Friday, June 30, 2017

Kevin visits Sorrel River Ranch, interviews and more...

derekfreal - Derek Bertha: Just creepin on the Cost. #dinner #coloradoriver #moab #berthastakemoab #kevincostner (Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa) (Posted June 26th)

Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa, HC 64 UT-128, Moab, Utah:

Brad Mercer‏ @BandsNFans tweeted: Tune in to:  Saturday and hear my interview with Kevin Costner. 4-6PM PST and KIX Hot Country 92.1 and 96.3! (Posted June 16th) (Kevin starts at 1:00:45)

The ANE Show which stands for Automotive News & Entertainment is hosted by longtime General Manager, Jim Proctor of Dodge City of McKinney: Today's show was all over the place, we spoke a little more about Kinky Friedman and had a Kevin Costner Interview by Paul Salfen (for Draft Day). Mostly we just rambled about life! 04-12-2014 (30:33 - 42:35)

959Gary Chatting With Kevin Costner - Posted May 5, 2014 - Country 95.9 CJWF - Windsor, Canada - for April 13, 2012 concert

Kyron‏ @Accidntprone tweeted: Kevin costner came to my job on Monday and I found out only today because he was undercover then. 😞 (Posted June 9th)

sebastiencipolla - Sebastien Cipolla: The French commercial I shoot with @kevincostnermodernwest directed by the talented @kim_chapiron #actor #men #filming #movies #celebrities #star #commercial #model #work #losangeles #hollywood #kevincostner #sncf #france #fun #photooftheday #Repost #acting #followme #actress #enjoy #elegant #passion #filmmaking #actorslife #actionfigures #talented (Posted June 15th)

sebastiencipolla - Sebastien Cipolla: An other #shoot from my #last #commercial #action #kevincostner #together #actor #acting #set #dream #teamwork #fun #men #leather #celebrities #star #model #photooftheday #followme #actorlife #well #welldone #great #doitforyou #make #it (Posted June 21st)

arqaww - Arqueonautas: Kevin Costner at an Arqueonautas shipwreck reconnaissance expedition in Mozambique. @kevincostnermodernwest @arqueonautas #manuelgomesdacosta #adventure #kevincostner #expedition #shipwreck #diving #discovery #fashion 2012

Eric Sorenson‏ @Stitch_Head tweeted: #OTD CollegeBaseball: 1992 - Kevin Costner throws out 1st pitch at Fullerton @BaseballTitans all-new Goodwin Field before an 8-2 win vs UCI (Posted May 4th)

sterling_rice - Sterling Rice: Found this little gem today Kevin Costner and I skiing ❤️ #Canada #KevinCostner #HawaiianTropic (Posted May 6, 2017)

Ellen Cotter‏ @emcotter1956 tweeted: I never dreamed this would ever happen! #kevincostner #aftertheshow (Posted May 4th)

Marie‏ @bluphenix214 tweeted: I had to work the day I graduated from film school. That night I met Kevin Costner and Modern West! Best graduation gift ever❤️ (Posted May 9th)

RGMOORE PHOTOGRAPHY‏ @RgmooreRick @HistoryInPix tweeted: Kevin Costner on the set of the Untouchables 1987 in Montana. (Posted May 9th)

aubrygeneharris - AUBRY GENE HARRIS: @kevincostnermodernwest killing it !!! Great hang! #countrymusic #kevincostner #livemusic #goodtimes #friends (Posted May 10th)

oytunalatay - Oytun Alatay: Şarkıda söylediğini öğrendiğim akşam #tbt #2007 #kevincostner #adorebackline WOW Istanbul Hotels & Convention Center (Posted May 11th)

dcbucteddy - Thomas H Eddy: Once again Happy Father's day to all dad's out there in Instagram land (Posted June 18th)

Aydanustkanat - Aydan Ustkanat: Bu also has a #tbt öyle How old were you? I think it has been 5-6 years. He entered a large hall through the other end. A crowd of sardines around. So much so that you can not see the edge of your hair despite its length. People who sneak up on magazine pages on screaming screaming. Wonderful atmosphere. I was looking at the other side, I was not even aware of it first. (Posted June 22nd)

Prop Store‏ @propstore_com tweeted: Check out this awesome #BTS shot of #KevinCostner on set of #RobinHoodPrinceofThieves! #PropStore (Posted June 26th)

Alpine West Real Estate and Consulting, LLC commented: Today I got to spend my day touring Kevin Costner's Aspen ranch. It is 156 acres with three residences that can accommodate up to 25 people. It has a private lake and sits on the banks of the Roaring Fork River. If you would like to rent it let me know. (Posted February 10th)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Kevin visits Capitol Reef National Park in Torrey, Utah...

