Bass player from Umphrey's McGee and the fella's from Gillznfinz. Guest Appearance Cameron William's from Tishamingo.

Vkadre_ru ‏@vkadre_ru tweeted: Sean Connery and Kevin Costner in The Untouchables, 1987 (Posted January 12th)    https://twitter.com/vkadre_ru/status/819866351967895552

staysea77 - Stacey Van Duyn: I've been blessed to have been able to work with some pretty cool "celebrities"....the one time I asked for a photo with one of them-of course it would turn out blurry. #sunandsand2013 #kevincostner #personalassistant (Posted January 14th)

Battes ‏@Braetzman tweeted: Miguel Ferrer with Kevin Costner & John Leguizamo in REVENGE, Tony Scott’s forgotten masterpiece. (Posted January 20th)

Bala Perdida ‏@bala_perdida_ tweeted: Miguel Ferrer, Kevin Costner y John Leguizamo en el rodaje de 'La Venganza'. (Posted January 20th)

eric keller ‏@EricRavefan19 tweeted: trump sounded like kevin Costner in wyatt earp IT ALL STOPS NOW there is a new sheriff in town god bless america #Inauguration (Posted January 20th)

stile.ruvido - Nicola Ruvido: #kevincostner #ruvido #fashionblogger #style #cool #harleydavidson #biker #bike #ftw (Posted January 20th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPfsPJDhz1N/

MaryAnne Reyes-Mckenna commented: Kevin Costner on my flight! (traveling to San Diego, California from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport) (Posted August 28, 2016)

Bob Wohlferd commented: just got to shake Kevin Costner's hand. shared a flight to LA with him. (the flight attendant suggested I didn't ask for a pic she did confirm it was him tho...) (Posted January 10, 2012)

Andy Dejardin He was leaving Vancouver after filming scenes for the next Superman movie. That's awesome you got to meet him! (Posted January 10, 2016)

Jodee Crawford commented: I was so in awe of Kevin Costner being on my flight, I didn't even realize Rob Schneider was in my first class as well!! Great guys!!! (Nashville, TN) (Posted August 19, 2016)

Kasper Luna commented: Sat behind Kevin Costner the entire flight and didn't even know it until we made it to baggage claim (Seatac) (Posted October 22, 2016)

Lisa O'Sullivan commented: My hubby just boarded his plane for business trip to San Jose. Kevin Costner is on same flight. He said he has a braves cap on. What? They're terrible. (Marietta, GA) (Posted April 23, 2016)

Jenn Ferensick commented: He was here filming a movie, part was on villa rica and at Mceachern on Tuesday (Posted April 23, 2016)

Jerri Lee Crace Price commented: My daughter, Michele, met Kevin Costner when she worked for University of Texas Arts Department. She said he was so nice and down to earth & had on jeans & a baseball cap. (Posted April 23, 2016)

Liam Schilling commented: Getting on my flight in atl and low and behold, Kevin Costner is on the flight. Onto California! (at Atlanta International Airport-Delta Airlines) (Posted April 23, 2016)

Judy Watkins Sanregret commented: Just watched Sam walk off the plane with Kevin Costner after sitting next to him on the flight from Phoenix ... Why doesn't this ever happen to me??? --Sam said he was very down to earth and was reading a script...I would have pretending to fall asleep on him!!! (Posted August 9, 2013)

Tricia Wardlaw commented: Same thing happened to me when John was making a film on the beach at Rincon several years ago (of course I opted to stay home studying) and he meets and hangs out on the beach with a younger and in his prime Kevin Costner

Julie E. Washington ‏@JulieEWash tweeted: Next up: Cool Spaces on gorgeous @WarehouseCLE condo where Kevin Costner stayed while shooting here. (Cleveland, Ohio) (Posted January 23rd)

ninja_tuner - a n d r e w l i s t e r: #ThrowbackThursday. #KevinCostner in the back in the set of Wifeys film #McFarlandUSA with my old #Glasshouse centre stage 😂 if you live in Cali and you haven't seen it yet, shame on you. (Posted January 12th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPLtmxEDY89/

Thursday, January 26, 2017

More of Kevin from 'Hidden Figures' interviews...

Josh Goldfein ‏@joshgoldfein tweeted: Theater full of 5th graders just burst into spontaneous applause when Kevin Costner integrated @NASA bathrooms #HiddenFigures Good luck USA (Posted January 20th)

Hidden Figures | "#1 Movie in America" TV Commercial | 20th Century FOX 20th Century Fox Published on Jan 13, 2017    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3Gio0SUctg

Hidden Figures | NASA Legacy | 20th Century FOX by 20th Century Fox Published on Jan 6, 2017

Hidden Figures | "Give or Take" Clip [HD] | 20th Century FOX Published on Jan 4, 2017

Telling her story - Meet the black woman mathematician who inspired 'Hidden Figures By Stacey Sommer on Jan 12, 2017    https://news.vice.com/story/meet-the-black-woman-mathematician-who-inspired-hidden-figures

Video: Hollywood Blast Off! Oscar nomination for Octavia Spencer in the NASA story 'Hidden Figures' By Wild Bill Wood January 24, 2017

#BuzzTNT | Hidden Figures: Kevin Costner y Jim Parsons TNT América Latina Published on Jan 20, 2017

Costner "Hidden Figures" UTA Jeffrey Wells Published on Jan 10, 2017

Roberta Thompson commented: SAG Screening of Hidden Figures - Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, Kevin Costner & Jim Parsons — in New York, New York. (Posted December 10, 2016)

chikaijeoma - Chika Chukudebelu: Because my favorite subject was always math. Because it's taken me 30-something years to see a Black girl on screen who kills it as a quant. Because we are in a time where there's no shortage of reasons to seek inspiration. GO SEE HIDDEN FIGURES!! #HiddenFigures #InspiredMathNerdPassingAsACreative #OctaviaSpencer #KevinCostner (Posted January 15th)

Hidden Figures Q and A! Meeting Kevin Costner! Octavia Spencer! Pharrell! Melissa McCarthy! And More! by mike January 16, 2017    http://www.mikethefanboy.com/hidden-figures-q-and-a-kevin-costner-pharrell/

TRANSLATED: Kevin Costner: With high politicians we change the course of history January 16, 2017

sinema911 -Sinema911: #BoxOfficeThisWeek Hidden Figures Topping Four-Day Holiday

Behind the scenes "Hidden Figures " by Shannon Phillips Published on Jan 16, 2017 - Film of Kevin Costner at mission control on the phone. I was filming this with my phone. I was a extra in the movie.

