Monday, December 11, 2017

Kevin home then Las Vegas Nat'l Finals Rodeo...

Walter Street commented: Only in Carpinteria, CA... first Zach gets to play baseball with Kevin Costner pitching and now we find out George Lucas has a home here... and he has his own force.... (Posted December 8th)

Las Vegas 51s GM‏ @51sGM tweeted: Two big time @MiLB ⚾️ guys in the audience tonight @LasVegasNFR. The other was Crash Davis (Kevin Costner). 😂 – at Thomas & Mack Center (Posted December 9th)

Erin Johnson commented: Holy crap. I am 10 feet from Kevin Costner. I am about to go fangirl for real. (Posted December 9th)

Melissa Mcgriff Mitchell They just showed him on TV...thought saw, not really but, I will be looking for you if they show him again...HAVE FUN...YEE-HAW (Posted December 9th)

Danny Anderson commented: They showed him right after it started (Posted December 9th)

Karla Pool commented: Like to see actors at the NFR... but I get Kevin Costner does not ride a bucking horse;) or bull.... as a stunt in a movie......jk ... I love to see these guys and gals get the support from all the actors... (Posted December 9th)

Nicole Sacco commented: At the NFR and this is sooo cool not only are these animals amazing but Kevin Costner is here!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Lee Wright commented: George Strait last night Kevin Costner one row in front of us tonight ,,,, don’t see Rosemarie Bader Wright wanting to go home anytime soon (Posted December 9th)

Sherry Olney commented: Watching the third round of the NFR and saw @kevinkostner in the crowd. We have been recording it. 158 on dish (Posted December 10th) commented: Bull Durham played baseball, but Kevin Costner likes his rodeo. Thanks for stopping in for Round Three! (📷: Steve F. Gray) (Posted December 10th)

Jordan-Sherri Shofler commented: Kevin Costner was at the rodeo last night (Posted December 10th)

Donya Langenberg commented: My hat fetish strikes again! I guess I can live with Kevin Costner wearing a straw hat, it’s not like he’s a contestant-but the boy sitting next to him was wearing his straw hat backwards!! (Posted December 10th)

Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council commented: Please see the attached notice regarding proposed street closures to allow filming of a TV series (Yellowstone featuring Kevin Costner) in neighborhood on Sunday, December 17. Road Closure - December 17th (Posted December 10th)

Costner: 'Yellowstone' TV series will be 'postcard for Montana' by CORY WALSH December 10, 2017

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