Saturday, May 20, 2017

More of Kevin from the French SNCF train ad...

véronique giraudeau‏ @vero_giraudeau tweeted: LGV Paris-Bordeaux. 2h04 de trajet. Plus possible de regarder 1 film Hollywoodien en entier! #KevinCostner #Sncf (Posted May 12th)

Dans Le TGV‏Verified account @DansLeTGV tweeted: Quand TGV accélère, Hollywood doit suivre. Découvrez la bande annonce de "2h04 Paris-Bordeaux" avec Kevin Costner (Posted May 12th)

Camille Bonhomme‏ @omega_gaga tweeted: Kevin Costner raccourcit ses films dans une pub pour la SNCF (Posted May 13th)

Yan Reuter‏ @YanReuter tweeted: SNCF. #KevinCostner and Camille Lou makes the TGV Oceane promo (Posted May 13th)

Le Luxe Tranquille‏ @Luxe_Tranquille tweeted: VIDEO - Découvrez pourquoi Camille Lou harcèle Kevin Costner (Posted May 13th)

Blogs de Lorraine‏ @blogsdelorraine tweeted: Short film: 2 h 04 with Kevin Costner Kim Chapiron (Posted May 13th)


sparklesbubbles - Caroline Simon-Schreiber: Ad campaign Kevin Costner for SNCF (french railway) and Buzzman. #kevincostner #sncf #tgv #advertising #campaign #bodyguard #dancewithwolves (Posted May 13th)

Leonard Schreiber commented: Very proud of my dear sister !!! Her own company does the link between Hollywood stars and big companies.. in this case connecting Kevin Costner with the SNCF (French railways) for a fun commercial. Bravo Caroline !!! #sparkles&bubbles She always aimed for the Moon 🌙 ... instead, landed amongst the Stars (Posted May 12th)

canal marketing‏ @canal_marketing tweeted: #marketing Esta campaña francesa obliga a Kevin Costner a “meter la tijera” en sus… (Posted May 17th)

Picture and article (and the video with subtitles): Kevin Costner catches French high speed rail in new TGV ad May 18, 2017

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