Sunday, February 19, 2017

More 'MT Conference' 'Globetrotters' and 'Hidden Figures'...

WesTech ‏@WesTech_Inc tweeted: Kevin Costner checking out our display at the @AWWAACE Membrane Tech Conference. Seriously! He's got a strong interest in engineering (Posted February 17th)

kuriouz: Got to meet Kevin Costner. Cool dude, he's from Compton lol. #straightouttacompton #kevincostner #harlemglobetrotters #celebrity #santabarbara #california #westcoast #compton #thebodyguard #robinhood #danceswithwolves #actor #moviestar #hollywood #panarican #stagemanager #tourlife #blessed #whatsnext b (Posted February 17th)

Exclusive: Kevin Costner on the ugly human nature faced in Hidden Figures - The actor talks about his role in Hidden Figures, and about working with Aaron Sorkin By Jon Lyus - Feb 15, 2017

Kevin Costner Interview - Hidden Figures by HeyUGuys Published on Feb 15, 2017 - James Kleinmann from HeyUGuys interviews Kevin Costner for his movie Hidden Figures based on the story of the ladies who helped NASA become the first space organisation to land on the moon.

The Top 28 Kevin Costner films As Hidden Figures arrives in UK cinemas, we update our look at the finest films of Mr Kevin Costner... by Simon Brew February 16, 2017

Director Theodore Melfi On Oscar-Nominated Hidden Figures by Nick De Semlyen February 15, 2017    See part about Kevin:

Paris Match ‏@ParisMatch tweeted: Kevin Costner: "Je suis un citoyen du monde"

Translated: Kevin Costner: "I am a citizen of the world" by Dany Jucaud February 18, 2017

Kevin Costner forgets Hidden Figures co-stars' names and talks The Bodyguard remake by ODE Published on Feb 19, 2017 - Hidden Figures has proved a massive hit, but when we sat down to chat about it, Kevin Costner tells us he almost turned down his role. Report by Victoria Nwosu-Hope.

A talk with Margot Lee Shetterly, the author of 'Hidden Figures' - Shetterly's bestseller is now an Oscar-nominated movie. She discusses the book, the film, her links to the true story and more. By Denise Johnson Star Tribune February 17, 2017  See part about Kevin:

Picture from December 8, 2016, Academy screening:

Everthing There Is To Know About Kevin Costner by Films & Stars Published on Feb 14, 2017 - With a role in the historical drama ‘Hidden Figures’ running in cinemas, now its time to take a closer look at the life and career of Hollywood icon Kevin Costner.

Learn Luxembourgish commented: Well this is interesting! They're shooting Molly's Game with Kevin Costner in my lobby today 😊Pretty neat to see the amount of equipment and people needed for just this one scene. An estimated 60 people are buzzing around. Photos taken during their lunch break. Can't wait for the movie to come out so that I can see the lobby in action (Posted January 11th)

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