Saturday, August 19, 2017

Latest from filming 'Yellowstone' series in Montana...

kareedeardorff - Kareé Deardorff: So #kevincostner just came in my store - he just checked out our will kill wall and the fly table (Mr. T's Mercantile, Darby Montana) (Posted August 17th)

Mr. T's Mercantile, 111 S Main S, Darby, Montana:

Peggy Cravey Jarvis commented: Started filming the new Kevin Costner movie this week here in Darby Montana (Posted August 17th)

Wendy Wenzinger Davis commented: The movie traffic is miserable, but it's great for our little town! (Posted August 17th)

Angela Lala Armstrong-Kramer commented: My handsome man (Robert Underwood) is on his way to be a movie extra (Politician) in the new Yellowstone series. Starring Kevin Costner (Posted August 16th)

Angela Lala Armstrong-Kramer with Robert Underwood commented: These two handsome men are off to another day of filming on the 'Yellowstone' series w/Kevin Costner! (Posted August 17th)

Pictures by Robert Underwood (Posted August 17th):

Angela Lala Armstrong-Kramer commented: I think I've lost my Cowboy to Hollywood! Filming late into the night last night and again tonight! Hope he brings home some big cash! 💲💲💲💲 Haha (Posted August 17th)

Russ Lacy in Salmon, Idaho commented: Lunch at "famous" Wally' least according to our waitress Princess. Kevin Costner was there recently and made her day. (Posted August 18th)

Jennifer Corby commented: I got the call today and I'm in! Casted as a cowgirl or rancher extra for Yellowstone! Filming starts Monday! Thanks to my buddy, Jennifer Lynch, for talking me into going to the casting call in Hamilton. She was also selected with me as a cowgirl/rancher out of over 1500 people from the Hamilton & Missoula area! So excited! Finally something good happening here! (Posted August 18th)

Jeanette Underwood Hallam commented: Kevin Costner is filming a mini series, Yellowstone, not far from where I live. They put out a casting call for extras. I ignored it but my brother and his girlfriend went. They called my brother back today and asked if he knew any other old guys like himself, so he calls Tracy to show up, too. They are in a scene as local politicians with Kevin. So far no lines, but they go back tomorrow to film some more. My life is so boring and his just won't quit brimming with change, excitement and fun. (Posted August 16th)

Jim O'Brien commented: Just some of the trailers here in Darby Montana for a filming for a Kevin Costner movie. (Posted August 15th)

Caras Nursery and Landscape commented: Caras plants star in the upcoming "Yellowstone" series with Kevin Costner! (Posted August 14th)

Northwoods Casket Company commented: These 2 lovely Antique Pine Panel caskets are being shipped out west where they will be used in the upcoming series, Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner. (Posted August 7th)

Terrie Forrest commented: Woo hoo. Just got some upholstery work for on the the set of the mini series Yellowstone. Hope I get to meet Kevin Costner LOL (Posted August 7th)

Owner at Bitterroot Designs:

Laney Swinehart commented: Tell him I said hi lolol 😂 He brings his family and sometimes his Entourage 🤣to eat at Slys sometimes I wait on him (Carpinteria, CA) (Posted August 6th)

Sly's Steak, Seafood, Cocktails, Corner of Linden Avenue and Seventh Street Carpinteria:

CheraLynn Jessop commented: Kevin Costner movie audition. Pretty cool opportunity for this little town #Yellowstone (Posted August 6th)

Laura Pape-Harper commented: It never got past Dairy Queen. They opened up the other conference room and had people file in through there to get them out of the heat. There was still a ton of people out there at 2:30. (Posted August 6th)

CheraLynn Jessop Gosh commented: I can only imagine! There was easily 500 people in that line. I got there at 9:30 n was in the front 200. Didn't go through till 11:45 . But it definitely got warmer out. Someone should be out there selling water bottles or something lol. (Posted August 6th)

Helen King commented: There was over 700 people that had shown up before me and there still was quite a line behind me. (Posted August 6th)

Patty Franklin commented: Casting call for the new TV series Yellowstone, staring Kevin Costner. Wish me luck! (Posted August 6th)

Denelle Pappier commented: I went back later at 5:22 and was processed and back in my car heading home at 5:30! (Although I was # 943!!) Now we know! BTW, the staff there said they expected to hire everyone who came through. I asked, "A thousand extras?!" and he said yep. I'd say parking at Chief Joseph Ranch is going to be the nightmare! (Posted August 6th)

Jeff Johnson Casting commented: Start Date: Mid August - Location: Utah & Montana - I am casting the following speaking roles for Yellowstone. I need Native Americans who can work as locals in Utah. See details... (Posted July 24th)


farank said...

My name is Frank McKenna and I love this series Yellowstone. I live here in the UK and have watched all nine episode's so far. Are there anymore to come, I hope so

More Than A Kevin Costner Fan said...

Season 2 has been being filmed. It will probably air in June 2019. You can purchase Season 1 on DVD December 4th or pre-order now, on Amazon.