Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kevin at special Ventura event and more...

Anne Kallas commented: Here's today's story for the VCStar. He grabbed my notebook because he interrupted my interview with Kathy Vaughan, one of the moms being honored. He acted as though he was asking her questions... After she was all "sorry about the interruption." I was all "who does that Kevin Costner think he is?" We laughed. (Posted April 15th)

Video, picture and article: Costner makes Ventura mom a star of this show Anne Kallas, Special to The Star 6:11 p.m. PT April 15, 2017:

Manny Centeno‏ @mannytopdog60 tweeted: Kevin Costner speaks about an #AwesomeMom Mrs. Vaughn of Ventura, CA Kevin Costner (Posted April 15th)

Anne Kallas commented: Dude be nice surprised Kathy Vaughan at Ventura's City Hall with the Buena High School chorus signing Zippedy Doo Dah. But the biggest surprise came later when local favorite son Kevin Costner dropped by to say hi to his friend Kathy. (around the 13 minute mark) (Posted April 15th)

Heidi House commented: Hanging with Kevin Costner at a DUDE. be nice filming yesterday honoring 3 special mothers from Ventura. One of the moms was his friend <3 Big fan and a huge thrill for me!!! (Posted April 16th)

jenna friesen‏ @jennafriesen4 tweeted: Welp, saw Kevin Costner at church today and he smiled at my dog Kevin. He knew (Posted April 16th)

candicebrittain - candice brittain: When Costner looks at you......and asks you to please be quiet 🍕#costumedesigner #set #kevincostner (Posted April 14th)

lucky_cordle - Lucky Cordle: That one time I was on That one time I was on #hIddenfigures #Legendary #mOViEs #kevincostner #uniforms #ACTors #movIestars #sceNe #motionpicture #iG #LuckyCordle he is a master of his craft without doubt and a joy to watch. Deff a lil intense but in a good way. (Posted April 15th)

corinne gordon‏ @SpareCake tweeted: movie theater really into Kevin Costner... (Posted April 15th)

biboy delos Santos‏ @biboydls tweeted: The Bangles @DebbiePeterso @MichaelSteele @VickiBangle @SusannaHoffs**"" With Kevin Costner"" (Posted April 15th)

Ceasar V. Maximus™‏ @cyberceas tweeted: Replying to @moniboyce Guess who was in our Building today ... (i'll just say who it is ..okay) Kevin Costner. (Posted April 6th)

Minutia Men – 04/06/17 EP45 – Rick and Dave discuss bad Trip Advisor reviews, potholes, the worst movies ever, Tony Larussa on the Cubs, and Rick’s very brief brush with Kevin Costner. (About Kevin starts at 12:49

Jennifer Green‏ @BeaufortBelle tweeted: Replying to @BammBammHawaii @Thomasravenel Who doesn't like Kevin Costner?? He's very attractive, super nice, and very down to earth. And yes, I know him. (Posted April 7th)

elke_spang - Elke Spang: #kevincostner #kevinmichaelcostner #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnerandmodernwest #kcmw #bestactor #bestmusican #aspencolorado #santabarbara #aspen 💗 Wish you all a nice start of the new week 😘❤ (Posted April 3rd)

elke_spang - Elke Spang: #kevincostner #kevinmichaelcostner #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnerandmodernwest #kcmw #bestactor #bestmusican #aspencolorado #santabarbara #aspen #azzato_photography #bestman 😍 Wonderful shooting from this handsome and sexy man (Posted April 1st)

Andy Taylor commented: #TBT - Kevin Costner was in Town, Palm Springs, for a Golf Tournament and Barry and I sent Rob Noxious out to deliver a Birthday Cake to Kevin, He accepted and got on the phone with us - Great Guy! (Posted September 11, 2014)

Karen Gavender-Acker commented: Classic Andy! Check out this pic... I am thinking it was the same tourney... me interviewing him. Gotta love our Palm Springs days (Posted September 11, 2014)

Jim Barcena commented: Christine & Kevin Costner after his daughter Annie (from 1stwife Cindy) gave a beautifully unscripted AND self effacing Happy Birthday speech to her stepmother. Great night! Jetlag CRUSHING ME NOW! (Posted March 16, 2014)

Allen Aragon by Nancy Coggeshall April 7, 2017 Excerpt: The outcome was his innovative, unique jewelry, special enough that he has presented his bolos to New Mexico’s beloved Tony Hillerman, creator of the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee Navajo mysteries, and to Kevin Costner at the Discover Navajo exhibit at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games

Kevin Costner.Documentary by World of Stars Published on Mar 31, 2017

userbrooke - Brooke Cusack: Dad, Kevin Costner , and I at the lodge bicken back #tbsaturday #ilydad #alaskansummers (King Salmon, Alaska) (Posted April 8th)

The Food Guy™ @TonyOnFood tweeted: Whenever i'm coming back down to Chicago from Milwaukee i stop at Shanty. So do Kevin Costner, Guy Fieri, and Norm from Cheers, apparently. (Posted April 9th)

The Shanty Restaurant, 38985 North RT 41, Wadsworth, Illinois:

nycpropman - Proparazzi: Kevin Costner... @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #danceswithwolves #feildofdreams #3daystokill #theuntouchables #tincup #openrange #revenge #richardrodgerstheatre #hamilton (Posted April 10th)

icwiggers - Isaac C. S. Wiggers: I've never seen such a devoted Kevin Costner fan...#kevincostner (Posted April 12th)

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