Why Hidden Figures Script Immediately Added Up for Kevin Costner, Jim Parsons Reported By Kylie Erica Mar January 17, 2017    http://www.madeinhollywood.tv/why-hidden-figures-script-immediately-added-up-for-kevin-costner-jim-parsons/

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

More from 'Molly's Game' filming...

Krystof Charles commented: Back On set In 24h. Rôle:Bar owner. Film. 'Mollys game'with Kevin Costner (Posted January 22nd)

theactingchef - Simon Pellegrino: Entertaining themselves between takes #betweentakes #behindthescenes #igloo #miniature #snow #markdale #beavervalleyskiclub #actorlife #moviemaking #filmmaking #onlocation #onset #exteriorshoot #cold #doyouwanttobuildasnowman #mollysgame #mollysgamemovie (Posted January 21st)

theactingchef - Simon Pellegrino: Detail work was on point. #betweentakes #behindthescenes #igloo #miniature #snow #markdale #beavervalleyskiclub #actorlife #moviemaking #filmmaking #onlocation #onset #exteriorshoot #cold #doyouwanttobuildasnowman #detail #mollysgame @tugboatprincess @woodleila (Posted January 21st)

primpickins - Jamie-Lee Higginson: Photo op with #clairerankin who plays Molly's (#jessicachastain) mom in the movie #mollysgame. She was so sweet - and Canadian! #movies #showbusiness #hollywood #movie #makingamovie #kevincostner #mollysgame #instafollow #Canadian (Posted January 21st)

salty_bl0nde - Alexa Chick 19: And so my 15 seconds of fame is officially over! #thatsawrap #mollysgame #14hourdays #specialskillsbodydouble #mogulskiing    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPbO0UtBLMJ/

Nando Cruz ‏@Fercruz77 tweeted: (translated) Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba are already rolling Molly´s Game, the debut as director of the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. Also is Kevin Costner. (Posted November 25th)

Pictures: Molly’s Game preps as Bayview subs for sunny California November 29, 2016 Preparations have begun for the scene of Molly’s Game being filmed on South Bayview today! Weather forecast has been updated with only a 20% chance of showers. Good thing, Bayview is masquerading as sunny California today. The film stars Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba and Kevin Costner. Molly’s Game is written by Academy Award winning writer Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, Moneyball, The Social Network) and tells the story of an athlete with dreams of achieving Olympic status. She turns the misfortunes of a sporting accident into financial fortune as she rises to fame as a host of an elite high-stakes poker game.

More filming pictures    http://www.bayview-news.com/2016/11/gallery-jessica-chastain-mollys-game-on-south-bayview.html/

Peter Stratton Barry ‏@B3Barryboys tweeted: @danbarrynews I am on Molly's Game for the next five days Jessica Chastain Kevin Costner playing high stakes Texas Hold'em should be a blast (Posted December 8th)

Davide Frattini ‏@davidefrattini tweeted: They filmed a scene of "Molly's Game" movie right next to @labicitoronto. Too bad Kevin Costner wasn't there. #AmericanFlyers fan (Posted December 18th)

reddfox81 - Perfectly Imperfect: Why hello Mr. Costner 🙂❤📽 Kevin touched my butt while running past me on multiple occasions! 😘 I'm definitely ok with this!    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPcvht1ADHQ/

Linda Hamann Brown commented: On set at Beaver Valley, Berkley as Molly Bloom (movie name Mollys Game)ski double. Notice the hanging camera moving down side of course filming close up of the landing after jump and skiing. Long day for her 6am to 6:30 pm. Molly played by Jessica Chastain, her dad Kevin Costner. Great for Beaver Valley ski club!!! (Posted January 17th)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Some pictures posted for Kevin's birthday yesterday...

Birgit Cunningham ‏@TheBirgitShow tweeted: Happy Birthday #KevinCostner! (I took this photo in 1999.) (Posted January 18th)    https://twitter.com/TheBirgitShow/status/821702519353118720

Studioso ‏@ArtByOso tweeted: 🎈🎉 #HappyBirthday #KevinCostner @modernwest! ✏ One of my favourite actors growing up! #fanart #sketchbook #drawing by @ArtByOso (2015). (Posted January 18th)

camerapress_photography - Camera Press: Happy Birthday Mr Kevin Costner! photo by Jens Koch / Picture Press (Posted January 18th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPaRdb5DVPL/

drewjfreeman - Drew J. Freeman: Happy 🎉 Birthday 🎈#KevinCostner who was the nicest guy when I met him on the #Golf Course 🏌🏼‍♀️at #PebbleBeach ! I still can't get my wife to watch #TinCup ⛳️ though. Clearly he beats me on the movie star look but at least I'm younger! (Posted January 18th)

rkeyoharaiii - Reggie Keyohara III: "Amazing Stories" (1985) #kevincostner #kiefersutherland #stevenspielberg #1980s #amazingstories #wwii #ww2 #b17 #bomber #crew #tv #tvshow #80stv #1985 #80s #cartoonist #universalstudios #tvseries #retrowave #retro #nostalgia #80sstyle (Posted January 18th)

carol.santilli - Carol Santilli: 62. Attaboy. 😊 #hiddenfigures #mancrusheveryday #kevincostner (Posted January 18th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPZoaFAAUHc/

harish_ashok - Harish Ashok: #happybirthday #kevincostner #actor #oscarwinner #chasingdreams #nowayout #theuntouchables #bulldurham #fieldofdreams #danceswithwolves #robinhoodprinceofthieves #jfk #thebodyguard #waterworld #messageinabottle #manofsteel #jonathankent #jackryanshadowrecruit #mcfarland #hiddenfigures #throwbackpic #kevincostner #seanyoung #nowayout #photostill #hbd #hbday #photooftheday #pictureoftheday #picoftheday #instadaily #instagood (Posted January 18th)

