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Various items of interest I found about Kevin...

sleepygirl101‏ @errrands_ tweeted: I just sliced my finger open curling ribbon on a gift basket for Kevin Costner (Posted September 29th)

Wonders of Wildlife‏ @WOWaquarium tweeted: What an honor to host President George W Bush and Kevin Costner at our grand opening celebration. (Posted September 29th)

Wonders of Wildlife‏ @WOWaquarium tweeted: Johnny Morris, two former presidents and hundreds of conservation leaders cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of The Wonders of Wildlife. (Posted September 27th)

#Vampira ‏@vampira___666 tweeted: @norina67 @leokamis @jori_mar @solemylygusty para Nora #MiercolesDeChongos Kevin Costner (Posted February 15th)

Marjie Lambert‏ @Marjielambert tweeted: A stop for a daiquiri at Hotel Nacional. Kevin Costner was there first (at top of photo). (Havana, Cuba) (Posted August 16th)

Laura Cayouette‏ @KnowSmallParts tweeted: #TBT Working out the #massage scene in For Love of the Game w Kevin Costner & Sam Raimi @modernwest #actorslife #BehindTheScenes (Posted September 7th)

tinagalterio - Thriving with Tina: Literally one the best days ever! #tbt It was at a press junket for Draft Day (Posted September 7th)

Alison Willmore‏Verified account @alisonwillmore tweeted: Replying to @alisonwillmore Nutshell: A big scene with Kevin Costner that had me cringing in my seat, but older gentleman sitting next to me was audibly sobbing (Posted September 8th)

Tess Holliday: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me (I Have About 30 Tattoos But Lost Count!) By Us Weekly Staff Excerpt: 20. One time I met Kevin Costner at Disneyland and told him that he looked like “Kevin Costner.”

actoraliolomi - Ali Olomi: - #Flashback - #Goodtimes with #amazing #actor Kevin Costner - #my #favorite #movies #WyattEarp, #Hidden Figures, #DancesWithTheWolves - @HiddenFigures - #actoraliolomi - #aliolomi - @AliOlomi - #KevinCostner - @KevinCostner - #LosAngeles - #ThankYou

annbosman - Ann Bosman: Nice B&W's #kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest #bestactor #bestartist #bestmovie #bestdirector #bestsmile #damnthoseeyes #sexiestmanalive #hero #icon #legend #goodmodel #b&w #blackandwhitephoto (Posted September 29th)

Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot booed by fans at the Criminal UK premiere by Autograph Zombie Published on Jun 12, 2016 Kevin Costner, Gal Gadot, Scott Adkins, Jordi Molla and Ariel Vroman along with Emma McQuiston arrive at the UK premiere of Criminal at the Curzon Mayfair.

Gino Vigil‏ @ginovigil7 tweeted: @kevincostner (Posted October 3rd)

Punks on a Boat: Protomartyr release party by Matt Gallatin October 2, 2017 Excerpt: On the quieter third floor, where the merchandise was located, seats and tables were arranged in front of a screen showing “Waterworld” with Kevin Costner.

aspenbucketlist - Aspen Bucket List: When you get a chance to visit #kevincostner ‘s property, you take a photo 📸 #aspenbucketlist #targetlakes #independencepass #aspen #colorado #fieldofdreams

The Story of DuJour by DuJourMedia Published on Oct 3, 2017 - Get a first look inside DuJour — and see the evolution of its Publisher Jason Binn—who since starting Ocean Drive 25 years ago now brings luxury and celebrity content to our consumers. With a national and regional reach celebrating fashion, art, design, and entertainment, DuJour invites you to exclusively view our story, as told by Kevin Costner in the video below.

