Sunday, April 23, 2017

KC & MW played The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon in Ft. Myers, Florida...

Jana‏ @OnAirJana tweeted: Kevin Costner just got on my flight with a guitar. Here's hoping for some inflight entertainment. Still so handsome. @Delta #goldmedallion (Posted 10:23am April 20th)

corrinedalylove - Corrine Daly: Yesterday we hosted this awesome lad and his mates at our studio (Outer Toons Inc) (Posted April 22nd)

Outer Toons Inc:

Kevin Eide commented: Kari and I are both waiting, it will be a fun evening! Kari and I had a chance to meet Kevin Costner in Aberdeen South Dakota at the SD film festival when he was there for the 20 years retrospective on Dances With Wolves. We had a chance to actually talk with him for a few minutes. He is very down to earth and very friendly very open with his fans. I've never heard his band so it'll be fun to go see him play for Kari's birthday. (Posted April 15th)

Kevin Eide commented: Kari and I will be off to see Kevin Costner and his band Modern West. It is a small venue tonight in Fort Myers should be fun as he likes to get in with the crowd and make connections that he can't do when he's on a movie set. It will fun to see him as the last time we did was up in South Dakota when he was at the South Dakota film festival doing a retrospective of Dances With Wolves. We also had a chance there to meet and talk with him (Posted April 22nd)

Sheena Brook commented: I'm so stoked and grateful to be playing at The Ranch Fort Myers and opening for Kevin Costner & Modern West!! (Posted April 5th)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: Just chilling until the concert tonight. Drove by the venue earlier and saw Kevin Costner's tour bus being unloaded. No KC sighting. Darn. (Posted April 22nd)

Rusty Roepke commented: Never thought I'd be standing in my club watching Kevin Costner do his sound check!!!

Bryan Harrison commented: People are already coming in and gearing up for the headliner tonight....Kevin Costner and The Modern West. (Posted 7:12pm April 22nd)

Virgil Kane commented: I do a kenny rogers Tribute Show. Always liked your movies. Coming to see your Band tonight @ The Ranch in FORT MYERS FL. (Posted April 22nd)

Tabitha Langley‏ @tabithakayyy tweeted: Kevin Costner winked at me tonight and now my life is complete. (Posted 9:07pm April 22nd)

Nancy Davis Sustersic commented: Date nite w Joey and Kevin Costner. Headliner from the Voice (Posted April 22nd)

Young Corned Beef‏ @detroit_lioness tweeted: My parents just texted me saying they're hanging out with a "famous director and actor" at a Kevin Costner concert. I have SO many questions (Posted 10:01pm April 22nd)

WDPboss‏ @watdaphuc tweeted: @twofrogsgrill on #Periscope: #KevinCostner (Posted April 22nd)

sheenabrook - Sheena Brook: Had such a killer time opening for @kevincostnermodernwest thank you @the_ranch_concert_hall for having me! I stil can't believe how awesome the crowd was! #locallove #samgallowayconcertseries #kevincostner #waterworld #teamsheena #acoustic #supermansdad (Posted April 22nd)

judidurantvcb - Judith Durant: GREAT night watching Kevin Costner @kevincostnermodernwest & @sheenabrook #theranchconcerthallandsaloon (Posted April 22nd)

Chris Yslas commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West! — at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. (Posted April 22nd)

Aubry Gene Harris is drinking with friends with Judd White at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. Rocking w Kevin Costner & Modern West!!! (Posted April 22nd)

Gator Country 101.9 at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. Kevin Costner and Modern West (Posted April 22nd)

Steve Granato commented: At The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon.

Marv Market commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West and his band tonite .. great people watching .. cowgirls and cowboys (Posted April 22nd)

Neal Hodges commented: Just received this and, since I'm thankful and greatful, wanted to share. With legends Bill Cobbs and Kevin Costner. A truly unaware of photo. I'm gonna title it "Directing Traffic". Celebrate Your Life! #WINNINGPERMEATESWINNING (Posted April 22nd)

Debra Parry Trichilo commented: I am in love!! Kevin Costner is my favorite I'm pretty sure he is also my favorite singer. The concert was beyond awesome. Thank you, Francis Bear Trichilo for this wonderful birthday present!! (Posted April 22nd)

Pam Randall commented: Always great to go places where people are older than you .. god bless.. but you cannot have my bar stool! (Posted April 22nd)

Wendy Wilkins Tucker commented: and here he is... (Posted April 22nd)

Dirk Purdy commented: who wouldnt enjoy this..? Not even sure if id care for the music.. just be star struck

Jamie Nave Graziano commented: So far from my phone here is a good one from tonight ! I have better shots on my camera I can share later in the week !!!😊 (Posted April 22nd)

Kris Fehlandt‎ commented: Thank you for your surreal amazing show tonight in ft Myers. Pls come back. Thank you also for being so gracious to us as you were leaving. Was so blessed to have met you. Safe travels (Posted April 22nd)

Kevin Costner photos by The Ranch Fort Myers, 04/22/17:

Kim Demuzzio Thomas commented: Kevin Costner & modern west (Posted April 22nd)

crunnells1 - Charles Runnells: Actor #KevinCostner charmed the crowd at The Ranch in #FortMyers. 'You're all much taller than I thought,' he joked. (Posted April 23rd)

crunnells1 - Charles Runnells: More video of #KevinCostner doing the rock thing last night at @the_ranch_concert_hall in #FortMyers. (Posted April 23rd)

crunnells1 - Charles Runnells: Kevin Costner and his band @kevincostnermodernwest rocked @the_ranch_concert_hall last night in #fortmyers.

karenkleyla1 - Karen: The @kevincostnermodernwest photo collection. It was fun and inspirational to see the great story teller especially with easily his biggest admirers (Posted April 23rd)

jencouture - Jen Moffitt Couture: #kevincostner #beautifulman @heatholland @mindi2724 #❤ (Posted April 23rd)

Ivy Lagdameo Gonzalez commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West!!! ❤ — at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon. (Posted April 23rd)

Carol Jensen commented: Introducing Kevin Costner and The Modern West!! Oh what a night!! (Posted April 23rd)

Aubry Gene Harris commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West Insane party !!! Thanks to the owners for being incredible host!!! (Posted April 23rd)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Thank you Fort Myers. @blackshirtcreative #fortmyersflorida #theranchfortmyers #kcmw #kevincostner #rocknroll #rock (Posted April 23rd)

Kevin Costner & Modern West Concert Snapshots at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon ,Fort Myers by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 23, 2017 - Concert at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon April 22 Fort Myers song : Stand Strong

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