Chérie FM ‏@radiocheriefm tweeted: (translated) We wish a very happy birthday to @DamidotValerie host and the actor Kevin Costner, all born the two January 18! (Posted January 18th)

Warner Bros. UK @WarnerBrosUK tweeted: Search your heart, search your soul... and wish Kevin Costner a Happy Birthday! #RobinHoodPrinceOfThieves #EverythingIDoIDoItForYou (Posted January 18th)

Generations United ‏@GensUnited tweeted: Happy 62nd B-day, Kevin Costner (@modernwest)! Thx for helping to raise awareness of grandfams in @BlackorWhite. (Posted January 18th)

Colin Lovequist ‏@LoungeCKRM tweeted: #1's @ 1 includes Paycheck Dan Seals Kevin Costner Mark Collie Red Sovine Johnny Horton Roy Orbison & many more (Posted January 18th)

Sala de Arte ‏@SaladeArtecine tweeted: El consolidado, reconocido y ganador del óscar #KevinCostner cumple 62 años. ¡Felicidades! #NaceUnaEstrella (Posted January 18th)

Melissa E. King ‏@stcmovieaddict tweeted: on this day in 1955, kevin costner was born. happy birthday, KC! @modernwest #YesIDrewThis (Posted January 18th)

Inland Empire 66ers @66ersBaseball tweeted: Happy Birthday #KevinCostner! Remember that time you played for us in 2002 @modernwest? #IfYouBuildIt #CrashDavis (Posted January 18th)

FACHA ‏@FaculdadeFACHA tweeted: What Montesquieu, Kevin Costner, Jeffrey Williams, and Zachary have in common? All of them were born on today's date. 👏💙 #CuriosidadesFacha (Posted January 18th)

eliecerivan - Eliecer: #HappyBirthday #KevinCostner, #Actor/#Director/ #Producer (Posted January 18th)

sbake83 - sbake83: 3 yrs ago I had the crazy idea to travel to Iowa in hopes of mtg Kevin Costner. Fortunately it worked out. 😃3 yrs ago I had the crazy idea to travel to Iowa in hopes of mtg Kevin Costner. Fortunately it worked out. 😃 (Posted January 18th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPa9pHiBMai/

ginblossomsaz - Gin Blossoms: #WaybackWednesday GBs w/ @kevincostnermodernwest ...Happy Birthday Kevin! 🎂(Photo credit: @scotthessel) #gbswayback #GinBlossoms #KevinCostner #music #touring #KevinCostnersndModernWest (Posted January 18th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPa63lCjTvm/

alex_daduh_easter - alex: #happybirthday #kevincostner #thebodyguard #hollywood #movies #goldenglobewinner #academyawardwinner (Posted January 18th)

claudioporcarelli - claudioporcarelli: #happybirtday @kevincostner_is_life @kevincostnermodernwest @kevincostnerbrazil @kevincostner_fan_germany #kevincostner #claudioporcarelli (Posted January 18th)

strawberrygirlbananasplitlady - Christine Nowak: #kevincostner #actor #producer #director #filmmaker #singersongwriter #musican #oscar #waterworld #danceswithwolves #modernwest #thepostman #perfectworld #theuntouchables #theangelscamedown #longhotnight #openrange #bodyguard #hollywoodland (Posted January 19th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPdA8bgju4U/

reglarc - Regla: #MeEncantas #KevinCostner (Posted January 19th)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kevin filming 'Molly's Game' at Beaver Valley Ski Club...

Molly’s Game filming returns to Bayview January 12-13 January 5, 2017

realmovernie - Vernon (aka MoVernie): Hard working crew setting up and filing the upcoming Hollywood Movie called "Molly's Game", featuring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba & Kevin Costner. Always luv seeing Hollywood being filmed in Toronto, giving our Canadians workers job opportunities. Thank You! (Posted January 12th)

SBayview ‏@SBayview tweeted: Filming Molly's Game (starring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba & Kevin Costner) 😊🎬 #leaside #davisvillevillage #southbayview #toronto (Posted January 13th)

Grenville Bray commented: There is a Feature film entitled Molly's Game, that is shooting in Collingwood next week at the Beaver Valley Ski Club. The movie is starring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba and Kevin Costner. They are looking to recruit local teens and adults to work on the film as Background Performers for Jan 16,17, and 18. Expect a 10+ hour, per day needed, commitment. (The scene takes place outside so be dressed appropriately). Actors will be paid for their time (Posted January 13th)

Hollywood Comes To Our Area Markdale | by Catherine Thompson January 15, 2017 Some big Hollywood stars are in our area this week. Jessica Chastain, Idris Alba and Kevin Costner are filming their movie Molly's Game at the Beaver Valley Ski Club Monday to Wednesday (January 16 to 18). The movie is about Molly Bloom, a young skier and former Olympic hopeful. She becomes a successful entrepreneur, and a target of an FBI investigation, when she establishes a high-stakes, international poker game. The casting crew has been looking for locals to be extras on this shoot.    http://www.bayshorebroadcasting.ca/news_item.php?NewsID=90354

