Wednesday, September 27, 2017

More from KC & MW's O.P. Rockwell concert...

C‏ @SLCink tweeted: Got Kevin Costner to sign a OMLB last minute tonight in Park City. He's here filming a TV show called "Yellowstone." #FieldofDreams (Posted September 24th)

Kim Clifton‏ @kaclifton59 tweeted: Yes Kevin Costner is as good looking in person as he is in the movies #parkcity #modernwest #oprockwell (Posted September 24th)

gamandaw - Jill Williams: Meeting Kevin Costner tonight was a dream come true. #celebritycrush #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #oprockwell #parkcity #lovehim #dreamcometrue (Posted September 24th)

oprockwell - O.P. Rockwell: oprockwell@kevincostnermodernwest brought all the vibes to warm up the crowd tonight! Such a talented and amazing group all around. We can't wait to have them back again! #ModernWest #livemusic (Posted September 24th)

honstuff -Nanette Nix: You might recognize this guy. Yep. That's Kevin Costner right after he poured me a glass of champagne. You heard me! No joke! Had the great pleasure of seeing him and his band perform tonight in Park City at O.P. Rockwell. Had the BEST time. Great music. Great stories. Great people. He's the real deal. Down to earth and genuine. Thank you @kevincostnermodernwest for a fantastic night and thank you @oprockwell for hosting them!!❤️Swipe left to see a few. I only took 100 pics and videos. (Posted September 24th)

Nanette Layton Nix commented: If you're a Kevin Costner fan, he is THE nicest, most gracious down to earth guy. He's everything I hoped he would be and more. (Posted September 24th)

Rachel Watts commented: Yummy Kevin. (Posted September 24th)

nicsheridanofficial - Nic Sheridan: This lil #hottie serenading us this #Sunday night šŸ˜Ž #gokev #awesome šŸ’ƒ (Posted September 24th)

directormark - Mark Webb: @kevincostnermodernwest killed it last night. I was honored to work with him and meet him on #Yellowstone tv series. He can sing too and the band is amazing! #doublethreat I got to shake his hand and talk to him briefly after the show @nonamesaloon #coolguy #modernwest #kevincostner (Posted September 24th)

Nicole Peterson Delnort commented: Yeah that's me and Kevin Costner:)! He is a very gracious man and put on an entertaining concert in Park City! (Posted September 24th)

Rena Norman commented: Kevin Costner in Park City....impromptu concert at local bar!!! (Posted September 24th)

Brian Anderson commented: I admit it. I totally geeked out (Posted September 25th)

Tony Reece commented: The weekend ended with seeing the legendary Kevin Costner & Modern West in concert at the O.P. Rockwell. (Posted September 25th)

Dan Albano commented: Kevin Costner and his band Modern West played at O.P. Rockwell (local bar) last night. They were very good (Posted September 25th)

johnnyaction - Johnny Action: @kevincostnermodernwest put on an amazing show last night at @oprockwell - so stoked to shoot it and meet these guys. All star humans all around! Can't wait to see them again! #ModernWest #KevinCostner (Posted September 25th)

johnnyaction - Johnny Action: When you meet @kevincostnermodernwest it's all about ma dukes. #teammamadukes #bodyguard (Posted September 25th)

Daniel Paisner‏ @DanielPaisner tweeted: Daniel Paisner Retweeted O.P. Rockwell heppest joint in #ParkCity got a little hepper last night... @OPROCKWELLPC @PCski @modernwest #kevincostner #soundcheck #speakeasy #oldtown (Posted September 25th)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Thank you Park City Utah. Champagne with you. @oprockwell #parkcity #kevincostner #rocknroll #toast #champagne #kevincostnermodernwest #yellowstone #oprockwell (Posted September 25th)

Renate Panian Burington commented: Enjoying breakfast with Kevin Costner....well, sort of. We’re in the same restaurant but not at the same table. He waved hello and came over to talk to us for a little bit as he and his party were getting ready to leave. The looks on peoples’ faces at the surrounding tables were priceless! After he left we got several “OMG, was that really Kevin Costner?? He knows you?” Yeah, we’re “acquainted” I responded. (Posted September 25th)

Jeff Emerald commented: Time to leave Park City but must have breakfast with a visit from Kevin Costner first. — eating breakfast at Eating Establishment. (Posted September 25th)

jedimason - The Other Day's Adventure: Seeing Kevin Costner and Modern West in concert! VIP seating - compliments to Harvey Weinstein and Taylor Sheridan! #HowDidThisEvenHappen (actor Mason D. Davis) (Posted September 26th)

KIX 101.1‏ @KIX101_1 tweeted: If you missed the big day for KIX 101.1. Here is the uninterrupted interview with Kevin Costner & Modern West - He called me last week to talk about his new song plus others and yes he’ll talk about movies. I really spent most of the time talking about his music as it was very interesting. My wish for you is that you come to enjoy his music as much as his movies. JD Justice.

Pictures by Renate Panian Burington:

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Someone to love by Renate Burington O.P. Rockwell Pub Park City, Utah 9/24/2017

Kevin Costner & Modern West - 500 Nations by Renate Burington O.P. Rockwell Pub Park City, Utah 9/24/2017

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Love Shine by Renate Burington O.P. Rockwell Pub Park City, Utah 9/24/2017

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Feeling like the last time by Renate Burington O.P. Rockwell Pub Park City, Utah 9/24/2017

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