Monday, September 25, 2017

KC & MW played O.P. Rockwell in Park City, Utah...

O.P. Rockwell commented: "The rumors are true. Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor, director and producer Kevin Costner, who has been shooting the new Paramount TV series "Yellowstone" in and around Park City, has a country-rock band called Modern West." He's going to have to come back as this show is already sold out! Stay tuned to our page and website for notice of the next scheduled gig. (Posted September 20, 2017)

B98.7 SLC‏ @B987SLC tweeted: Check out our extended interview with Kevin Costner. Hear what he has to say about being in Utah, his new music... Val & Mike’s Interview Kevin Costner Posted on September 20, 2017

Kevin Costner is in Utah shooting a new TV series called "Yellowstone". Here what he has to say about that, his bands new song and how to catch them live in Park City.

Kevin Costner will bring some Modern West to O.P. Rockwell - Performance is a thank you to local residents by Scott Iwasaki September 20, 2017

Scott Iwasaki commented: The third link was really fun to interview for and write. I was able to talk with Kevin Costner. He's in Park City filming a TV series, "Yellostone." His band Modern West (Kevin Costner & Modern West) will play O.P. Rockwell on Sunday (Kevin Costner & Modern West @ O.P. Rockwell). He was super nice, and pretty much the same person you see in his movies. The interview was definitely a highlight of my career (Posted September 21st)

97.1 ZHT ‏971 @zht tweeted: #FrankieandJess are talking with Kevin Costner! Listen! (Salt Lake City) (Posted September 22nd)
Audio link here: (Kevin at 104:50)

DJ Stretch‏ @DJ_on_FIRE tweeted: I just found out Kevin Costner in concert (Park City)...but it is sold out. (Posted September 22nd)

black_shirt_creative - Black Shirt Creative: Log cabin shoot for The Country Network. #thecountrynetwork #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #country #rocknroll #filmshoot #filmproduction (Posted September 24th)

Heartland‏ @WatchHeartland tweeted: Heartland's Stacy Newman had a great conversation with Kevin Costner today. Look for our @modernwest special later this year! #SneakPeek (Posted September 24th)

Heartland TV website:

The Morning Mix - September 22, 2017 By John Wells & Christie Dilloway & The Morning Mix - JW’S and Christie’s musical guest is Jordan Young who performs during the program. Other guests include Kyle Decker and Tom Wallisch. The final guest was Kevin Costner who is in Park City filming a television series. Kevin and his band, “Modern West” are appearing Sunday night at O P Rockwell.
Audio link here: (About Kevin starts at 12:50 and Kevin speaks at 38:12)

oprockwell - O.P. Rockwell: We know that not everyone can make it to the show tonight, so we wanted to spoil you with a little sneak peak of sound check with @kevincostnermodernwest - boy do they sound good! #oprockwell #livemusic (Posted September 24th)

oprockwell - O.P. Rockwell: It's snowing, @kevincostnermodernwest is in the house tonight, and it's a sold out snow! Today is a good day in Park City! #OPRockwell #WinterIsComing (Posted September 24th)

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