Monday, August 7, 2017

Interviews with Kevin and other KC & MW items...

Jimi Jamm‏ @jimijamm tweeted: Tomorrow at 8:10am ET on CJ Country, my guest will be Academy Award winning actor Kevin Costner. #thelittlemorningshowthatcould (Posted August 2nd)

Jimi Jamm‏ @jimijamm tweeted: My interview with Kevin Costner: listen here: (Posted August 4th)

Heath Shelby‏ @heath_shelby tweeted: How cool! Got to interview THE Kevin Costner about movies & music with @modernwest What an amazing talent. #ModernWest #LoveShine #Costner (Posted August 3rd)

Andrew Michael‏ @AndrewOnTheAir tweeted: Thanks again to Kevin Costner & @ModernWest for the excellent interview today! Check out their new song "Love Shine"! (Posted July 25th)

Shannon McCombs with Kevin Costner @ Opry backstage at the Ryman Taken on November 8, 2008

Gruene Hall Concert - July 24, 2016 by Judi Ottman:

Kimberlee Savoury Lawrence commented: Kevin Costner in Calgary airport and was sitting right behind me in the plane from Regina:) July 1, 2012

Amy Karl traveling to Calgary, Alberta from LAX - Los Angeles International Airport. Kevin Costner sighting! The one and only star sighting this trip👌🏽 he likes Americanos lol (Posted November 6, 2016)

flashworksedm: Back inside, Bill from the Stardust Event Group took a ahead of the wedding to arrange all the superb lighting that ebbed and pulsed to the music in the room. After dinner, things really took off with a movie tribute projected onto screens within the tent, followed by the appearance of Kevin Costner and his Band "Modern West". The 9 members of the band were flown in from their respective states especially for Kelly and Brian! After the live band, Toronto's DJ Alan Smithson from SmithsonMartin took over. This rear-projection, transparent touchscreen system let the guests see how the DJ was controlling every aspect of the music. There was not a single pause in the action all night. And a shout out to #greateventscatering for some of the tastiest food ever.

Casey Gruber commented: Kevin Costner at Kelly and Brians wedding tonight at Spruce Meadows in Calgary (Posted August 25, 2012)

Gail Greenough commented: What a beautiful wedding out in the International ring at Spruce Meadows! Great Party! Dancing to Kevin Costner!!! Congratulations Brian and Kelly!!! (Posted August 26, 2012)

Leasa Berg commented: Here you go Leasa....gotta say Kevin Costner is a cool dude. Captain Clint. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) (Posted July 11, 2012) &bnsp;

Scott Armstrong commented: kevin costner givin it stacks (Posted July 15, 2011)

Rob Cyrynowski commented: Kevin Costner & Rob - Calgary - 2012 Penticton, BC, Canada (Posted October 21, 2016)

Scott Slade commented: Throw back Thursday. .. Back Stage before Kevin Costner sound check at Calgary Stampede. This was cool.... (Posted July 4, 2014)

Anthony Chim commented: Wow, the audience is too insane with the group of music trench. The stage out coca cola stage of the festival Calgary Stampede is "Holy URL" their singer, artist famous to show every year, like Kevin Costner, Jann Ardenn, Tina Turner, v.v v. Wow, the fans are crazy with Marianas Trench. Calgary Stampede always invite top notch performers. So cool! (Posted July 7, 2014)

Kevin Costner & Modern West "Find that Girl" le 15/09/2011 à La Cigale jjkchannel Published on Aug 6, 2017

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