Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More of KC & MW from April's concerts...

Owensboro Woman Meets Kevin Costner at Orlando Conference By Chadwick Benefield April 26, 2017

Cindy Lee commented: Turns out Kevin Costner is in a band.... (Posted April 22nd)

Christina McAtee commented: Great time last night with great friends Stephanie and Tony Benza. Saw Kevin Costner concert at The Ranch and met "MAC" from the Miami Dolphin's (Posted April 23nd)

Tammy L Marr was live: (Posted April 22nd)

Shelby Berger commented: The bar view for Kevin Costner (Posted April 22nd)

mrsflintstone67 - hpruneda: Saw #kevincostner and his band #modernwest Saturday night in #ftmyers😄 #swflorida #lovefl #countrymusic #southernhome (Posted April 25th)

Lori Emmons commented: Well I Invited my tennis team to come and see for themselves the talented singer you have become.. Great job, good fun! Glad I could get a pic with you. The champagne was also yummy... (Posted April 23rd)

Ellen Cotter commented: KC's boots! (Posted April 22nd)

Lisbeth Karlsson Such an experience, came from sweden and I am so excited that I had the opportunity too see and listen to you. Thank you! (Posted April 23nd)

Allie Goudy Vintilla commented: FABULOUS show!! Thank you Kevin Costner and Modern West! (Posted April 23nd)    https://www.facebook.com/allie.vintilla/videos/10209761391532286/

Nikkeya Pearce commented: Great show!!! (Posted April 23rd)

Kim McCrone Addington commented: Best night ever!!!! So friendly to the crowd and loved the new songs! Thanks for coming to Florida-I wont miss a show! (Posted April 23rd)

adriana‏ @Leari_A tweeted: @modernwest it was a great night !thank you ! (Posted April 22nd)

adriana‏ @Leari_A tweeted: Esa era para mí 😍😜#kevincostner @modernwest (Posted April 26th)

Actors Who Became Singers for Better or Worse Some of these individuals are singing our tunes, while others have giant egos and overflowing chutzpah by Zachary Leeman | Updated 08 May 2017 Excerpt: The Best Kevin Costner. The actor has been criticized in the past for using his talents to push forward bloated, overpriced vanity projects, including “The Postman,” “Waterworld,” and “Wyatt Earp.” His music career seemed to be coming from the same place — at first. Turns out Costner and his band Modern West have carved out a nice niche for themselves in country music; they've found some serious success. The band has released four albums and toured extensively, including performances at a handful of NASCAR events. Costner’s sound is a mix of Springsteen and Tom Petty, and if he ever decided to hang up his acting hat, he’d probably do just fine with a guitar and a microphone.   http://www.lifezette.com/popzette/actors-became-singers-best-worst/

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