Saturday, October 14, 2017

More interviews and more from 'Yellowstone' filming...

WJVL‏ @wjvl ICYMI: Mike Austin (@TheRadioDad) talked with Kevin Costner @modernwest. Hear the interview here: (Posted October 12th)

104.1 The Ranch‏ @1041theranch tweeted: ‘Kevin Costner And Dennis Talk AboutThe Loss Of Our Dads’ on #SoundCloud #np (Posted October 12th)

104.1 The Ranch: Kevin Costner Answers Phyllis Holman's Question About Tom Petty

104.1 The Ranch: Kevin Costner Answers Laura Kirby's Question About Regrets

104.1 The Ranch: Kevin Costner Talks Movies, Life And Music With Dennis Oct 11 2017 (Full interview)

Episode of 'Yellowstone' TV series being shot in Big Hole area Wednesday and Thursday DAVID McCUMBER September 27, 2017

Jeremy Jenkins‏ @JeremyABCFOXMT tweeted: HAPPENING NOW: I-15 exits 102-93 are being shut down for @KevinCostner’s new series Yellowstone. I’m on set now! (KTMF / KWYB)

Willowcreek Does Hollywood Posted by Laura Clark September 28, 2017

More photos from Willow Creek Trees: &nbps;

David Sheen commented: Will be an Extra tonight on the filming of the new TV series, "Yellowstone" starring Kevin Costner. This will be my fifth movie/TV project. Great fun! (Posted September 28th)

Stephen Harr commented: At breakfast with the gorgeous wifey at our favorite restaurant.Das Cafe in our little humble Town of Spring City before I head off for filming on the show Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner. Breanne Hamilton Harrnne told me to give him a kiss for her what? Nothing weird, just one guy relaying a kiss to another guy from a girl (Posted September 28th)

The Estate Sale commented: This is just a little of the stuff we just sold to the crew of the new Kevin Costner series Yellowstone. I'll be looking for these props in the show! (September 23rd)

Scott Webb commented: Found this call sheet in rental car in Salt Lake City, turns out it's for a new show starring Kevin Costner called Yellowstone. Can't wait for the scene where Jamie tells Beth she is a cancer (scene 103-33) (Posted September 23rd)

lissalott - Realtor-Presidio: Karlee Is with this guy! Rodeo Girl #1. #kevincostner (Posted September 28th)

Lissa Ownbey Lott commented: RODEO GIRL #1 Karlee Ownbey with Kevin Costner!!!!!! (American Fork, UT) (Posted September 28th)

Joseph Carl Dombrosky commented: I'm ready for my closeup Mr Deville. Here we are tonight at Spanish Fork Utah rodeo fairgrounds. We fanangled to be extras in a Kevin Costner movie called Yellowstone. Yee Haaa! (Posted September 28th)

Marlene Elisabeth Dombrosky I got within a foot of Kevin! (Posted September 29th)

KC Talent‏ @kctalent tweeted: Thrilled to announce that Savonna Spracklin has joined the cast of #Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner! (Posted September 29th)

Savonna Spracklin:

Tristan Cole‏ @iamTristanCole tweeted: Chillin with Kevin Costner was dope! One of the nicest guys I've ever met! #fun #goodtimes… (Posted September 30th)

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