Video, picture and article: Film crews take over Beaver Valley for ' Molly's Game' by Roger Klein January 16, 2017

kendallvv52 - Kendall Vander Veen: Onset of a Hollywood movie being filmed in Grey County. Highlight of the day was when Kevin Costner pushed me for a scene! #totallyworthit #greycounty #kevincostner (Posted January 16th)

steve72mo - Steve Moore: Great day filming the new kev costner movie #mollysgame #balticcold (kendra.hallyMy Mom and Aunt were there, too!) (Posted January 16th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPV4r_sjc8N/

primpickins - Jamie-Lee Higginson: Psssssssst. Rumour has it you may or may not see me in an upcoming #kevincostner and #jessicachastain movie..... Day two of shooting tomorrow! primpickinsLook reeeeeeeeeal close (Posted January 16th)

amdom22 - A Zig: Ready to be an extra in Kevin Costners new movie being filmed at a local ski club! Molly's Game needed some spectators! Why not?! #mollysgame #movieextra #kevincostner - We saw him yesterday! Super nice guy!!! (Posted January 17th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPXK92qAGAe/

primpickins - Jamie-Lee Higginson: Okay so... Just another day right? Just a selfie with #kevincostner no big deal - whaaaat! On the set of #mollysgame (Posted January 17th)

emilie_que - Emilie Que: Best Selfie of #2017 #kevincostner 😎 #moviestar #setlife #set #selfie #photooftheday #photooftheyear #acting #canada #canadian #canadiangirl #snowbunnies #love #follow #l4l #instagood #viral #emilieque #instagood #instafollow #singerslife #themovie #movies #beavervalley (Posted January 17th)

rachepratt - rachAel: When Hollywood comes to work and you get to see Michael Cera, Kevin Costner, Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba 🖐🖐 #alotofstandingaround #MollysGame (Posted January 17th)

amdom22 - A Zig: Day 2 on the set of Molly's Game yesterday! We got a lil wet thanks to the freezing rain but had a great day laughing & killing time with these guys!!! #movieextra #kevincostner #memoriesmadearethebest #mollysgame #beavervalleyskiclub (Posted January 18th)

Phil Primmer commented: Thought this was top secret stuff but the club has published some pics of me and my new BFF Kevin yesterday, SO I guess I can confirm in pictures now too...'tis true... I have had two whole days of shooting the final scene of this Hollywood movie, exchanging dialogue with Kevin Costner even. What a blast...and what a great guy! We've been having a ton of fun here at The Beaver Valley Ski Club with a 13 hour shoot yesterday and at least 2 more days to go with this rainy one, hopefully winding down soon. The last scene just had me skiing down our FreeFall run, with my son Drew to approach the accident scene.

Beaver Valley Ski Club commented: Molly's Game Movie Shooting at Beaver (Posted January 17th)

the big stretch YOGA centre commented: There are film crews outside and inside of our building on South Bayview today filming a portion of the movie "Molly's Game" starring Kevin Costner, Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba. The Big Stretch's studio is currently unrecognizable with the film crew's technical entourage on-site using our space while shooting the film. (Bayview Leaside BIA on South Bayview) (Posted January 13th)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kevin attends a SAG screening and at UCSB...

kayla ☼ ‏@ohkaylizzle tweeted: kevin costner is here at UCSB I'm crying 😭 (UCSB = University of California Santa Barbara) (Posted 6:48pn January 12th)

Michelle ‏@_MichelleLou tweeted: "500 people can sit in a dark room and dream the same dream." Loved hearing Kevin Costner speak at my school tonight. (Posted 11:19pm January 12th)

Lizzy Gravelle ‏@lizzy_gravelle tweeted: So I met Kevin Costner... (Film student at SFSU) (Posted 11:45pm January 12th)    https://twitter.com/lizzy_gravelle/status/819812482218790912

Lizzy Gravelle ‏@lizzy_gravelle tweeted: Fun 2 days in Santa Barbara, hung with my brother, saw a good movie, had lunch with my roommate, met Kevin Costner. All in all, fun! (Posted January 13th)

Cathy Pyle commented: I'm so excited that my daughter gets to see Kevin Costner and the writer/director of the movie Hidden Figures right now. She is so lucky. We saw the movie right when it came out. As we were leaving she said she wanted to get the movie to be shown at her school. Later she found out she could go to this event tonight. (Posted January 12th)

Cassidy Pyle Kevin Costner was nice and laughed when I said he's nicer than a lot of less famous people. You could tell he was tired but he still talked to everyone. He also said he had a kidney stone when filming Hidden Figures so there's a behind the scene secret for y'all (Posted January 12th)

About the event:    http://www.carseywolf.ucsb.edu/pollock/events/script-screen-hidden-figures

therecognizedactor - Doreen Calderon: @hiddenfiguresmovie at @sagawards screening post discussion w/ #KevinCostner @modernwest @OctaviaSpencer #actor #actorslife (Posted January 11th)

pasadenatravelgirl - Kai (Kah-ee) Mariama: Great Q&A with Octavia Spencer and Kevin Costner from the film Hidden Figures.. Everyone should see this movie. #HiddenFigures #Film #Cinemaphotography #Fox #PTG #KevinCostner #Nasa #OctaviaSpencer (Posted January 11th)

mendozaeros - Eros Mendoza: #hiddenfigures #nothiddenfences #privatescreening #20thcenturyfox #octaviaspencer #kevincostner #allisonschroeder #tedmelfi #scottmantz #katherinejohnson #dorothyvaughan #maryjackson #johnglenn #nasa #greatfilm #goseeit #hollywood #awards #sag #thankyou (Posted January 12th)

youaresimplystunning - Cheyenne Garvert: Huge fan of #KevinCostner new movie # @hiddenfiguresmovie HiddenFigures😭🙈😍 #FoxStudios #NASA #GoAfterYourDreams #Networking #MUA #TypicalNightInHollywood #Screening #TvFilm (Posted January 12th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPMrq7HAaAf/

lauralindabradley - Laura Linda Bradley: Love awards season!! We got to see @hiddenfiguresmovie listen to these two's inspiring stories and get lost on the FOX lot.... pretty good night! #hiddenfiguresmovie #hiddenfigures #foxlot #fox #foxlittletheatre #kevincostner #awardsseason #sagawards #sag #screening #movienight #nasa #inspiring #truestory #actoralife #actors (Posted January 12th)

mariomosley_official - Mario Mosley: @sagaftra #screening of @hiddenfiguresmovie @therealoctaviaspencer @kevincostnermodernwest #incredible #awardwinning #film #datenight @justin_hurt #octaviaspencer #kevincostner #hiddenfigures (Fox Studio Lot) (Posted January 12th)

randicee - Go see Hidden Figures take your daughters. #Screening on the #Fox lot tonight. #HiddenFigures for me best #film of the year. #kevincostner #octaviaspencer #allisonschroeder #tedmelfi #sag #sagfilmawards #actor #randiceemusic (Posted January 12th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPKvgYaAYls/

qnpaula - Paula Martinez: #kevincostner and I (Posted January 12th)

screenwriteherpb - Patricia Beauchamp: Finally got to see the magnificently gifted and beautiful #OctaviaSpencer in person along with the handsome and talented #KevinCostner at tonight's Fox screening of #HiddenFigures.

