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Kevin selling his California property and more...

Insider Kevin Costner's Breathtaking Santa Barbara Ranch Up For Sale Published on March 29, 2017 Only ET is getting a tour of his field of dreams, which can be yours for a cool $60 million.

Picture and article: News provided by Water Planet Mar 22, 2017

Tenisha Taylor Bell‏ @TenishaTBell tweeted: @SheinelleJones You need this sign!šŸ˜‚ My 6yrold interrupted a call w/Kevin Costner. šŸ˜± #SignOnDoor #WorkFromHome #Multitask @craigmelvin (Posted March 18th)

a_l_e_x_l_e_h_m_a_n_n - AlexL.: #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #berlin #germany #blessed #happy #modernwest #photography (Berlin, Germany) (Posted March 18th)

a_l_e_x_l_e_h_m_a_n_n - AlexL.: #kevincostner #berlin #charity #germany #blessed #modernwest #kevincostnermodernwest I had the great opportunity to take some amazing pictures with #kevincostner a few years ago in Berlin for the Mc Donalds Spendengala... (Posted March 18th)

kevincostner_greatest_man_ever: #kevincostner #best #greatestman #handsome (Posted March 18th)

Interview with Walking Dead zombie actor Michael Koske by Jason Setnyk March 20, 2017 Excerpt: Michael Koske also worked on Hidden Figures starring Kevin Costner. “Aside from just actually being in such a great movie, I was fortunate enough to chat with him (Kevin Costner) for a little bit in between takes,” said Michael Koske.

Linda Anna Nielsen‏ @LindaAKNielsen tweeted: @modernwest look what my amazing brother in-law made for me šŸ˜œ#badassDevilAnse #hatfield #Hatfields&McCoys #KevinCostner #LEGENDARY (Posted March 22nd)

Linda Anna Nielsen‏ @LindaAKNielsen tweeted: My new setup with bad ass Devil Anse @modernwest #kevincostner #hatfieldsandmccoys #bestactorintheworld (Posted March 25th)

cengiz.aydiner - Cengiz Aydıner: #tbt #lessottomanshotel #kevıncostner 2008 #thy #tĆ¼rkhavayolları #magazin #cool #photographer #cengizaydıner (Posted March 24th)

jacques_lemans_group: #JacquesLemans goes #Baselworld ! Stop by and check out our latest collections - Hall/Stand 1.2 / D41 (Posted March 24th)

Astoria7 Hotel‏ @Astoria7Hotel tweeted: ¿No creĆ©is que Kevin Costner es ‘El Guardaespaldas’ perfecto para cuidar esta habitaciĆ³n de cine? (Posted March 26th)

The 50+ Moviegoer: An Industry Segment That Should Not Be Ignored by G. Oscar Anderson, AARP Research, March 2017


Derek Perkins commented: FYI. Kevin Costner gave me his SUV from Dances With Wolves. Because of my bi monthly camping program with youth in Pasadena, California in the local Angeles National Forest. A chevy 454 suburban. He said as he handed me the keys,"I heard about you, you will need this more than I will." Then he showed me its features. I was talking youth out of a war zone. The suv still had the South Dakota national parks stickers. I drove that suv to the mountains over and over again for 6 years. Thanks Kevin.

cldnre - Claudio Neri: #kevincostner #roma (Posted March 28th)

angelabishop10 - Entertainment Editor for Network Ten Australia: #fbf #kevincostner and me with some very big hair (Posted March 31st)

MARLIN.BRVNDO‏@brandonford2016 tweeted: #flashbackfriday to when the kid met Kevin Costner @modernwest not only can he act my guy got them vocals too! #retweet #legend (Posted February 24th)

Article and pictures: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 12th Annual WINGS Luncheon Soared To New Heights With Kevin Costner

Santa Barbara Magazine pictures from 2015:

Dewey Nicks – Santa Barbara Magazine with Kevin Costner and his family: It is fun when you get to photograph your neighbor for the cover of a magazine and the shoot is in your own neighborhood, right? Love these pictures and stay tuned for more images from the second part of the day which I caught up with them for – which was magical and amazing! There was not enough room for all the great images so the magazine only ran the boat part of the shoot so more for us to enjoy soon! (NOTE: I messaged the contact person for the site and she responded that the "more images" are not available)

Photographer Dewey Nicks captured a day at sea on the Calafia from Santa Barbara Sailing Center.

See the magazine:

Kevin Costner - SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS while promoting in NYC TopPix Autographs Published on Jan 17, 2017

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