Elyse Matson commented: Chatted for a second with Kevin Costner on our flight to Chicago.
Me: "how ya doin?"
Kevin: "great, how about you?"
Me: "A little tired, but good"
Kevin: That's because you are such a party animal!"
Me: "oh yeah, that's me!" (Posted April 19, 2014)

Kelley Berman commented: He's such a great guy! My husband was in the same fraternity as Kevin but a different university, when a bunch of them encountered him years back and he was so engaging, they have great memories from that night. (Posted April 19, 2014)

Pete Dominick commented: Look who's on tomorrow's show (Posted January 29, 2015)

Pete Dominick commented: With Valerie Vendrame. (Posted January 8, 2015)

Jeff Johnston is at Denver International Airport. Guess who shared a first class row with Kevin Costner on a 3 hour flight? First off, I can't help that he didn't look excited to have his picture taken by a stranger while being held captive in a hollow metal tube on a window seat. Second, I blame it on jet lag. He'd just flown in from Paris where he's filming a movie as a down-and-out State Dept employee with nothing to lose so he hires on as a hit man. He did, however, allow me to read a script of a novel he's collaborating on to turn into a feature-length animated and then live action movie. :-) and of course we talked about the obligatory fiscal cliff and it's implications on small business owners. In all truthfulness though, I wanted to give him space and not make a big deal out of it. I'm sure the last thing he wanted at the end of an 18 hr travel day was a fawning fan! I talked only when he engaged me, and otherwise let him sleep. We talked about the filming of "Open Range", which was pretty neat. He chuckled as he recalled the shoot out at the end and said with a big smile, "THAT was a lot of fun!" (Posted December 22, 2012)

shaldag_eyewear - shaldag opaa:קווין קוסטנר ההורס נחת בתל אביב והתפנק- במשקפי @oliverpeoples התרגשנו!! #likesforlikes #likeme #style #fashion #kevinkostner #shout_out #shoutouter #shoutoutforshoutout #shoutout4shoutout #20likes #50likes #followher #followers #follome #celebrity #tlv #tlvoftheday #sunglasses #hot #tagsforlikesapp #tagsforfollow (Posted April 6, 2016)

paularosenberg - ☆PAULA ROSENBERG: כאחרונת הגרופיות! וצוקר לירן חולצה אפורה.😂 ליאון צילם. אגב, הוא אמר שהוא צופה בבוקר בריא כל רביעי וחמישי בתשע. וגם שאשתו תמיד מכינה לו את המתכון שלי למאפינס דוחן. לא הופתעתי. #kevinkostner (Posted April 5, 2016)

naourielm - Naouri: Kevin de tt les jours!!! Et oui c'est mon pote#kevinkostner#bodyguard#hollywood#granderouedepais#instafamous (Posted January 15, 2016)

Olly Saxon-Mills‏ @OliviaOllysaxon tweeted: @kevincostner You must remember this 6 years ago you miss to sign my paper i was right Festivsl Cinema in Rome! (Posted October 10th)

Dolly Parton Tells How She Wrote Her Classic Song “I Will Always Love You,” And Discusses Her New Children’s Album, I Believe In You By Dale Kawashim October 10, 2017

Whitney Houston’s ‘The Bodyguard’ Reissue to Feature Unreleased Music

Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories Will Be Rebooted By Tim Surette | Oct 10, 2017

Kim Davis Laczynski commented: Saw a little star called Kevin Michael Costner.. Funny thing is I met him 21 years ago during the Atlanta Super Bowl, and he was sitting next to OJ Simpson.. He keeps stalking me. Yes, he is so nice, he likes to chat, very down to earth!!! (Einstein's Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant, Atlanta, Georgia) (Posted April 30, 2016)

Julie Wanlass commented: Excitement at summer lunch today. Kevin Costner was eating lunch at the Richfield Rotary Park while the ladies served today. Dang, and I missed him. Crazy huh! He had Kentucky Fried Chicken and his family. He visited with the ladies and asked about the lunch program and signed autographs for them. They got a couple phone pictures. They said he was real nice. It never seems like I'm in the right place at the right time. (Posted June 29, 2010)

rosaliekate - Rosalie Dickens: Have you guys heard that Stone Roses song "I wanna be a log"? #kevincostner #stoneroses #iwannabealog (Posted October 5th)

Visit the wild, wild west North America / 8 October 2017, 12:22pm / Myrtle Ryan Excerpt: you can view a spectacular movie about the park - narrated by Kevin Costner (of Dances with Wolves fame) - in the visitor centre. The actor has long been an avid fan of Custer State Park.

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