Scott Mantz ‏@MovieMantz tweeted: HONORED to moderate a great Q&A for @HiddenFigures w/ director @theodoremelfi, writer Allison Schroeder, #KevinCostner & @octaviaspencer! (Posted January 13th)

Al White commented: A couple of nights ago on the Fox Lot, there was a SAG screening of "Hidden Figures". This was my third time seeing the film. Afterward, there was a Q & A attended by the director, screenwriter, Octavia Spencer, and Kevin Costner. Kevin Costner is a very nice man, very soft spoken and engaging. Everyone really enjoyed the film. (Posted January 12th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons on telling the untold story of three brilliant women at NASA by Shawn Edwards January 12, 2017 "Hidden Figures" is number one in the box office during the second week of January, and the FOX 4 film critics are already buzzing about a potential Oscar. Shawn Edwards sat down to chat with supporting stars Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons to find out if space and space exploration is something that has fascinated them over the years. Also, the two shared why they wanted to be a part of the film.

Director Theodore Melfi Shines Spotlight on His ‘Hidden Figures’ Production Crew by Tim Gray January 11, 2017

Palm City girl plays a young mathematician in 'Hidden Figures' | Video Ginny Beagan January 11, 2017

Young Greensboro actor appears in 'Hidden Figures' By Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane January 12, 2017

East Orange Child Actor Appears in Movie, Hidden Figures By Tapinto East Orange/Orange Staff   January 13, 2017    https://www.tapinto.net/towns/montclair/sections/arts-and-entertainment/articles/east-orange-child-actor-appears-in-movie-hidden

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Message from Kevin and more 'Hidden Figures' interviews...

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Hoping for a bright 2017 for our little buddy Mateo. He is 2 and suffers from the disease nephrotic syndrome. Please share the tag #teammateo #nephroticsyndrome #courage #strength #thefuture #kevincostner (Posted January 10th)

ciscoreyes - Cisco Reyes: @HiddenFiguresmovie private screening at UTA... Q&A Dir @TedMelfi @therealoctaviaspencer #KevinCostner @kevincostnermodernwest @tarajiphenson @JanelleMonae @aldis_hodge Amazing film! #Oscars #HiddenFigures #Inspirational #ActorsLife (United Talent Agency) (Posted January 10th)

jacendaburkett - Jacenda Burkett: UTA #hiddenfigures screening #kevincostner #octaviaspencer #QandA #filmmakeupartist (Posted January 10th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPE5lXlhtbV/

stevenjohncohen -Steve Cohen: #HiddenFigures first #screening of 2017 with #QandA with #octaviaspencer #kevincostner and #writerdirector #tedmelfi introduced by #melissamccarthy at #UTA #UnitedTalentAgency followed by reception #beverlyhills #la #losangeles #hollywood #showbiz #awardsseason #SagAwards #sag #Sagaftra #movie #movies #film #films #screenings #actor #actors #acting #NASA #livingthedream #livinthedream Jan. 9, 2016 7pm (Posted January 10th)

Making of 'Hidden Figures': Re-creating the '60s to Tell an Untold Story of Space, Sexism and Civil Rights by Pamela McClintock January 10, 2017    http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/making-hidden-figures-how-taraji-p-henson-octavia-spencer-pharrell-williams-revisited-60s-t?facebook_20170110

Fox Film do Brasil ‏@FoxFilmdoBrasil tweeted: Kevin Costner é o diretor do Space Task Group, Al Harrison. E enxergou o que poucos viam. #EstrelasAlémDoTempo, 2 de fevereiro nos cinemas. (Posted January 6th)

chl0epatra - Chloe Lipp: Finally able to post this pic of the amazing Kevin Costner and I taken on the last day of filming on @hiddenfiguresmovie. Kevin plays Al Harrison, the head of the Space Task Group in the film. Go see the movie! It opened nationwide today! Btw, Kevin was cool enough to sign a Bodyguard poster for me #hiddenfigures #kevincostner #artdepartment (Posted January 6th)

supastar777 - Precious: After watching an amazing film called @hiddenfigures, I had an amazing opportunity to connect with these beautiful souls and amazing actors who have incredible performances, (my inner 90s kid fangirled over THEE #Bodyguard himself) and my inner dork was jazzed to stand so close to #Sheldon! WATCH.THIS.FILM!!! (Posted January 6th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BO7zzXuBFG6/

Octavia Spencer on 'Hidden Figures' Co-Star Kevin Costner: "Like Me, He's All Business" 1/6/2017 by Ashley Lee

Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons on “Justifying and Humanizing” their Characters in ‘Hidden Figures’ by Aubrey Page January 7, 2017    http://collider.com/kevin-costner-jim-parsons-hidden-figures-interview/#images

Three Things You Can Learn From Hidden Figures freethinker. zone Published on Jan 6, 2017

celebritychaos.tv ‏@celebritychaos tweeted: kevin Costner spotted in Hollywood california (Posted January 8th)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Thanks for the chat @richeisen! (Posted January 7th)

richeisen - Rich Eisen: Fun day @richeisenshow with in-studio guests @ericstonestreet and @kevincostnermodernwest. Also the @Steelers sublime @steelerRB26 called in. Stonestreet got fired up about the Chiefs, Kansas State and clowns (in that order) while Costner told a great story about, among other things, Gene Hackman from the set of "No Way Out" (Posted January 5th)