kniggt - Shaun Peterson: This guy showed up at the restaraunt last night with his wife and kids and some friends... really cool experience! #kevincostner #pioneerkitchen #capitolreefresort (Posted June 24th)

lil jess jess‏ @JessinyMikay tweeted: met kevin costner today, so that was pretty cool (Posted June 24th)

Capitol Reef Resort, 2600 E Highway 24, Torrey, Utah:

The Pioneer Kitchen:

The Capitol Reef National Park:

Leng Leng commented: She's so happy in this picture. Our mama and Hollywood actor Mr. Kevin Costner.(insert daw ang hollywood actor ✌) #onceinalifetime #restoguest — with Dyrce Pelicano in Torrey, Utah. (Posted June 23rd)

Michael Higgins commented: Spent last night in a covered wagon in Capital Reef. Actually very comfortable. Woke up and spent a 1/2 hour chatting with our neighbor Kevin Costner! Super nice guy! (Posted June 24th)

Leonora Pelicano commented: Another day with this so nice and handsome actor! (Posted June 24th)

Ian Hawkins commented: When you're so engrossed in your scrambled eggs you don't notice Kevin Costner is at the table next to you ........ *facepalm* (Posted June 24th)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kevin attends 'Blue Man Group Las Vegas' Thursday evening...

Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Actor/Musician Kevin Costner Attend Blue Man Group Las Vegas June 23, 2017 by Backstreet Boys and local Las Vegas residency entertainers, Brian Littrell and AJ McLean, attended Blue Man Group in Las Vegas at Luxor Hotel and Casino on Thursday, June 22. Also in attendance was American actor, director, producer and musician Kevin Costner. Following the performance, Litrell, McLean and Costner and their families were treated to a private VIP meet-and-greet with Blue Men and Band.

Blue Man Group LV‏ @BMGVegas tweeted: .@backstreetboys @brian_littrell & @skulleeroz, plus @modernwest frontman Kevin Costner visited @BMGVegas on 6/21! @bluemangroup #DareToLive (Posted June 23rd)

Mr. Tornado 🌪‏ @poofdoddy tweeted: Turns out I was prowling Luxor the same time Kevin Costner and The Backstreet Boys were. Vegas, baby. (Posted June 23rd)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What Kevin's been up to lately and more...

luismolina11 - Luis Molina de Sobrevivientes: Met Kevin Costner yesterday, came back and made a BIG purchase from me today. I didn't recognize him, even though he took his glasses off on PURPOSE and looked me in the eye as he asked questions. One of the coolest actors in person and very friendly. He said I was the best salesman he had dealt with!! #kevincostner #goalzero #portableenergy #greatguy #funnyguy #greatactor #mademenervous #cantbelieveididrecognicehim (Posted June 5th)

Froggy 100.3‏ @Froggy1003 tweeted: @modernwest "Love Shine" #nowplaying #NewCountryMusic #FrogPod #LoveShine #KevinCostner #ModernWest #Froggy1003

Froggy 100.3's Chris O'Neil chats with Kevin Costner & Modern West by Froggy 100.3 (Warrensburg/Saratoga NY)

The stars of The Untouchables look back, 30 years later - Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro, and Sean Connery remember making Brian De Palma’s classic gangster flick by Mary Sollosi June 5, 2017

BrianDePalmaArchives‏ @DePalmaArchives tweeted: Brian De Palma, Robert De Niro, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner & producer Art Linson on the set of The Untouchables (Posted June 4th)

tyfofficial - The Young Folks: It’s been 30 years since #TheUntouchables arrived in theaters. 🎥 (Posted June 3rd)

FansnStars✨✪‏ @FansnStars tweeted: Why Kevin Costner Had Trouble Acting With Robert De Niro In The Untouchables (Posted June 6th)

Simon Brew‏Verified account @simonbrew tweeted: Now accepting requests from people to interview Kevin Costner for them. (Posted June 6th)

Video: Kevin Costner Talks About What He’ll Miss When He’s Dead in an Animated Interview From 2012 By Lori Dorn May 18, 2017 In a rather frank episode of the animated series “What I Learned” by Quoted Studios, actor and musician Kevin Costner opened up to Esquire writer-at-large Cal Fussman in 2012 about making choices, working hard and the things he’ll miss when he’s dead.

Friday, June 2, 2017

KC & MW new song 'Love Shine' official video...

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Love Shine (Official Video) by Kevin Costner & Modern West Published on Jun 1, 2017 Directed by Mark Gillard - BlackShirtCreative - (c) 2017 Kevin's Music LLC

'Love Shine' available here:
or here: