Friday, July 14, 2017

Kevin spent 4th of July in Aspen, Colorado...

rebeccajragan - Rebecca Ragan: We had the nicest neighbor at the 4th of July parade! It is rare for me to fangeek, but this was a total exception! So thankful for my wingman @thefirstmoody #kevincostner (Aspen, Colorado) (Posted July 4th)

murphyjulie492 - julie: Lucky you to meet Kevin. He's a great person down to earth person (Posted July 4th)

Chase Dollar commented: Aspen was cool met Kevin Costner (Posted July 6th)

greenleafpat - Pat Odlaug: Celeb siting #aspencolorado #funincolorado #kevincostner #greenleafpat (Posted July 8th)

Peach's Corner Cafe, 121 S. Galena Street Aspen, CO:

Bradford Silver commented: Hangn out with Kevin Costner on the 4th of July. :)_ (Aspen, Colorado) (Posted July 4, 2016)

Kevin Gilliard commented: 4th of July at Kevin Costner's afternoon party. (Aspen, Colorado) (Posted July 4, 2016)

Jeff Bryk commented: At Kevin Costner's house in Aspen, CO on the 4th of July. Friends in high places! (Aspen, Colorado) (Posted January 7, 2009)

Al Rosenthal with Rosanne Iversen at City Of Orvieto commented: I thought we were going to miss celebrating the 4th of July in Steamboat. Here is Kevin Costner and his band doing a sound check for tonights Independence concert in Piazza Duomo. Even fire works following the show! (Orvieto, Italy) (Posted July 4, 2014)

Michelle Deanne Trefethen commented: Kevin Costner and I in Santa Barbara...HIS all day party on 4th of July.... There was a God moment for me on this day...I was a pooped at his Christmas party so I wore a cute little dress and arrived on time. Kevin was out by the pool and he pointed at me and told me that I was supposed to have a GOOD time....and yes I pong, skidoos, singing with Britney Spears backup singers....much much fun. ( many too cool people unimpressed people there) At the end of the night as I thanked him and c said goodbye he looked at me and smiled and said " I liked the fact that it looked like you were having fun!" That was just like God!!!! (Posted July 4, 2015) (Taken about 11 years before)

Donna Ankenbauer commented: That's Kevin Costner's place with the ponds. Looking down on Hwy 82 that runs east over Independence Pass. His lake house is rentable. You could play ball on his baseball field. (Posted October 24, 2016)

Anita Rosenberg commented: Hiking Independence Pass, starting at Kevin Costner's Lake (Posted March 12, 2013)

Susan Capiel commented: on my way up Pass rd bike today b4 K.Derby, snapped Kevin Costner's 'field of dreams' (can see catcher's backdrop in foreground, lake and view of Indy Pass in background), already in green Spring glory!... road a little 'ugly' just b4 Weller Lake, but no snow b4 then, &should be clear of debris this week in preparation for Ride for the Pass on the 13th up to town of Independence, when I will be headed to San Diego instead this year!) (Posted May 6th)

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