Lauren's movie reviews, interviews with Pharrell and Kevin Costner January 9, 2017

How Taraji P. Henson And Kevin Costner Prepared For That Pivotal Hidden Figures Scene By Sean O'Connell January 10, 2017    http://www.cinemablend.com/news/1610700/how-taraji-p-henson-and-kevin-costner-prepared-for-that-pivotal-hidden-figures-scene

exploregeorgia - Explore Georgia: Did you know #HiddenFigures🚀 was filmed in Georgia? The stars & production team showed us where they found all the period looks needed for the film around the state. The @nasa scenes, for example, were actually shot at 5 different locations. Click the link in our bio to watch the full video! 🍑🎬 #georgiafilm    https://www.instagram.com/p/BPGcCNLgjta/

Picture:   https://twitter.com/marsmellowspop/status/818951141945769984

Washington Post was live We're live at the red carpet of "Hidden Figures," waiting to talk to stars including Pharell Williams, Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson, Jonelle Monae and Kevin Costner. (Posted December 14, 2016)    https://www.facebook.com/washingtonpost/videos/10154531330022293/

Stephen Colbert’s ‘Hidden Fences’ Trailer Is Hilarious [WATCH] By Daryl Nelson January 10, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

Kevin on the 'Rich Eisen Show' and more....

Rich Eisen ‏@richeisen tweeted: Today's @RichEisenShow: @steelers RB @L_Bell26 + @Chiefs @kstatesports @ModernFam @ericstonestreet & @HiddenFigures Kevin Costner in-studio (Posted January 5th)

Deb Carson ‏@DebCarson tweeted: New #BucketList item after listening to this #KevinCostner interview on @RichEisenShow...Work w/ him at least once. #LoveHisPassion4HisWork (Posted January 5th)

Chris Law ‏@ChrisLaw tweeted: Kevin Costner just told us he went hunting for & found "magical mushrooms" on the set of Robin Hood just prior to a swordfight scene #REshow (Posted January 5th)

Mike Roy ‏@Mikewah55 tweeted: @RichEisenShow Kevin Costner should have a free pass on the show whenever he wants. (Posted January 5th)

Chris Law ‏@ChrisLaw tweeted: Kevin Costner just told us he went hunting for & found "magical mushrooms" on the set of Robin Hood just prior to a swordfight scene #REshow (Posted January 5th)

steven calendrillo ‏@cdrillo99 tweeted: @RichEisenShow wow I can listen to Kevin Costner tells stories all day great interview Rich and Chris law.. (Posted January 5th)

Actor Kevin Costner says Gene Hackman is The Best Actor He's Worked with - 1/5/17 The Rich Eisen Show Published on Jan 5, 2017    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0IB0VvkeOk

Actor Kevin Costner Tells A Funny Story From The Set of "Robin Hood" - 1/5/17 The Rich Eisen Show Published on Jan 5, 2017    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ykk14Jxlvs

Academy Award-Winning Actor Kevin Costner on His Favorite Movies & Actors He's Worked With - 1/5/17 The Rich Eisen Show Published on Jan 5, 2017    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVnbYg3N7cY

Full Video: Academy Award-Winning Actor Kevin Costner Talks New Film “Hidden Figures” & More - 1/5/17 The Rich Eisen Show Published on Jan 5, 2017    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-2StcAQ5ws

Fitz Allgood ‏@AllgoodFitz tweeted: @RichEisenShow @richeisen Great interview. - I could have listened to #KevinCostner for an hour! Great Stories! Have him back soon! (Posted January 5th)

Rich Eisen podcast for those who like to download audio:

Kate Erbland ‏@katerbland tweeted: Talking to Kevin Costner about HIDDEN FIGURES was one of the great pleasures of my 2016 (Posted January 5th)

Kevin Costner Returns: How the ‘Hidden Figures’ Star Tackled a Fictitious Role in Fact-Based Crowdpleaser — Consider This: The two-time Oscar winner is back in the hunt with a surprising – and emotional – role in one of the year's best awards offerings. By Kate Erbland January 5, 2017

Vidmebuzz ‏@vidmebuzz tweeted: Kevin Costner's Unbelievable Day with President George H.W. Bush (Posted December 5th)    https://twitter.com/vidmebuzz/status/816964411965509636

RealClearLife ‏@RealClearLife tweeted: Kevin Costner tells the incredible story about spending a day bro-ing out with George H.W. Bush (Posted December 5th)

Picture:    http://lastnighton.com/2017/01/05/kevin-costner-bull-durham-sequel-video/

Kaos Sverige ‏@KaosSverige tweeted: 📹 Kevin Costner’s Unbelievable Day with President George H.W. Bush Published on Jan 5, 2017 Kevin talks... (Posted January 5th)

Michael Atlan ‏@FUNCULTUREPOP tweeted: Kevin Costner a passé une super journée avec George Bush Senior (Posted January 5th)    https://twitter.com/FUNCULTUREPOP/status/817156213221769217

Hunky actor Kevin Costner can still get it at age 61. Costner was seen arriving at the Jimmy Kimmel studios ahead of an appearance on the show. (Posted January 5th)

Kevin Costner is seen arriving at Kimmel in Los Angeles' California. Irman Nasution Published on Jan 5, 2017

gossipdidi - Celebritynews: Кевин Костнер спешит на Jimmy Kimmel Live, 3.01.2017 (Posted January 5th)

KEVIN!!! Meeting Dances With Wolves Star Kevin Costner! Autographs! Photos! And A Little Bit Of Los Angeles Rain! by Mike January 5, 2017

Laurie Vermillion ‏@Laurievermilli1 tweeted: TODAY @HiddenFigures #KevinCostner #JimParsons @JimParsonsWeb @TherealTaraji @octaviaspencer @JanelleMonae @theodoremelfi @Pharrell #BESTMOV (Posted January 6th)    https://twitter.com/Laurievermilli1/status/817283484565655552

'Hidden Figures' Stars: Pre-Civil Rights 'Mindset' Was Acting Challenge | Exclusive Video VideoFromSpace Published on Jan 5, 2017    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb_bNN172_4

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Kevin on Jimmy Kimmel and more of 'Hidden Figures'...

