Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kevin back in Park City, Utah, and more...

castellaricottage - CherylCurleeCastellari: #mynewboyfriend #kevincostner #classact (Park City Utah) (Posted August 8th)

Unblind Productions‏ @unblind tweeted: Kevin Costner sighting in Park City. #filmmaking #celebritysighting @ Park City, Utah (Posted August 8th)

Jennifer Powers Bradford commented: Kevin Costner is eating dinner 50 ft from my table. He kind-of looks like a regular middle aged dude with his readers on. River Horse....delicious! There are 11 people at my table that can testify. We have all been trying to take pictures inconspicuously but the lighting is wrong. No lucite shoes....didn't anticipate the brush with greatness. (Posted August 8th)

Dan Marshall‏ @marshalltigers4 tweeted: Kevin Costner with the original members of The Trees in LA at children's charity. The Trees are part of MP's catalog (Posted August 7th)

yetidad_ - YETIDad: Kevin Costner is 2nd guy to my rt #kevincostner (Posted August 4th)

Derek Beck‏ @OnAirDerek tweeted: Tomorrow (Wednesday) Morning, We've got a treat for you. Kevin Costner @modernwest will join me on @Country96KRGI at 7:35am. #YesThatKevin (Posted August 8th)

Country 96 commented: Kevin Costner joined Derek Beck on Country 96 to talk about his song with Modern West "Love Shine". (Posted August 9th)

Hundreds of Missoulians attend casting call for "Yellowstone" TV series by LUCY TOMPKINS August 5, 2017

NASA has approved Bitterroot College as an official eclipse event site by MICHELLE MCCONNAHA August 6, 2017 Excerpt: Ron Scroggins, temporary general manager of Quality Inn of Hamilton (formerly Townhouse Inn) said the hotel is not booked at this point. “We still have 15 Rooms available for Aug. 20,” he said. “The Kevin Costner production crew is coming and they want more rooms than I can give them. The town will fill up and people need to book early.”

Jessie Devine‏ @Jessie_Devine tweeted: Through a series of interesting events, I am now at an open call for the new Kevin Costner show. (Posted August 6th)

horsemeadows - Wild Horse Meadows Soap Co: #wish me #luck #auditioning for the #new #kevincostner #Yellowstone #tv #show in #Hamilton #Montana #country #western #mother #daughter #Sunday #drive #roadtrip #handsome #actor #business #freedom #warrior #nativepride #Bigsky #instabeauty #Alaska #nodapl #travel #instatravel #instatraveling (Posted August 6th)

wheelbound - Bryan Lutgen: Stood in line for 3 hours for an audition to be in a TV series with Kevin Costner. Can't help but make friends while standing in line for 3 hours lol. (Posted August 6th)

Suzanne Sherman commented: So the crew just left and want to use my property....and I have a LOT of thinking to do. I'm awaiting a proposal from the studio....They will decorate the house for the time period, (1800s) and I'll get to keep stuff I like. It's just freaking me out having so many people here. But it could be a very lucrative venture, and I have no income right now. My place will be RainWater's house, and Indian raised off the res and the tribal leader. But they are supposed to do this in Sept. I made them take their shoes off to go in my room, but the chicken had the run of the house, hahahaha! I have to say, it was a really nice crew. (Posted August 8th)

Gil Vietor commented: That is really cool, I've heard that he is really nice, when he shot a few movies in Oregon. (Posted August 8th)

Susan Raye Holt White commented: This is the movie they are making at the Chief Joseph Ranch and the one I am doing some sewing for. (Posted August 8th)

Susan Raye Holt White commented: Well 100 patches later, I am done with the first batch. They said they are bringing more. (Posted August 9th)

Susan Raye Holt White I got the first batch done, more came into day and starting in Monday I will be helping at the ranch with the wardrobe team. It is a wonderful opportunity, but I will have to close the shop for a couple of days. It will be exciting to see how movies are made from behind the scenes. (Posted August 9th)

Chief Joseph Ranch is located in southwestern Montana's Bitterroot Valley. Accommodations consist of two private log cabins and the historic Main Lodge, all with breathtaking views of Montana's mountains, wildlife, and the beautiful Bitterroot river. Enjoy fly-fishing, horseback riding, white-water rafting, and more.

VIDEO: Chief Joseph Ranch, 125 Appaloosa Trail, Darby, Montana:

A casting call seeks genuine Montanans. Must have 'the look.' By Alex Sakariassen August 10, 2017

nicsheridanofficial - Taylor & Nic Sheridan: #two of my fav #dudes ☺️ #genius #work #yellowstone #kevincostner and my ❤️ #taylorsheridan (Posted August 9th)

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