Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Interview for upcoming concert and more of KC & MW...

Kevin Costner wants to rock 'a drinkin' crowd' at Fort Myers show Charles Runnells , The News-Press April 18, 2017

AUDIO: Kevin Costner talks about his band and fan expectations

Marcia Young commented: Ventura California, with Kevin Costner (Posted August 10, 2015)

Cade's Happy Day Pony Rides commented: Even Kevin Costner likes watching the little ones enjoy the ponies. (at Ventura County Fair) (Posted August 10, 2015)

marilvs - Maritza Lopez: Met Kevin Costner @venturacountyfairgrounds !! Woop woop! Haters are gonna hate-just saying! 😘 right @mojowedding11714 & @joeybz ?? LoL (Posted August 6, 2014)

Tim Busher Schornack commented: Hanging with Carol Wolff watching Kevin Costner (Posted August 10, 2015)

June Holden commented: Oh man!! Kevin Costner performing at the Ventura Fair this second.. Jealous.. (Posted August 10, 2015)

*Mary Lynne* ‏@EmElleOh tweeted: #tbt - seeing Kevin Costner & @modernwest in Marksville, LA in April 2015. Missing them something fierce. Hope to see y'all in 2017! (Posted December 8th)

Sally Lloyd pictures:

Annabelle Piquet‎ pictures at El Dorado Auditorium:

Bonnie Foster Productions commented: 1999 Kevin Costner and Bonnie Foster Aspen, Colorado (Posted August 18, 2015)

alegria_88 - Elena Penkina: #КевинКостнер #певец #актер #музыкант #концерт #Москва #ГКД #зал #зрители #КремлевскийДворец #шоу #сцена #звезда #музыка #группа #фотоизархива #архивноефото #воспоминания #история #Moscow #Russia #concert #music #show #legend #actor #singer #musician #KevinCostner #ModernWest (Moscow State Kremlin Palace April 10, 2013)

specialeventaudio - SEAS: Are you passionate about all things music? Us too. It’s one reason we love collaborating on concerts, like last year’s @kevincostnermodernwest event. Like most music artists we work with, they have an awesome story. Hear about it on their site. Link in the profile! #ModernWest #KevinCostner #musiclover #audiovisual (Posted January 20th)

alegria_88 - Elena Penkina: К завершению вечера народ поймал волну и начал действительно отрываться (Posted January 27th)

alegria_88 - Elena Penkina: #деньвистории 18 января КевинКостнер отметил 62-летие. Кстати, а вы знаете, что он не только #актер, но еще и #певец? 🎤 🎸 В апреле 2013 как раз был #концерт вместе с #ModernWest. Естественно приезжали не куда попало, а сразу в #КремлевскийДворец 😎 (Moscow State Kremlin Palace April 10, 2013)

TJ Power commented: Backstage at Kevin Costner's show in Ventura. That guy is livin' the dream! (Posted April 11, 2015)

Stephen Schradle commented: Kevin Costner in concert in Ventura in 2008! A Buena HS alumni! (Posted August 16, 2016)

Bob Escobedo Photojournalist commented: I was near the front of the stage located on Main St. and California with my media pass expecting Costner and his band to take the stage from one of the side entrances. He actually walked down California Street from Poli through the tightly packed crowd meeting and greeting everyone. I got this shot as he walked by me. (July 26, 2008 concert) (Posted July 24, 2016)

Bob Escobedo Photojournalist commented: Kevin Costner, two-time Oscar winner, stops to sign autographs on Main St. in downtown Ventura while walking from the Watermark restaurant to the theatre where his latest movie is about to premiere. (Posted July 24, 2016)

Bob Escobedo Photojournalist commented: This is the view of the intersection of Main and California street looking south from the top of California street by City Hall. (July 26, 2008 concert) (Posted July 24, 2016)

The Kevin McCree Show commented: Hey guys!...if you missed the Kevin Costner is a little bit of his personality :) Ventura Nights! (Posted April 11, 2015)

Mulberry Love ‏@Mulberry_Love tweeted: Kevin Costner rocked out at an event in #Malibu #california #livemusic #RockAndRoll #healthydrink boost your immune system (Posted January 30th) (May 17, 2015 concert)

rae!!‏@keeperr01 tweeted: @keeperr01 when I met Kevin Costner (Posted February 21st)

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