Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kevin attends MT Conference and Globetrotters...

Water. desal + reuse ‏@desalreuse tweeted: Kevin Costner just showed up at MTC 2017! With @WaterPlanetInc CEO Eric Hoek (Posted 11:00am February 15th)

Nanostone Water ‏@NanostoneWater tweeted: We are excited to have Kevin Costner visit us at the Nanostone Booth today. #CeramicUltrafiltration #WorldWaterNeeds (Posted 11:48am February 15th)

A🖤 ‏@riotmvker tweeted: Kevin Costner at my job rn and my sisters serving him. He better tip her good lol (Posted 11:55am February 15th) (Possibly Gladstones Restaurant in Long Beach, CA)

WaterWorld Magazine ‏@WaterWorld tweeted: ...and then this happened @AWWAACE #AMTA #KevinCostner (Posted 1:26pm February 15th)

Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition - February 13-17, 2017 | Long Beach, California - All conference events will take place at Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, 300 E Ocean Blvd.

Water Planet, Inc was in Booth 534:

maseboogie86 - Mase Boogie: And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiyiiiiiii will always love yoooooooou.... #KevinCostner #TheBodyguard #FieldOfDreams #IfYouBuildItTheyWillCome #IWillAlwaysLoveYou #WhitneyHouston #HarlemGlobetrotters #Globetrotters #Globie (Posted 8:48pm February 15th)

Denise Parham commented: Harlem Globetrotters and Kevin Costner,. My love and good friends, what a night! (Posted 9:58pm February 15th)

Big Easy Lofton ‏@BigEasyLofton tweeted: Thanks to the great #Kevin Costner and his family tonight in Santa Barbara! @Globies (Posted 10:01pm February 15th)

SAUL WHITE JR. ‏@Flip_19 tweeted: S/O to THE MAN @modernwest and his family for coming out & having fun with us tonight in Santa Barbara. @Globies #KevinCostner (Posted 10:59pm February 15th)

gru83t - Grub Tyson: That time I met Kevin Costner #kevincostner #celebrityspotting #cronulla #sharks #cronullasharks #sharkies #upupcronulla #onholidays (University of California - Santa Barbara - Goleta) (Posted February 15th)

Chris Franklin ‏@chrishandles tweeted: Is was great having Kevin Costner and his fam at the game last night. Cool guy and I absolutely loved Hidden Figures (Posted February 16th)

Morris Franklin ‏@_MorrisFranklin tweeted: @RedCrossCoast nite w @Globies at UCSB! 1st year national partner highlighting local work! Thx 4 hosting volunteers! Fans donated $! #Déjàvu (Posted February 16th)

Morris Franklin ‏@_MorrisFranklin tweeted: @Globies host Santa Barbara local Kevin Costner & @RedCrossCoast staffer @dhouck21 #GenerationalTwins (Posted February 16th)

tootallhall7 - Jonte Hall: It was Great seeing one of my favorite actors with his family @kevincostnermodernwest last night at our game! It was a Honor to meet you! #harlemglobetrotters #teamtootall #tootall #kevincostner (Posted February 16th)

whoismattfarago - Matt Farago: (Voice of the Harlem Globetrotters) Great meeting Kevin Costner and his family at the show last night! #harlemglobetrotters #california #kevincostner #celebritystatus #actor #fieldofdreams #legend (Posted February 16th)

la_rivers - Latif Rivers: Got a chance to put on a show for one of the most legendary actors of our time, Kevin Costner, in Santa Barbara, CA... not only is he a great actor but he's a real stand up guy as well...Definitely have to thank him for coming out and showing genuine love! #harlemglobetrotters #KevinCostner #CourtSide #BlessingsOnBlessings (Posted February 16th)

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