Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kevin visits MJ Flight School and more...

J_Glover2⃣3⃣‏ @JordanGlover23 tweeted: Jamal Crawford and Kevin Costner are feet away from me. I'm digging the So Cal life. (Posted 2:14pm August 2nd)

victoria‏ @victoriavxs tweeted: Yo kevin costner is sitting like three rows behind me (Posted 2:18pm August 2nd)

ben wilkinson‏ @benwilkinson tweeted: When Kevin Costner comes up to you, stares at you like he needs directions and then moves on when he realizes you're too into a phone call (Posted 3:05pm August 2nd)

Craig Campbell‏ @CoachCCW tweeted: Great chat with Kevin Costner today. First class guy! @MJFlightSchool #ifyoubuildittheywillcome (Coach for Clovis West, Fresno, California) (Posted 3:33pm August 2nd)

MJ Flight School, 11901 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite #598 Los Angeles, California

Phil King‏ @blazeneon tweeted: Replying to @pickupapainting @ourrachblogs It's very good, but there's a Kevin Costner quality to it. Maybe Tom Hardy just looks like a young Kev? (Posted August 1st)

BrianDePalmaArchives‏ @DePalmaArchives tweeted: Brian De Palma, Robert De Niro, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner & producer Art Linson on the set of The Untouchables (Posted August 3rd)

Waterworld: what it was like before it was a $175m epic - It was a legendarily expensive action vehicle for Kevin Costner in 1995, but Waterworld originally began life as a subtly different story... By Ryan Lamble July 24, 2017

saturdaynightfreakshow: We deep dive into WATERWORLD (1995) and probe the Kevin's Gate / Fishtar extravaganza on this week's show! Listen on #itunes, #stitcher, #podcastaddict and more!    Http://   #movies #podcast #scifi #kevincostner #waterworld #1995

Arjona Erick commented: Missed opportunity . While walking along Cental park we saw Kevin Costner . Shot a pic-- of his back ! October 21, 2015

Moira McLaughlin commented: Photo I took of Mary Ellen Mark shooting Kevin Costner on the set of "Wyatt Earp." She died yesterday at age 75. The film had a notable cast, but we were all in awe of her. (Posted May 27, 2015)

Moira McLaughlin commented: Clint Eastwood, Moira McLaughlin, Kevin Costner on the set of "A Perfect World." Photo by Murray Close, 1993. I was Kevin Costner's assistant for 5 years. just another day at work ; ) (Posted September 12, 2015)

Moira McLaughlin commented: Happy 60th birthday Kevin! What a ride. Santa Fe aka Tombstone for "Wyatt Earp" This is from "Wyatt Earp" when I had a a one-line role as Tombstone Whore #1. It involved many takes, as my line was "You want a drink, Doc?" (Doc Holiday aka Dennis Quaid) and I kept saying "You want a Doc, drink?" Acting is excruciating. So are corsets. (Posted January 18, 2015)

Moira McLaughlin commented: Anne Ward, my fellow Tombstone Whore (Posted January 18, 2015)

Travis W Keyes‏ @TravisWKeyes: Portrait Kevin Costner (Posted July 25th)

Jeff Delgado‏ @Jeff_Delgado tweeted: New Commission of #kevinCostner from the film Criminal (Posted July 26th)

fondazionegianfrancoferre - Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré: Great photographers for Gianfranco Ferré: Herb Ritts, Prêt-à-porter Advertising SS 1983 Model: @kevincostnermodernwest #gianfrancoferre #advertisingph #fotografi #photography #fashion #fashionph #moda #archive #photographer #photooftheday #herbritts #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner @herbritts (Posted July 28th)

JIM JORDAN PHOTOGRAPHY commented: Great day shooting with Kevin Costner in Carpenteria at his home! (Posted July 1, 2015)

flanostalgia - Flanostalgia: #ballacoilupi #danceswithwolves #1990 #kevincostner #goldenglobes #oscars #flano #moviead (OLD MOVIE ADS from old Italian newspapers) (Posted July 31st)

Jenn‏ @JenniKause tweeted: so apparently my mom touched butt-to-butt with Kevin Costner and he actually talked to her ‍♀️ (Posted June 30th)

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