Pictures: Kevin Costner is seen arriving at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on January 4, 2017:

Jimmy Kimmel Live ‏@JimmyKimmelLive tweeted: Backstage at #Kimmel with Kevin Costner @ModernWest #HiddenFigures (Posted 5:29pm January 4th)

Jordyn ‏@Heyyyjordyn tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner on Kimmel. So fun (Posted 6:19pm January 4th)

Sav ‏@SavannahColbert tweeted: Just met a good friend of Izzy Stradlin & Slash @ Hard Rock Cafe, then I look to the right & Kevin Costner is eating dinner beside me. Oh.. (Posted 6:36pm January 4th)

Jimmy Kimmel Live ‏@JimmyKimmelLive tweeted: The great Kevin Costner! @ModernWest (Posted 6:50pm January 4th)    https://twitter.com/JimmyKimmelLive/status/816839271411634176

Jimmy Kimmel Live ‏@JimmyKimmelLive tweeted: NEW #Kimmel tonight with Kevin Costner @ModernWest, @AndyRichter, comedian @KTrevorWilson and @TheCousinSal tortures delivery men & himself! (Posted 7:13pm January 4th)    https://twitter.com/JimmyKimmelLive/status/816844931977211904

Evan Dawson ‏@MrEvanDawson tweeted: Just listened to #KevinCostner talk about @GeorgeHWBush on @JimmyKimmelLive... Confirms everything I've ever heard about him as a great man.

Nello ‏@LilNello tweeted: That story Kevin Costner just told @jimmykimmel about his date with President Bush Sr. on #Kimmel was way to hilarious & funny

rondaracha ‏@rondaracha tweeted: Love #KevinCostner. That was one of the best #Obama stories!!! #Kimmel #HiddenFigures

John Spaulding ‏@JohnSpaulding tweeted: Kevin Costner is one hell of a guy. Thanks for having him on the show @JimmyKimmelLive

John Stephen Bulla ‏@Paul45thomas tweeted: I'm eating a bowl of 100% whole wheat cereal in my bedroom but I believe this is Kevin Costner's but he wouldn't tell me if he was or wasn't

Matthew Bernick ‏@bykhed tweeted: OMG when did Kevin Costner turn into Neil Diamond? #JimmyKimmel

Kevin Costner's Unbelievable Day with President George H.W. Bush Jimmy Kimmel Live Published on Jan 5, 2017 - Kevin talks about his new movie, meeting President Obama, and he recalls a nearly unbelievable day he spent with President George H.W. Bush while he was still in office.

Kevin Costner Reveals Possibility of a Bull Durham Sequel Jimmy Kimmel Live Published on Jan 5, 2017 - Kevin talks about his new movie Hidden Figures, the possibility of a Bull Durham sequel and swimming in the White House pool.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l09wBlDgAkI

HIDDEN FIGURES: Backstage with Jim Parsons & Kevin Costner BackstageOL Published on Jan 4, 2017 - Dave Morales sits down with Jim Parsons and Kevin Costner to talk about the roles they play in the NASA biopic HIDDEN FIGURES.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sOtxvsxOTg

Kevin’s Reel World: Kevin Costner by Kevin Steincross January 4, 2017 ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Kevin and Kevin, one-on-one. They talk about the most poignant scene in the new film "Hidden Figures", which is when Costner's character tears down the sign for the "Colored Ladies Restroom."

Go Behind the Scenes of Hidden Figures (2017) FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras Published on Dec 21, 2016 Making of/B-Roll of Hidden Figures

The 28th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) kicked off with its annual Film Awards Gala on Monday, January 2 at the Palm Springs Convention Center. The Gala honored Andrew Garfield with the Spotlight Award, Amy Adams, Casey Affleck, Mahershala Ali, Annette Bening, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Ruth Negga, Natalie Portman, the cast of Hidden Figures, including Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons, and the cast of La La Land, including Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and director Damien Chazelle.    http://latfusa.com/article/2017/1/2017-palm-springs-intl-film-fest-kicks-off/

Hidden Figures | "Already Be One" Clip | 20th Century FOX Published on Dec 27, 2016

Hidden Figures | "We Can Do It" TV Commercial | 20th Century FOX Published on Dec 29, 2016

Hidden Figures | "Change the World" TV Commercial | 20th Century FOX Published on Dec 31, 2016

Kevin Costner se lanza en contra del Muro de Donald Trump Video 2017 Tuitealo Published on Jan 3, 2017 (Kevin at 0:09 to 1:17)    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PLdNFf7q6w

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year wishes from Kevin and more 'Explorers Guild'...

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: That's a wrap ... last dishes done bring on 2017 ... @gillzmcskilz @garyrifat #rubbergloves #kevincostner #excite (Posted December 31st)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Happy New Year...make it a great one. (Posted January 1, 2017)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BOulJvlgFtY/

Gary Rifat commented: Looking through the camera Canon 70d filming The making of the Explorers Guild right to left Kevin Costner, John Baird, and Rick Ross. (Posted September 25, 2015)

Louanna Harris commented: Kevin Costner's ranch in Aspen. (Posted August 29, 2016)

Pictures of Christian Aust at Kevin's Aspen Ranch:

Rob Mason commented: Part of Kevin Costner's Aspen ranch. (Posted July 28, 2013)

Cech objevitelů - Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, Rick Ross by Knihy Dobrovský Published on Sep 21, 2016

Hudson Union Society videos by hudsonunionsociety Published on Jul 7, 2016&nbps;The Hudson Union is where today's leaders come to discuss tomorrow's ideas.

Kevin Costner and Jon Baird on Why they Wrote The Explorers Guild

Kevin Costner on Finding Illustrator Rick Ross on Craigslist

Illustrator Rick Ross on Creating the Drawings to Match the Story

Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross on Setting The Explorers Guild in WWI

Kevin Costner on The Exporers Guild as a Film

Kevin Costner on the Disappearance of the Exploration Genre

Jon Baird on the Uniqueness of The Explorers Guild

Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, Rick Rosson on the Role of Discovery and Mystery in the book

Jon Baird on the Humor in The Explorers Guild

Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross on the Process of Producing The Explorers Guild

Oliver Stone and Kevin Costner Look Back at the Legacy of ‘JFK,’ 25 Years Later Kristopher Tapley Awards Editor December 20, 2016

GOVANI: The meat of the matter By Shinan Govani December 9, 2016 Excerpt: ...new STK, in Yorkville...Kevin Costner, she informs, is actually a sotto voce investor in the restaurant!
STK, 153 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, Ontario:    http://togrp.com/venue/stk-toronto/
Definition of 'sotto voce' investor:    http://www.thefreedictionary.com/sotto+voce

La Voz de Galicia ‏@lavozdegalicia tweeted: Kevin Costner volverá a la dirección con un «western» de diez horas: PICTURE ONLY:    https://twitter.com/lavozdegalicia/status/815913974076243968

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Podcast interview with Kevin and more...

Pictures, article and podcast: Playback: Kevin Costner on ‘Hidden Figures,’ ‘Dances’ Memories and More Kristopher Tapley Variety December 29, 2016

Pete Hammond’s Notes On The Season: Why Costner, Eckhart & Letts Are Hidden Figures In Supporting Actor Oscar Race By Pete Hammond December 30, 2016

In reply to Atlanta Braves: Bryant ⚡️ ‏@bwombat24 tweeted: @Braves when you surprised us for our birthday and moved us behind home plate by Kevin Costner! Plus getting to meet Walter! (Posted December 31st)

theaistenes - Thea Istenes: One of my highlights of 2016 was grooming Kevin Costner for 'Hidden Figures' @xclusiveartists #kevincostner #hiddenfigures #mensgrooming #lovemyjob (Posted December 30th)

Ron Barry ‏@ronbarry21 tweeted: Saw the #HiddenFigures film tonight - tremendous story, expertly told. Salute to @TherealTaraji & cast, including #KevinCostner. #greatjob (Posted January 1st)

Why Kevin Costner Turned Down The Hunt For Red October By Dirk Libbey December 30, 2016

Kevin Costner – “It’s time we woke up to reality” Wednesday, 06 July 2016 By Frank Rousseau

_lindseyevans_ - Lindsey Evans: Super impressive riders and horses. And an advert for #h&m featuring @kevincostnermodernwest on one of the jumps. (Olympia, The London Internatioal Horse Show)

てらりん ‏@terarin08 tweeted: ケビン・コスナーさん #似顔絵 #イラスト #イラストレーション #俳優 #ケビンコスナー #caricature #illustration #portrait #artwork #drawing #actor #KevinCostner (Posted December 13th)

Robin Hood tree wins coveted Tree of the Year crown by Nicola Harley 17 December 2016 Excerpt: A tree famed for its appearance in hit movie Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves has won the coveted Tree of the Year award. The Sycamore Gap tree, one of the most photographed in the country, which stands in a dramatic dip in Hadrian's Wall in the Northumberland National Park has taken the crown for English Tree of the Year in the Woodland Trust's awards. The tree, which secured 2,542 votes out of a total 11,913 which were cast, rose to fame after it was used in the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves starring Kevin Costner.

majtek ‏@MajtekK tweeted: Kevin Costner poleca tuńczyka (Posted December 6th)

George Hamilton IV "Folksy Music Festival" commented: Kevin Costner & George Hamilton IV Backstage @ The Grand Ole Opry - 2000s (Photo by George V) Kevin Starred in the Clint Eastwood film: "A Perfect World" and George IV's "Abilene" RCA Recording was in the Film. (Posted November 6, 2015)

cathrinekoppel - CATHRINE CORT KOPPEL: Kevin Costner photobombed my picture in an ambulance - while we had a "sun's out guns out" moment at work 💪🏻 A picture I thought I would never own, but here it is 😅 (Posted December 30th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BOp6d3ojQGO/

Les Dennie ‏@morewithlesd tweeted: @fluffyguy been a huge fan for years, took this shot at corporate event, thought you might like to have with legend Kevin Costner (Posted December 22nd)

Picture: Waterville Valley businessman raises millions for charities just by talking By JOHN KOZIOL December 24, 2016 Excerpt: Looking back at his life, Gross said he is tickled by some of the stuff he's been able to do, such as interviewing Clint Eastwood in front of 50,000 spectators at Pebble Beach and having a not-so-quiet drink with Kevin Costner after the RFK tournament in a Hyannisport lounge.

minetudun - Mine Tudun: Günlerden tbt ise...#kevinkostner ##tbt #throwbackthursday #throwbackthursdays #tbts #TagsForLikes #throwback #tb #instatbt #instatb #reminisce #reminiscing #backintheday #photooftheday #back #memories #instamemory #miss #old #instamoment #instagood #throwbackthursdayy #throwbackthursdayyy (Posted August 18th)    https://www.instagram.com/p/BJP3QmehcaB/

naourielm - Naouri Al Maktoum: Kevin de tt les jours!!! Et oui c'est mon pote#kevinkostner#bodyguard#hollywood#granderouedepais#instafamous

Costner Wants To Direct A 10-Hour Western By Garth Franklin December 29, 2016

Jason Brasier ‏@JasonBrasier tweeted: Just read that #KevinCostner has an epic 10 hour western he wants to direct. I'd have to try out for that or find a place on crew. (Posted December 30th)

thejeffx - Jeff Corbett: That time I was at (one of) Kevin Costner's house. #tbt #kevincostner #aspen #colorado #houseporn #fieldandstreamsofdreams (Posted December 29th)

vaydaone - Cathy Vayda: Love finding old pics #openrange#kevincostner (Posted December 29th)